1/ ok besties HA has Some Things To Say™️ so artie + me we r *temporarily* being quiet-ish
2/ There is a lot to unpack in this discourse about how the media is covering Fetterman's recovery after his stroke. I imagine that if you are reading this, you've probably already read many of the points people have made.

I have a few things I'd like to add/emphasize.
3/I'm not surprised, but I remain angry about the #ableism and sad that so few people outside of the #disability community are aware of the discrimination and stigma people face...
4/ Why do so many people consider #DisabilityRights as some other thing about the rights we often discuss--voting, lgbtq, abortion. These are not different.

Did you know that the ADA was a *major* part of the civil rights movement? It's not some random piece of legislation.
5/ People fought *hard* for over a century for #DisabilityRights, and later the ADA. There's a documentary (whose name escapes me) about the disability rights movement. Everyone should see the protests, how people were treated by the authorities.
6/ It takes intent/effort to learn about "other." Yes invisible disabilities might be harder to be aware of than physical disabilities. We need to make that effort to truly understand & be conscientious of how we treat people. How we accommodate disabilities in the public square.
7/ "Accommodation" is not doing someone a favor. To imply that is offensive. In the workplace, and elsewhere, it is legally required. Even if not mandated by the ADA, this is a civil right.
8/ I'm not interested in starting a competition about which communities have faced more painful discrimination. I'm saying that we need to also recognize what members of the disability community face every day. That means some hard self-reflection and it means listening.
9/ There's a phrase/slogan you might hear in youth movements, or movements by other communities. "Nothing about us, without us." I'm asking you to listen to members of the #disability community. To hear individual stories. To listen to the experts who have the lived experience.
10/ I'd welcome anyone who chooses to share their story in the replies, as well as any experts who want to share recommended resources. There are a lot out there.
11/ Btw, it bears repeating: I am not a Fetterman, or working for the campaign.

If you're interested, there are a couple tweets in my pinned thread that explain my/Levi's origin story.
12/ One of the things I've noticed are the comparisons members of the media are making between Fetterman and a GOP other candidate. Frankly, that's complete bullsh*t and they should know and behave better.
13/ I understand that we non-medical experts can find it difficult to navigate what news outlets or pundits are saying about Fetterman specifically, or recovering from strokes generally. There are a lot of organizations/people who have interests in spinning a specific narrative.
14/ What I am asking you to do is recognize all of these dynamics and how they may influence your point of view. To recognize the unfortunate prevalence of #ableism. To consider what implicit biases we may each have and name them.
15/ We've had many opportunities to see/hear Fetterman in unedited interviews in recent weeks. Many people have seen/heard him in person at rallies/other events. There's a quote from the Marx brothers (no, not communists): "Who are you going to believe, me or your own eyes?"
16/ I am biased. I support Fetterman. I've had the opportunity to get to know the Fettermans a bit, particularly Gisele.

If I didn't 100% believe that Fetterman is fully and completely fit for office as a Senator, I would not be saying anything about this.
17/ Lately, Fetterman has made the point that in January he will be even better, but Oz will still be a fraud.

What if Fetterman uses captions as a Senator? SO WHAT. It's a reasonable accommodation, and it has no effect on his ability to serve the people of Pennsylvania.
18/ Pain is not a competition. But if this were a case of other -isms, not #ableism, think about how the media and the public would behave differently.

(Ok, there are definitely people who would still be bigots.)
19/ Personally, I've been thinking about members of the media or politics who have resigned/been suspended over cases of sexism, racism, other -isms or -phobias.

This isn't different.

20/ Remember the political and media narrative that created "but her emails"?
21/ Like I said, I'm not part of the campaign, I'm not a member of the family. But like all of you, I have opinions and values.

I believe John Fetterman can and will be a great Senator for the people of Pennsylvania.

I believe we all have *a lot* of work to do on #ableism.
22/ Found the documentary: "Lives Worth Living." tinyurl.com/yd5kryjf
"People with disabilities are one of the largest minorities in the US. But for most of...history, they occupied a sub-class of millions...
22/ "Lives Worth Living": tinyurl.com/yd5kryjf
...Echoing footage of MLK marching in Selma, we see protestors climb from wheelchairs and drag themselves courageously up courthouse steps...
23/ "Lives Worth Living": tinyurl.com/yd5kryjf
...The film ends with the dramatic battle for the Americans with Disabilities Act, one of the most important pieces of civil rights legislation in America’s history."
(is is me levi it is my turn again)

our bestie @MikeSchlossberg also has Some Things To Say™️

• • •

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