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I spoke briefly (terrifying but worth it) at #LetWomenSpeakBirmingham yesterday and although I'm worried about any backlash particularly loss of clients and work etc, I'm glad I did. As an #autistic woman who has been parroting the gender woo for a while now, I'm so worried
About what is happening in #autism services and to #autistic kids as revealed by @hannahsbee (her book was a real turning point for me, its evidenced, balanced and free of ideology) I had intense issues with my body as a pre teen. I couldn't cope with the changes of puberty. I
Can totally see the appeal of rejecting all the societal bullshit that comes with being a female, especially when you're also #autistic and moving through the world is hard enough. Except, we can't ever really reject it. 'Top surgery' and Pronouns won't take away dysphoria, or
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The Whale is an appalling example of ableist pity porn. Crip theorists have written extensively about a pervasive double-bind used to oppress disabled people: the victim-hero dualism. 1/8
Either you’re a tragic figure or a heroic overcomer. If the former, then nondisabled people can pity & paternalistically ‘help’ you, making themselves feel saintly & superior. 2/8
If the latter, then disabled people can see you as a victim of a terrible impairment that you overcame in a life-defining way. They can applaud you while using you to shame other disabled people - the sad victims of disability who didn’t rise to the challenge. 3/8
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A thread on 'Brave New World' and the link between #hedonism & #eugenics:
Aldous Huxley was right: eugenics and hedonism are inextricably linked. 'Brave New World' is about a eugenic society that designs human beings for specific social stations and jobs. 1/10
Everyone has a genetic destiny and a pre-ordained role in the labor force. 'Brave New World' is also, in equal measure, about a hedonistic society in which people only care about pleasure, sex, material things, 'feelies,' doing drugs, and having orgies. 2/10
They don't care about relationships, art, philosophy, ethics, or love. Those things go hand in hand. When you are genetically designed to fill a certain social role, you're not a person, you're a thing. You're a cog in the machine. 3/10
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Sadly some parents of Autistic people decide to go after Autistic people on social media because they don’t believe we are Autistic as these parents are uneducated about Autism being a spectrum and the only presentation of Autism that exists to them is the one of their child’s.……
Bet it will blow their mind to learn some Autistic people are scientists, own businesses and are parents 😂🙄
the ignorance though.
If we don’t struggle in the same way as their autistic child or of other Autistic people they’ve met them to them you can’t possibly be Autistic. 🤣😂 it’s literally just uneducated ignorance. They really need to step away and go learn about Autism properly
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A thread on methods of teaching #bioethics:
Most bioethics textbooks use ideal theory. They start with ethical theories that can be applied to case studies... 1/6
Ideal theory, says Charles Mills, is “a distortional complex of ideas, values, norms, and beliefs that reflects the nonrepresentative interests and experiences of a small minority of the national population.”... 2/6
Ideal theory focuses on ideals to the exclusion of non-ideal social conditions. It asks us to look at cases/scenarios detached from our dystopian (white supremacist, patriarchal, capitalist, eugenic) reality... 3/6
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The Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health was granted a 2nd 60-day extension @ONThealth to reply to my October 25th, 2022, FOI request:
"On August 31, 2022, Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Kieran Moore announced a public health policy change in which he stated... "
" was permissible to go to work or into public buildings masked despite a recent COVID19 infection, provided the individual was afebrile for 24 hours and their symptoms were improving."
"This advice was contrary to recommendations by members of the Advisory COVID19 Ontario Science Table. It is in stark contrast to the recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Canada and the Centres for Disease Control (CDC, USA)."
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Please do not give any person, especially not a disabled person, this advice:

Why don't you go work for [one of the most unethical corporations in existence]?

Giving this advice to someone because they posted something about a kind of job hunting or wanting $$ is no exception.
In that circumstance, it would still be awful advice, and when you give it to a disabled person, it's bad, awful, ableist advice.

It's so frustrating that I'm almost out of my 20's and any family member of mine still thinks this is okay.
I never asked for assistance with a job search or even said I said I was searching for a job. I have a profile on a freelance work site.

Giving me this awful unsolicited advice is willfully ignoring my disabilities and my principles.

#ableism #disabled #work #family #advice
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.@blakehounshell’s death by suicide after battling depression spotlights broader issues: as a culture, we stigmatize #mentalillness + laud stoicism (or #toxicmasculinity?). #RIPBlakeHounshell
+ basic #ableism centering identity on work and productivity. Normalize telling your friends and family when you’re not ok. Normalize telling your caregivers. Normalize taking a break. Normalize asking for help, normalize receiving it. #RIPBlakeHounsell
61 million adults in #USA live with a #disability = 1 in 4. You are +/or know someone living with a disability. Do we talk about it? Or is it a shameful, secret thing? Internalized #ableism, #stigma kill.… via @CDCgov #RIPBlakeHounsell
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It's been 5.5 months since I had #COVID19. This is the best I've felt.

I ended up with #LongCovid. I lost my summer to the infection. Most days it was all I could do to walk to the end of my driveway and get my mail.

The neurological aspects of the result of the virus have ++
been the most difficult to deal with. The brain fog. The tingling and numb toes and fingers.

Then there's the cardio aspects - months of arrhythmia. I needed an ECG.

Then there's how my bloodwork has been a mess. Sugars up, cholesterol up, blood pressure up, liver enzymes ++
elevated. All of these things were fine before I got #COVID19.

I barely recognize myself post #COVID infection. I'm trying to reclaim my health but it's a battle.

Being #disabled and an activist, I'm all too aware of how #eugenics and #Ableism would factor into how this ++
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Shame on @nataliesurely and @emilyecooke for Shure's lazily-reported, ableist, misogynist article on #LongCovid in @newrepublic. It appears that Shure did not speak to a SINGLE longhauler, #pwME, or legitimate LC researcher.
#MECFS #neisvoid
@nataliesurely and @emilyecooke seem to think that it's cute and sexy to drum up drama about whether #LongCovid is *real.* Such an original take!

There are SO many errors and holes in Shure's reporting. The fact is that she didn't do the real reporting required.
Trying to sell the idea that #LongCovid has a psychological origin is easy: it fits right in with the racism and misogyny so many of us w post-infectious illness have dealt with for decades.

There are numerous studies that have shown concrete biomarkers of LC and #MECFS.
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1. I assigned Gattaca in my bioethics class & I don't regret it. One of the premises of the film is that everyone is miserable. The "invalids" are unhappy because they're oppressed, but the "valids" are also unhappy because they can never live up to the culture's eugenics ideal..
2. or even fulfil their supposed potential as "valids." Jude Law's character, a "valid," can't accept that he came in second in swimming competition in spite of his "superior genes." He becomes paralysed after trying to kill himself...
3. Uma Therman's character, another "valid," is unhappy because she has a cardiovascular disability in spite of being "enhanced" in vitro, and she's popping pills to deal with the stress. "Newgenics" has created a culture of fear, loneliness, and misery...
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1. Is it wrong to let students use AI to generate essays instead of doing their own work? My colleague Gabriele Contessa wrote an excellent response to this question, which goes something like this:
2. (1) University students are adults and it's up to them whether to waste their time and money on a specious degree or actually learn something; (2) If AI can write better than most people, then maybe what students need to learn is how to use AI.
3. I want to add one more response to this question: (3) Academia was always a rigged game. The fact that we force students to use Standard English is a political choice that reinforces the elite status of the group that predominantly uses this vernacular - wealthy white people.
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Words matter.
As a #DisabledNurse I often deal with #ableism in my professional life. Today I was attending a national meeting and want to share what happened. It is not my intent to embarrass or call anyone out. I want to share my perspective with hope it helps ppl.
When I know better I do better and I try to share my learnings. I was listening to an excellent webinar by a person who clearly had mastery of the topic today. During the presentation, that I paid to attend, they used the term “lame” several times to mean boring or not creative.
After several times saying it, I posted in the chat to please not use that word.

The speaker was talking and did not see the comment. Someone was reading questions and comments to them and skipped my comment while addressing all of the other comments. Image
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1. Thread on the ableist fetishization of so-called intelligence in academia. I just read yet another article that glorifies so-called intelligence, which is a social construct rooted in eugenics.
2. In an ableist culture (such as ours) in which so-called intelligence is so idolized that it’s a condition of citizenship & personhood, everyone will have anxieties about whether they’re ‘intelligent enough.’
3. Intelligence is a disciplinary apparatus that mobilizes people into a regime of compulsory (able-minded) intelligence, which conveniently justifies capitalism as a ‘meritocracy’ that both produces and rewards the most ‘intelligent’ (nondisabled) citizens.
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“Some doctors said their office scales could not accommodate wheelchairs, so they had told patients to go to a supermarket, a grain elevator, a cattle processing plant or a zoo to be weighed, or they would tell a new patient the practice was closed.” Image
Some used the limitations of 15-minute time slots as an excuse.

SO ADVOCATE FOR YOUR PATIENTS. I routinely requested complicated patients get an extended slot when I did primary care. Physicians can band together and call the shots. Image
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There's a lot of #ableism floating on Twitter at the moment, especially within the journalistic space so I wanted to take the time to highlight #Disabled journalists whose work I admire, Focus on the UK because otherwise I'll burn out! Please add yours! /1
First up! @DrFrancesRyan Frances writes about disability and austerity among many other things. Her book #Crippled "reminds us what real investigative journalism looks like" and her work constantly holds powerful people to account and raises the voices of marginalised groups. /2
@johnpringdns editor/founder of Disability News Service, who brought in-depth reporting on disability, particularly discrimination and inequality when there was very little in that space. DNS continues to do this, even as funding from disability orgs dries up due to cuts. /3
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1/ ok besties HA has Some Things To Say™️ so artie + me we r *temporarily* being quiet-ish
2/ There is a lot to unpack in this discourse about how the media is covering Fetterman's recovery after his stroke. I imagine that if you are reading this, you've probably already read many of the points people have made.

I have a few things I'd like to add/emphasize.
3/I'm not surprised, but I remain angry about the #ableism and sad that so few people outside of the #disability community are aware of the discrimination and stigma people face...
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To those spouting at #PWD’s on #ODSP to “get a job”, may I remind you that #ODSP is for ppl who are #DISABLED that either can’t work or can’t work F/T, & even if we attempt to try and find work #ODSP claws back 50% of every $ made above 200$ … 1/6
it is #legislatedpoverty, we only receive 1,169 a month to live on, can you live on that ? I dare you to come up with a budget on that amount rn, guess what, you can’t, no one on #ODSP is living high on the hog I can guarantee you that … 2/6
yes there are #benefits but it’s a #bureaucratic nightmare, everything needs to be approved, forms need to be filled out, these are often #discretionary and the caseworker can deny it if it doesn’t meet a certain #eligibility 3/6
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Heute Nacht habe ich mehrere Stunden nach Stiftungen gesucht, die uns beim Erwerb und Umbau eines behindertengerechten Autos für unsere kleine Pflegetochter unterstützen könnten!

Ich habe noch keinen einzigen Antrag geschrieben- denn bisher habe ich NUR Stiftungen gefunden, die
ausschließlich Einrichtungen und Organisationen für behinderte Menschen fördern- Einzelpersonen, „frei lebende“
Behinderte sind von der Förderung durch z.B. Aktion Mensch ausgeschlossen.
Natürlich darf jede Stiftung sich selbst ihre Förderziele aussuchen.

Aber finde nur ich das voller #Ableismus , wenn nicht Behinderte in Stiftungen mit nicht Behinderten in Einrichtungen gemeinsam entscheiden, WAS Behinderte zum Leben brauchen???

Man könnte grad meinen, hier
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John Horgan built his brand on Geoff Meggs' 'The Bonnie Henry Mom & Pop Show', with Bonnie playing BC's mom to John's paternalistic 50s throwback dad. John was told to stand near Bonnie from time to time and smile and wave. It worked for a time & ended badly.

A 🧵:
Who wrote Bonnie's script?

Why has Bonnie's script been joined at the hip to Deena Hinshaw's in Alberta?

Why have BC & Alberta been at variance with the WHO, the USCDC and global scientific consensus ever since we stopped banging our pots and pans together every night at 7 pm?
#HenryAndHinshaw both adhere to Dr. John Conly's opinions. See mark 1:17:09 in this June 22, 2022 webinar for John's shout out and his accolades for Hinshaw & Henry while he disparages critical scientists and his peers with ad hominem attacks.…
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🔴 We're LIVE! Join @InclusionCA and @InclusionIntl to discuss the expansion of medical assistance in dying/#euthanasia in #Canada.

We'll be live-tweeting the session and sharing key points from the discussion here, follow this thread to catch the conversation!
During the COVID-19 pandemic, #Canada legalized a pathway to euthanasia for people who are not terminally ill, provided they have a disability or disabling medical condition.
In practice, people with disabilities are dying because they live in poverty, can’t secure affordable adequate housing, and are avoiding #institutionalization.
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Rechte erkennen - ein Crashkurs im 🧵

Man muss schon aufpassen. Rechts und Rechtsradikal verwechselt man gern. Was daran liegt, dass deren Positionen aus Sicht von Marginalisierten (#IchBinArmutsbetroffen) oft nicht so unterschiedlich sind. Denn beide wollen: /1
- Vorherrschaft einer von ihnen als superior wahrgenommenen Gruppe
- Marginalisierung anderer Gruppen

Sie unterscheiden sich nur in den Ideen der Ausführung. Gemäßigte Rechte, wie Konservative oder Rechtsliberale wollen das mit demokratischen Mitteln schaffen. /2
Das klingt besser, als es ist. Denn für sie sind Fake News, Halbwahrheiten, Lügen, Narrative, Stigmatisierung und Framing für den eigenen Vorteil Teil des demokratischen Prozesses. Unliebsame strukturelle Realität wird so lange verzerrt und verdreht, bis sie passt. /3
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#Twitter und der Umgang einer #SocialMedia - Plattform mit gruppendynamischer Separierung vor dem Hintergrund eines digital Detox

Es folgt ein Thread, welcher einen Teilbereich von "#IchBinArmutsbetroffen" abdeckt
Seit einigen Wochen gibt es einen # der Aufmerksamkeit erhält und damit endlich einmal den #Themenkomplex #Armut bei einer größeren Gruppe von Menschen als Fragestellung ankommen lässt.

Dies könnte erst einmal als positiv erlebt werden.
Doch die Plattform #Twitter hat sich verändert und der Raum für Zwischentoene, für den Austausch von Gedanken, für die Begegnung von verschiedenen Perspektiven ist seit 2 Jahren massiv unter Druck.

Der aktuelle Twitter - #Algorithmus ist sicher nicht alleinige Ursache hierfür
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I don’t know why so many people working in wealth management keep requesting to connect and speak with me.
If you work in wealth management, I think you should know:

👉🏽 Nearly half of everyone in the UK that lives in poverty is disabled or lives with a disabled family member.
👉🏽 More than 600,000 disabled people in the UK are estimated to have £10 or less per week to pay for food and other costs.
👉🏽 Disabled people have to pay more to try and live the same lives as non-disabled people, but we have less or no choice due to inaccessibility, ableism and stigmas against us.
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