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(1/14) 34 disability organizations, including ARCH, delivered a letter earlier today to @CQualtro calling on the Government of Canada to recognize the unique vulnerabilities of persons with disabilities and their families during #COVID19 - a thread. #DisabilityRights
(2/14) The Government of Canada must ensure that people with disabilities, who represent 22% of Canada's population, are not denied health care or triaged out of care during this pandemic solely on the basis of having a disability. #DisabilityRights
(3/14) Denial of health care for persons with disabilities occurred during SARS and H1N1; there is no reason to believe that guidelines have changed. Of special concern is the refusal of ventilators or life support on the basis of disability in a moment of crisis.
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For lots of people navigating working from home for a bit, I know it’s tricky!

I don’t always follow my own advice, but here are a few practices I try to implement myself and with my wee team of remote workers to help us keep things rolling smoothly:
1) Do not, I repeat, do not work from bed. Not even to check emails on your phone in the morning (guilty). Keeping a separate work space helps to not only prevent the overwhelm of work bleeding into personal space, but also helps you get in the zone for doing productive mahi.
2) If you don’t have a separate space to work from, or need to work from bed for any reason, try to establish a separate ritual for getting into work mode - it might be only to work once you’ve had your morning coffee or brushed your teeth, and to put the laptop away at X time.
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Psychologists are supposed to care. Yet when one reads a good deal of our insulated ideas, we often come across as a gated community. We create silos of self-congratulatory feedback loops devoid of ecological authenticity.
Experience in its multi-layered…
From beginning of American history, people with disabilities have been a part of our country. Often segregated and ignored, disability community has fought4equality, inclusion&access2American dream.... It’s time4us to acknowledge that disability rights are civil rights Sanders
a society that does not center the voices and needs of people with disabilities has yet to fulfill its most basic obligations."
Senator Bernie Sanders
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Here's my latest* update to my vetted collection of Twitter Disability and Chronic Illness hashtags. Please share it!

Thank you :-) Graffiti background. Foreground in black letters on a  white background to the left reads “Twitter Disability and Chronic Illness Hashtags”<br />
This collection is current as of 01.30.20, previous Twitter update 09.11.19.

There's a PDF version coming up this weekend, to be posted to my Kofi profile. I'll add the link toward the end when it goes up, after the questions, where you can also sign up for email updates.
This version has added

- community suggestions,
- mental health hashtags,
- Medical crowdfunding hashtags,
- and a section for cancer-related hashtags.
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THREAD: My latest report for @madinamerica: While Americans were focused on #Impeachment, the #WhiteHouse quietly held a summit last week pushing an authoritarian response to #homelessness, drug use, #mentalhealth and #disability.… 1/
@madinAmerica C-SPAN covered the #mentalhealth summit, which included panels from forced treatment advocates, family members, mental health professionals, law enforcement, and decision-makers:… 2/
@madinAmerica People with #mentalhealth diagnoses, people with disabilities, and mental health service users appear to have been intentionally excluded from the White House summit. 3/
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Alright time for an updated Twitter #Accessibility guide!

Here are SOME easy ways to make your tweets more #Accessible:

- Use camel case in hashtags (capitalize the first letter of each word! #DisabilityRights)
- Turn image descriptions ON in settings and USE THEM ALWAYS!
- add accurate captions to videos; there are free apps to help!

- add GIF descriptions in your main tweet or the one immediately following.

- Avoid excessive emojis in your display name (it’s awful with screenreaders!)

#Accessibility #Disability 2/?
- Avoid special fonts in tweets, name displays, etc. (beside bad legibility, these are symbols w/ actual meanings that get said by screen readers instead of your intended purpose & it’s AWFUL to listen to)

- avoid tweets with extreme spacing/formatting (ex: “handshake” meme)
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THREAD. So I went to my local NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) group meeting tonight. TWO things annoyed me. (1) We had to pledge allegiance to the medical model, implying participants must denounce any version of a social model or combined social-medical model. /1
(2) Reinforcing (1), the moderators jumped all over me when I mentioned a medication name. Apparently, there is an “unwritten rule” that people are not allowed to talk about any medications that they’re on by name. Only circumlocutions are allowed. /2
What was the reason given for (2)? Supposedly, “they” don’t want people to take questions back to their doctors about their medications or treatments, or heaven forbid to not take a medication. /3
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Good morning everyone live from @theNASEM for the 2nd meeting of Supporting the Whole Student: Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and Well-Being. I'll be live tweeting throughout our open sessions today (1/x)
@theNASEM Many thanks to @samhsagov @NIMHgov @NIDAnews @NIAAAnews for their support of this work! Also grateful for all of the committee members dedicating their time to this effort and to the public participants in the room and virtually (2/x)
@theNASEM @samhsagov @NIMHgov @NIDAnews @NIAAAnews Ben Locke from the Center for Collegiate Mental Health talking about the Clinical Load Index Tool:
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#CripTheVote #AutisticWhileBlack or Brown means lifelong institutional abuse, being shot at by police, then being evicted from group…
I said that the extension of the CARES act going to things that don't help autistics & their families was wrong, I got backlash. This is what billions of dollars of misallocated federal funding means. Arnaldo shouldn't have to continually pay the price for budget cut demands.
Save him. If we can't save him we can't save anyone.
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Here’s my latest update to the list of Twitter #Disability & #ChronicIllness Hashtags.

- previous update 02.24.19 -

Please share it! Thank you. :-)

@ImageAltText Graffiti background. Foreground in white letters on a  red background to the left reads “Twitter Disability and Chronic Illness Hashtags”
There will be a PDF version up for download on my Ko-fi, likely tomorrow morning. The link is at the end.
Hashtags For Personal Narratives.

These hashtags are for sharing your stories & experiences. Also good for crowdsourcing solutions.

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@AOC And ban conversion therapy for use against autistic people, where it's called ABA and the US government sponsors it across the entire country. #ABAisAbuse #CRPD #DisabilityRights
@AOC Conversion therapy was turned mainstream first against gay people and then against vulnerable autistic children by Ivar Lovaas. There is still a nationwide multimillion dollar abuse industry sponsored by the US government, based on his work, and autistic people are the victims.
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#KennethFrench the nonverbal disabled man who was killed at Costco - press conference by his parents, Paola and Russell who have just gotten out of the hospital -- it appears THEY not Kenneth were the closest to...…
Paola and Russell were protecting Kenneth and so they were both shot in the back, then the officer shot Kenneth 2-4 times. The video and autopsy report are still under lock and key
What parents wouldn't jump between a maniac cop waving his gun and your child with disabilities? Paola was in a coma for days, Russell lost a kidney and is still in a wheelchair, their son is dead... and yet this case barely cracks the media
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Hi, @Priceline and @ExtendedStay. Booked a room at ESA. Asked for handicapped accessible. It says "accessible" on my Priceline confirmation page. Called ESA to confirm yesterday. They said they couldn't confirm the accessible room. Wanted me to pay a higher price to rebook.
@priceline @ExtendedStay The rep at the location said they had accessible rooms available but couldn't reserve one until check-in. Seems like a reasonable accommodation, no? The room was available at the time. Otherwise, why would they ask me to re-book at a higher price? #DisabilityRights
@priceline @ExtendedStay @ExtendedStay I called the desk and had two separate @Priceline people call your rep to try to confirm a room. All had the same answer: We will not accommodate, unless you rebook at a higher price. So you have deals accessible but not for the disabled? #DisabilityRights
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I have been trying to get answers from top tier candidates for several months on their stance on #disability. #HillaryClinton had broad policy & #disabled people on her team in 2016. ONE in FOUR Americans has a disability. We are THE largest minority in America.
For those who need a template for a candidate on #disability, here was #HillaryClinton in 2016. We should expand on that, not move backwards.…
And there is #HillaryClinton's archived policy, which included #autism, #Alzheimers, #disabilityrights, #mentalhealth, universal healthcare for all, #HIV/#AIDS, paid medical leave, Social Security and Medicare protections, addictions & substance abuse.
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When I was a little girl I witnessed the effects of bullying first hand on a daily basis. My mother was obese and my sister was different. People would call her fat and snicker. I would hold her hand tighter and tell her how beautiful she was...and she was. To me she was the most
beautiful woman ever. Her heart was beyond generous, loving, empathetic, welcoming. She always supported and loved me. She was my biggest fan. She taught me so much and I miss her every day. I was doing an episode of #Rugrats. The babies were in a car dealership. As often
happened on the show, the babies were whisked away into an imaginary world. It was an under the sea adventure and the van the babies were in on the dealership floor became a submarine. As folks passed they became sea life. A heavyset woman walked by & the line was, “look at the
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ASAN is LIVE at the UN’s #WorldAutismAwarenessDay event “Assistive Technologies, Active Participation”! Watching live starting at 10 AM here:…
Follow along using the hashtags #DisabilityRights #CRPD #WorldAutismAwarenessDay and by following along on this thread.
“Assistive Technologies, Active Participation” is the theme for the @UN’s #WorldAutismAwarenessDay #CRPD #DisabilityRights A multi colored graphic for world autism awareness day
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I need someone with time & skills to do a detailed discourse analysis of the responses to @SelmaBlair’s #OscarAwards look on social media. It for now here’s my quick morning take, a thread particularly for nondisabled folks.
Among my #DisabilityRights, #disabilityjustice & #disabilitystudies comrades, there’s excitement about the power of representation. Blair’s look, like hashtags #DisabledAndCute & #DisabledPeopleAreHot, demonstrate disabled bodyminds & accoutrements like canes can be attractive
However, some of the general comments on images & stories of Blair, while seemingly “positive,” are DEEPLY #ableist in that they rely on notions of bravery, pity, overcoming & shock at the attractiveness of a disabled bodyminds. Let’s break down the problems with each response.
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Here's my latest update to my collection of active Twitter #Disability & #ChronicIllness Hashtags - previous update 12.13.18.

Please share it. Thank you! :-) Light blue sand background has the # drawn in the sand to the right. The left side is blank. <br />
<br />
At the bottom of the picture, text reads
Portable PDF version will appear on my Kofi in the next day or so.


These hashtags are for sharing your stories & experiences. Also helpful for crowdsourcing solutions.

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What’s that you say? I haven’t tweeted in a few days about this AMAZING JOB w @AutisticaUK & @turinginst that I’d love for you to apply for or share with anyone you know?

GO ON THEN. A thread about our values and project outcomes! 🌟🙌🏿🙌🏾👩🏻‍💻👩🏿‍💻👨🏼‍💻👨🏾‍💻😬🥰💖🥳…
The values are attached as a pdf to the job description linked above. Here’s the direct link:…

Before I dig into them I want to give a quick shout out to Georgia Aitkenhead who wrote the first draft based on our long conversations. THANK YOU Georgia!
The values are only loosely ordered. Don’t read too much into which ones come first etc. They’re ALL important.

When you apply for the job PLEASE address the values in your cover letter. It’s an essential requirement that you have a commitment to these values.
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Here's my lastest update Twitter #Disability & #ChronicIllness Hashtags - previous update 10.17.18

Please share it.
I'll have a PDF version of this for download on my Ko-fi by this time tomorrow. Link at the end.

These hashtags are for sharing your stories & experiences. Also good for crowdsourcing solutions.

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Dear people: stop using allergies as an argument against service animals. This is nothing more than a way to keep disabled folks out of public and out of site. Let me explain why.

#serviceanimals #ada #DisabilityRights #allergies
Allergies are real and a problem for many people. Animal allergies can make you miserable. For most people, dog/horse allergies mean a runny nose, itchy eyes, puffy face, and sometimes hives. All of these things are uncomfortable and inconvenient, not life threatening.
To put it bluntly, though, your temporary discomfort does not trump a disabled person’s right to be able to go out in public with their medical equipment (aka service animal) and be semi independent and functional. #sorrynotsorry.
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