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Neurodiversity info thread!

So you’re doing a story about #Neurodiversity, or you want to know more about the Neurodiversity Movement. We’re here to help.

First, It’s useful to know what the terms “neurodiversity” and “neurodiversity movement” mean.…
Neurodiversity is about understanding and accepting brain-based disability. People who have brain-based disabilities are “neurodivergent.”

The #Neurodiversity Movement is about supporting neurodivergent people’s rights and value as human beings.
Critics often say incorrect things about both #neurodiversity and the neurodiversity movement. This is not surprising, as any time a minority group stands up for its rights the majority group often resists having to change the way they think about & treat members of the minority.
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This could have been my grandma. (If she was still alive)
Maybe your grandma, too.

How many senior citizens check social media and the news daily to see if the electricity they pay for is going to keep running when they need it?
Like overnight, to keep up their supply of oxygen.
The thing about this "make preparations" tactic is that it only works if you're informed.

If you don't know about the possible loss of electricity, you can't prepare for it.
Or you can't prepare for it in the most effective way for this situation.
And even if you do know:
- do you have resources to prepare? (Batteries, oxygen tanks, ice packs, etc)
- do you have transportation to leave?
- do you have somewhere to go?
- are there people who can help you?
- what happens to you when you leave? Are you giving up your autonomy?
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JFC people--don't use #disability as your political metaphor when for some of us it's not just real life, but a state of being relentlessly discriminated against by folks who otherwise perceive themselves as deeply "left" and "woke."
Come back when you understand context & what sub-minimum wage, segregated work space & the fact that #M4A (albeit a start) still ignores #disabled people. And when aforementioned "wokeness" comprehends enough to put freaking captions on your candidates' videos. ALL of them.
Thank you for coming to a TED talk that doesn't provide inspiration porn, just lived reality. I am available for questions after the lecture and to write a blazing piece about why none of you have #disabled staff, consultants or writers and think that is okay.
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1/ If you
• live in #Ontario, #Canada
• access, approved for The #DirectFunding Program through @CIL_Toronto

I would like to hear from you. I'm planning to apply to #DFP and would like client's knowledge of the process/related issues.
2/ I've called CILT, visited the website, and have #TheDirectFunding information application, but nothing quite compares to #livedexperience.
I don't have a terminal condition or quadri/paraplegia, and am not an amputee.
3/ When researching The Direct Funding Program for people with #Disabilities, the above conditions are what I encounter. I do meet the DFP criteria, I believe: i.e. need help w/transferring, grooming, dressing, item 7 of eligibility criteria.

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Here’s my latest update to the list of Twitter #Disability & #ChronicIllness Hashtags.

- previous update 02.24.19 -

Please share it! Thank you. :-)

@ImageAltText Graffiti background. Foreground in white letters on a  red background to the left reads “Twitter Disability and Chronic Illness Hashtags”
There will be a PDF version up for download on my Ko-fi, likely tomorrow morning. The link is at the end.
Hashtags For Personal Narratives.

These hashtags are for sharing your stories & experiences. Also good for crowdsourcing solutions.

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My name is Chrysty and this is Sherlock, my medical alert dog. We want to share with you why we choose @TulsiGabbard for president. #WhyTulsi

I belong to a military family and I have waited at home while my loved ones have been deployed to the Middle East too many times!(1/10)
Do you realize that later this year people who were born after 9/11 will put their lives on the line in a war that started before they were born? Tulsi pledges to put an end to regime change wars! She is a combat veteran herself and proud of her service since 9/11.She knows(2/10)
about this war!

Her commitment to prosperity through peace gives us a direction to move toward. One of the things I love the most about Tulsi is her integrity and hope! She is running a positive campaign toward a better future for us and for our children. My nieces and (3/10)
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So It's #Caturday 🐱 & I have a story. 📌
As many of you know, I ran a small no-kill cat shelter for about 20yrs. It was just me, The Wife, two close friends & a bunch of volunteers. This was parallel to all of us having full-time employment, so it was always a labor of love.
We rescued, rehabbed, spayed/neutered & placed well over 1k cats/kittens over that time. It was a mitzvah for the cats & the community in North Philly where we live. There were many stories over the years. It was great work we did. We closed after I was paralyzed 3yrs ago.
So one thing we did was place cats with older and/or #disabled people who needed pets. One person we placed cats with was M, a woman on the #autism spectrum who is also hard of hearing. She came to us through our vet. M needed a service cat to help her navigate her anxiety.
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In one of the universe's great ironies for me #WomensEqualityDay is also the anniversary of my being paralyzed.
It has been an incredibly difficult time. My life as I knew it was derailed. Yet the journey from rage to living my life with purpose is worth sharing.
What began as a small nagging pain became the worst pain I had ever experienced--worse than labor,worse than 22 surgeries. The first hospital failed me catastrophically. They didn't listen to the details of what I was experiencing even as the one test they did proved me right.
I was bleeding to death.
Slowly, steadily the treatment I had been on for a year had caused a catastrophic bleed at the back of my abdomen that pushed along my spine, down the neural pathways to my legs & within a week, paralyzed me. I have been in constant severe pain since.
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Hi #pediatricians, our work on #disparities in #disability id. was just cited by the @AmerAcadPeds in their #policy statement on the impact of #racism on children's health. Our most recent study was cited. If helpful, here is a thread of our work to date. #RacismAndHealth (1)
@AmerAcadPeds Here is the abstract and link the the study cited in the @AmerAcadPeds policy statement.…. We find that children of color are less likely to be identified as having disabilities than similarly situated students who are White in U.S. schools (2)
@AmerAcadPeds Here is an example finding. Of U.S. 4th grade students displaying clinically significant reading difficulties, 74% of White students are receiving special education. The contrasting percentages for Black, Hispanic, and American Indian students? 44%, 43%, and 48%, respectively (3)
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In writing about the debates today, I was in part focusing on how much candidates spoke.
Biden spoke most: 21.2 mins.--even longer than last time.
Warren was 17.9, Harris 17.7 and Bernie 17.6. Nearly an hour and a half of the overall time was spoken for by these frontrunners.
The difference of 4mins more time from Biden is nearly a quarter of what the other top three contenders spoke, as they are all tied within a few seconds. It's especially significant for Harris, who was challenged repeatedly and got 4mins less time to rebut than Biden. Telling.
On Tuesday, Warren and Sanders were basically a team. And their nearest polling rival, Buttigieg, is in agreement with them on many issues and for the most part wasn't fighting them. So his 14.4 mins was spent mostly on his own plans and history.
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Excited to have several entries in The Katherine Schneider Journalism Award for Excellence in Reporting on Disability from 3 different publications.
Attention to #disabled journalists writing #disability stories is paramount when the CDC says 1 in 4 Americans has a disability.
Most often it is non-disabled people writing the stories of #disability and #disabled people, which means everything is seen through the lens not of disabled people but of non-disabled people viewing disability. Quite a different POV.
Just the way non-disabled people have reported on the primary and the candidates provides an entrée into what I mean: How many of the candidates are addressing THE largest minority in the country? Z E R O.
And one candidate, Marianne Williamson, has a complicated history on this.
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Woke up to a Google alert about this new review of #BodymindsReimagined in American Literary History by Rebecca Wanzo (@rawreader) & I am just so honored & amazed.

I’ll share my favorite quotes below! Happy to send folks a copy who don’t have access!…
“Schalk offers the most paradigm-shifting challenge to what is speakable and unspeakable: the problem of linking blackness with disability and how to reframe our treatment of these categories”

“The issue of pleasure is one of the most radical interventions of the book, thus modeling a new ideal of what the nexus of race and the speculative genre can do.” (And shout out to @adriennemaree, @WalidahImarisha & @OctaviasBrood) #pleasureactivism
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I spent weeks interviewing #LGBTQ people for my three-part series on #disability.
At #ADA29 it's critical to remember #disabled Americans are THE largest minority group, yet most invisible.

LGBTQ disability and Pride: The case for inclusion…
The 2nd installment of my series on #LGBTQ #disability addresses the impact of being queer and #disabled. Exclusion from our own communities is common for disabled people--and a layer of macro-aggression disabled people fight daily.
The 3rd installment of my series on #LGBTQ #disability deals with access, employment & discrimination. The unemployment rate for #disabled Americans is double that of non-disabled and can be even higher for people with LGBTQ identities.
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The Dude is probably going to die very soon.

The #MemoryCare and our hospice service are managing his discomfort.

We told him that he doesn't have to worry about anything, that he can just rest as much as he needs to.

#Disability #SpoonieChat #Alz

Waiting for someone to die is a strange thing, like a trip into a parallel universe, outside of time.

Without Penny our house is quiet.

And this moment is extra silent, like when you wake up to a thick blanket of snow in the middle of the night.
#Disability #SpoonieChat #Alz
I think it's the quiet that wakes me up on those snowy nights. Or is it the brightness of street lights and the moonlight bouncing up off the snow?

But that spell is always broken by shovels scraping, blowers growling, or car doors slamming.
#Disability #SpoonieChat #Alz
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White disabled people really need to stop with hot takes on representations of disabled people of color that don’t even MENTION race (see below). #disabledbutnotreally #disabilitytoowhite…
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I'm supporting a neighbour through #ESA assessment #dwp #maximus homevisit denied despite written medical evidence he has #agorophobia severe anxiety chronic depression #mentalheath
If he can't go all #benefits stopped he has young children #poverty
#classwar #dwpmurders #JC4PM
Thanku everyone for your lovely replies I'll update u soon just nipping to sit with Barry while his partner goesmto go as she is I'll with the stress of it all
I appreciate all your support xxxx
Gp not go x
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In my neighbourhood there was a serial sex predator breaking into women's homes and sexually assaulting them in their own beds. It's bad enough that women routinely have to take more precautions than men to do basic things like go for a walk or a jog. 1/ #sexualassault #crime
I can't describe to you what it's like to be afraid to do something as necessary as falling asleep in your own bed at night. This is what happened to many women in my neighbourhood. 2/ #VAW
At the time this was going on, a lot of women talked to me about their fear, about being afraid in their own homes, being unable to fall asleep or stay asleep in their own beds. There were a lot of exhausted women in my neighbourhood. 3/ #crime #fear
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I have been trying to get answers from top tier candidates for several months on their stance on #disability. #HillaryClinton had broad policy & #disabled people on her team in 2016. ONE in FOUR Americans has a disability. We are THE largest minority in America.
For those who need a template for a candidate on #disability, here was #HillaryClinton in 2016. We should expand on that, not move backwards.…
And there is #HillaryClinton's archived policy, which included #autism, #Alzheimers, #disabilityrights, #mentalhealth, universal healthcare for all, #HIV/#AIDS, paid medical leave, Social Security and Medicare protections, addictions & substance abuse.
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Hi Rumpus. Hi Hope. This term has been used by disability activists & scholars for quite some time now and it would be great if this essay was updated to acknowledge that.
I recommend checking out Alison Kafer’s book Feminist Queer Crip and @ehlastigirl’s essay “6 Ways of Looking at Crip Time” available here:…
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Thread! CW: police violence

Friends, you know I don’t share violent content often but I’m sharing video of a #MadisonWI black disabled high school student who was assaulted by police. Read the thread for the longer narrative courtesy of @AboutFreedomInc
Earlier this week, a Black high school student with a mental disability, who attends West High School, was failed by @MMSDschools and assaulted by @madisonpolice officers.
West High School staff called the cops on the Black disabled student (I haven’t heard why). The student left and went home. The cops came to the student’s home and violently arrested them. The student was cooperative, but that did not stop the violence.
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Ooh bbs it’s my BIRTHDAY MONTH! Are you glad I was born? Do you appreciate what I put out in the world? Then here are five ways you can help me celebrate!
1. If you haven’t yet bought my book, buy my book!!! #BodymindsReimagined is an accessible, critical text on how black women’s speculative fiction represents #disability, #race & #gender. You can buy it 30% off from @DukePress using code E18BODYM.…
2. Already have my book? You can buy a copy for a friend!
3. Already read my book? You can leave me a five star birthday review on Goodreads (…) & Amazon (…)
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Let’s talk about the difference between this where Gabrielle Union emphasizes resources & information for disabled people over Terry Crews’ tweet that said we should eliminate the dis and focus on ability.
Crews employs ableist rhetoric that suggests one overcomes disability or that disability is antithetical to having talent. It suggests that disabled people can’t do things & we should be inspired be their existence.
Union’s tweet however emphasizes how our society needs to change to be more accepting and accessible to all people so that disabled folks specifically here have the chance to develop to their full potential & live full lives.
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Time to take some ownership of #disability organisations to ensure they do have disabled people at the top.

Here's a few thoughts:
1. ask your service provider if they have #disabled people on their board.
If they do have #disabled people on the board, do we make up half of the board?

If not, why not?

#disability #leadership
Are there #disabled people on the executive / management team?

If not why not?

#disability #leadership
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I spent the weekend with family who I get to see little of because they live in other states or on other continents.
A few takeaways: my NIL, a 30yr old scientist like my niece, is a really good decent man. I note this because I see so many men on here behaving horribly.
He was so naturally respectful of the women in the room. He didn't need to be asked or told anything. He just got up and cleared the table so my wife could keep talking, helped me with my wheelchair. Small things that matter It was really a good experience for me.
I live a very isolating existence. i see very few who aren't medical people. Because it's hard for me to breathe, it's not always easy to talk. But I was so fortunate that serendipity allowed I had just enough air to talk politics, science & the globe with them for hours.
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