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1/🧵 Long COVID’s “Disability Roulette”

🔺No longer a mass Death event…
🔺COVID-19 is an ongoing mass #Disability event
🔺You & I might get #LongCOVID
🔺But society is yawning

This thread unpacks science, policy & hope.

No Paywall Boston Globe link: Image
Friends, this was my second attempt to send a full 20 tweet thread 🧵 uploading here (links, PDF images, etc etc -

but it’s stuck in twitter world.

I apologize for the glitch here. Oy!
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1/🧵 Long COVID’s “Disability Roulette”

🔺No longer a mass Death event…
🔺COVID-19 is an ongoing mass #Disability event
🔺You & I might get #LongCOVID
🔺But society is yawning

This thread unpacks science, policy & hope.

No Paywall Boston Globe link: Image
Friends, I have an entire 20 tweet thread 🧵 uploading here (links, PDF images, etc etc -

but it’s stuck in twitter world.

I apologize for the glitch here. Oy!
2/ The heartbreak we see has scientists working to discover answers💔

Drs. @VirusesImmunity & @PutrinoLab explore hypotheses

📍viral persistence
📍vital reactivation

Testing antivirals, immune modulators, blood thinners. Image
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🧵 “We now need to explore whether the lack of implementation is due to a lack of commissioning of services, or whether it represents centres choosing not to follow the guidance & use alternative strategies without evidence base.” @DocStrain

#MECFS #NHS… Image
“It is important that decisive action is taken to address these issues and ensure that #MECFS patients receive the appropriate care they deserve,

#PostViralIllness #Disability #Health Image
With > 2 million people living with Long Covid, and > 50% said to meet the criteria for #MECFS and therefore @NICEComms guidelines communities must stand together to ensure safe rehabilitation & care.

The full article can be seen here.
Thanks @ABrokenBattery

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For a while now I’ve been an #ambulatory #wheelchair user.
It means that I fall under the umbrella of having a #disability and that I sometimes need to use a wheelchair but I’m also capable of walking sometimes.
Since I got #Covid and developed #LongCovid it’s a useful aid. Image
I mainly use a chair if I need to be out of the house for a longer period of time, or if want to join in with others. I haven’t needed it that often because I don’t usually put myself in situations where it’s necessary.
I met @GDteamspencewere in the #CoronationConcet queue. Image
Terry lost his sight in 2019 & #volunteers with his guide dog Spencer to help others understand sight loss. He inspired me to post more about my own sudden change in health.
I’m sharing this to raise general awareness & because unbelievably, there are a lot of people who like to
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🧵1) of 9 #DisabilityTwitter #DisabilityRights #Disability #chronicillness #ChronicPain #RareDisease Is our country 80+ yrs later treating our most vulnerable citizens any different? 👇 Just killing us in different ways.…
🧵🧵2) "the Nazi ideological conviction which labeled these persons "life unworthy of life".This country makes it near IMPOSSIBLE to get disability after paying into it via taxes for decades once we become ill. Medications unaffordable unless you're rich.Why? Image
3) Yr after yr & appeals we fill out COUNLESS FORMS. "The limited space & wording on the forms, as well as the instructions in the accompanying cover letter, combined to give the impression that the survey was intended simply to gather statistical data."
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I went to a "progressive" high school in Boston in the 90s. Their recent PR is more & more showy as far as big 😁 unmasked faces in school & at alumni events incl. a BIG in-person tribute to a recently deceased teacher. 🧵 1/8 #MediaLiteracy #CultureIsOrdinary #StorytimeWithTamar
My comment on their social media page highlighting the unmasked students, faculty & alumni at the event included my condolences & pointed to the fact (for the unmasked + the folks with masks ON THEIR CHINS) that #CovidIsNotOver. Perhaps it wasn't the right moment to mention, 2/8
but a day school smack dab in the middle of Boston inviting EVERYONE to join them w/barely 3 ppl. who are masked in photos of the many participants shows terrible judgment/understanding of where we're at with #SARS & with #Community.

My comment was removed from the page. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 3/8
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When Mary went to hang out with "friends" March 28 2020 no one imagined this!

#MaryCollins Hidden In A #Mattress In Front of Police

Perps waiting for trial!

#murder #disability #Charlotte #NorthCarolina @MarysVoices


Clips @misery_podcast… Image
Living her life before her life was stolen. Always remember. Never forget. Mary Santina Collins ❤️

#MaryCollins #Murder #Charlotte #NorthCarolina

April 16th 2019
Mary 💔 @MarysVoices

Mary Santina Collins 1999-2020

In March 2020, #MaryCollins age 20, was #murdered in #Charlotte #NorthCarolina, stabbed 133x, her body hidden in a mattress. "#Friends" took advantage of her #disability & trust.

#JusticeForMary #JusticeForMaryCollins

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1/ So what’s the plan? March? Boycott? Lawsuits? Strike? Walkout? Is there coordinated nationwide action? What am I missing? Please read whole 🧵
#Abortion #AbortionRights
#TransRights #LGBTQ
2/ The #GOPextremists assault on women’s rights & trans rights is only going to spiral further out of control.
Please read the whole 🧵
#Abortion #AbortionRights
3/I’d like to see a VERY large group of women sue the shit out of every legislator endangering pregnant women’s lives.
Pls read the whole 🧵
#Abortion #AbortionRights
#HealthcareIsAHumanRight .@BlueFutureNow
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At 4pm EST, the Standing Senate Committee on Social Affairs, Science & Technology will hear testimony related to Bill C-22, including comments from our EVP @KristaCarrNB. #cdnpoli

We'll be live tweeting throughout the committee meeting.

Tune in here:…
@KristaCarrNB Session is starting now - first up, introductions from the committee members and an overview of the #accessibility features adopted by committee.

Panel 1 opens with remarks from @CQualtro.
"This poverty finds its roots in historic and ongoing discrimination, bias, and exclusion face by #pwd. These barriers exist because our systems, laws, policies, and programs were not built with or for #pwd." Image of Minister Qualtrough appearing in Senate.
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#SupremeCourt hears matter concerning better accessibility for candidates with disability to appear in CLAT examination.

#SupremeCourtOfIndia #SupremeCourt #DisabilityRights
Petitioner: They only give scribe to people with benchmark disability. There have to be guidelines...

Union of India: Your lordships should start with the guidelines made by the Ministry.

#SupremeCourtOfIndia #SupremeCourt #DisabilityRights
Petitioner: What happened this year- the ad for CLAT for 8th August but guidelines came on 24th November for the exam which was held on 8th December. Registration closed on 18th November. Let this come simultaneously.

#SupremeCourtOfIndia #SupremeCourt #DisabilityRights
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The Whale is an appalling example of ableist pity porn. Crip theorists have written extensively about a pervasive double-bind used to oppress disabled people: the victim-hero dualism. 1/8
Either you’re a tragic figure or a heroic overcomer. If the former, then nondisabled people can pity & paternalistically ‘help’ you, making themselves feel saintly & superior. 2/8
If the latter, then disabled people can see you as a victim of a terrible impairment that you overcame in a life-defining way. They can applaud you while using you to shame other disabled people - the sad victims of disability who didn’t rise to the challenge. 3/8
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I don't say it often outside of @maiasz reporting;
but the New York Times did a great job covering this story,… #opioids #chronicpain #disability #adhd #medtwitter
Not a fan of the headline cuz it downplays the story
issue isn't that some folks cannot get Ritalin

the big story is that Federal Prosecutors forced an unconstitutional measure on distributors to curb drug access to pharmacies regardless of how it harms patients
What is happening is what I warned you about; trying to fix a drug crisis by withholding access

Pharmacies are being forced to cut patients off after they divvy out a certain number of drugs to the local populace.

& then every other patient gets screwed…
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Boom! 🔥
For @Newsweek ✍️

Elon Musk's Cruel Mockery of a Disabled Worker Exposes an Ugly Truth About America🇺🇸♿️
😞… @ibdgirl76 @iamharaldur @TaylorLorenz @maiasz @daveweigel @elonmusk @YoungVoicesOrg @wil_da_beast630 @chadfelixg @edzitron #disability
Thank you to the amazing @bungarsargon for letting me write about this topic🙏
tale of @elonmusk v @iamharaldur is a public version of an experience countless disabled Americans have suffered when working or trying to find employment.

Disabled people are deprived of the opportunity to work not because they lack talent but because of the Bigotry of No……
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My goals for my career since disability are just 2

Be a positive difference to the world

Make a living so I can have a family of my own

Everything I've learned is that society will not bend an iota to enable people like me to make a productive difference & be self sufficient
I'm a very disabled man,

I don't want welfare,
I want to work,

But if no one is willing to treat the disabled fairly & give us a chance to work, or allow us the means to survive

What the hell are we supposed to do

Go find a quiet place to die!?😤 #Disability #ProLife
Thank goodness for freelance journalism cuz I'd be totally screwed without it

My income & lifestyle is difficult, but I have more than many others in similar situations

For which I am very grateful for, but it really does feel like I'm working against a stacked deck some days🤷
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My dear friends & supporters. A #mutualaid request thread for #disability justice. Please share this appeal.
Another week in the Hunger Games, keeping everyone inspired for making the changes that justice needs across the board.
I need to ask for your urgent help please.
A critical surgery is rapidly approaching on April 28 (see for direct details). However I'm still unable to raise enough to provide any certainty about accessing the treatment, as I have not been able to access necessary lymphatic massage treatment.
As I'm on DSP, without health to currently work (even despite being gatekept away from employment by #disabilitydiscrimination), I'm in no position to fund this myself. Access to healthcare denied just because I've exhausted my resources in funding human rights journalism work.
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1/ With respect to people with Severely impaired Cognitive Capacity @ProfoundIreland @ABIIreland, the #ADMAct may turn out to be a Minefield and represent a continuation of the Wardship scheme under the 1871 Lunacy Act with a new PC Name.…
@ProfoundIreland @ABIIreland @CarersIreland 2/ While in theory the

"Court will 'usually' appoint someone you know and trust",

which for many severely Intellectually disabled people would likely be a parent (while still alive), this doesn't easily reconcile with the extensively documented criteria and cost.......
3/ There will be a COST to apply to the Circuit Court. Family Carers are already as a group with a high propensity to live in poverty, with lower income earning potential due to being a FULL TIME CARER. Free Legal Aid @flacireland is Means Tested, and the test is low!
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No, this is wrong,

Anxiety disorders can be extremely disabling,
& they qualify for welfare assistance in most western countries

I've met people who cannot leave a single room in their apartment because of solely extreme anxiety disorder
Now is there a problem with Genz & tiktokers self-diagnosing anxiety disorders, yes, some social contagion going on

But that doesn't invalidate the millions of Americans with well-documented, officially diagnosed anxiety disorders as having those disorders control their lives
pls @ZaldanExtremist & anyone else,

do not confuse people with actual anxiety disorders to the weirdos that plague the internet

There are truly horrible mental illnesses out there, not everyone claiming to be bipolar or have Tourette's syndrome is making it up
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A thread on "How to Interact with Persons with Disability"
If you come across a person with any disability, don’t treat her/him as a sick, or, sad person and refrain from projecting your emotions of pity and fear on the person with #disability.
On this weekend, if you go to any restaurant, for thought experiment, just imagine how would you enter into the building with all those stairs if you happen to be on wheel chair? #PWDs
Just imagine how would you feel if you can’t see the man behind the counter because it is too high if you happen to be on a wheel chair . #PWDs
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🔥1/6 From my PhD:
"My #Back is Fit for Movement": A Qualitative Study Alongside a Randomized Controlled Trial for Chronic Low Back Pain
@Pain_NeuRa @HayleyLeake @AidanCashin @adrian_traeger @SylviaGustin2 @link_physio @EdelOH @UNSWMedicine @neuraustralia
2a/6 Why?
- The effects of non-pharmacological interventions for CLBP are sustained for only a few months at best.
- A multimodal intervention grounded in evidence of pain-related alterations in neural processing reduced #disability across 12 months:…
2b/6 The program #RESOLVE employed a “fit for purpose” framework: understand, feel and experience that the back is fit for purpose (movement), highlighting the #biopsychosocial nature of
pain and addressing biopsychosocial contributors to
pain experience⤵️…
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As a disabled person who is not capable of work (a fact accepted by the DWP) I'm fed up of being fucking demonised and made to feel somehow 'unworthy'. Although I may not be directly targeted, the vile general rhetoric towards 'benefit claimants' is bad enough.
They could choose to come after me at any point they like, the constant background fear is absolutely dreadful to live with. I'm sure I'm not the only person who feels like this, and I'm also pretty sure that people who have never. experienced the DWP won't be able...2
To fully appreciate but this feels like. The rhetoric makes me think that the government would prefer it if didn't exist, now I may be overthinking things a bit, but the right-wing press does nothing but attack and demonise people on low incomes, while twunts like...3
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🧵 Doctors who haven't experienced poverty should have to live on an SSI level income and without insurance for a year. Here are things they would think twice about saying: (1/?) #neisvoid #disability
"Why haven't you gotten your labs done?" (Because I can't afford the fees or transportation) (2/?)
"Just get this OTC med. It's super cheap." (Maybe for someone who has $30 a month to spare.) (3/?)
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.@blakehounshell’s death by suicide after battling depression spotlights broader issues: as a culture, we stigmatize #mentalillness + laud stoicism (or #toxicmasculinity?). #RIPBlakeHounshell
+ basic #ableism centering identity on work and productivity. Normalize telling your friends and family when you’re not ok. Normalize telling your caregivers. Normalize taking a break. Normalize asking for help, normalize receiving it. #RIPBlakeHounsell
61 million adults in #USA live with a #disability = 1 in 4. You are +/or know someone living with a disability. Do we talk about it? Or is it a shameful, secret thing? Internalized #ableism, #stigma kill.… via @CDCgov #RIPBlakeHounsell
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#MondayMorning 🧵

Too many stakeholders are missing the point of the #InformationBlockingRules and patient's having access to THEIR health information.

For the record:
👉It's not only about access for access sake. It's not just about seeing a result. 👀
2) 👉It's about access for ACTION's sake. 🚀
3) Ability to strategically operationalize when you have
✅chronic illness
✅life-altering, life-limiting condition
makes all the difference in
👉care coordination
👉access to community supports
👉access to research
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