Put out the metaphorical fires of the world with everyones puke while uncovering the truth …

🦅 🦅 🪨


The people all around the world can do exactly as [evil] needs everyone doing while awakening, [Evil] that’s been doing these acts upon humanity know [they] failed
So [evil] needs everyone to destroy this world for [them] & destroying yourselves so the truth of who has been doing these evil acts upon humanity can never see the light of day ..

How many food processing plants have gone up in flames ?
The people didn’t have anything
To do with any of them going up in flames, that’s for sure ..
The only thing the people have done is uncover the truth & the easiest way for the People ALL AROUND THE WORLD to do so, has been symbolism ..

[EVIL] has always had the [NEED] to beat [evils] chest, throwing
Symbolisms in the peoples faces while the people were asleep thinking the people were always “to stupid” to figure any of it out.

Not to mention, [THEY] never thought she could lose. . .

Within DAMn near EVERYTHING ever done upon humanity, [EVIL] has mocked the light &
Just Could never NOT point in the faces of humanity laughing …
There was always the [need] for humiliating.

What is A #UPC CODE & WHY do they all add up to 666? ..

What does 666 really mean?
The number of man?
I bet 666 once meant something good but anything good that
Makes evil powerless, [They] mirrored knowing how many would “FEAR” that number, staying divided because of A “label” A number has to it—Then picking “sides”.

If everyone is living/has been living in Hell, that would mean what?
The world is flipped upside down?

Fallen Angels
Falling down to “earth”/Hell?

Twin Towers overlooking Hells Kitchen?
Where do I live?
In the Garden?
After Adam & Eve were “cast out” of the Garden, who was the only one allowed to be in the Garden?

Doesn’t it sure seem like the twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
Twin Towers represented two individuals & those two individuals uniting would unite the world but [PURE EVIL]/The enemy both “sides” had in common created A false reality around the people (like A dome in THE SIMPSONS MOVIE) For HUNDREDS of years knowing the people would pass
Down lies generation after generation & once these times finally arrived everyone is living in today—The people would end up having absolutely no clue who or what they’re truly fighting for, ultimately destroying humanities own self ..
BOTH Are one & the same but for HUNDREDS
Of years, fabricated/staged wars after wars took place or the people constantly voted for people to lead them that ultimately did whatever it took to keep humanity blind, asleep, poisoned, sick, living in fear & passing down lies for many generations..

IN THE END [evils] goal/
“ENDGAME” If [evil] ever failed, has always been make the people destroy themselves & this world based on the false reality lies MANY GENERATIONS have been taught ..

All these people thinking there is A such thing as A “devil”, spewing out the words “hail Santa”—They’re all

Those who choose to spread the word of God around, the cure, They’re spreading around the words long written down that were left in time from travelers in time. Not all of The past was not of what happened back then but what was to happen
Or what could happen in the future if things were not done a certain way.
Everyone has FREE WILL to choose collectively the path humanity takes, it’s been SHOWN/left in time what each choice would lead too.

#BOTH Fire & Water (water & Wine)
(wolf & vampire) had each others respective “#TOOLs”, each had to meet in the middle making peace for one another to be given back the others respective #TOOL.
Neither one #TOOL could “take over the world” by itself, one “side” would need the others #TOOL They had possession of
To take over the world ..
Which is what MOSTLY EVERYONE knows as the “WAR OF ALL WARS” ..

When DJT met in the middle with #KIM, it represented just that but at the time most of the world was still asleep stuck within the false reality only seeing face value of what was
Being shown …
So many were constantly fighting with their fellow man based on seeing everything happening at FACE VALUE.

#BOTH Fire & Water have made peace—#BOTH have been working together against A common enemy for YEARS now.

Those who have been influenced by the false
Reality stars, politicians, propaganda & whatever else that’s been influencing ones to show exactly HOW this world got so bad & WHY it was able to happen.

There are no sides or drawn lines & every single day lines are drawn in the sand between ANGELS & DEMONS, GOD & THE “DEVIL”.

Do you see it yet?
Do you see that is EXACTLY what [THEY] have wanted all along & is exactly what [PURE EVIL] has needed to happen ?

Peace is the prize WITHIN, 1 & THE SAME.

• • •

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Nov 3
I’m in love with LIFE …
Thank you for showing me what I already knew, I’ve always known who has wanted me dead.

Just because I forgive, love thy enemy, show mercy & give comfort does not mean you won’t get what all of you want—Those who do not deserve to be drug down with evil
As evil gets brought down, they’re set free—As in released from their soul contracts.
Think of how many young individuals who made it grew up in the gutter having absolutely nothing, watched their mother or father work 3 dead end jobs just to keep A roof over their heads &
They did whatever they had to so they could give back to their parents ..
Only to find out they signed their soul away becoming puppets, misleading the people who looked up to them. Even if they didn’t believe in the corrupt agendas or disagreed with, they still had to do
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Nov 3
This is one of the most important reasons Forgiveness has been so important, Breaking the cycle Doing whatever it takes to Make PEACE ..

Never forgetting the #WHY.

Selflessly choosing with FREE WILL To have compassion for the #WHY ones were on certain paths —The #ROOT.

70x7 ImageImageImageImage
Some were born into THAT life & all they have known is THAT life, living in fear ..

MANY are being set free, you never know what someone has gone through in life. .


I know I have mentioned this before but forgiveness allows MANY who have dedicated their ImageImageImageImage
Life to making sure humanity had A chance at survival & knowing the truth …
Those who dedicated their life for others earned it, they are the ones who should be praised & thanked. .
Without their loyalty, None of this would be possible. Not forgiving & seeking “vengeance”
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Nov 3
6:12? Or 666?

How about this, I forgive you.

I have something not you or ANYONE else can EVER take away from me, LOVE, HONOR & My Soul.

If only you knew how much I care & how much I have always wanted to give back what was also stolen from you/Not you.

DJT was never Image
The president & neither have you been.
It’s all just A show & I still forgive you.
I still forgive your son & entire family.
I still forgive all those who were already caught who sold their souls & I still choose to not care about any of the things said just to purposely get A
Rise out of people who are asleep..

What I have to say next, will change what everyone thinks is going to happen to me & it brings everyone together AWAY from politicians/politics—To the point where little to no one will have A care in the world about what is happening within
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Nov 2


There is more than enough gold to give EVERY SINGLE FAMILY ALL AROUND THE WORLD ENOUGH MONEY to start their lives over
For MANY MANY MANY generations to come !

Those who want to buy back into A better country they live in can do so, those who want to open up more “MA N PA” shops can do so, those who want to quit their jobs to travel for A few years before finding something new they enjoy doing
They can do so, those who want to continue working stacking on top of that GINORMOUS nest egg they have—They can do so, those who never thought they would be able to retire THEY CAN FINALLY DO SO & THOSE WHO NEVER WANT TO WORK ANOTHER DAY IN THEIR LIVES—THEY CAN DO SO!!
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Nov 2
Boots made in the USA on the Beach in Blue CkRaiNE …

Let me know when you see, know & understand how long it’s been KNOWN what [evil] was planning to do in the future/The now …

EVERYTHING that has ever happened in life has meaning, TRUTH LEFT HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT KNOWING
The lengths [pure evil] would go to continue staying in positions of power to keep humanity enslaved, dumbed down, truth hidden & to continue on terraforming this world into A world suitable for [pure evil] ..
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Nov 2
My Whole life has been scripted & KNOWN about by almost lEVERYONE upon the world stage for HUNDREDS of years …
Some knew more than others, some didn’t know anything & couldn’t figure out why they were being told what to do & how to do what it is they were doing.

Those who
Made it within whatever industry they “made it” in, they had to EARN #TRUST in order to be SHOWN/Told what all of this has been about for HUNDREDS of years ..

MANY famous stars knew about ALL the bad & all the good but could not talk to ANYONE about ANY of it. It drove them
Crazy ..
It drove some so mad that they tried showing the world all the evil that was taking place, those many individuals who broke were then either hurt into silence or worse by [pure evil] doing the evil acts upon children/humanity ..

Those who knew at the very time
Read 5 tweets

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