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All of A sudden Skateboarding/Skateboarders matter, right?

This whole time, Skateboarding hasn’t meant shit to most the Main stream world, Now magically skateboarding matter because ones care more about the negatives happening in the world instead of all the positives
That have been shown.

What is the purpose of making some stupid post like this?
To get more people to act as [THEY]/evil needs everyone acting?
To get people to say the things [EVIL] needs everyone saying that PROVE how wicked most humans truly are?
EVERYONE should know by now how messed up this world truly is & that GOD IS THE ONLY WAY !!!

#OR MOST can just continue doing things their own wicked ways for their 15 minutes of fame, likes, follows & Retweets !

When is enough going to be enough & EVERYONE realizes there is
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Complaining about the right to choose?

Why wasn’t that right taken advantage of the night at the bar to NOT have Sex with someone ones barely knew?

A woman or man could EASILY say, “you know what I’m not going to sleep with this man/woman because if something were to happen
I’m not ready to have A baby, especially with someone I barely know” …

Same goes for pretty much EVERY OTHER SCENARIO that could be brought up.

If A woman is carrying A child from being rapped or some other Circumstances, there should be some kind of Exceptions.

Get to
The #ROOT of it all, WHAT DO YOU SEE?

The people have this world have been programmed & Hardwired to self destruct from birth on …

What ever happened to THAT side of life, sex & relationship being sacred?

It’s like there’s BILLIONS of Adams & Eves running around the world
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“Take your shot”


Remember when the FF happened where Someone opened fire on A softball game or practice?
It was A charity game or something?
Police Vs firefighters maybe?

If you know what I’m
Talking about, you should think about going back & digging deeper on where it happened, who did it & when it took place.

Evil/corruption has been planning for A very long time. What firearm was the guy using? AR-15?

I guarantee you, all the dots will connect to other FF’s
That happened further ahead in time.. That is how these evil entities work, [they] leave [their] fingerprint on everything [they] do. Each fingerprint connects/leads to what [they] will do next & where/when [they] will strike next.
[they] have had all of this planned for
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(This is normal when compelling the production of documents from entities that are not named parties in a lawsuit.)
ACLU's behavior is irrelevant

If you don't see "ACLU" as a named defendant in the case caption – in the lawsuit Johnny Depp filed, whose defendants he chose – then they're entitled by law to their discovery expenses
Nah. These sorts of amounts are normal in civil litigation, and I suspect all the moreso for a New York-based third party
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🧵Harsh realities of Baseball Parents: The Journey is filled with ups and downs. Here are a few (of MANY) of the mistakes I made as a baseball Dad...
🧵 Your High School athlete is going to have days of social stress. You cannot see it, you will not here it, most of all you probably won't recognize it. The stress of a teenager, girls, friends, schoolwork, weight of expectations are burdening the student athlete play a role
🧵Your student athlete is going through a massive physical and mental maturation. While they may look like an adult, in reality they are still a child. They will make mistakes that will make you scratch your head but from mistakes come a learning opportunity..
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The Bull, This is the part of the Movie/Show where THE BULL does not get banged up on to where THE UNDERTAKER has to choose, WE ALL WALK TOGETHER !!!

I REFUSE to play the same games so many others choose to play, #REDEMPTION !

The second to last STUNT in JACKASS FOREVER,
Johnny Knoxville pours MILK into A Hat …
“The Milk was supposed to disappear” as he gets hit by the Bull.

Then the last scene was A group of cast members on A carousel surrounded by other cast members dressed up as Military personnel, armed with PAINT ball gunS.
Those who
Played the game, hurt humanity, trafficked children, kept humanity enslaved or committed treason/sedition are SHOWN to the world …

The Booms drop, there will be no war.✍️
Peace = The Prize !

Why the rest of the world/Most can’t see what it is others have been SHOWING
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Over a year ago, several brilliant people at #EleutherAI started plugging VQGAN and CLIP together and getting it to generate images. By now there are many variations and adaptations of the technique out there, but for various reasons the OG paper is only just coming out
Huge props to @RiversHaveWings, @dashstander, @EricHallahan, @lcastricato, and the many other people who have iterated on and popularized this technique. I came rather late to the party, and mostly made sure that the experiments happened and their great work was showcased
@RiversHaveWings @dashstander @EricHallahan @lcastricato VQGAN-CLIP has really taken on a life of its own, getting picked up and modified in Jupiter notebooks shared on Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms
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#ReadingFC 2020/21 financial results covered a season when the #Royals finished 7th in the Championship, just missing out on the play-offs under Veljko Paunovic, since replaced by Paul Ince and Michael Gilkes (interim managers). Some thoughts in the following thread.
This was the fourth season that #ReadingFC were under the control of Chinese businessman Dai Yongge (and his sister Dai Xiu Li), who own 96% via Renhe Sports Management Co Ltd. However, in that time the club has struggled both on the pitch and with Financial Fair Play rules.
#ReadingFC loss narrowed from £42m to £36m, despite revenue dropping £4.0m (23%) from £17.8m to £13.8m and profit on player sales falling £0.9m to £0.7m, thanks to an £11.2m (18%) reduction in operating expenses from £61.3m to £50.2m.
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Ich werde nachfolgend erklären, welchen dreistufigen Eingriff das @BMWK plant und wie wir diese Regelungen sehen. @Oliver_Krischer @P_Graichen @fbrantner
Zunächst ist aber wichtig zu erklären, woher wir kommen: #Gasspeicher werden derzeit... (1/25)
rein marktwirtschaftlich genutzt. Die Betreiber vermarkten die Speicherkapazitäten diskriminierungsfrei an Gas(groß)händler und #Gaslieferanten (Versorger der Endkunden). Ersteigert ein Marktakteur Speicherkapazitäten, dann bucht er... (2/25)
folglich #Gasspeicher und ist damit #Speicherkunde bzw. #Speichernutzer. Ihr Verhalten ist nicht reguliert. Sie haben im letzten Winter die Gasspeicher zu 72% befüllt. Nicht zuletzt vor dem Hintergrund des Angriffs Russlands auf die #Ukraine möchte Minister #Habeck... (3/25)
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Bit of a thread...

I live in Toxteth, a deprived area of Liverpool.

I've just been out walking, on my way to the shop, when an old lady called out to me:

"Hey luv, do you know where I go for the thingy?"

"For what, luv?"

#The thingy, in your arm"
"Oh! The vaccination centre? For your vaccination? It's just there, go left at the sign".

"Is it on this side?" She asked me.

I looked properly at the lady and it was pretty obvious that she couldn't see a thing. She had no glasses.

"Come on, luv. I'll take you there".
"Hasn't the weather been awful?" She said to me as we walked the fifty yards to the centre.

"Yes, it's cold, isn't it?" I replied.

I was dressed in a warm bubble jacket and had a Nepalese woollen bobble hat on. This lady must have been 80.
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🔥Just Like The Leaders of the Taliban and ISIS, Trump and His Coup Co-Conspirators Continue to Radicalize and Stoke a Domestic Terrorism Movement.…
🔥#The TrumpCult is so divorced from reality that using the standard of mental illness pre 2015 - many of his followers should be institutionalized.…
🔥1 in 5 Americans are Qanon conspiracy theorists who are quite literally divorced from rational thought. Trump, @SenateGOP, @HouseGOP @FoxNews @OANN and other right wing media AND churches are to blame.…
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Respect to every athlete’s right - no matter their politics - to use their platform & speak their mind. Doesn’t mean we have to mindlessly applaud their every utterance. That’s patronizing and as bad as “shut up & dribble.” So in that spirit, Kyrie is absolutely wrong here. (1/2)
After hundreds of thousands of deaths, which have disproportionately hit working people, true solidarity is getting #the damn vax. For someone who has offered solidarity to Palestinians, Indigenous people & BLM, he is now taking a position that’s the negation of solidarity.(2/3)
This is why Ted Cruz and Trump Jr. are cheering Kyrie on. They don’t believe in the concept of public health and don’t care if millions die. They’ll be in Cancun while people die needlessly in overstuffed hospitals. Kyrie has a platform to make a difference. He is doing harm.
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#Censure numérique ou chasse aux #Fakenews !?🧐:
1/ Du côté de YouTube, la balance est claire :les chaines des détracteurs des stratégies "provax only" seront désormais suspendus / virés, surtout si leur arguments sont forts et leur audience large...…
#Censure numérique ou chasse aux #Fakenews !?🧐:
2/ Le Pdt Macron lance la commission Bronner contre la "désinformation et le complotisme". Le discours officiel ▶️ par la nouvelle chaîne d'Etat...
#Censure numérique ou chasse aux #Fakenews !?🧐:
3/ Cette commission Bronner, au vu du casting de ses membres, a déjà -avant même d’avoir démarré- un goût très Orwellien de Ministère de la vérité à la sauce ♨️ PCC🇨🇳. Analyse cinglante mais lucide d'1 auteur de @libe #miniver ▶️
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Any sufficiently Advanced Technology is indistinguishable from MAGIC!! Binafsi huwa nasema Technology Is the Great ant💉dote to the Poison of Enthusiasm and Superstition💣
📋Asili ya TV
📋Historia yake
📋Uvumbuzi n.k
Televisheni (TV) au Runinga ni kifaa chenye kioo ambacho kinapokea mawasiliano kutoka kituo cha televisheni na kuyabadilisha kuwa picha na sauti.

Neno "Televisheni" linatokana na maneno mawili:
(i)Tele (Kigiriki)-kwa mbali sana na
(ii)Visio (Kilatini)-mwono.

RT @omari_manyama
kwa pamoja yanaunda neno la Kiingereza #Television limetoholewa kwa lugha ya Kiswahili "Televisheni".

Ugunduzi wa TV📺 ni kazi iliyofanywa na watu wengi mwishoni mwa karne ya 19.Karne ya 20 Watu mmoja-mmoja na makampuni yalishindana kuunda chombo kilichopiku teknolojia ya awali.
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#OnJuly07, 2020 🇭🇹

#Story ina part A na B

📋Historia ya Haiti

📋Mauaji ya Rais @moisejovenel

👩‍💻Unajua tangu ipate uhuru imeongozwa zaidi ya marais 49, kati yao 9 ndio walimaliza vipndi vyao bila kupinduliwa/kuuawa wakiwa madarakani?
#Thread|Story🕒👇 ImageImageImage
Usiku Julai 7 watu wenye silaha walivamia makazi binafsi Rais @moisejovenel wa Haiti na kumuuawa. N MAUAJI yaliyoshtua Haiti, ingawa bado haijulikani nani aliyeajiri wauaji na kwanini, lkn mercenaries wa Colombia na Marekani walikamatwa kufuatia mauaji yale.
RT iwafikie wengi👇
Turn on Notification..

Naona 📱 iko Low baada ya nusu saa hv nitarudi kukiwasha.

Hii nchi ni mapinduzi, kuuawa, kutiwa sumu ukiwa madarakani mpk le👇 ImageImage
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On This Day

#RIP !!
#The aviation disaster, a Europe-bound Boeing 747, Exploded and Crashed off Long Island,NY

📜Gaddafi, SADDAM HUSEIN wahusishwa | kwa upande wa USA ulikuwa usiku usiosahaulika.

RT @omari_manyama let's go👇 ImageImageImage
#Ikiwa ni dakika 12 tu baada ya kupaa kutoka Uwanja wa Ndege wa Kimataifa wa John F. Kennedy (JFKIA) uliopo mjini New York, ndege [TWA FLIGHT 800] iliyokuwa ikielekea Italia kupitia Paris ililipuka ghafla juu ya Bahari ya Atlantiki na kuua watu wote 230 waliokuwemo ndani ya ndege Image
Tukio hili lilitokea Trh km ya Leo majira ya saa 02:31 usiku Jumatano mnamo Julai 17, 1966, ambapo ndege hiyo kubwa ya masafa marefu aina ya BOEING 747 alimaarufu TWA FLIGHT 800 ya kampuni ya Trans World Airlines [TWA] ililiripuka karibu na pwani ya Long Island na kuua watu wote. Image
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#The, God No Go Shame Us Slang"

I have often heard this in so many instances, "God No Go Shame Us..."

First thing first, God shames no one, and has never shamed anyone.

The only fellows or gang God ever public shamed was satan and his goons

Colossians 2v15 NIV
And having
disarmed the powers and authorities, he made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the cross.e (Col 2:15|NIV-)

Colossians 2:15 MSG
He stripped all the spiritual tyrants in the universe of their sham authority at the Cross and marched them naked through the streets
Colossians 2:15 AMP
[God] disarmed the principalities and powers that were ranged against us and made a bold display and public example of them, in triumphing over them in Him and in it [the cross].

It is not in God to shame anyone, rather, poor decisions, poor actions, poor
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Twitter is the most powerful social media platform in the world.

However, most people don't know how to use it effectively.

Here are 10 tips that will help you master Twitter...
1/ Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Your Twitter profile is your new business card.

People should be able to quickly understand who you are and what you have to offer.

Pick your banner photo purposefully.

And have a link in your bio so people can learn more about you.

2/ Content Is King But Format Is Queen

Spacing and formating matters.

When making a list, put the shorter words on top and the longer ones on the bottom.


• Banana
• Apple
• Blueberry


• Apple
• Banana
• Blueberry

(PS: Press alt + 8 for bullet points)
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#COVID19: THE #GREATRESET July 9, 2020.

"1) individuals w/ pre-existing #mentalhealth conditions like #depression will increasingly suffer from anxiety disorders; 2) #socialdistancing measures, even after they’ve been rolled back, will have worsened mental health issues;" Image
"2) #socialdistancing measures, even after they've been rolled back, will have worsened #mentalhealth issues; 3) in many families, the loss of income consecutive to unemployment will plunge people into the "#death of #despair" phenomenon;"

#Lockdowns Image
"4) #domesticviolence and abuse, particularly against #women and #children, will increase as long as the pandemic endures;" Image
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An excellent debunking by @MickWest.
However, the wizards of disinformation have a follow-up maneuver now. What they will do is *actually* insert a "dead cat microphone" into a breaking video which does not originally have one of those microphones.
They will move fast to use the altered video with an inserted dead-cat-mic in highly targeted, 1-to-1 end-to-end encrypted ephemeral messaging (like WhatsApp or disappearing Signal messaging)...
in order to quickly show the altered breaking news video to target persuadables who are on-the-fence about whether or not the media can be trusted and are not tech savvy enough to have any chance of actually preserving or saving the video they are shown.
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Project your own atrociousness onto the adversary. Cast it far. Cast it wide. Those who act in parallel with yourself toward the same ends will recognize from a concentrated view of the aggregate picture.
Relentlessly attack the character of anyone who speaks this truth to the public. For surely they speak insanity.

The enslaved masses must never be taught how to read that which is projected upon and past them.

They are matte screen to be used and blinded by any illumination.
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