Good Morning!

First Translation from false reality to #REALITY;

“Jeff Bozos plans to give away most of his $124 Billion net worth to charities that “fight climate change” & “Unify Humanity”
Jeff Bezoa plans to give away most of his $124 Billion net worth to charities
That “fight climate change” & “unify America” #KNOWING ALL ASSETS can be seized . .

How does corruption fund corruption when ALL MONEY IS BEING FOLLOWED?
Donate to “charities” that say they’re doing “good” with the money but behind the curtain It looks completely
Funding The demise of the United States of America? ..

Sure seems like EVERYTHING else happening as it has been, Purposely SHOWING how corruption/evil got away with all evil acts committed in the past?
#SHOWING how evil kept everything
Hidden from the people for MANY GENERATIONS ? ..

Look what Billy gates did, bought up farmland across the United States.
#KNOWING assets would be seized once the truth came out?
Buy up farmland knowing it would show who is behind what’s been happening
With foods?
The food processing plants “Randomly” catching fire, coinky dinks?

WHAT IF good guys are in control of the #GHOSTS identities & have been PURPOSELY doing things like this for A very long time? …
WHAT IF it’s all happening as it is as A way to SHOW truth knowing
The people are finally awakening?
WHAT IF all that was done in the past was A #TEST to see if “Greatest Translator” knew what was really happening while most have had no clue? ..
WHAT IF “GREATEST TRANSLATOR” showed he knew what was happening all along, SHOWING the people all
These years & because it was SHOWN “GREATEST TRANSLATOR” knew what has been really taking place, the rest could then start unfolding the same way as it has been with “GREATEST TRANSLATOR” continuing on with showing the people what is happening so the people Don’t become their
Own worst enemy? ..

Those asleep who may be somewhat awake, SHOW they’re very much asleep by feeding into things like this thinking it’s “real” just because it’s reported as it is. Someone who knows something isn’t right
With these “elites” will get frustrated that “nothing is happening”, when in reality IT’S ALL BEEN UNFOLDING for years now RIGHT BEFORE HUMANITIES EYES EVERY DAY ..

Doing it this way allows the People to find someone & know how to go back & look at everything that’s unfolded
In the past as it has SEEING BEYOND FACE VALUE ..

Future proves past.

It ALL had to be this way. .
It’s AMERICA First because America is & always has been Israel..
Saving Israel for #LAST?

Phoenix SON
Every layer of life built up/created around the people has been SHOWING the truths the people NEED. Image
All corruption/evil have SHOWN why they’ve kneeled when they do & why they’ve done everything possible/tried everything possible to destroy
This Country …

Evils greatest tricks have been the tricks upon the peoples minds using symbolisms—What do I mean?
ANY/ALL truth of humans history/Biblical History evil has known about, keeping much of it hidden—If the people knew it would make all evil powerless, so [they]
Have taken symbols that once represented good & turned them into bad KNOWING the people would reject or FEAR the symbols that gave the people answers to their questions ..

ANYTHING that brought the people closer to God, they would use ..

A perfect example of this, if peace
Were made A couple years ago Within this picture showing peace was made, THE PEOPLE would see “Democrat National Convention” poster used for their DNC in 2021 & scream for God to unleash Gods wrath upon Santa—Emotions cloud judgment & PEACE = THE PRIZE ..

Those who have chosen Image
To live in A one sided world have created A world of hurt for themselves & others around them ..
How much pain, suffering & sorrow has been self inflicted upon the peoples own selves from allowing emotions to cloud judgments?

WHAT IF it was always know PEACE WOULD BE MADE
but [they] continued using symbolism that truly didn’t matter, used only to make the people do exactly as [they] have needed the people doing.

The way so many have acted these past few years towards their fellow man, it was known this would happen by evil/corruption, it was
Known the people would be out with their digital pitch forks demanding this or that, NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW—Judging those who have made mistakes, judged for crimes evil committed within every layer of life & cast stone at those brainwashed/asleep ..

So if the People sought
Out “vengeance”, wanting Gods wrath to come down upon evil/corruption, [they] set everything on on [their] end in A way, if God judged instead of forgave, God would have no choice but to judge ALL PEOPLE the very same way as the people have wanted judgment to be placed upon evil.
I have spent much time on here saying the words “I forgive You”, knowing what it does for others who refuse to forgive.
Just because I say the words “I forgive” does not mean evil just gets A free pass .
It means once I forgive evil/corruption, none of [them] exist to me anymore. Image
I then sit back watching those who have been forgiven, the ones who were once bad DO GOOD for Humanity.
#OR I sit back NEVER interfering with an enemy who is already in the process of destroying themselves ..

I have seen Many on here say, “I will never forgive”usually those
Who refuse to forgive ones who had done them wrong/the world wrong/others wrong aren’t able to see the #ROOT & or the #WHY ..
Some who aren’t able to forgive it’s because of their own #ROOT & #WHY, it could be from trauma experienced going through what it is they refuse to
Forgive—Not many women who have been rapped can/will forgive others in the world that committed Such A vile act upon A woman.
That trauma many woman have gone through does not allow them to see someone elses #ROOT OR #WHY.

For example, maybe the man who has rapped A woman/
Women was brutally beaten & rapped as A child, so his “retribution” for going through what he did from A family member or someone else was taken out on all women.

There is always A #ROOT CAUSE & A #WHY, never forgetting the #Why allows ones to put one’s own emotions in check &
Do whatever it takes to #BREAK The Cycle ..

It’s all about the #BREAK.

Just because you forgive, does not mean ones can’t seek out that Justice be served by authorities, it means you have done your part in trying to help someone else find PEACE WITHIN who Image
May have done evil upon others in the world ..

If A child is born into THAT life, Was born A boy but had parents who forced that boy to be A girl & that boy grows up To be A middle aged “woman” doing the same thing to other children or children of “her”/his own, what is
The #ROOT cause of doing what “she”/he has done to other children?
#WHY Would someone continue the same vicious cycle? Because one couldn’t find peace within & needed healing but didn’t know how to begin healing?

A clear mind?
How does one clear their mind?

Everyone lives in a world where they’ve been purposely pushed up against A wall against their Will, disconnected from the truth about SOURCE/God & most have been forced to be disconnected from their fellow man because of technology—Disconnected
To the point where the one key needed in life was beginning to be lost, the key of COMMUNICATION …

Why is communication key & so important?
How many in the world can speak their mind wearing their hearts on their sleeves speaking about why they believe in with someone
WITHOUT being judged by others or that communication ending in A fist fight or gun violence? ..

It’s almost as if evil purposely made it to where human lives were given NUMBERS just to be treated like they’re just another number in this world who “doesn’t matter”..
ENDLESS Slavery ?
ENDLESS corrupt politicians in positions of power for decades upon decades making sure the people stay asleep within An ENDLESS DREAM/NIGHTMARE?

“The American Dream”, you have to be asleep to believe.
The Choice is YOURS & YOURS alone to #BREAK The Cycle ..

#Epiphany ImageImageImage

• • •

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Big Mike (the IRL Big Mike 44’s Big Mike was playing the role of on world stage), time to give back what does not belong to you .
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[DIVORCE]—Who has been stealing the peoples wealth?
PURPOSELY creating A world around the people FORCING young teen/Young Adults to mature much faster, children?
What do young adults/Young teen women fuel when
They get pregnant at such A young age? ..
Black Market?

What does social media do to MANY relationships? ..
Define Insecurity.
Define Attention.
How many influencers make it seem like their lives are sunshine & rainbows on social media for attention but in reality they’re
Stuck in A very dark place within their mind & are ashamed to reach out to anyone for help because they don’t want anyone knowing what their life really looks like outside of social media?
By design?

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Whatever/Whoever in this world
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MAJOR TOMmy, can you tell me why we are fighting each other anymore ? ..

Tell me why we fought in the first place, please speak the words I want to hear.
If it’s everything you want, you can have it all—You & her by my side is all I have ever wanted.

-Teacher Image
Walking Together, like we should have done right from the start. . Image
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