1)Still doubting M23 is a Rwandan rebel group attacking Congo?Get to know who is Bosco Ntaganda,a Rwandan born in #Kinigi,a war convicted criminal,nicknamed terminator,ex CNDP chief of staff,PFLC General Staff,linked with to M23,rebels all created by Rwanda.Member of 🇷🇼 RPF too
2)Whenever 🇷🇼 's RPF create a rebellion to invade a neighboring country,they search people who would be used as #agakingirizo(A condom)As condoms are thrown as garbage after use,Major Will Ngoma,a congolese,if M23 was to seize power in 🇨🇩,he would be thrown as a used condom in 🗑
3)When #RPF invaded Rwanda in 1990-1994,they had #udukingirizo(Condoms),meaning those #Hutu people to be used to portray a fake image of the rebellion.Real people behind the rebellion remain a secret,until u discover who they were when it's too late!Condoms are killed after war!
4)RPF assassinated #Hutu #condoms that helped them to seize power in 🇷🇼.During Habyarimana's rule,Maj. Lizinde was the chief of intelligence & Col. Kanyarengwe was one of powerful officers,both fled,joined #RPF,played key roles to seize power,both were killed after use!
5)#Lizinde & #Sendashonga were both shot dead in #Nairobi. Recently #Kagame boosted about killing #Sendashonga particularly. #Kanyarengwe died of poison. Former president,Pasteur Bizimungu,was jailed for several years and released as an inept man!
6)Not only RPF #udukingirizo(Condoms) were killed after use!Also sympathizers were killed.Mainly sympathizers were Tutsi and some Hutu. Below are Top Tutsi tycoons who supported RPF thinking they were Tutsi refugees. All these Tutsi businessmen were killed or exiled after use!
7) Some Hutu were used as #Ibyitso(Agents )other Hutu as #sympathizers. Like General Habyarimana was likely their agent. He fled. Col.Nsekarije poisoned.#Twagiramungu and #Gasana were sympathizers,both held ministerial positions and now both live in exile!
8)When those Tutsi survivors who were teenagers in 1994 grew up,they learned through many ways what really happened in Rwanda in reality!They started to oppose Kagame's #RPF! On the picture 4 of them were killed and the rest 4 in jail now!The man in the middle was not a teenager!
9)These were #RPF officers killed at the war:Fred #Rwigema,Peter #Bayingana & Chris #Bunyenyezi.They were not killed by the then Rwandan army.Insiders do say it could be that the 1990 invasion on Rwanda was a plan to assassinate those who would oppose #Kagame/#Museveni plan
10)Those who fought against #RPF invasion from 1990-1994 & refused to be corrupted throughout their struggle to power became targets of their assassinations. It was easy to kill them or even accuse them the #genocide that was planned by #Kagame through #Interahamwe inflitrates!
11)In 1995,#Kagame tried a coup that almost succeeded in #Burundi!The late president #Nkurunziza to face the crisis he had to close the border with Rwanda & campaigned throughout the country to explain the issue to every Burundian!It angered Rwanda,it could no longer fool anyone!
12)Dear #Congolese, yours #leaders need to rise up & go to the #Eastern part where the crisis is coming from & do campaign to every citizen the nature of this war!If not,rebels are going to keep recruiting your sons and daughters due to ignorance.Nothing should be kept hidden!
13)It's extremely sad that Rwandans passed through these wars of deception,lies and betrayal and be kept hidden from Africans!What's our education system teaching? Do we know that people without a memory keep repeating same mistakes for centuries?
14)Why does Africa keep allowing their students to graduate without knowing what's happening in the next house?What is the use of a PHD while tomorrow you are dying due to your own ignorance?Do we have own education system really
15)If people would know the end of those who join rebels,no one would ever join!
Are u aware that once u join such a rebellion,they make u commit unimaginable crimes to make u their slaves?If u don't commit them they kill u.Then how would u leave them while justice is awaiting u?

• • •

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Nov 20
1)How does a #rebellion start?Where do they get funds?One missile shot can cost as much as 1 million$!#Rebels & #superpowers sit down & bargain!Rebels wants to get in power & superpowers wants to #loot your country's #natural #resources almost for free!Then #contracts are signed!
2)Right now were are talking about #M23!Obviously they already signed contracts with superpowers to loot Congo's natural resources freely. Congo to defend itself is also obliged to sign contracts to sell its resources to get funds for war. So M23 is pushing Congo into slavery!
3)Many times #rebels can sign #contracts to invade neighboring countries in the future!When you see a war in your neighboring country, be careful,you don't know where it will end to!As you watch #African #wars on #TVs,better know rebels may have actually sold all of you!Trust me!
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Nov 17
1)When #Kagame told #Kikwete,former president of Tanzania 🇹🇿"I will wait & hit you at the right time!"Kikwete quickly chased those Rwandan refugees,mainly Tutsi who fled in 1959 to Tanzania after the fall of the monarchy!They were considered as Tanzanians!Why did he do that? Image
2)Kikwete knew how Kagame was busy sowing divisions in the region. On the map,in Kagera & Kigoma provinces of Tanzania,they are tribes of #Ha, #Hangaza, #Haya,#Shubi...closely related to Rwandans with similar dialects. Kagame was to use those refugees to create another Congo! Image
3)So if Rwanda's false theory is tolerated in Congo and accept that all these tribes are Rwandophone,it means Rwanda has the right to invade Tanzania as next on their agenda!I wonder why Africans keep quiet while they are being divided in and out! Image
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Nov 16
1)How long shall it take for these western #newspapers to stop demonizing the Hutu?They keep feeding the world with lies intentionally!More than 2 millions of Hutu refugees who fled to Congo didn't flee because they had killed the Tutsi!They fled #RPF's horrible killings in 🇷🇼! Image
2)After 1994,the mainstream media created that narrative,that Hutu who crossed to Congo were killers,to justify the RPF's invasion on Congo!RPF had the benefit of killing all the Hutu intellectuals to hide it's own crimes and superpowers wanted to loot Congo's natural resources!
3)That's why the mainstream medias always conclude their articles on Congo,that instability there started after those who took part in the genocide fled into Congo.They do that to hide you that actually instability in Congo started when they armed Rwanda to loot Congo's riches!
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Nov 16
1)There is fear among #Rwandans that #Kagame's army is planning to invade Rwanda(Self invasion)and act as if it's #FDLR,so that they can massacre people and blame it on FDLR,to seek a buffer zone between Congo & Rwanda!They are looking a way out of the situation in Congo 🇨🇩! #RPF Image
2) They go & wound cows belonging to the Tutsi genocide survivors or kill one of them & start a rumor that it's the Hutu who did it.They kept doing that secretly until we realized it's them who have been doing it!It was done to instill fear into the Tutsi to gain their loyalty! Image
3)#Kagame's Technicians(Meaning Manipulators in Rwanda) attacked Kigali city years ago,after General Kayumba Nyamwasa fled to South Africa!Nyamwasa was blamed for it to tackle his popularity!After u fall out with them,they always make sure they tarnish u to demonize and finish u! Image
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