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I’ve written a longread on the ‘Russia question’ in the #DRC #Congo. My main point: #Russia was (is?) being considered as a serious partner by the Tshisekedi admin., not primarily due to Russia, but due to (perceived & real) Western policy failure(s).… 1/n
First, #Russia has been trying to gain influence in the #DRC, similar to how this was done in #CAR. E.g. in February 2021, it donated a large consignment of weapons ( 10,000 Kalashnikov rifles and around 3 million cartridges of ammunition) – which is how Wagner entered #CAR (2/n)
Another similarity: the number two of the Russia Embassy in Kinshasa, Viktor Tokmakov, was moved from Bangui to Kinshasa, and was widely considered the organizer/go-between for Wagner in #CAR.… (3/n)
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As #M23 approaches the city of #Goma,Uhuru #Kenyatta is getting nervous. It seems that on the agenda,Goma was supposed to fall into the hands of rebels after EAC troops,Ugandan/Sudanese have arrived in Eastern Congo.Then rebels would put the city into the hands of EAC⬇️
2)Why is #Uhuru #Kenyatta seems to be running out of time to send there more #EAC troops and yet existing ones did nothing to stop rebels? Why did he wait until rebels are on the gates of Goma city? Obviously those troops are to create a buffer zone only!…
3)#Kagame now after #M23 troops approaching #Goma,in the speech below, he is accepting that his troops are in Congo.Yesterday he accused Congo of violating agreements!May be its about arrival of those EAC troops that Congo could abandon.But did M23 agree to withdraw their troops?
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1)After peaceful agreement during its implementation,no matter how much Congo plays its cards tactically,the winner between #Congo & #M23/RDF is determined by a referee who blows the whistle!In this case referees are Macron,Blinken and the such likes! Let me explain it clearly⬇️
2)Let's take an example of Rwanda's 1994 genocide.What happened?#Habyarimana signed peaceful agreements,UN troops arrived and the military's heavy artilleries were locked to facilitate the smooth implementation of agreements.Rwandans were extremely happy that peace has arrived!⬇️
3)As Rwandans rejoiced about peace,they were caught unaware. The plane was shot down by Kagame's rebels,UN has locked the military's heavy artilleries,Kagame's inflitrates started killing the Tutsi,UN pressed an arm embargo on the then regime,then UN troops left Rwanda in flames!
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1)#Rwanda is desperately looking for a way to invalidate the #Luanda Peaceful agreement which says that M23 should withdraw from their occupied areas!They had been trying to trick Congo into signing new agreements so that all about Luanda is forgotten!
2)The day #Rwanda signed the #Luanda agreement,they were looking for a way to bring #East #African military in #Congo. #EAC was promising to fight M23 but it was a trick.That #EAC military was to be a backup to #Monusco which may be forced to leave soon by angry population!
3)While #Congo was hoping to attack #M23 with the help of #EAC,EAC was timing to just settle down in territories occupied by M23 as a buffer zone.EAC was to do the same way Monusco has been sitting there,only facilitating to loot Congo's natural resources!Same agenda!
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🚨#Sukhoi|🇨🇩#RDC| Humblement, merci @GeoConfirmed pour vos aimables propos et votre remarquable travail! 😊

Maintenant qu'il est admis que le #Su25 N'A PAS violé l'espace aérien rwandais, quid? 🧵

En effet, le Porte-Parole du @RwandaGov est clair: Il parle bien de violation de son « espace aérien. »

Doit-on croire qu'il n'était pas au fait de la nuance entre frontières terrestres et espace aérien lorsqu'il a émis le communiqué ci-bas? ⬇️
Pour rappel, sur cette trajectoire, et à ces altitudes, l'espace aérien est bel et bien sous le contrôle de « Kinshasa FIR (FZZA), » comme l'attestent toutes les publications d'aide à la navigation disponibles.

Cela ne fait aucun débat! Standard Instrument Departures. Goma International Airport, Standard Instrument Arrivals. Goma International Airport, De
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🚨#Sukhoi|🇨🇩#RDC| « De la nuance entre frontières terrestres des états, et espaces aériens... » 🏞️

A Thread...🧵

@FMLarousse @StanysBujakera @LitsaniChoukran @MwangiMaina_
Il est très tentant de croire que le Sukhoï #Su25 des @FARDC_off, en opérations contre le #M23 ce Mardi aurait, de facto, violé l'espace aérien rwandais en s'alignant pour sa phase finale d'aterrissage en piste 35 de l'Aéroport International de #Goma...

Rien n'est moins vrai! 🙃
Mais pour le comprendre, il faut prendre de la hauteur!⬆️

Bien que l'axe final de la piste 35 de l'Aéroport de #Goma se trouve bel et bien au dessus des frontières territoriales du #Rwanda, cet espace reste sous la surveillance de la #RDC, selon les conventions internationales. Map Data. © 2023 SkyVector, ARINC, OpenStreetMap
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2022 was a year of horrible bloodshed for many countries.

For 2023, we compiled a list of 10 conflicts to watch – in partnership with @ForeignPolicy.

🧵 [1/12]…
1️⃣ #Ukraine 🇺🇦

After nearly a year of fighting, there is no end in sight for the war in Ukraine.

The West should continue its balancing act of backing Kyiv while avoiding a direct clash with Russia and keeping the door open to negotiations.
2️⃣ #NagornoKarabakh 🇦🇲- 🇦🇿

Neither Russian nor Western-sponsored talks have brought the sides closer to a sustainable agreement and clashes have continued.

The failure of talks could well result in renewed war.
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Now that #M23/RDF massacred hundreds of innocent #Congolese in #Kishishe and get caught on red-handed,what do we expect next?
1) We should expect them to massacre more people secretly, manipulatively and brutally & do everything possible to accuse it on the Congolese government! Image
2)The strong manifestation denouncing a genocide in Congo,prepared by Rwanda has one goal:it's a counterattack to the Kishishe massacres they committed to make sure Congo has an image of genocidaires to neutralize their own massacres and to put Congo 🇨🇩 on the defence position! Image
3) #M23 are Tutsi who claim to fight for their rights but instead genocide other 🇨🇩 tribes.When there is hate speeches caused by their killings,M23 denounces hate speeches instead of stopping their killings.The Tutsi too should denounce M23 that causes hate speech towards them! Image
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1)The term #Rwandaphone doesn't exist unless in #Congo there is a place called #Rwanda. Kinya-Rwanda is not a primary language spoken by a tribe called Banyarwanda,but kinyarwanda language was named after a place. Rwanda borrowed that language from an unknown bantu language!
2)In Tanzania,the province of Kigoma,that place is known as #Buha,they speak #Kiha.In Burundi they speak Kirundi,all these languages are mutually intelligible.Kigoma is larger than Rwanda with a 2 million population. It is said among #waha the Tutsi are 2%!Are they Rwandaphones?
3)In Uganda,the district of Kisoro,a place is known as #Bufumbira, they speak kifumbira but the language is mutually intelligible with Kinyarwanda,Kirundi,Kiha & Kihangaza(🇹🇿 )!They don't speak Kinyarwanda because they are not from Rwanda!These languages differ only by accent!
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1)After the people of Congo getting peace,who will be blamed for their extreme misery? Rwandans? Hello No! Did Rwandans elect Kagame? Does Rwanda have a really parliament? Aren't Rwandans suffering the same way like Congolese? Western nations will carry the blame! This is why⬇️ Image
2)The same tactic that was used by Kagame's RPF to invade Rwanda,the same way they are using on Congo.They cry that the Tutsi are mistreated as a reason of their invasion. In Rwanda,they invaded in the form of 1959 Tutsi refugees,but it was an excuse,though Tutsi refugees existed
3)Museveni,Kagame & NRM had already committed a genocide against #Acholi in Uganda and blamed it on Obote. So when the Clinton Administration decided to back them,they knew they were backing genocidaires to invade Rwanda,meaning genocide wasn't to come as a suprise⬇️ Image
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Now that M23 has agreed to withdraw what’s next?

Well, their withdrawal is not news they did it in 2013 and I predicted their return this is mainly because the people they fight for are killed every time they retreat

Is M23 testing EAC?

#DRC #M23 #Rebels
Looking at both Luanda and Nairobi process there is high chance they won’t be implemented by Kinshasa making it easy for rebels to enjoy impunity in the eastern DRC.

This will give FDLR, Mai Mai, Pareco, and others more power to recruit and control different territories.
If the EAC force is given all territories controlled by M23, they will have the mandate to keep peace in those areas and make sure refugees return home in peace these include refugees that have been living in Rwanda and Uganda for many years!
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#BREAKING DR Congo army and M23 rebels in new clashes
#UPDATE Fighting with heavy weapons erupted between government forces and M23 insurgents in eastern DR Congo on Thursday, shaking a five-day-old truce, security sources and rebels said.
#UPDATE Fighting with heavy weapons erupted between government forces and #M23 insurgents in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo on Thursday, shaking a five-day-old truce, security sources and rebels said ▶️ #NordKivu
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1)#M23 is accusing the Congolese government of gathering the Tutsi in Masisi area at parishes & hospitals!It means #Rwanda is letting everyone know that it's Congo that gathered the Tutsi there.Then later if they are massacred they will blame the govt and say they had planned it! Image
2)Prior to the 1994 genocide,Kagame's RPF already alerted the Tutsi that something bad was about to happen & that the safest place was to be at catholic churches!Later it was actually discovered it was a way to easily kill them in masses using their inflitrates in #Interahamwe!
3)It was important so that they can #revenge on the #catholic church and tarnish them because they played a role in the fall of the 1959 #monarch. Another thing was to #divide the church and weaken it. The #unity among Christians was threat their #satanic regime!
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Un peu d’histoire pour démêler les facteurs-clés de l’insécurité le long de la frontière Est de la #RDC et les relations entre #RDC et #Rwanda.
Épisode 1 : #Rwanda, #Ouganda et #Burundi occupent la #RDC à la suite de l’épopée de #AFDL 1/n
Épisode 2 : #RDC et #Rwanda signent le 10/07/1999 à Lusaka un accord de cessez-le-feu…
L’accord énonce les modalités de cessation des hostilités entre les deux pays et comprend un calendrier de mise en œuvre 2/n
Épisode 3 : #RDC et #Rwanda signent à Pretoria le 30/07/2002 un accord sur le retrait des troupes rwandaises du territoire de la #RDC et le démantèlement des forces des ex-FAR et des Interahamwe en #RDC… 3/n
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#RDC #M23: Des leaders du Grand Équateur appellent à l'unité et à la mobilisation pour disent-ils, "barrer la route à l'agression du pays par le Rwanda.". Appel lancé ce lundi 21 novembre au cours d'une rencontre organisée par le collectif Grand Équateur Uni à Kinshasa
Dans leur déclaration, le Collectif Grand Équateur Uni a proclamé l'indivisibilité du territoire national, tout en exprimant sa solidarité sans failles aux compatriotes vivant dans les provinces en proie à la guerre.
Le collectif Grand Équateur Uni a invité toute la communauté du Grand Équateur à se mobiliser "derrière le Chef de l'État pour bouter hors du pays l'ennemi."
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1. A son article premier de l'accord de 2013 entre le gouvernement de Kabila et le M23, le gouvernement accepte de parachever tous les points ressortis de l'accord de 2009 avec le CNDP,
2. Le gouvernement accepte de
céder 43% des postes de commandement militaire au Nord-Kivu et 39% des postes de commandement militaire au Sud-Kivu à la seule communauté Tutsi,
3. Le gouvernement accepte la création d'une nouvelle police de proximité et de frontière sous le commandement du M23 enfin de protéger
et sécuriser les 500.000 réfugiés au Rwanda, tandis qu'aucun camps des réfugiés congolais n'existe au Rwanda,
4. Le gouvernement accepte que le M23 impose des nouvelles autorités traditionnelles dans les territoires de Masisi et Rutshuru,
5. A son article cinq, le gouvernement
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1)How does a #rebellion start?Where do they get funds?One missile shot can cost as much as 1 million$!#Rebels & #superpowers sit down & bargain!Rebels wants to get in power & superpowers wants to #loot your country's #natural #resources almost for free!Then #contracts are signed!
2)Right now were are talking about #M23!Obviously they already signed contracts with superpowers to loot Congo's natural resources freely. Congo to defend itself is also obliged to sign contracts to sell its resources to get funds for war. So M23 is pushing Congo into slavery!
3)Many times #rebels can sign #contracts to invade neighboring countries in the future!When you see a war in your neighboring country, be careful,you don't know where it will end to!As you watch #African #wars on #TVs,better know rebels may have actually sold all of you!Trust me!
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1. Le M23 a obtenu l'integration de 6263 elements de l'ex CNDP dans les fardc en janvier-février 2009,
2. 211 éléments du CNDP ont été envoyés à kitona avant les accords du 23 mars 2009 pour y être recyclés,
3. Du groupe de 6 263 combattants, 600 éléments CNDP se sont déclarés non congolais et ont été rapatriés au Rwanda, dans leurs pays d'origine qu'ils ont déclaré,
4. 43 % des postes de Commandement dans les axes( secteurs) après destruction et dissolution des Brigades intégrées
devenues régiments et bataillons au Nord-Kivu ont été cédés par les FARDC en faveur d'une seule communauté tutsis, cas de Col Gahizi Innocent commandant des opérations militaires au NK,
5. 39% des postes de Commandement dans les FARDC au Sud Kivu en faveur des officiers ex-CNDP
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Major General Jeff Nyagah ~ Legendary KDF Peacekeeper Leading East African Community Regional Force in DRC


@kdfinfo @NewTimesRwanda @RobCyubahiro

#RDC #Goma #M23 Image
The man Commanding the joint EAC troops, which comprise among others 902 Kenyan troops, mandated with dealing with M23 rebels and restoring peace in Eastern Congo, is no stranger to high level peace keeping deployment. Image
Maj. Gen. Jeff Nyagah has a highly decorated military career spanning over 30 years. His most recent high level posting was Sector II Commander of AMISOM, and Contingent Commander of Kenyan troops serving in Somalia under AMISOM. Image
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#Sukhoi25: Je reçois beaucoup de questions au sujet de la "possibilité", qu'un avion de chasse se soit posé à Rubavu plutôt qu'à Goma, "par erreur." Je n'en sais évidemment rien, toutes fois il y a lieu de remarquer... 🧵

1/ Les avions de chasse de la génération du Su-25 ne sont pas équipés de série avec des instruments de guidage GPS (GPRS) qui est actuellement la seule aide à la navigation en état de fonctionnement à Goma. On peut donc supposer que l'avion opérait selon une procédure visuelle. Image
2/ Les deux pistes de Gyisenyi et Goma, parallèles, sont en effet parmi les plus proches du monde pour deux aéroports distincts.

En 2004 déjà, un Caravelle SE-210, cargo, s'était abîmé sans faire de victimes sur la piste de gisenyi, notablement plus courte, que celle de Goma. Image
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Le KST a recueilli des éléments de preuves que le #Rwanda a de nouveau soutenu le groupe armé #M23 lors de de sa dernière offensive, entre le 20 et le 30 octobre 2022. En voici quelques-unes. #RDC
Le 24 octobre, au cours de l’offensive du #M23, un soldat rwandais s'est rendu à la base de la Monusco à #Kiwanja (terr. de Rutshuru, Nord-Kivu), soit à 30 km de la frontière rwandaise la plus proche. Il a déclaré ne pas vouloir se battre, ni vouloir rentrer au #Rwanda. Image
Des images de drone prises à #Rugari (territoire de #Rutshuru, Nord #Kivu) le 30 octobre, jour d’un affrontement contre des FDLR et Nyatura qui disputaient le contrôle de la localité, montrent de nombreux soldats portant un équipement militaire similaire à celui des RDF. #RDC Image
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🔴#RDC Au moins 23 000 personnes ont été déplacées à la suite de nouveaux affrontements entre l'armée congolaise #FARDC et le Mouvement du 23 mars (#M23) depuis le 20 octobre dans plusieurs localités du territoire de #Rutshuru (Nord-Kivu).
Certaines des personnes nouvellement déplacées ont fui vers des localités voisines tandis qu'environ 2 500 autres ont trouvé refuge en #Ouganda.
Dans la localité de #Ntamugenga, des civils et des blessés se sont retrouvés piégés par les affrontements intenses qui les entouraient et n'ont pas pu fuir alors que les combats se poursuivent.
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East African leaders have agreed to assemble troops to combat armed groups in the eastern Democratic Republic of #Congo #DRC.

What is this joint force and what are its objectives?

@PMvandeWalle takes a close look in our latest Q&A.

[Thread] 🧵👇…
The East African Community (EAC) @jumuiya is composed of #DRCongo 🇨🇩, #Tanzania 🇹🇿, #Kenya 🇰🇪, #Burundi 🇧🇮, #Rwanda 🇷🇼, #SouthSudan 🇸🇸 & #Uganda 🇺🇬.

The EAC’s joint force was designed to respond to the rampant insecurity in eastern DRC, a serious concern for the entire region.
Cyclic violence, displacement and insecurity due to the presence of armed groups has been plaguing the region for almost 30 years.

Yet an actual deployment of a regional force is unprecedented.…
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[THREAD] #DRC: How does Israeli billionaire Dan Gertler, targeted by US sanctions, maintain ties with President Felix Tshisekedi? Today, Africa Intelligence reveals the role of a very special middleman at the heart of this reconciliation... 1/6🧵
On 28 July in Kinshasa, when Head of State Félix Tshisekedi launched the bidding process for 27 oil blocks, Gertler was seen with Brams Jacob Moyal. They were together on 8 August during the secret meeting with the Congolese president as revealed by Africa Intelligence. 2/6
Moyal is a French-speaking American rabbi and financial investor. Between spirituality, business and private diplomacy, this 'religious businessman', who loves cigars, cognac and yachts, is quite a character. 3/6
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