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↘️A PARTAGER MASSIVEMENT avec le #MédiasPyromanes
Certains médias attisent-ils la révolte sociale ? Incitent-ils à la #Violence , à la #rébellion ? À ces questions a-priori incongrues, nous allons tenter de répondre par 3 exemples tirés du traitement médiatique de l'opposition
à la #ReformesDesRetraites
→ Le mardi 7 mars 2023, jour de manifestation et de blocage, #France3 national choisi de consacrer un reportage à la chanson « antisocial » du groupe Trust au motif qu’elle est « diffusée un peu partout en France dans les cortèges ».
Le sujet rend un hommage appuyé à cet hymne au soulèvement social et à la rébellion violente. On y entend notamment "Tu bosses toute ta vie pour payer ta pierre tombale" et le refrain...
"Antisocial, tu perds ton sang froid
Repense a toutes ces années de service
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I'd like to talk more about the #cryptocurrency / #blockchain phenomenon, starting again with the way that the #crypto crowd once leaned very heavily into the pretence that their cryptographic thingummies had "intrinsic value" and that they were "mined" like #gold.

the big names in #cryptocurrency especially, like @Bitcoin / $BITC and @ethereum / $ETH, fuelled this nonsense by asserting that ordinary currencies, government-backed #money, was mere "fiat money" whereas the #cryptocurrencies had some nebulous "intrinsic value".

you'll still find a *lot* of #cryptocurrency gamblers and grifters who cling to the "fiat money" canard. search for "fiat money" on @Twitter and you'll find some amusing examples. this was part of a general #sales pitch for #cryptocurrencies as somehow being _independent_.

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There will be times when the struggle seems impossible
I know this already.
Alone, unsure, dwarved by the scale of the enemy
Remember This!

Freedom is a pure idea
It occurs spontaneously and without instruction.
Random acts of insurrection are occuring constantly... Image
...througout the galaxy
There are whole armies, battalions that have no idea that they´ve already enlisted in the cause.
Remember that the frontier of the Rebellion is everywhere.
And even the smallest act of insurrection pushes our lines forward.

And then remember...
The Imperial need for control is so desperate because it´s so unnatural.
Tyranny requires constant effort.
It breaks, it leaks.
Authority is brittle.
Oppression is the mask of fear.
Remember that.

And know this:
The day will come, when all these...
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1)How does a #rebellion start?Where do they get funds?One missile shot can cost as much as 1 million$!#Rebels & #superpowers sit down & bargain!Rebels wants to get in power & superpowers wants to #loot your country's #natural #resources almost for free!Then #contracts are signed!
2)Right now were are talking about #M23!Obviously they already signed contracts with superpowers to loot Congo's natural resources freely. Congo to defend itself is also obliged to sign contracts to sell its resources to get funds for war. So M23 is pushing Congo into slavery!
3)Many times #rebels can sign #contracts to invade neighboring countries in the future!When you see a war in your neighboring country, be careful,you don't know where it will end to!As you watch #African #wars on #TVs,better know rebels may have actually sold all of you!Trust me!
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🌙#T3OccultAstrology NEW MOON JULY 28 2022
Duration: July 26/31
#KeyVibration of this #PriestKings #NewMoon is a synergistic expression of forced transformation: extremity, brutality, #tyranny, #rebellion, violence, death, energy, #BigMoney - resulting in sudden losses.
+1 ImageImage
The #StateOfTheNation is a global concern.
Looking back at planetary alignments during the US #CivilWar, this July #NewMoon is very similar.
As life becomes increasingly difficult globally via tyrannical government entities, I think it prudent to exercise survival tactics. ImageImageImageImage
Question every event at this time.
Trust no vassal government CEO.
The energetic forces of Mars during this #NewMoon transiting🔴Uranus thru Aug 2, then🟥Saturn thru Aug 8, is suspect.
Watch for violence to increase and #PriestKings #FalseFlag ops.
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Declaration of the so called Afghanistan Ulema Gathering in Kabul, as expected, include items such as:
1. Support to/approval of the IEA
2. Pledge of Allegiance to the Taliban's Amir-ul Mominin, Hibatullah Akhundzada,
3. Call on the international community to recognise the IEA...
The resolution include 11 articles, and similar to the Republic Government Jirgas' declarations, supporting the policies and actions of the incumbent govt. See below:
4. We (participants of the gathering) support the decree of the Amir-ul Mominin, that is banning opium #poppy...
5. We support the policy of the #IEA that AFG #soil will not be used against #neighbours & other countries& expect similar action from others (to not intervene).
6. Any kind of armed #opposition to the IEA is unlawful & #rebellion. The IEA & the nation will jointly respond to it.
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Il arrive parfois que des gens nous agressent (verbalement), mais le plus impressionnant c’est quand tu ne t’y attends pas du tout.

Faut que je vous raconte.

Thread vécu ⤵️⤵️⤵️
Je conduis un corail TEOZ de Toulouse à Brive.
Il continuera à Paris avec un autre conducteur après Brive.

C’est un format court, j’ai 7 voitures derrière ma locomotive (notez bien).
Les corails TEOZ fonctionnaient par « coupon » de 7 voitures, soit tu en as 7, soit tu en as 14 (double rame).

C’est comme en banlieue parisienne , le train court / long.
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👉 Ds les #grandemuette.....
La rébellion se fait moins entendre...
Qd ils se font entendre... C'est qu'ils sont exaspérés... Cf tribune des militaires.…
👉 On sait QUE POLICE + GENDARMERIE + ARMÉE sont avec le #Peuple
🔴Com nous :
👉 Ils sont humains
👉 Ils aiment la liberté
👉 Ils protègent leurs santé et leurs enfants
👉 Ils ONT VU com #soignants tomber les victimes des #pseudoVax
#MacronDictateur va plier
Ses règles bidons ne seront ni APPLIQUÉES NI CONTRÔLÉES.
Ses sbires imbéciles de #LREM3pourcentdesInscrits
carpettes serviles,
complices de la #DéferlanteTotalitaire comme Rémy Rebeyrotte vont se coucher.
paralysés par la déferlante de liberté !
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How might we account for the highly disproportionate amount of anti-environmentalism among conservative white males, compared to any other group?

And might this help understand white conservative male opposition to lockdowns?
For many years now, risk perception scholars have found plenty of evidence to suggest a white male (WM) effect, whereby WMs are more accepting of a range of environmental, public health & technological risks than are other adults.

How do we account for this?
The ‘identity-protective cognition thesis’ is useful.

Much of this THREAD is based on Aaron McCright's 2013 research paper: ‘Bringing Ideology In: The Conservative White Male Effect on Worry about Environmental Problems in the USA'.…
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Breaking news. Le procès, c’est ce matin. Pas 13h. @AA_Avocats est arrivé.
Dans la place. Après déposition de @T_Bouhafs, celle du policier. Pas de brassard ? « Un oubli ». Le tutoiement ? « J’entends que ça pose problème ».
Le policier de la BAC: « on peut me reprocher que je ne sois pas à être identifiable ? « 
La juge: « on a pas à déduire votre qualité parce qu’un bout de gilet pare balle ou d’une arme dépasse »
Le police: « j’entends »
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#treason #insurrection #rebellion #republicans #maga #domesticterrorism #america @HawleyMO @tedcruz #joshHawleyIsATraitor #TedCruzIsATraitor you two are supposedly “smart” guys, please elucidate 14th Amendment Section Three, thanks 🤡.
14th Amendment Section 3:

Section 3.
No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of
a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/10/2020-2…

Joe Weisenthal on Twitter: How One Familiar-Looking Chart Explains the Weirdness of the U.S. Labor Market

Protesters’ Demands in Response to Police Brutality Have Come a Long Way Since the 1992 LA Rebellion…

#brutality #race #rebellion #police
The biggest mystery: what it will take to trace the coronavirus source…

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No matter how well an elected Republican president performs in office, ever since the Dwight D. Eisenhower administration, Democrats have demanded that the election results be reversed.
Two weeks before the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton tweeted, “Donald Trump refused to say that he’d respect the results of this election. By doing that, he’s threatening our democracy.”

As a Democrat she should know something about not respecting election results.
Since Jan. 20, 1961, when Eisenhower left office, Democrats have introduced impeachment articles against every single elected Republican president.
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Just 20 minutes after Donald Trump was sworn in on January 20, 2017, The Washington Post ran a prophetic headline declaring, “The campaign to impeach President Trump has begun.”
That headline foretold how, for 30 months, the Democrat Party (with its Leftmedia public relations conglomerates), would collude with deep-state operatives in the CIA and FBI, essentially saboteur holdovers from the Obama administration, to undermine the Trump administration.
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Our survey results are out! How are the youth likely voting in the #BOL plebiscite? What are the underlying reasons for their vote? Is their vote significant in the overall tally? Know more here:
Our survey results show that an overwhelming majority of the youth in the #ARMM who intend to vote in the 2019 plebiscite will vote YES to the #BOL. The BOL says that BARMM will be established if majority in the current ARMM (will vote as one area) will be in favour of the law.
When lumping the youth in the ARMM whether or not they intend to vote, the percentage of those in favor drops to 60%, which can still cause the BOL win. Know more about our survey here:
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At dinner, I learned more about corruption + racism built into society by our masters. A book we discussed (Zinn) was used as part of this "Left" resource's bibliography. I had to share. [A thread]

@BlackSocialists - thoughts on this resource?
It very simply lays out the case that we are all being controlled. It covers hidden history of the United States including their (and, due to the systems created by our masters, our) racism. 

#racism #systemicracism #history
If you haven't been in school for a while (or are in a terrible school), some of the words might trip you up. and are two good resources to help you.
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