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Orwellian: My new Maidan massacre in #Ukraine article was accepted after minor revisions by journal editor but then rejected by journal without any further peer-review or revisions in what editor acknowledged was "political decision." World-renowned scholar supported my appeal 1/ ImageImage
Editor: "evidence that the study produces in favour of its interpretation on who was behind massacre of the protesters and the police during the “Euromaidan” mass protests on February 18-20, 2014, in Ukraine, is solid,” “on this there is also consensus among the two reviewers” 2/
Editor stated that “there is no doubt that this paper is exceptional in many ways,” that dislike of geopolitical implications of my study by one of reviewers is not its valid criticism and "decision needs to be based on the scholarly merits of the article rather than politics" 3/
My appeal to journal has been rejected even after letter of support from world-renowned social scientist who contacted me because of my research concerning Maidan massacre & #UkraineRussiaWar. 4/ Image
This world-famous professor from US Ivy League university wrote that my new Maidan massacre article is "superb," thoroughly documented, very important, rigorous, and substantial," "on a topic of great significance" & *should be published for reasons of its excellence, rigor," 5/
"and prior acceptance by the journal with minor revisions. The journal will only benefit from publishing such a work of importance and excellence, which will further the scholarly understanding and debate regarding a very important moment of modern history." 6/
But politics prevailed over science and evidence concerning Maidan massacre. This is latest such case concerning academic research about conflicts in Ukraine, especially after start of #UkraineRussiaWar. Many academics are driven by politics & not by science & evidence. 7/
My published peer-reviewed article on far right and Maidan massacre in Ukraine 8/ researchgate.net/publication/33…
My Routledge book chapter on Maidan massacre in #Ukraine
My new Maidan massacre in #Ukraine article, which was accepted after minor revisions by journal editor but then rejected in "political decision," was based on "The "Snipers' Massacre" on the Maidan in Ukraine" paper presented at APSA Annual Meeting & 10/ researchgate.net/publication/26…
& "The Maidan Massacre in Ukraine: Revelations from Trials and Investigation" paper presented at 10th World Congress of International Council for Central and East European Studies. This was first submission of papers after almost 9 years of research. 11/ researchgate.net/publication/35…
My new article is based on overwhelming evidence presented in video appendixes, like 14 videos of snipers in Maidan-controlled buildings, including 10 videos of far-right & other Maidan snipers in Hotel Ukraina aiming or shooting at Maidan protesters. 13/
51 out of 72 wounded Maidan protesters, with whose shooting Berkut policemen are charged, testified at Maidan massacre trial & investigation in #Ukraine that they were shot by snipers from Maidan-controlled buildings and/or witnessed snipers there. 14/
Testimonies of several dozens of prosecution(!) witnesses and relatives of killed protesters at Maidan massacre trial and investigation in #Ukraine about snipers in Maidan-controlled buildings and areas shooting police & Maidan protesters. 15/
Testimonies by over 300 other witnesses, including over 100 video testimonies, concerning Maidan snipers or snipers in Maidan-controlled buildings & involvement of Maidan leaders & far right in Maidan massacre in #Ukraine 16/
Synchronized videos show that specific times & directions of shooting by Berkut police didn't coincide with killings of specific Maidan protesters. Videos & bullet holes show that Berkut shot at walls, trees, poles, ground & Maidan snipers in buildings 17/ academia.edu/video/kA4adl
Onsite investigative experiments by Ukrainian government forensic ballistic experts determined that at least several dozen Maidan protesters were killed or wounded and 2 German ARD TV journalists shot at from Maidan-controlled buildings or areas. 18/
Unbroadcast Belgian TV video shows bullet hitting tree behind Maidan protesters, who turn towards Hotel Ukraina & ask snipers not to shoot them. It shows their luring to killing site by 2 protesters. One was filmed in this hotel with far-right snipers. 19/ academia.edu/video/El228l
BBC & ICTV videos show sniper in room of far-right Svoboda deputy in Hotel Ukraina shooting Maidan protesters. Protesters said that this was "our sniper" & snipers told them to stay mum. BBC journalist said that sniper was wearing Maidan-style helmet. 20/
Far-right Svoboda stated that it took Hotel Ukraina under control & guard before Maidan massacre. Videos show Svoboda deputy & activists guarding hotel entrance during massacre, allowing far-right snipers & blocking entrance to protesters, who tried to locate snipers there. 21/ ImageImageImageImage
CNN didn't report about far-right group of Maidan snipers, whom it filmed shooting police from #Maidan barricade & then searching for positions to shoot on 11 floor of Hotel #Ukraine minutes before ICTV & BBC filmed snipers in 11 floor room of far-right MP shooting protesters 22/ ImageImageImageImage
14 self-admitted members of Maidan sniper groups testified at/for Maidan massacre trial, investigations & in media about specific involvement of themselves and/or other Maidan snipers and/or leaders in massacre of protesters and/or police, including receiving massacre orders. 23/
There are no admissions by Berkut or gov. snipers of massacre of Maidan protesters. No admissions, witness testimonies or other evidence about involvement of Yanukovych, his ministers & commanders in massacre of protesters, including their advance knowledge & massacre orders. 24/
Two leaders of far-right Svoboda party stated that Western government representative told them & other Maidan leaders before massacre that Western governments would turn on Yanukovych government after casualties among protesters would reach 100. 25/
Tiahnynok, far-right Svoboda party leader on his & other Maidan leaders talks with Western government representative before Maidan massacre: "I asked: we have four victims, why is there no reaction?
- This is not enough. We will be able to react when there are 100 victims." 26/
Another Svoboda leader on talks with Western representatives before Maidan massacre: "They and we talked about the first deaths - well, 5, 20... 100? When will the government be to blame? In the end, we reached the figure of one hundred." 27/ gazeta.ua/articles/cultu…
Maidan opposition immediately after Maidan massacre called Maidan protesters killed by Maidan snipers “Heavenly Hundred.” Many protesters & others, who died from illnesses & other causes, were included in “Heavenly Hundred” in order to bring number of victims to 100. 28/
Forensic medical examinations by government experts for Maidan massacre government investigation in #Ukraine found that almost all protesters were shot from top & back or side, which match Maidan-controlled buildings and areas, while facing Berkut police on ground level. 29/
Ukraine government investigation denied that there were snipers in Maidan-controlled buildings despite overwhelming evidence. Nobody is convicted or under arrest for massacre of protesters & police almost 9 years after one of most documented mass killings in history. 30/
Wow! Editor/UK Professor: "The article was excellent according to both reviewers and thus I had no reason not to accept this manuscript. Yesterday, however, I learned from Prof. Katchanovsk’s Tweet..., that despite the editorial decision the journal had rejected the article." 31/ Image
Editor to journal: "Could you please let me know why this manuscript was not published despite the review and editorial decisions in support of publication. This was a good article... (I think this publication would have been cited more than any other article in the journal)."32/
Editor's point re. citations is pertinent. Google Scholar shows that I am one of most cited political scientists specializing in politics & conflicts in Ukraine. Over 100 scholars & experts cited my Maidan massacre studies, overwhelmingly favorably. 33/ scholar.google.com/citations?user…
Scholars & experts who cited my Maidan massacre studies favorably include Richard Sakwa (University of Kent), David Lane (Cambridge University), Volodymyr Ishchenko (Free University of Berlin), Gordon Hahn (Center for Terrorism and Intelligence Studies), David Mandel (UQAM)...34/
Scholars & experts who cited my Maidan massacre studies favorably also include Stephen F. Cohen (New York University), Susan Watkins (New Left Review editor), Jack Matlock (Duke University & former US Ambassador to Soviet Union) & John Foster (ex World Bank) among others. 35/
Publication about my Maidan massacre article: "Maidan Massacre Study Accepted and Then Rejected by Journal" #Ukraine 36/

Dutch media publication concerning my new Maidan massacre in #Ukraine study and its findings 37/ deanderekrant.nl/nieuws/regerin…

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May 31
President of Croatia: "But there is no difference between Za dom spremni and Slava Ukraini [Glory to Ukraine]. This is the cry of the most radical chauvinists of Western Ukraine who worked with the Nazis and killed thousands of Jews, Poles..." n1info.hr/vijesti/milano…
"Greeting ‘Slava Ukraini’ (Glory to Ukraine) and a fascist style hand salute were modeled by the OUN on a basis of similar greetings and salutes by other fascist and semi-fascist parties in Germany (Nazi), Italy (National Fascist), and Croatia (Ustasha)." researchgate.net/publication/26…
Glory to Ukraine greeting accompanied by fascist-type hand salute was adopted by OUN & then Bandera faction of OUN based on hand salutes & greetings of Nazi party & other fascist and semi-fascist parties, like Ustasha. OUN book shows fascist OUN salute.
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100%: "During 2022, Ukrainian courts convicted 272 people accused of collaborationism, and no one was acquitted in such cases. Law enforcement officers registered almost 5,500 cases of collaborationism. Approximately 1.4 thousand of them were charged." 1/ pravda.com.ua/news/2023/05/2…
Ukraine Criminal Code article on collaborationism does not define collaborationism. "If the investigator and prosecutor define a pro-Putin publication on the social network as "collaborationism", then the person will only be deprived of the right to work in certain positions." 2/
"If the investigation decides that the hostile social media post was a "justification of aggression" - this is already up to 5 years in prison. There are already many examples of such different qualifications in Ukrainian practice." 3/
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May 27
My academic studies of Maidan massacre in Ukraine are mentioned favorably by @ComicDaveSmith (37:52). It's revealing that many deny or omit scientific research of Maidan massacre & overwhelming evidence revealed by my studies & trial in Ukraine
@ComicDaveSmith Peer-reviewed journal: Absolute majority of wounded Maidan protesters, nearly 100 prosecution & defense witnesses, synchronized videos & medical & ballistic examinations by gov experts show that snipers in Maidan-controlled buildings massacred protesters
Peer-reviewed journal article: "The Right Sector and Svoboda had crucial roles in the violent overthrow of the Yanukovych government, in particular, in the Maidan massacre of the protesters and the police." researchgate.net/publication/33…
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Neo-Nazi led Russian volunteers backed by Ukrainian military intelligence seized one or two villages in Belgorod Region in Russia near border with Ukraine.
Western media with some exceptions omitted that Russian Volunteer Corps is neo-Nazi-led unit in reporting their previous incursion in border region of Russia that was backed by Ukrainian military intelligence. telegraph.co.uk/world-news/202…
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The last remaining small stronghold of Ukrainian forces in Bakhmut is about to fall or has already fallen, based on some videos and reports, to Russian mercenary Wagner forces after heavy battle.
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May 18
It was clear since war start that odds of Ukraine defeating Russia are heavily against Ukraine. But Western & Ukrainian government leaders, media & self-proclaimed experts pushed propaganda about defeat of Russia in order to justify proxy war & denounce peaceful resolution.
"U.S. officials are planning for the growing possibility that the Russia-Ukraine war will turn into a frozen conflict that lasts many years - perhaps decades- and joins the ranks of similar lengthy face-offs in the Korean peninsula, South Asia and beyond" politico.com/news/2023/05/1…
Biden to accept de facto Russian annexation of parts of Ukraine: "The options discussed within the Biden administration for a long-term “freeze” include where to set potential lines that Ukraine and Russia would agree not to cross, but which would not have to be official borders"
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