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Unreported #Maidan massacre #trial bombshell: Berkut lawyers request testimony via videolink from Belarus by 4 ex-#Georgian ex-military who testified in Italian & Israeli TV documentaries about snipers shooting police & protesters on Maidan leaders orders
Three of these Georgians testified in #Israeli TV #documentary that their and other Maidan groups received weapons, payments, and orders to massacre both police and protesters from Maidan and Georgian politicians.
Previous such request by Berkut lawyers 15 months ago for video testimony from Armenia by 2 of these Georgians is still not implemented despite its approval by Maidan massacre trial judges & depositions made by these Georgians for trial with similar testimony & identity proof.
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Civilian wing of #neo-Nazi led Azov regiment attacks Poroshenko election rally, clashes with police & threatens him in another indication that the far right could be used to help to defeat Poroshenko in presidential elections by force or threat of force.…
As I wrote in my studies, the far right has power to overthrow the government in #Ukraine by force in alliance with oligarchic parties, as such alliance successfully did five years ago during the Maidan.…
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In today’s turbulent geopolitical climate: I think this is an elegant imperative as to think about Globalism (Nazism):

Define SEPARATELY the terms “Nationalist” and “Nazi,” which are purposely confused with each other by the enemies of nationalism, chiefly the Zionist agitators.
Switch out “Nationalist” for “Localist,” and “Nazi” for “Globalist.” This is a long, albeit somewhat tedious, and important read, specifically as a bridge to understand how Ukraine floats in today’s geopolitical mess.…
Nationalists consider every nation as having the same God-given right to have its own free gov’t, on territory settled by the given nation. No nation has a right to dominate another, take it under its "protection", or despoil the territory of another nation in whole or in part.
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My new visual reconstruction of #Maidan massacre in #Ukraine & bullet holes locations shows that snipers from Maidan-controlled buildings and not Berkut police & government snipers massacred Maidan protesters. View is from Berkut barricade spot. #Майдан #Майдан_5 #Майдан_5років
Bullet holes, which were identified in government forensic expert reports, videos & photos, as being from directions of this Hotel Ukraine & other Maidan-controlled buildings are within the massacre area, locations, height and directions of shooting of the Maidan protesters.
My visual reconstruction based on government forensic expert reports, videos & photos of bullet holes locations shows that Berkut police & Omega snipers were generally shooting above Maidan protesters at 2d & higher floors of Hotel Ukraina & in electric poles, flower box & trees.
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My new #Video appendix with added English-language subtitles of shooting at American, Australian, British, German, Polish & Russian #journalists during #Maidan massacre in #Ukraine suggests that they were shot at by snipers from Maidan-controlled buildings
My video appendix shows shooting at #journalists from @ABCaustralia, @ABC, @ARDde (twice), @AP, @BBCNews (twice), @kpru, @RT_com, @Ruptly, @SkyNews, @TVP & @zvezdanews during #Maidan massacre in #Ukraine on February 20, 2014. Nobody is charged with this crime 5 years afterwards.
This video appendix shows that investigation forensic reports at #Maidan massacre #Trial confirmed my APSA study finding that German ARD TV #journalists at two Hotel Ukraina rooms were shot at from Right Sector & Right-Sector-linked armed Maidan Self-Defense company headquarters.
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A top #Ukrainian presidential candidate & Maidan politician states in Ukrainian #media interview that investigation of the #Maidan massacre is stonewalled because of the involvement of someone from the current leadership of #Ukraine in this mass killing.…
It took five years after the Maidan massacre and four and half years after my first study of this crucial mass killing in Ukraine.
Anatolii Hrytsenko is also political science professor at Kyiv Mohyla Academy, and he was Minister of Defense after the "Orange Revolution" in Ukraine.
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My nearly one hour long #interview concerning my #Maidan massacre study for Lutsk Avers TV channel in #Ukraine : Гість програми - політолог, автор доповіді "Снайперська бійня" на Майдані в Україні" Іван Качановський
These are my study videos that I mentioned during the interview: Shooting of Maidan Protesters from Maidan-Controlled Locations (2018)
Maidan Massacre Trial & Investigation Testimonies by 43 Wounded Maidan Protesters about Snipers in Maidan-Controlled Locations
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Another #Maidan massacre bombshell in #Ukraine: #Ukrainian media reveals that Kyiv prosecutors investigation found that killers of 2 traffic policemen were among Maidan snipers & received phone calls from parliament deputies of Maidan party after killing…
The investigation of police killings after these findings was transferred to Ukrainian police controlled by the same party & completely stalled. Two two killed policemen were included in 'Heavenly Hundred' of killed Maidan protesters & their killing was attributed to 'titushki.'
Female parliament deputy description matches ex-far right activist, who was cast as Maidan hero & victim & was involved in deadly attack of Party of Regions headquarters. Her patron description matches Maidan leader who was filmed evacuating person with rifle during massacre.
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#Ukraine ex-president #Yanukovych at press conference today mentioned my #Maidan massacre study along with TV documentaries about Maidan snipers by Italian & Israeli journalists (17m). #Ukrainian #media reports omitted his reference to my academic study.
#Ukrainian publication that mentioned it misrepresented my last name & falsely claimed that I told Yanukovych about my study findings. This was done even though his reference to my study is available in press-conference broadcasts of Ukrainian TV channels.…
This is latest example of cover-up, censorship & fake news concerning Maidan massacre & my academic study of this crucial case of mass kiling for Ukraine and the world.
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Quelle surprise! Prosecutor General of #Ukraine announces that #Maidan massacre investigation is finished. But prosecutor, who leads investigation, & Maidan victims lawyer say that investigation is still not finished.…
Investigative experiments on massacre site & forensic examinations are not completed 5 years after the Maidan masssacre. It is more surprising that there are still intelligent people in Ukraine & the West who fail to see real reason for the investigation failure & stonewalling.
And investigative experiments cannot be conducted because in the middle of winter they erected metal fences for #Maidan massacre memorial construction. This memorial would completely change the landscape. This is literal cover-up of the massacre evidence.…
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There are some uncanny parallels between Llaguno Bridge massacre of both anti-government & pro-government protesters during previous coup attempt in #Venezuela and #Maidan massacre of both protesters & police in #Ukraine in 2014.
That & Irish TV documentaries & ex-Associated Press correspondent book suggest that unidentified snipers in nearby hotels & buildings shot at both anti-& pro-government protesters & also at police during mass opposition demonstration in #Venezuela in 2012
Like in the case of the Maidan massacre, the Venezuelan pro-opposition media, the Western media, and Western governments immediately claimed that the anti-government protesters were massacred by Chavez supporters who were filmed shooting from a bridge.
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Live: The trial in #Ukraine convicts in absentia #Yanukovych to 13 year sentence for treason and crime against peace. The court decision was expected since the judicial system in Ukraine is not independent but is under control of the Poroshenko government.
Court decision ignored #Maidan massacre even though it was mentioned in charges against him. Court refused to allow video testimonies by first president of #Ukraine about "Ceaușescu plan" to assassinate Yanukovych during Maidan & by ex-Right Sector sponsor about Maidan snipers.
I found out that large parts from unauthorized translation of my Snipers' Massacre on the Maidan in #Ukraine paper, which was presented at 2015 Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, were read at the #Yanukovych trial (11:55-37:45).
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Video published by corroborates my #Maidan massacre studies findings & shows that #Belarusian far right protester was killed in false flag shooting from Maidan-controlled area & not by police during Maidan in #Ukraine 5 years ago.…
The video indicates that he was shot behind a barricade from burned buses that covered him from police. It shows him behind the bus barricade in a red helmet & with a stick at 54 sec and then his red helmet falling behind the bus at 1:13 after a gunshot.
Forensic medical examination found that he was killed from close distance of no more than 3 to 5 meters, while this video and other videos show the Berkut police much further. It determined that he was shot in chest from top to bottom & left to right directions.
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I've uploaded to @academia #Video appendix with numerous witness testimonies at #Maidan massacre #trial & investigation in #Ukraine about snipers in Maidan-controlled buildings. It has English-language subtitlies. Investigation denies such snipers there.…
This video appendix is also available on YouTube.
This is video appendix of papers presented at Annual Meeting of American Political Science Association in Boston & conference by Institute for Russian and Eurasian Studies at Uppsala University & British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies:…
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Bombshell directly relevant to #Maidan in #Ukraine: Ex-president & 3 other leaders of 1989 #Romania 'revolution' are charged with crimes against humanity for using disinformation & diversion to provoke #FalseFlag mass killings to legitimize their power…
Prosecution charges state that these & other leaders of the new Romanian government provoked mass killings of their own supporters by their other supporters by using diversions that Ceausescu security services snipers & other loyalists were doing killings…
English-language version of prosecution charges summary…
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I've uploaded my #Video appendix containing testimonies by 43 wounded #Maidan protesters about snipers in Maidan-controlled locations at Maidan massacre #trial and investigation in #Ukraine to @academia. It has English-language subtitles.…
This is video appendix of papers presented at 2018 Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association in Boston & joint conference by Institute for Russian and Eurasian Studies at Uppsala University & British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies in Uppsala
It shows that the absolute majority of 66 wounded Maidan protesters, with whose shooting Berkut policemen are charged, testified that they were in fact shot from Maidan-controlled locations, witnessed snipers there or were told about snipers there by other protesters.
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My #multimedia iposter presentation, entitled 'The #Maidan Massacre in #Ukraine: Revelations from Trials and Investigations,' at Annual Meeting of the American Political Studies Association in Boston is available at the APSA website #APSA2018 @APSAtweets…
This presentation includes my analysis of almost completely unreported revelations about Maidan snipers, video appendixes of testimonies by 43 wounded Maidan protesters & over 125 witnesses about snipers in Maidan-controlled buildings, & my video reconstruction of the massacre.
My #APSA2018 presentation includes video reconstruction of Maidan massacre, in particular, videos of snipers in Maidan-controlled buildings & 55 testimonies about such snipers & shows that both protester & police were shot from Maidan-controlled buildings.
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Another #Maidan massacre bombshell: Yanukovych lawyer says that Yanukovych trial judge has refused to hear testimony & other evidence by pro-Maidan #Ukraine parliament deputy that Maidan leaders organized groups of snipers to shoot police & protesters
and that one sniper was captured by #Maidan protesters but was released by Maidan leaders. This deputy (Artemenko) was one of Right Sector leaders in Spring 2014, now lives in US and reportedly gave such testimony about Maidan massacre to the US grand jury in #Russiagate case.
In contrast, there is not single public testimony by ex-Yanukovych associates, police & SBU commanders/servicemen about order by Yanukovych or other government officials/commanders to massacre protesters, organizing or covering up snipers, or confessions about shooting protesters
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