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A short summary of @WallStreetSilv, aka @Galactic_Trader aka Jim Lewis aka James Morrison

- Lied about being a “Merrill Lynch Trader” in his original account

- grew to 10k followers off that

- joined WSS after #silversqueeze

- immediately started pushing out other moderators
This was 2 days ago

Ask yourself, would this guy have any issues opening Jim’s iPhone with Face ID?

And why do they both live in Tampa?

And why did the caller ID shows “James Morrison” when @WallStreetSilv called?

It’s ridiculous people think they aren’t the same person. Idk what to tell you
@WallStreetSilv To look up the case yourself, follow the instructions found in this article near the beginning

Note the case files are listed in reverse chronological order, so start at the bottom and work your way…
@WallStreetSilv It's time to begin the next portion of reporting on this debacle.

Jim Lewis, aka James Morrison, aka @Galactic_Trader, aka @WallStreetSilv has a history of vandalism and extortion crossing several state boundaries
It's very hard to decide where to begin, but we left off with instructions of how to look up the brutal sounding Florida domestic abuse case

If you search 'James Morrison' on you'll see a number of cases for 'James H Morrison'
Among the lawsuits ranging from unpaid credit cards to not paying his HOA, you'll see a child support case

Search this case number: 2019-DR-009240-O

Where you will find a woman's name 'Agnieska Morrison' this name is quite unique in the US and was critical to connecting cases
An address search on this name links Issaquah, WA

Also note the family name of ‘Rek’ for later

Another note to make at this point is that ‘James H Morrison’ has used multiple middle names

More commonly ‘Henry’ but he has also gone as ‘Hafele’ which is his original family name
Now this connection to Issaquah, WA lead to this discovery of this article

Where 'James H Morrison' is vandalizing the property of his former coworkers to try and extort the company for…
Now how do we know that this 'James H Morrison' is the same one as the Florida domestic abuse, financial lawsuits, and child support suit with Agnieszka?

There are multiple ways to verify this, first you can look it up on the king county court records website:
Use this link:

Search this case number: 17-1-03115-8

Unfortunately, in King County you have to pay 25 cents per page whereas Orange County FL it's free

But I paid the $52 to unlock all documents pertaining to the case so you don't have…
Here's is a snippet of one document in the case, at the bottom you will see his wife's name as well as one of his children's names, Colby, who is no longer a minor.

I have added the censorship of the other names, but they are public info
Facebook also provided further verification that this is indeed the same ‘James H Morrison’

See the profile below of the wife, with kids listed, one of which is Colby

Also note she has a post tagged with ‘Swedish Hospital’ in Issaquah

Now Colby is friends with a faceless account named ‘James Morrison’ who has only one friend, which is Colby. And he only has 2 likes, one of which is WallStreetSilver

Now let's get into some of the details of the damages and extortion

James got a job working for a company called 'Avalara', where he worked for just under 4 months before quitting

Upon leaving he demanded $150,000 of severance, despite the fact he quit
He brought up a previous case, and showed evidence of checks from a company known as 'Wolters Kluwer' paying him $150,000 in severance, it would later be discovered he also extorted this firm

He demanded Avalara pay him otherwise "he can an expensive ex-Employee"

Very expensive
One month later he began the vandalism. Incidents 1 and 2 were spray painting the name 'Avalara' on 2 of his former coworkers' garage doors

He figured out where coworkers lived to go vandalize them

Redactions are mine to try and help these people move on
On November 14th the legal department of Avalara told James he would not be getting severance

So he vandalized more, one more former coworker, and one customer of Avalara as well.

One on the garage again, and one on their white car
Next, incidents 5, 6, and 7 occurred in December, when @Galactic_Trader spray painted "MAKE AVALARA GREAT AGAIN" on one home

spray painted another car, and another garage
Incident #8 is where it starts to get very bad

If you're afraid to call 'Jim Lewis', aka 'James Morrison', aka @WallStreetSilv, aka @Galactic_Trader what he is, just know that on Christmas he spray painted accusations of "child rapist" on his former coworker's home
@WallStreetSilv @Galactic_Trader Incident 9 was another spray painted car

Note we're into January now, this has been ongoing for months
Incident #10 is yet another customer's garage vandalized
Incident #11 was two more vehicles spray painted with 'Avalara'
Incident #12 is yet another car spray painted

This one had a camera at least and Jim was nearly caught but the video was too poor quality
Note the name "Wiggs" who he accused of being a child rapist, was his direct supervisor at Avalara

He also emailed in mid January:

"No war is over until the enemy says it is over.... the enemy gets a vote"
It was a long time until incident #13, but when @Galactic_Trader visited his mother in NC, he continued his vandalism against employees located there

Here put paint on the home and "some unknown type of acid" on the husband's truck
Incident #14 was also in NC, where he painted the door and sidewalk with 'Avalara'
Now extending his vandalism to NC was @Galactic_Trader's mistake, this is where he got sloppy and what lead to his eventual arrest

This snippet is important because the second bullet shows his family name as "Hafele"

Remember that alternate middle name from earlier?
@Galactic_Trader In June of 2017, now more than 8 months after he quit Avalara, James / Jim / @Galactic_Trader was arrested for his crimes
@Galactic_Trader In case you think it couldn't get any crazier, this was his 2nd attempt to extort a company via vandalism, the other being in 2013

He was fired for performance and "rude and volatile behavior towards his coworkers"

My personal experience with @WallStreetSilv mirrors this
In the 2013 vandalism streak, incident #1 from James was the manager who fired him

James spray painted 'rapist' on his garage and put up fliers around his neighborhood accruing him of being a 'child molester'
Incident #2 he targeted a customer of the firm and spray painted "child rapist" on the garage
Incident 3 he got yet another state involved, this time in MA he again made the rapist accusation by spray painting it on another customer's garage
Incident 4 was in yet another state, NJ, with another customer
His threats continued, even tracking down the family members of a poor HR lady

At this point @TwitterSafety I believe it is your responsibility to shut down @WallStreetSilv and @Galactic_Trader

James/Jim has shown high proclivity for violence, vandalism, and stalking
@TwitterSafety @WallStreetSilv @Galactic_Trader Now here is an unfortunate part of the story, Wolters Kluwer hired private detectives to look into James, but ultimately they PAID HIM $100,000

Immediately after paying him off the vandalism stopped

Remember when I said to note Agnieska's family name of "Rek" earlier? Well...
Here's the detective's conclusion from the Seattle case where he concludes that James Morrison is responsible for these crimes
Some interesting notes on the warrant as well

Weight listed as 260 (for those complaining about '200' in the Florida case)


So much for being a 'Merrill Lynch Trader' as he claimed

drumroll please....

James Morrison plead GUILTY to:

Extortion 1st degree, Extortion 2nd degree, and Violent Assault in the 3rd degree

Here we learn he assaulted a man in this process

And also tried to extort Nordstrom

The bail for the hearing was set at $750,000

Several victims came forward to speak in favor of the bail and express fear of James

He even purportedly registered domain names of employee names to Harrass them further

Check out the message of "tick tock tick tock tock"
Note that the maximum sentence for this crimes would have been 41 months and/or fines up to $40,000

The state recommended 39 months, but served concurrently on the charges rather than consecutively

So in effect they recommended 15 months in prison
More from the sentencing, James was ordered to pay restitution to victims

He was also compelled to do an anger management program

To me it doesn't seem that the program was very effective

He was banned from Nordstrom for 5 years

Meaning he only just got back the right to set foot in that store
Just another piece of evidence connecting James H Morrison of WA with the one we know from FL

In the sentencing memo it says James plans to move to FL upon release
Agnieska's letter pertaining to the sentencing hearing is quite sad to read, I definitely feel bad for the kids in the is situation

One more note to potentially connect to FL, the comments on the grades

Supposedly the topic that got the domestic abuse situation in FL started
Just continuing to wrap things up, here is a screenshot using wayback machine of @Galactic_Trader before he came public as Jim Lewis

Note the claim he was a trader for Merrill Lynch
This shouldn’t even be in the top 100 reasons why these are the same people, but it’s interesting to note the love of Lego profile pictures in the Morrison family

Agnieska also had a Lego profile picture on Facebook at one time
Another tidbit,

In the end of the FL case, the son decided not to testify against his father in the end

As is common unfortunately in domestic abuse cases

But he mentioned going to Poland for a year

Notable connection because the high school listed for Agniezska is in Poland

More info proving that this is indeed @WallStreetSilv, not that we needed it. Keep it coming guys
More verification of the events as they unfolded early on. Thank you sending it to me @matthew00306654

Made in April 2021 by one of the people pushed out early by Ivan and Jim

Very comprehensive, if she has a Twitter let me know so I can tag her!

@Matthew00306654 Looks like the original maker of this video was @WSStackers who now operates under @Fringe_Newz

Thank you!
It's widely known that James is getting paid by junior miners. James in a pitch email said he has 26 companies under contract already

One public confirmation of this came from @MiningCatalyst who posted this article

Notice "WSS Ltd" listed at the…
Cmon man, he’s not “just” a kid

He’s a renowned wannabe Drake SoundCloud rapper
Known as “eye bee”

Here’s the link for your enjoyment:

And yes, it appears hundreds of thousands of people have effectively been ‘duped’ to some degree by a SoundCloud rapper and an extortionist Costco

Further proof, this time visual

This was James’ employee badge picture while at Avalara

This image was sent in an email to every Avalara employee to warn that he was very dangerous and to call the police immediately on sight of James
I have also been offered explanation of how Nordstrom made its way into the case

James reportedly spray painted a single Nordstrom employee home and they folded immediately and paid him

Just like tons of companies prior

Avalara was simply the 1st to stand up
More details on the sentencing and jail time

Prosecution recommended 15 months, he was sentenced to the maximum concurrent sentence of 17 months

Reportedly got out in about 9 months

For those wondering
It has now been over a week and it would appear that many junior mining cos are still in business with @WallStreetSilv

@EloroResources @AyaGoldSilver @gold_galantas @NewPacific_

No due diligence up front, and still not doing any it appears

@WallStreetSilv @EloroResources @AyaGoldSilver @gold_galantas @NewPacific_ Abra saw the light at least

I guess summa silver also appears to have lacked a due diligence process for sponsorships

@SummaSilver @GalenMcNamara
In the end, at least at this point, I believe all of this to simply be a speed bump in the grift that is @WallStreetSilv

An update thread:
Just as momentum to expose James' and Ivan's grift appeared to be halting, the largest PM account yet has spoken out

Thank you to Peter for being brave enough to do so
Unfortunately @EloroResources and @OCG_SilverGold both appear to also be working with WSS still

Another larger PM focused account had the bravery to speak out today thankfully

For those unfamiliar with the WallStreetBets Reddit politics of early 2021,

The owners of Reddit did intervene to remove the original creator of the subreddit after he returned and try to monetize and censor the sub

The mods who had worked with no personal gain got the keys

This is why WSB is successful, and is how a Reddit is supposed to operate

Subreddits aren’t built to be centralized grifts like @WallStreetSilv created

Cleverly using a similar name and the same avatar to pretend to be an organic community like WSB, but something else entirely
6 weeks into this and @wallstreetsilv is still moving along like nothing happened, the censorship efforts appear to have worked

recent YT guests include big names like @gloomboomdoom, @GarethSoloway, and @garyswagner

I’m guessing because they aren’t aware of who WSS is
@WallStreetSilv @gloomboomdoom @GarethSoloway @garyswagner Jim/James continues to run the twitter and contract with junior miners, but is clearly still associated with Ivan, WSS, and YT. The link is still prominently featured in the bio section of the WSS twitter
Just throwing this conversation into the thread

@wallstreetsilv continues to thrive as there is little accountability in this space

And many think exposing someone's horrific crimes against against others is WORSE than actually doing those crimes

Holy crap the grifting of @WallStreetSilv never stops

Selling access to private AMAs where a guy who put up flyers all over the city wrongfully accusing a man of being a child rapist will give you stock tips

And Elon is even promoting it
Larry Lepard has unblocked me and I think read the thread now

Always up for reconciliation with good people, always thought it seemed like a misunderstanding

I’ve always respected @LawrenceLepard’s dedication to sound money!
@LawrenceLepard @HycroftMining is a client it seems, @DianeG_CEO are you aware of @WallStreetSilv’s history of extortion, stalking, physical assault, abuse, threats, vandalism, lies, and scamming?

I would assume no, otherwise I doubt you would be working with him, so thought you should know
@LawrenceLepard @HycroftMining @DianeG_CEO @WallStreetSilv Ditto for @CassiarGold, @Silver_X_Mining, @Skyharbour_SYH, @silveroneinc

@LawrenceLepard @HycroftMining @DianeG_CEO @WallStreetSilv @CassiarGold @Silver_X_Mining @Skyharbour_SYH @silveroneinc A couple more on the client list @usgoldcorp and @dorecopper

James is grabbing lucrative promotion deals left and right it seems

• • •

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