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Inflation in terms of Gold: To me this puts everything in perspective
#inflation #federalreserve @DiMartinoBooth
1) in 1970 the minimum wage was $1.45 per hour and an ounce of gold was worth roughly $39 per ounce. So it took 27 hours to earn an ounce of gold.
2) 2019 minimum wage at $7.25 per hour and an ounce of gold at roughly $1,325 per ounce. This equates to 183 hours to earn an ounce of gold.
3) Todays Gold price of $1,325 per ounce divided by the 1970 hours to earn an ounce (27 hours) equals roughly $50.
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« des contre-vérités #économiques alimentent depuis deux mois, dans une sorte d'auto-empoisonnement psychologique, les colères, les frustrations et les ressentiments, justifiant les revendications financières les plus fantaisistes et les plus irréalistes »…
« D'abord, la France y apparaît comme l'un des pays les plus égalitaires au monde. Un peu moins égalitaire, certes, que les pays scandinaves, mais beaucoup plus égalitaire que les pays anglo-saxons, les pays d'Europe du Sud, sans même parler des pays émergents. »
« Enfin, contrairement à une idée très répandue et nourrie par les discours nostalgiques sur les Trente Glorieuses, la France est aujourd'hui bien moins inégalitaire qu'elle ne l'était il y a cinquante ans et infiniment moins qu'il y a un siècle (Gini était à 0,460). »
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#Fintwit needs a reminder regarding #inflation / #deflation

INFLATION is the expansion of the supply of money (money meaning currency, digital etc).

A result of MORE currency chasing limited goods/services is PRICE INCREASES, which people mistakenly call INFLATION

INFLATION erodes purchasing power. Prices correct to reflect:


Prices go up and down

Money supply inflates or deflates

DEFLATION is the contraction of money supply

Less money chasing limited goods/services = lower prices

Deflation is often confused with the fruits of capitalism - productivity, scale and competition.

Ex) There hasn’t been “deflation” in computer prices. Computer prices are
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#inflation #bonds $TLT
Charts from last night Australian time. Not updated for most recent ISM number.
YoY% for average gasoline prices falling with the US 10 year yield YoY% and CPI YoY% following.
#USA #growthslowing
US leading economic index YoY%, GS US financial conditions, and the St. @stlouisfed financial stress index all pointing to lower real gdp numbers for the US economy.
#USA #growthslowing
If we advance GS financial conditions forward by 3 months it is likely that real GDP growth and leading economic indicators continue to track lower.
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Today we release our annual @wiiw_news Autumn #Forecast Report, with macroeconomic projections for #CESEE out to 2020. Below, a thread on the highlights 1/13
#Growth still looks quite good for most, notable upgrades this time for #Poland, #Serbia, #Hungary. But downgrades for several #EU members, plus #Turkey, #Macedonia and #Belarus. 2/13
Over the #forecast period we expect best growth performance in #EUCEE and #WesternBalkans, although both will slow by 2020. Outlook for #CIS & #Ukraine weaker. 3/13
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Global #inflation rates according to the IMF's website (link in thread). The immigration crisis everyone keeps ignoring isn't going away. Things will get worse. MSM politics has got everyone looking the other way.

Trump already talking about militarizing the border (link below).
IMF Inflation data:…
Militarization of the border:…
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@EmmaMuhleman1 @jameshenryand @michaellebowitz @SantiagoAuFund @dlacalle_IA @DA_Stockman @RonPaul @RonPaulInstitut @MarkTOByrne @MarkYusko @ErikSTownsend @Halsrethink @AndrewBellBNN @JayTaylorMedia @realDonaldTrump @LouDobbs @Varneyco @MariaBartiromo @gatewaypundit @JeffSnider_AIP @TruthGundlach @epomboy @TFMetals @PaulCraigRobert @LanceRoberts @TheBubbleBubble One important difference in the cycles is that low interest rates steadily build-in distortion to the economy over time while the tightening cycle (esp. a rapid tighten) precipitates failures that quickly cascade through the economy. Criticality theory.

@EmmaMuhleman1 @jameshenryand @michaellebowitz @SantiagoAuFund @dlacalle_IA @DA_Stockman @RonPaul @RonPaulInstitut @MarkTOByrne @MarkYusko @ErikSTownsend @Halsrethink @AndrewBellBNN @JayTaylorMedia @realDonaldTrump @LouDobbs @Varneyco @MariaBartiromo @gatewaypundit @JeffSnider_AIP @TruthGundlach @epomboy @TFMetals @PaulCraigRobert @LanceRoberts @TheBubbleBubble "I speak to more than a dozen ceos every single week. They all had high hopes. No longer."

"It changed in the last six weeks."

Anecdotes, but expected.

The Fed builds dysfunction into the economy with low rates - it shows when rates rise.

@EmmaMuhleman1 @jameshenryand @michaellebowitz @SantiagoAuFund @dlacalle_IA @DA_Stockman @RonPaul @RonPaulInstitut @MarkTOByrne @MarkYusko @ErikSTownsend @Halsrethink @AndrewBellBNN @JayTaylorMedia @realDonaldTrump @LouDobbs @Varneyco @MariaBartiromo @gatewaypundit @JeffSnider_AIP @TruthGundlach @epomboy @TFMetals @PaulCraigRobert @LanceRoberts @TheBubbleBubble Cramer's relay of plunging CEO sentiment fits w/ sudden dive in Consumer Metrics 'Weighted Composite Index' starting in September.

A sharp break to be expected after years of zero Fed rate and then increased Fed rates. Criticality Theory.

#bonds #gold
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#TooGoodNotToShare ...
What is Rule 72?
In personal finance, if you divide the number 72 by the rate of interest, you get to know the number of years it will take for you to double the money..
Eg: if the rate of interest is 9%, simply divide the number 72 by 9 and the answer is 8. Thus it will take 8 years to double your money if you invest at 9% p.a. rate of interest.
We can use this rule in reverse to know the rate of interest needed to double your money to achieve your set goal.
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THREAD 1/ Russia's economy has built enough stamina to weather new sanctions – huge reserves, budget surplus, low #inflation
2/ Russia's yield rose after the sanctions announcement, but from macro point of view, sanctions on new #ruble debt won't be catastrophic
3/ In response to the ruble weakening on the sanctions news, Russia's central bank reduced planned purchases of FX and the ruble pared losses after that step
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Why I'll vote for Modi in 2019:
-Macroeconomic turnaround, from fragile five to bright spot
-Inflation from >10% to <4%
-Fiscal Deficit from >6% to 3.2%
-Only Govt which builds Roads, Ports, Waterways
-Structural reforms in Banking sector; IBC to clean up NPAs
Why I'll vote for Modi in 2019 2/n
-From Policy Paralysis to unprecedented jump in Ease of Doing Business
-More than one lakh Crore transferred directly to DBT beneficiaries, completely eliminating corruption, plugging leakages
-Standing up to China
Why I'll vote for Modi in 2019 3/n
-India entering MTCR, Wassenaar Arrangement and Australia Group, getting access to tech
-India building its own string of pearl. Indian Ocean is India's again
-Surgical strike and other strong punitive actions on Pak
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