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This time, going after $ARKK - Well, the lot of em.

I heard that #Cathiewood had obtained a large amount of the float of some Illiquid stocks, and i wanted to see how big the problem was.

And i found out this woman has no clue what she's investing in. Thread 👇
So what i did;

Courtesy of and, i went through $ARKK's most illiquid names, to see how difficult it would be to liquidate those positions - AND to see if the companies are valued anywhere near correctly.

So i looked at some stats.
I looked at shares per company and the float, then calculated how much of that float ARK has across all funds (using the "individual stocks" tab on the site).

That's necessary because *multiple ARK funds own ALL of them!*

Also looked at 3month and 7day average volume.
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(1) Think of the @PerthMint unallocated #silversqueeze crisis like this:

Perth Mint leases (borrows) the titles of classic cars stored in other people's private, secured garages. The mint has no access to the cars themselves, only borrowing the titles.
(2) Perth Mint then gets unsecured loans from plebeians for those leased titles, telling clients they are investing in a pool of classic cars, & those loans are "backed" by classic cars stored at the mint's garages. Clients can even be repaid by taking delivery on a classic car.
(3) As part of their normal operating business, Perth Mint even has a few classic cars in THEIR garage, ones they have purchased outright. This is the "showroom" to convince everyone how all that unallocated is backed by real classic cars and that delivery is indeed possible.
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I'll do you one better. There WAS a catalyst. It's just already passed:

"When real yields go positive, the correlation between negative yields and gold will break."

Lo and behold. Since the 8th, the 10 year has gone more negative.

And #gold is up...
And just to put in in simple terms this time, cause people have been asking for clarification:

Bond yields aren't going up for technical reasons anymore.

They're going up cause of the solvency crisis having morphed into a crisis of faith.

No one WANTS bonds anymore!
So why hasn't the market crashed *today*?

Well, conversion rates and legacy rules. Pension funds can't just start selling their treasuries en-masse.

The Fed is still buying $90B a month, which isn't enough, but it's something which still affects the markets.
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1/ ‘Statement of Facts’ from USA Justice Departments case against JPM (JPM signed full agreement):

“JPM Precious Metal traders used deceptive orders to benefit clients#s order to artificially lower price at which the hedge-fund could then buy cheap”#silversqueeze Image
2/ how many times did JPMorgan manipulate the price of precious metals ($Gold #silver):

“In tens of thousands of trading sequences”

#silversqueeze #SilverStimulus JPMorgans unlawful practice...
“By placing Deceptive Orders, the PM Traders intended to inject false and misleading information about the genuine supply and demand for precious metals into the markets, and to deceive other participants in those markets into believing something untrue about supply & demand” Image
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🚨IMPORTANT PSA: Gonna start writing again!🚨

Not articles though... Starting work on my books!


It's time.

#Wallstreetsilver #silversqueeze #Silverbacks #Fintwit @WallStreetSilv @Galactic_Trader @PalisadesRadio @goldsilver_pros @TheEarlyStage
So, twitter activity will drop down to a more palpable level. I know i've been tweeting/retweeting alot :D Alot's been going on though.

However i think this is a good time for me to start work on the books, because something in me tells me it's important to finish them this year
I wanna write 3 of them before years end (releasing all at once) so i'd better get started :D

Besides there's not that much left for me to do in the markets at the moment.

SLV wouldn't have changed the prospectus if Comex could supply. The silversqueeze has gone widespread.
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Alright. I promised something shocking, and i'll deliver:


I'm not sure how to call this one since it's part of the Options/Stockmarket bubble, but what isn't at this point.

So for this one, ima go with:

"The Counter-Party Risk Bubble"

I think it's big.
Rather then just tell you (since that usually doesn't work) lemme just talk you through my line of thinking:

It started when i replied to this post:

My comment was that a bloomberg terminal is expensive, but spending rent money on options is no problemo.
But that made me think...

Hang on. I've seen news posts before about how options volume has exploded, even exceeded normal share trading. People are ACTUALLY doing it, i'm not just being facetious here.

Now i don't use options myself, but i *have* looked into them.
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Yknow i gotta comment on this.

@MacleodFinance Help me out here. I'm reading more and more that "hyperinflation is defined as 50% a month" - but that's *new*.

Years ago when i looked it up i found "economists don't agree on where it starts, but the general line is 10% a month".
I can't remember *EVER* reading about ANY consensus for the decade i've been studying economy and looking up US financial history and general world economic history.

And i'm sorry, but 50% a month is 600% A YEAR!

I'm pretty sure the common man isn't gonna wait that long.
IMO this is just another warping of the economic language by the establishment.

Hyperinflation *cannot* be defined as having a set boundary, because it's largely *psychological* in nature.

LONG BEFORE you lose 50% of your purchasing power a month are you gonna exit the system!
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So there's some confusion between short volume and short interest. I pretty much made the same mistake the first time around, because believe it or not.... there's just a fuckton of data to track at this point.

So, short volume is NOT short interest, but, it does tell us things.
Very simply put, "what isn't there cannot be traded".

This goes for us, as we're literally buying silver to take it off the market. Whatever's part of "market volume" doesn't include *my* PSLV shares, because i'm not actively trading them.

So you're looking at buys and sells.
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@HustlerHindu reminded me i once said;
"The only thing i fear is US real rates going positive"

We're here.

#WallstreetSilver #Silversqueeze $PSLV #PSLVChallenge #fintwit @WallStreetSLVR @Galactic_Trader
The reason i said that is simple.

"Once real rates go positive, they won't be able to be stopped."

"When real rates go positive the negative rates/gold correlation will break, as it's not causation"

"Rather going up with yields going down, gold will go up with yields going up"
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#Silver #Comex #shadowcontracts #Update!

Nailed it.

Benefit of experience boys. If you were wondering why shadowcontracts continued in Silver; This is why.

They knew.
#silversqueeze #WSS #Wallstreetsilver #PSLV $PSLV #PSLVChallenge #Fintwit @WallStreetSLVR @Galactic_Trader
With 28k on the docket, probably reducing to -19,5k/-20k on the final report, they're about 10k away from their previous high, with today and tomorrow to go to roll over.


Today, the 24th, is of the biggest import.
As i said, the biggest rollover day happens 2-3 days before the end. We just had it.

Under normal circumstances, i would imagine anywhere between 3 to 8k rollover today and then 2-3k tomorrow, putting final delivery around 15k - Quite substantial but probably not enough.
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#Silver #Gold #Platinum #Comex #Shadowcontracts UPDATE!

#Silversqueeze/#PSLVChallenge edition!

With interesting data on $PSLV and $SLV shorts. Data first, analysis below! 👇

#WSS #Wallstreetsilver #PSLV #goldsqueeze #platinumsqueeze #Fintwit @WallStreetSLVR @Galactic_Trader ImageImageImageImage
First the one everyone wants to know: #Silver.

77 shadowcontracts, meaning +385,000 ounces found and put up for delivery *this month*, before the delivery wall hits in just a few days. Calendar says "last day of delivery 26th of February" - these ounces will be delivered by then
Preliminary rollover of -10,8k which'll go up to ~-11,5k in the final report. I've seen these numbers before and it was expected, the question is, is that gonna happen more?

To hit the previous record of ~16k, they need to shed another ~32k contracts in 4 days.
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Personal health update: Got results back. All clear on the Xray and bloodtests. Nothing.

Got a referral for the stomach, gut and liver specialist to look at my gut next.

But i wanted to tell a story about #Healthcare in the Netherlands #WSS #Wallstreetsilver @WallStreetSLVR
First of all: Pain is no reason for expediency. I'm not even gonna list the empirical evidence for that i'll be here all day.

But, what i wanted to talk about is the conversations i *just* had with my GP and my father.

Ysee, the doctor asked me what i wanted to look at next.
And i said my gut, because if there's nothing wrong with my blood/stomach, then maybe that's the reason why *i can't eat anything*.

I'm on a diet of eating nearly only french fries cause it's the most i can handle.

She said she was worried about that, saying i should vary it up
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1- Options & Earnings - A new thread!

Every option rises in price in anticipation of earnings. This is related to the increase of anticipated volatility (yo vega, she's back).

#fintwit #mintwit $option $AG #option #optiontrades
2 - But why?

Actually it's simple: earnings are a casino event for the stonk. Nobody knows what will happen, will the stonk crash or rise? Earnings are thus binary, it's a yay or a nay (UK ref. for you @BuyingMyFreedom). Movements post earnings are stronger as well.
3 - Here comes Mr. Market Maker. Mr. MM knows this, and they want more money for these call/put options, since they have to secure themselves against more risk.

Makes sense, in classic markets, I sold options on my underlying stonk for premium (#coveredcall).
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I love the hashtag #silversqueeze. It awakened a young generation to Silver. But at the risk of drawing fire, is it time for a rebrand? @S_Mikhailovich called me out on this, quite fairly pushing for #realpricediscovery. My logic to follow
People joining #wallstreetsilver and the movement very quickly understand that this is about ending price suppression. In a shortsqueeze, forcing the shorts to buy higher is a temporary thing, before the shorts cover and price comes back down. Perhaps slightly higher.
For silver it's about multiple claims on the same asset. It's about overly leveraged positions. Perhaps a desire to keep the price down to make inflation seem under control. As a commodity it's clearly underpriced with more demand than supply. Low prices create this deficit.
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Crazy idea to help the #silversqueeze. Crowd sourced mint cycling! @TheLastDegree lent me 200KAG, I cycled to add 1800 Oz and sent him the 200 KAG back. Cycling requires enough $ to buy 200 KAG plus the costs of each cycle.
If you don’t have enough $ to mint cycle yourself, but a few people want to team up, they could send me KAG, I cycle and send the same amount of KAG back to each. I’d pay the cycle costs, but would earn mint yields and maybe KVT if any are left. @KinesisMonetary #silversqueeze
Would require people to trust me, but @TheLastDegree did. And I’m publicly known, so people know where to find me. 😃. Just a crazy idea, but I’m up for it.
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Great panel discussion on #silversqueeze / #wallstreetsilver. Great quote from Robert Kientz: “It’s not just a trade for them, it’s a movement”.
Another great quote - from @ArcadiaEconomic: I love the Wallstreet silver, these guys are inspiring. Totally agree. #wallstreetsilver.
Done watching. Fantastic job done by all!
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For the hedge fund companies, Wall Street, the media, and/or anyone else that doesn't agree with the #Retail investors buying #amcstock and saying #AMCtothemoon. In 2020 @AMCTheatres celebrated their 100th year Anniversary, as they were founded in 1920, and are the second biggest
share holder of the American market after Regal Entertainment Group! They have approx 1,000 theaters and approx 11,000 screens! In Feb. 2020 they paid their 24th consecutive quarterly dividend! This company has been successful for 100 years, as we all love to go to the movies
with our friends and families! Why do people like @jimcramer think it isn't our right to determine what a company is worth, who is Wall Street to tell us, we are wrong for buying into a company that we want to save because we believe in it! We will continue to hold our shares
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IMPORTANT‼️ Read article in thread from Sprott

“ One day soon, a customer will arrive at one of these locations and demand immediate delivery of the "physical metal" they have been led to believe they hold in their unallocated account....


#Silver #Physical #silversqueeze
2/2 #Silver #PhysicalSilver #SilverSqueeze

“When that customer is then told that their metal is not on hand and that they must wait 90-120 days for delivery, an old-fashioned bank run will follow.”…
“Thus, it is again time for every investor in precious metals to understand that there is only one way to force a change in the pricing system. Only direct acquisition of physical gold and silver can accomplish the changes we desire. And why is this? “ .....
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THREAD: With #silversqueeze trending on Twitter, it appears that this week's market spectacle may well be in the silver market.

A perfect moment for a thread on the Hunt Brothers and their alleged attempt to corner the silver market...
1/ First, let's set the stage.

The Hunt Brothers - Nelson Bunker Hunt, William Herbert Hunt, and Lamar Hunt - were the sons of Texas tycoon H.L. Hunt.

H.L. Hunt had amassed a billion-dollar fortune in the oil industry.

He died in 1974 and left that fortune to his family.
2/ After H.L.'s passing, the Hunt Brothers had taken over the family holdings and successfully managed to expand the Hunt empire.

By the late 1970s, the family's fortune was estimated to be ~$5 billion.

In the financial world, the Hunt name was as good as gold (or silver!).
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1# THIS IS BS!!! Please LISTEN REAL clear. Who cares if #Citidel $BAC #bankofamerica $MS #morganstanley $UBS #UBS $WFC #wellsfargo R the largest owners of $SLV. It DOES NOT matter AT ALL! The VERY little they own in #Silver can NOT save them! All banks do business with each other Image
#2 Buying #Silver is a for sure way to take down ALL of the corrupt banks!! $JPM & $GS & many others R #short #Silver. The #FederalReserve is short #Silver. If we all buy Silver the corrupt banks will #FAIL! Buy ALL THE $SLV $PSLV & #Physical U can. Please be CLEAR #silversqueeze
#3 it DOES NOT matter that some of the banks, market makers or brokers own $SLV!! They don’t own enough to save them from their own demise. So what if they are long $SLV , they are short in the futures markets , options & the biggest is loaning out Silver IOU paper contracts that
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Le cours de l'argent $XAG semble au coeur d'une guerre d'intox entre r/wallstreetbets et d'autres opportunistes

Bcp de comptes Twitter se revendiquant du subbreddit invitent à l'acheter en masse mais WSB pointe une tentative de déstabilisation visant à renflouer les hedge funds
Vendre ses positions sur #GameStop pour les réinvestir dans l'argent serait un moyen de venir en aide aux hedge funds qui auraient des positions long (et non short) sur lui…
Cependant, il ne faut pas considérer r/wallstreetbets comme une communauté homogène qui suivrait les consignes de quelques membres influents

On y lit tout et son contraire…
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#SilverSqueeze: Silver making fresh highs above $29. $XAGUSD now trading at $29.13 as it moves toward the August $SLV high of $29.86.

Above $29.86 and #Silver is making fresh 8 year highs.
Silver just hit $29.17
#Silver still pumping on the #SilverSqueeze. It just broke the August 8 high of $29.40.

Next stop would be $29.83 if it holds above this price.
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Here are my thoughts on the potential #silversqueeze:

It's finally a thesis that I can get behind! Unlike GameStop, Tesla, and many other extremely overvalued bubble stocks that are soaring, I believe that silver is undervalued and underappreciated.

Silver has long been on my list of hard assets that I believe in. I view physical silver as an excellent hedge against the debasement of fiat currencies.

I wouldn't be surprised to see silver at $100+ in the next few years & it would be 100% justified.

I believe that today's monetary & bubble mania is going to end in complete chaos and that you won't be able to time it, predict it, or trade it.

The only way to win is to stay out of the paper casino, which includes mainstream risk assets like stocks.

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