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#Deflation unfolding - but as in all moves - we will always see counter-moves or corrections. Last week was such a correction. We must not drop our guard! The economic situation is dire and we are not through the illiquid phase. Major developments ahead! Stay tuned for #HZupdates
It is all about #USD. Last week was a retracement in the new strong spike for #DXY = wave ii (blue). Within days, DXY will likely start strong rally higher - reaching min. 109 within weeks. End target will be reached later this year ~122 #HZupdates
The rally in #DXY is caused by extreme USD shortage. #EURUSD will feel the strength. In fact, it seems to me, that we are about to see a very strong decline in EURUSD within days/weeks to ~0.97-0.98 before a sideways bounce. LT-target remains the same: ~0.85 to be reached this yr
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#Gold Feelings have strong impact on investors. We are in wave 2 of wave C (down). This is the hardest place to stay objective. Sentiments influenced by wave B and wave C. My approach: Observe 1) EW-structure 2) USDJPY 3) Miners 4) Silver 5) TIPS. GOLD IS ABOUT TO CRASH
#Silver neg. on Day, #GDX #Miners neg. on Day, #Bitcoin neg. on Day. Massive neg. RSI divergence on #Gold. Major turn in gold is imminent!
Why is it that everybody always panics in wave 2. Look at the structures, guys. We have seen it million times before. Same divergences, same lead from other assets, same looong turns, same sentiments. Structures - and patience!👍🙂
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1/n - Firstly, an apology. I should've been quicker to realise what was happening. The penny dropped yesterday when I looked at prices of physical gold and silver. They haven't been smashed. Not only that, but demand has sky-rocketed and suppliers can't keep up. The gap...
...between the quoted paper price and the actual metal is widening. Rather than me explain what's going on, I beg you to read this I have followed 'Plunger' for years, and I highly value his work. He nailed this 100%. In summary...
...avoid the paper ETFs. Invest in physical gold/silver or quality 'investment-grade' producers. Thanks to the recent manipulation they will be available at enormous discount. That will change though. They will be making handsome profits with the metals at these levels...
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"Something is Breaking!" and we are going to see decades worth of developments in the span of few weeks or months. #Coronavirus has been the trigger of the #Deflation, I have been expecting for so long. It is now here! Stay tuned for #HZupdates to get my view on markets
"Something is Breaking" has been taken from…. We are observing an extreme USD Shortage developing fast and it is going to cause a wild #DXY rally the coming weeks & months. Chart of FRA/OIS provides overview of the severity of the developing USD shortage
My #DXY model supports this macro outlook exactly. Correction from late 2019 has concluded and DXY will now explode higher in 5 impulsive waves higher to target ~111. I expect this move to reach target ~Mid-2020. The consequences of a strong DXY will be wide-spread. #Deflation
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Whilst looking at bots tweeting links to ZeroHedge, we encountered the recently awakened bilingual newsbots @rotepille (German for "Red Pill".) #ThursdayThoughts

cc: @ZellaQuixote
ZeroHedge searches in general continue to get bottier; the last 10 days worth of tweets appear to be 9.8%, up from 7.3% in mid-February. @rotepille is at least the 5th newly-made or reawakened bot to start pushing ZeroHedge since @zerohedge's suspension.
In what may or may not have been a reaction to the 2018 midterms, @rotepille went silent from Nov 9, 2018 to Feb 28, 2020. Although its early tweets were sent via "Mobile Web (M2)" rather than a custom app, we nonetheless believe they were automated due to the rigid schedule.
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Good morning! Let's have an update on markets as it has now become very clear, that we are to see the #Deflation unfolding, which I have mentioned here for a long time. Why hasn't it really hurt yet - and what to expect? Stay tuned for some #HZupdates
I have shown my #Oil chart for a long time with Ending Diagonal. Since talks of oil >100USD - and during spikes in oil due to attacks in ME. All noise!! Structures drive price - and we are en route towards <20USD - perhaps as low as ~10USD for Oil. #Deflation unfolding!
I have shown #Deflation in #CRB chart. Broken lower trendline and now heading towards much lower levels to be reached this year! It will be a SECULAR BOTTOM - hence this is from where #STAGLFLATION will develop, as economy continues to plummet and prices begin to rise #HZupdates
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Stocks resumed their plunge, wiping out more than $3 trillion in value this week alone, and U.S. Treasuries yields hit record lows on Thursday (27/2) as the #coronavirus spread faster outside China and investors fled to safe havens. #DataNow
More #DataNow:
🔹Global equities have now fallen for six straight days.
🔹Spot #gold rose 0.5% to $1,649 per ounce and #silver gained 1% to $18.03 an ounce.
🔹Gold hit a 7-year high at near $1,688 per ounce on Mon (24/2)…
#Oil prices slide for fifth day to lowest in a year as #coronavirus fears grow. #Brent crude was down $2.29, or 4.3%, at $51.14 a barrel at 10:31 a.m. ET/ 1531 GMT on Thurs 27/2 - just off the session low of $51.13 a barrel. #COVIDー19 #DataNow
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Charts and Analysis up this evening for $SDRC $PGVI $GGSM $SBES $BONZ +👇

More Research on $GGSM and $PGVI 🤫🌞...

I know MANY don't Research..If they did...I doubt they would have sold today..MUCH more Research to come hehe...👇

Last time we PINPOINTED the Gringo Viejo Project.

This time I will be discussing how big of a deal this #silver Project is.

Let's start with @SierraMetals . Quality #miner and well Known. $GGSM is LITERALLY smack DAB in the middle of LARGE @SierraMetals #silver claims.

They are Within Minutes of one another👇The Part that sticks out to me though :)How much HIGHER $GGSM's #silver assays are🤫
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Working on some more research to prove Validity here..Digging more into Management and I continue to be impressed :)

Our CEO of $GGSM :

✅23 Years Experience
✅Strategist & Innovater @MITEngineering
✅Angel Investor of 15 Companies including Pre-Seed $TSLA and $UBER
@MITEngineering $GGSM :

I don't think the market clearly understands yet how undervalued this investment is...With $GGSM's subsidiary's and Revenue Estimates from them $GGSM has an easy value of .01 - .02 as it SITS TIME NOW...

We have Revenue...We have Multiple Confirmations of Employment.
@MITEngineering $GGSM :

What has me excited more than anything is this Gringo Viejo Project. Its not often I come across legitimate OTC #miners in #Mexico that I can verify myself with a 3rd party government entity..Trust me thats rare for #Mexico OTC #miners..most are very difficult to verify.
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$GGSM : So been lots of QUESTIONS...Accusations (unreliable sources)...A demand for Fresh Research to Prove Validity.

I 100% found that Validity and Proof. This has been a PLANNED thought out Revival Process by this #miner since March 2019...I WILL TAKE IT STEP BY STEP. 👇


After Researching I discovered a Complete 8 Page Mining Exploration PHASE 2 PLAN AND SUMMARY by $GGSM's subsidiary : Gold and Gemstone Mining Mexico SRL de CV.


Let's start looking at some Key Details of This First Document :

1. First notice who the Document was uploaded by 👇
*Ivan Mondragon*

This name is very familiar because it matches PERFECTLY with $GGSM's VP on OTC Markets. 👇
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Good morning! #Equities continue to defy gravity. This has more to do with the insane monetary environment CBs have created. Macro economic reality says something completely different. The division (=the bubble) will come to haunt us all. Please stay tuned for #HZupdates
Why is it, that some analysts try to explain away the obvious? We have a major bubble in ...well almost all assets. #Schiller PE for #SP500 tells us, that the bubble is at 1929-level. Could it grow bigger? Sure!! But that does not make it a non-bubble #HZupdates
Amount of neg. yielding debt has skyrocketed. Remember, this is discount factor. If discount factor is closing in on 0 (or goes neg.) then value of any asset is going to infinity. But that has NOTHING to do with true value of any asset. This is "Bubble food"! #HZupdates
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$PGVI *Research/DD*

In the last Research Thread we discussed the release of the new website, brief look at the new BOD, as well as a brief look at their Warburton #silver project :

This time I want to take a look at the newer filings presented. 👍

This right here stands out to me more then anything 👇...That is a massive AS decrease. 99 Billion to 150 Million. This huge AS is obviously what has disinterested some potential investors..This massive reduction yet to hit OTCM is a big deal.


With this massive AS Decrease confirmed and based off my DD. THE CORRECT SHARE STRUCTURE is 150 mil AS. 87 mil OS. 210k Float.

All :)'s about that and obviously the perfect vehicle for a big board uplist. No R/S needed....

Now it's all about building assets...
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Hey all! Attention if you are up for an update on my perspective on markets. Deflation and massive moves ahead! Stay tuned #HZupdates
Let's start with #CRB, which created a nice shooting star on weekly chart, and leaving gap open below. Wave "e" often overshoots trend-line only to turn hard the opposite direction. The likely coming decline in #CRB is deflationary #HZupdates
This week we had an #Oil crisis according to some analysts. It played out on Monday😄Like #CRB, #Oil is consolidating in a sideway-consolidation (wave B) before a strong move lower. Target in Ending Diagonal remains <20USD. This will be secular bottom. First #deflation #HZupdates
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Good morning! 😀Trust you are well! Some interesting developments in markets. I will provide my perspective here in #HZupdates
#Oil has strong influence on price development (inflation). Seems to be developing in Ending Diagonal. We may see wave (B) develop as a triangle - before next move down towards target <20 USD #HZupdates
Similar pattern in ##Commodity index #CRB. Consolidation below trendline. Next major move should send #CRB much lower. This is deflationary #HZupdates
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Tell me again how BULLISH #Gold looks.....!
Bullish outlook of Gold is only beaten by BULLISH Outlook in #Silver I was told..... Behold the GREAT Bull market (in yellow if you are in doubt)
And you absolutely have to buy #Miners now! Because.....Gold! I'm SO tired of hearing one Gold bull fall over the next to praise Gold and call for new ATH - without a single thread of technical understanding. GDX - also SO bullish!!
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Is this why @POTUS 🇺🇸 Keep mentioning George Washington
Receiving metals of Honor
AKA: 💙Military Merritt Medals of Honor 🤣

Trump says he wanted to give himself Medal of Honor
[These people are stupid]
@POTUS 2. Purple Hearts 💜 have George Washington's picture on them.

Originally they were called the Badge of Military Merit and were to be used to give ** Common Soldiers** the chance to earn an award for their Patriotism for their country
@POTUS 3.The original Purple Heart was called a Badge of Military
It was the practice of Europe to only give the Elite Soldiers these honors.
It was the practice of Europe honors give only to the Elite Soldiers.

George Washington: Badge is specifically for common soldier
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#ECB is likely to crash EUR in attempt to stimulate EU-economy🤦‍♂️(incompetence in ECB is staggering!). Wait for waterfall moment in #EURUSD. Currently flirting with LT-trendline. Target 0.85-0.91 #HZupdates
Major drop in #EURUSD will send #USD #DXY soaring (following pot. ST weakness). LT-target for DXY is >111. This is likely to be the trigger for REAL Fed intervention, which will push economy out of Deflation #HZupdates
Rally in #USD will push #Gold (#XAUUSD) into major decline in final wave C, which will take yellow pet rock below 1000 USD. Imo no way that structure of rally since 2015 is new Bull market. It is ZigZag-correction topping ~1480 (here!) or ~1590 (-1600). Major Bull trap #HZupdates
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Hope you enjoy the weekend! 😀Deflation unfolding in economy. Stay tuned for my view on market and coming macro developments #HZupdates
Short term we may see a bounce in #AUDUSD, as wave 2 develops - which sets us up for strong wave 3 down #HZupdates
#OIL develops in Ending Diagonal, which sets a target <20USD before LT-bottom. Again - we could pot. see that LT-bottom in around early Spring 2020. The period from now - until then is the #DEFLATIONARY phase of the crisis. This is where liquidity (USD) is scarce #HZupdates
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1-#Fed faizleri 25 baz puan indirdi ve Eylül’de bitecek Para Yakma programını, derhal sonlandırdı. Bu aslında 2008 sonrası izlenen politikaların iflasıdır. İşte Flood!

Fed cut rates by 25 bps and immediately ended QT program. This is indeed the bankruptcy of post-2008 policies.
2-2008’den sonra ABD’nin 200 yılda bastığı Merkez Bankası parasının 4 katını basıp faizleri 0’a indiren Fed, kriz bittiğinde normale dönecekti

After 2008, Fed slashed rates to 0 and quadrupled 200 years of central bank money. It was supposed to normalize when the crisis was over
3-Normalleşme faizlerin %4-5’e yükseltilmesi ve 2008’den sonra basılan paraların en az %50-60‘ının yakılması anlamına gelecekti

Normalization meant to lift rates up to 4-5% and burn at least %50-60% of the money Fed printed after 2008
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#Silver The start of a Bull Market (in yellow). Really!? #HZupdates
#GDX The start of a Bull Market (January 2016). Really?! #HZupdates
#Gold BULL TRAP - Wait for it!
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Vacation time 🙂I'm currently in beautiful Oregon, US. Been flying, rafting, hiking, eating and playing with the kids - great time! Now - small break to update myself on the markets. Stay tuned for some #HZupdates
Where the #USD goes, rest of the market follows! Getting the direction of USD right is key. This is how I see #DXY short term. Further downside to develop - with target ~95.0. This is likely a major bottom - before DXY explodes higher #HZupdates
Following the ST weakness in #DXY, I think we will see much higher levels coming , as the shortage of USDs in the financial system becomes very clear. The target remains 107-109 - pot. higher to be reached some time around Mid-2020 #HZupdates
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Dear all 🙂Hope you enjoy the weekend! We are still in the Twilight Zone. Despite continued deteriorating economic fundamentals across the globe, US stock market continues to rally. But for how long...? Stay tuned for some #HZupdates
Indicators and signals across the globe continue to suggest economic slowdown - which slowly but surely spreads to all geographical regions and industries. It is my firm belief, that US will not decouple and US #equities will realize this at some point #HZupdates
#WTI sends clear signal from major Ending Diagonal. We may rally further in wave (B) - but soon we will see a reversal, which will send #Oil towards its LT-target of <20USD #HZupdates
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Why the #BritishEmpire and the East India Company created India’s Central Bank – the Reserve Bank Of India?…
The #BritishEmpire created the Reserve Bank of India, as a “Sheathed Weapon,” used to fleece Indian wealth. This bank remained the primary source of British finances for the Second World War.…
Central Banks have invariably been used by Govts to create money for War funding. Britain in fact was able to maintain its edge over its rivals like France in 17th – 18th Century because it had a money-creating bank - Bank of England which others lacked.…
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So - #Gold is rallying towards AT - right? Bulls have won! Somebody should send the memo to #Silver. While #Silver normally leads or peaks with Gold - Gold has been on its own spree. Man - I would love to join the Gold Euphoria 😉 Bear Flag - perhaps? #HZupdates
Somebody should also send that memo to #GDX. Notice how GDX bottoms and supports Gold in Bull market. New high in Gold = New High in GDX. Not what we see now! #HZupdates
But....#USD is breaking down as Fed will cut rates.... No - it is not! #DXY is CORRECTING in a clear stairs-like structure. We can see 95 or 94 - perhaps lower. But this is no breakdown #HZupdates
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