The story of the last one year is in front of us all and we all know that I don't need to repeat it, but I want to highlight some things here so that you can compare the trap laid by Imran Khan with today's situation. Who are in the closed street and in whose
hands is the spread!
When #Imran Khan was going to reach Pindi by taking a long march, General R. Bajwa was very nervous and he had very little time left!
In regime change, Bajwa was promised an extension in London that after removing Imran Khan, you will be given an extension!
After that Imran Khan had to clear the way for Nawaz Sharif by disqualifying him and again Nawaz Sharif had to be qualified with Imran Khan!
In the meantime Imran Khan was to be put in jail and the party was to be divided into pieces.
Activated #Jahangir Tareen group to accommodate some people in other party, so that #Pakistan #Tehreek-e-Insaf Party becomes weak. And the Punjab #Muslim League should be made the ruler of #Punjab
#Balochistan and #Azad #Kashmir were to be included in the People's Party and the rest of the parties were to be accommodated in #KP and #GB!
But Imran Khan was informed about this trick!
Imran Khan took the caravan and went towards #Pindi.
And #Bajwa began to lose courage, till then there was no sign of the important #summary. And all the coalition parties (#PDM) were curious about when the summary would come from #GHQ.
On the other hand, #Imran #Khan's convoy was approaching Pindi, so Bajwa's #meetings with other parties were accelerating!
Because Bajwa wanted my extension to be stamped and I get the seat.
When there was no progress till #November 18,
Bajwa threatened martial law that if I don't get an extension, I will impose #martial law! And this was confirmed 3 days ago by #Asif #Zardari while giving an interview to Hamid Mir!
Regarding the implementation of martial law,
Zardari and Nawaz Sharif agreed that martial law should be implemented.
Because the same deal was done by Nawaz Sharif with someone else, which Imran Khan calls the London Plan today!
In the meantime, Imran Khan was also shot.
And finally the summary was delivered to the Prime Minister's House!
Thus Imran Khan's long march ruined Bajwa's plan!
Then Imran Khan reached Pindi despite being injured and after giving him a second surprise, announced the dissolution of the assembly.
Which no one could imagine and everyone thought that Imran Khan was joking. Which fool can sacrifice the governments of his two provinces? But Imran Khan was thinking far ahead and was to foil the London plan in which he is still successful.
Meanwhile, Imran Khan's party was split, and attempts were made to make PTI people disappear, but Khan showed his power by taking votes from the assembly on the court's orders. And analyzed the assemblies.
The government and the handlers of the current government tried hard to save the assemblies. But it was a mouthful!
People, media, journalists who call themselves intellectuals, all kept saying that Imran Khan is stuck in a dead end by dissolving the assemblies.
And no savior either. But Khan thinks far ahead. Because he is an educated politician.
Khan had an idea that even after the completion of the term of the assemblies, these people did not hold elections, which we are seeing today. But Khan had already seen these things.
Therefore, Khan dissolved the assemblies and put the responsibility of the constitution on the court, because the responsibility of saving the constitution is the work of the courts!
Khan was threatened. That we will give you a lot of hardships. But Khan was adamant.
Khan was already aware of all these things. And then we all saw with our own eyes the hardships that the current government and its handlers have created for PTI.
If Imran Khan had not dissolved the assemblies,
these people would have slowly moved towards their destination which is part of the London plan. And the Punjab government belonged to the so-called, someone else was giving orders. PTI people were being kidnapped anyway, this government had no benefit!
Now let's talk about the election.
As I said that Imran Khan has put all the responsibility on the court, then the Chief Justice has also stood firm regarding the constitution. And in no way back down!
People say why don't they disqualify them by making a blunt decision?
Actually he is a sensible person, always supported the establishment against the government. And both were getting on the same page. Whether the government is to be formed or overthrown, but this time the situation is different,
the government and the establishment are on the same page and only a few judges in the court stood against them to save the constitution. Only a few judges stood against him to save the constitution.
And the rest of the judges are also standing with the government for their personal interests.
Now the government has no choice, the government wants to dump all the debris that has bankrupted the country on someone.
Can't fall on top of the establishment because they are on the same page and therefore the court
But want to drop. In order to disqualify these people and get a narrative to go to the public.
To avoid this, the Chief Justice is playing within the circle of the Constitution!
And trying to bring these people on the path.
The judges are standing by the election and not letting them run away. These people took Chief Justice DGISI and 2 other Major Generals who are in important positions to meet the Chief Justice on the pretext of Attorney General.
And by informing about the state situation, the election can somehow be postponed till the appointed time.
But the Chief Justice also played well with these people!
When these people arrived, the Chief Justice was alone.
The Chief Justice refused to speak alone and said that my fellow judges will also be present in the conversation.
Thus, the Chief Justice called his two judges, Justice Al Jazul Hasan and Justice Muneeb, and started the discussion. These people gave a lot of lollipops,
but these three judges were not convinced and said what they had to say. Come and inform the court and thus those who came to meet the judges returned disappointed.
Therefore, the defense minister filed an application overnight, which was rejected by the court today.
The court has clearly told the government that it is your responsibility to negotiate with other parties and fix a date for the election across the country.
Therefore, giving time, otherwise the court orders are clear!
The court also said that the purpose of negotiations is not that the date of May 14 has been rejected, it remains in place. And the fund should also be released on 27th.

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