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The story of the last one year is in front of us all and we all know that I don't need to repeat it, but I want to highlight some things here so that you can compare the trap laid by Imran Khan with today's situation. Who are in the closed street and in whose
hands is the spread!
When #Imran Khan was going to reach Pindi by taking a long march, General R. Bajwa was very nervous and he had very little time left!
In regime change, Bajwa was promised an extension in London that after removing Imran Khan, you will be given an extension!
After that Imran Khan had to clear the way for Nawaz Sharif by disqualifying him and again Nawaz Sharif had to be qualified with Imran Khan!
In the meantime Imran Khan was to be put in jail and the party was to be divided into pieces.
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We often think the military is one big brain that thinks collectively. The fact is that there are always different groups within the Army that voice dissent but the nature of the institution means that once the Chief takes a decision, everyone falls behind it. However, when 1/n
the appointment of a new chief is around the corner, things become as political as you would expect in a Pakistani setting. Lobbying the political govt through connections is often at play in these times. #Musharraf was known to have lobbied for himself through Gen Iftikhar, 2/n
brother of Ch Nisar Ali Khan. In recent times when Bajwa was in the run for Chief, a few of his colleagues ran a smear campaign against him on social media highlighting his Ahmedi faith, and even releasing questionable videos with a similar looking dude. 3/n
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پاکستان میں #اقتدار کی جنگ کبھی سیاسی قوتوں کےدرمیان نہیں ہوتی
یہ لڑائی ہمیشہ #GHQ میں لڑی جاتی ھے
موجودہ جنگ دو گروپوں
کےدرمیان تھی
ایک گروپ جنرل باجوہ کا جبکہ دوسرا گروپ جنرل سرفرازستار کا تھا جو باجوہ کی ریٹائرمنٹ چاہتا تھا
سرفرازستار اسوقت باجوہ کےبعد سینیئر جرنیل تھے
اس گروپ میں وہ تمام تھری سٹار جرنیل شامل تھےجو بطور آرمی چیف جنرل باجوہ کی ملازمت میں توسیع کیصورت میں فور سٹار جنرل بننےسےمحروم رہتےہوئے ریٹائر ہوجاتے
مصدقہ اطلاعات کےمطابق سرفراز ستار گروپ نےمولانا فضل الرحمان کےذریعےایک سیاسی احتجاج کروایا تاکہ باجوہ کی توسیع دینے والی
حکومت پر دبائو پڑےاور وہ اس فیصلے پر نظرثانی کرنےپر مجبور ہوجائے
دوسری طرف سپریم کورٹ میں جنرل باجوہ کی توسیع کےخلاف درخواست داخل کروائی گئی اور جسٹس کھوسہ کی مدد سے قانونی اعتراض اٹھاتے ہوئے آرمی چیف کی توسیع کو متنازعہ بنوا کر پارلیمنٹ میں قانون سازی سے مشروط کروایا گیا
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اگر آپ کسی کینٹ ایریا (چھاٶنی) کا وزٹ کریں،تو صفائی،آئیڈیل سڑکیں، پارکس،ہسپتال،جوگنگ ٹریکس،پلے گراٶنڈز،بچوں اورخواتین کی حفاظت،سکون،عزت نفس کی حفاظت،سستا علاج،معیاری اور سستی تعلیم کی سہولیات الغرض ہر آئیڈیل سہولت موجود ہے۔
پتہ ہے کیوں ؟
کیونکہ وہاں آمریت ہے۔
اب ذرا دوسری طرف آئیے۔۔۔

ٹوٹی سڑکیں،بند گٹر،بڑے شہروں میں لاکھوں ٹن کچرا،تجاوزارت،صحت و تعلیم کی سہولیات کا فقدان، پلے گراٶنڈز ندارد، تھانوں میں غنڈہ راج، پٹواری کلچر،بچوں کیساتھ آۓ روز جنسی زیادتی،بچے اورخواتین غیر محفوظ،اقربا پروری،کرپٹ مافیا کا راج، بے ہنگم ٹریفک۔
انصاف ندارد،ہر بنیادی سہولتوں کا فقدان.
پتہ ہے کیوں ؟
اسلیۓ کہ کینٹ سے باہر جمہوری حکومت کا کنٹرول ہے۔
جو دکھتا ہے وہ ہوتا نہیں،جو ہوتا ہے وہ دکھتا نہیں،اب سوال یہ بنتا ہے کہ سول حکومت کو کس جرنیل نے عوامی بہبود اور عوام کا معیار زندگی بہتر کرنے سے روکا ہے؟
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No, no. He has tested positive. Woe! I am so sorry. Believe me, every single night when I go to bed I pray to the Almighty to forgive me my sins, and to grant good health to him, and to everyone: the Twitterati; my children and grandchildren; even #SelectedGoofOnHoof 2/
2/ @ImranKhanPTI , my pet hate for being the #Vile being he is. Trump is the elected President of the United States, and I respect him and wish him well. #ImranAhmedKhanNiazi is #RIGGED into office by the conglomerate of #GHQ/#ISI Co., (Pvt.) Ltd. H.O. GHQ, Rawalpindi; Branch 3/
3/ Office: ISI HQs, Islamabad, and I do NOT respect him! Yet I have always wished him good health and long life. Likewise for the #COAS; #DGISI; #TheForum; #DGISPR; AND Ghafoora aka @peaceforchange even though he abused my friends and I; even #PapaJani @AsimSBajwa despite 4/
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So, the #GHQ/#ISI inspired witch-hunt of this good judge continues! Perhaps it is time for the @PakistanBar to shake itself awake and protest at this shabby treatment of an SC Judge whose family are millionaires in their own right while a mere retired Lt. Gen. gets away scot-free
2/ amid allegations of making money in his various posts which allegedly fueled his family's rapid rise on the wealth scale. Indeed one who is KNOWN as someone who peddles untruths: 65 Acres of Land priced at Rs.108,000.00 and a top of the line Land cruiser, priced at Rs.35 Lakhs
A mere Lt. Gen. of modest means!!!
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What will it take for #GHQ/#ISI to STOP their #BLINDSUPPORT of the #SELECTEDDOLT? For the country to collapse completely? For the treasury to become so completely empty that we won't have money for salaries of govt. servants? For God's sake wake-up, make a new Social Contract 2/
2/ with the political leaders and people of Pakistan, go back to your Constitutional Duties, pull your noses out of politics for good, and let the people decide their leadership through free elections. Do NOT attempt to rig the Senate Elections OR system of governance to a 3/
3/ Presidential one which will further divide the Country and, God forbid, harm it further. Also, as I have said before, this is OUR country too, so have respect for us citizens even though we are 'BLOODYCIVILIANS'; we have it's good at heart too, particularly those of us who 4/
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@MarianaBaabar Except for allowing my friend, the brave #SalmanTaseer to mount his stupid assault on @CMShehbaz 's Constitutional government, Asif Zardari was a good President who, despite my other friend, @SSEHBAI1 ('Boss' to me)'s weekly announcements that the President 2/
2/ would be gone next Thursday on a stretcher; no, next Monday in an ambulance; no within two weeks to Dubai, lasted out his term. He also shepherded alongside Nawaz Sharif the 18th Constitutional Amendment, giving up his own powers to the Constitution by taking away the 3/
3/ dictatorial power of the President to dissolve the houses of Parliament. The two also got rid of #Mushy. What fun one had to poke our Ghairat Brigades in the eye at the time. I was invited to attend the farewell luncheon that the newly elected PM Nawaz Sharif held in honour 4/
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It always disturbs us when #liberals bash our #PakArmy citing foreign models of military service.

Militaries are well-versed in strategic challenges & opportunities that their nations face. They don’t make the decisions, but they advise all quarters.

Intelligence briefings.
Militaries don’t run businesses abroad. They are developed counties. #Pakistan is not.

That’s why defense contractors hire retired military to run their operations, quality assurance & other aspects, based on their experience in the battlefield.
Militaries don’t run governments either. That would be because truly democratic states don’t run to the military HQ to beg the overthrow the government.

In #Pakistan, #GHQ is frequented more by opposition politicians than Majors & Colonels.
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The article clearly says that the cell established at #GHQ is responsible for facilitate the process regarding #MissingPersons, not outright find them.

But since you’ve brought up the issue...
#MissingPersons in #Pakistan aren’t always guests of the #State, as many would like to portray. Many left home of their own accord & joined #militant & #terrorist groups.

Those who are guests of the State have been proven to the Supreme Court of Pakistan in previous hearings.
Those who are guests of the State are there because their own activities & behavior makes it justifiable to hold them in custody without any exposure to outsiders, including family.

Unfair? Are we going to talk abt fair for those who have killed innocent people?
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Two mistakes:

1) When you blame the military for every vice & problem in #Pakistan, you are hands down the worst analyst/political commentator in the world.

It’s like you don’t know abt the corruption & extra-judicial killings of the 80s & 90s.
During the 80s & 90s, #journalists, #police, & #bureaucrats were bought and sold at the behest of #NawazSharif & #BenazirBhutto.

#ShehbazSharif maintained his own killing squad to take out political rivals.

What rank in the military did they hold?
During the 80s & 90s, judges were removed because the political leadership didn’t like their decisions.

CJP Sajjad Ali Shah was removed, even though he asked the military to help him. #PMLN stormed the #SupremeCourt.

Which General ordered this?
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