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Sayed Mousa Alsadr said“One of the most important objectives behind the plots that struck Lebanon was to destroy the form of coexistence and national unity in Lebanon. When coexistence is targeted by a plot, the symbols of coexistence will definitely be the first to be attacked."
On February 19, 1975, fathers of the Saint Louis Capuchin Cathedral in Beirut was the first time in the history of #Islam and Christianity that a Muslim cleric was carrying out a #Christian religious rite and that was Musa as-Sadr!
In his speech during the civil war he said:
“We have gathered for the human being for whom religions came; the religious which were of the same origin, and each promised the emergence of the other, and acknowledged each other.
Every bullet that is shot at a Christian town is as if it is shot at my home, heart, & children."
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The amount of Social service works done by a particular community during the National Crisis of which there is mass propaganda and targeting harassment Is done for Political benifits.

#Covid_19 #Muslim

The Masajids are being Utilized at the time of need, during the National Crisis,


NGO in Bangalore working together preparing Food kits and distributing to the Poor and those who are in need.


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Chances are you that you’ve come across #PragerU's 5 min animated videos promoting right-wing viewpoints on political &social issues. The lecture-style videos have been narrated by the whos-who of the RW incl. Ben Shapiro, Dinesh D’Souza, & Charlie Kirk.…
Although it includes the word “university,” in its name, #PragerU is NOT an academic institution. It’s a conservative non-profit established in 2010 by conservative radio talk show host #DennisPrager & radio producer Allen Estrin…
According to #PragerU, the goal of their videos is “to undo [the] damage” inflicted by an education system that teaches American students that their country is “a land of inequality and racism” and a place of which to be “ashamed.”…
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I have heard many heartbreaking stories from #Kashmir and the plight of #KashmiriPandits. But here is one that really got to me. Today I would like to share the story of Sarvanand Kaul Premi in this thread. @AdityaRajKaul @sunandavashisht @AartiTikoo @DrAmbardar
Sarvanand Kaul Premi was born on 1st November 1924 in #Anantnag, #Kashmir. He studied in Punjab University and graduated with the highest merit. Not only was he extremely well educated - he also took part in the Quit India movement as a social activist. #QuitIndia
For 8 years, his blood, sweat and tears went into the fight for an independent India. He also wrote for newspapers, such as the Daily Khidmat. He ended up authoring ~24 books and many more articles & poems. They are mostly in #Hindi, #Urdu and of course, #Kashmiri.
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Whoa! #Muslim-Demonizing #Jewish Operative ‘Amy Mek’ Exposed
Booted from Twitter but she came back again
Unmasked anti-Muslim troll Amy Mekelburg connected to Chris Gaubatz
Behind the account is a woman named Amy Mekelburg, who lives in New York City…
RAIR, also known as the rectoanal inhibitory reflex or anal sampling mechanism 🤔🤣
The RAIR provides the upper anal canal with the ability to discriminate between flatus and fecal material.🤓…
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#HappyWomensDay to all. Like I had promised, I am going to tell you about my biggest inspiration - A common woman who faced unprecedented hardships but she managed to take care of her family and #Dharma in a very hostile #Kashmir. She is just a common woman but is my #Shakti
She grew up in a volat!le #Kashmir where being a #Hindu was a cur$e. She survived a #Kashmir where attacks on #KashmiriHindus was a norm. I am not talking about the 90s Kashmir but much much before that.

She was trained to fight in case someone attacked her home.

At that time, girls used to be married off very early, before they even hit puberty but she wanted to study so instead of getting married, she studied for as long as she could.

Then she got married to Hriday Nath Mattoo (By now some of you know who he is).

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Dear Hindus,

As followers of Sanatan Dharm, your scriptures propagate messages of submission to the paramaatma, along with exhibiting qualities of good morality much like the Quran.

Our similarities exceed our differences, & it is time to see that.
As a #Muslim, I have seen misguided individuals doing inexplicable things in the name of my religion.

I have seen wayward groups like the ISIS, hijack our call to prayer into a chant to carry out violence.

The 'Allahu Akbar' that I recite in my five daily prayers has been misused to do things my religion never encouraged or taught.

I know the pain of being generalised and misunderstood by the entire world because of a corrupt few.

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Reports are emerging of widespread anti-#Muslim violence in Delhi, India. Mosques have been set aflame, Muslim neighborhoods attacked, and Muslim cemeteries desecrated by Hindu-nationalist mobs.

Following is a thread of news and analysis as it breaks.

When @thewire_in interviewed a pro-government #Hindutva group about the violence, they replied:

"How dare they protest like this in our country? Is it (their) country? It is our country. We will show them their place."…
Reporting for Vice, @tim_hume writes — Hindu nationalist mobs are hunting and beating #Muslims:…
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Are #Hindu/#Muslim riots inevitable in #India?
-Of course not. (So much academic literature-- see @ProfVarshney among many others).

One key variable is government response. Take two conflagrations in #Gujarat in 2002:
-Feb 2002: 58 #Hindus killed in #Godhra. ~1,000+ #Muslims killed while police (under #Modi) stand by.
-Sept 2002: Terrorists kill 30 at #Akshardam temple. Could have led to mass riots, but #India's PM Vajpayee sent CRPF in quickly to control the situation. No riots.
In both 2002 #Gujarat cases, the initial provocation was extreme (in #Godhra, still disputed whether fire was intentional or accident: Separate question).
-Govt can't stop killing of 30 people, or even 58. But it CAN stop the killing of 1,000.

If it doesn't, it's complicit.
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Thread👇all Kashmiris @tonyashai @mscully94-believe #IndianMuslims Did Not come out protesting #Lockdown while Biryani/peaceful sleep/security w 98% #Majoritarians NOT just #PoliceForce/ #ArmedForces. U NEVER KNOW what it is to LIVE in w every neighbor hateful UNLIKE in #Kashmir
#DelhiGenocide2020= #IndianMuslimPersecution BY a)98%Hatefilled Islamophobic Bigoted #Majoritarians Next Door Neighbors, Colleagues, Teachers, Docs, Leaders b) #PoliceForces c) #IndianArmedForces UNLIKE your #KashmirLockdown= Kashmiris VERSUS #ArmedForces/Police&NO other factors
DO YOU UNDERSTAND the difference? We realize you ve x 30 yr atrocities by #IndianForces. BUT here #IndianMuslims have faced #Guj2002Genocide & Not a whimper from Indian community- REALIZATION- >100,000 Muslim girls R@ped by Not Just Goons BUT BY ORDINARY #Hindu Neighbors r@ped
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A mob of #RSS Hindu goons spotted a Muslim with skull cap, they attacked him & asked him to chant Jai Sri Ram

From #Bhajanpura, #NewDelhi #Delhi

Watch Full video :

This is organised terrorism against #IndianMuslim
#DelhiPolice is abetting the terrorists
A Muslim Islamic Mazaar (shrine) was set ablaze by a violent Hindu mob in #Bhajanpura, #Delhi.

Watch Full video :

#NewDelhi is burning but Modi is busy with Trump. #DelhiPolice #DelhiBurning
RSS Hindu mobs attacked & set fire arson in Muslim home's, infront of #DelhiPolice

In Jaffrabad Maujpur, New Delhi

Watch full video :

#RSS #Hinduterrorist #IndianMuslim #Jaffrabad #Maujpur #NewDelhi #DelhiBurning #BJP #CAA_NRC_NPR #Delhi #CAA #NRC #NPR
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Today, the expanded #MuslimBan went into effect, impacting 300 million people. The list of countries banned in part or in full, includes Burma, Eritrea, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Libya, Nigeria, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tanzania, Yemen, and Venezuela.
#Burma was added to the expanded #MuslimBan. Burma's population is 57 million of which 4% are Muslim - including the Rohingya Muslims who have been heavily targeted by the government. All immigrants from Burma are barred, except ‘Special Immigrants’
#Eritrea, another country added to the #MuslimBan as part of the #AfricanBan has a population of 6 million of which 50% are Muslim. All immigrants from Eritrea are barred, except ‘Special Immigrants.'
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@_SJPeace_ How do you feel about #tRump’s #MuslimBan that has put hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees at risk of return to #Syria, which has happened. I have friends in Lebanon who have a baby & toddler who have experienced terrible discrimination have lost their tiny, mouldy home.
@_SJPeace_ The husband was fired from his job 3 months ago along w/all other Syrians. They were 3 months $800 behind in rent & have been waiting for 6 years on @Refugees list. They are now out of their place, have no $$ to feed their children & are begging me to help them. 💔What do I say?
@_SJPeace_ @Refugees You have a voice that reaches a lot of people. They will listen to you. Would you consider being a voice a voice for displaced Syrians & #SyrianRefugees? I’ve followed you for a long time but don’t remember you discussing #Syria. #IdlibUnderFire
Syrian children are dying. 💔
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I’m a Rotherham grooming gang survivor calling for changes in UK legislation. So what is my story?
When I was in my late teens I was drawn into a relationship with a much older Pakistani #Muslim man from Rotherham. He used a psychological process called #grooming.
This video is the best one I have seen that explains the group-based #groominggang process of what happened to me. Gang members are ‘hooks’, ‘predators’ or ‘co-ordinators’.
My perpetrator was all three.

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A fascinating 1944 #Norwegian WWII-era propaganda poster named Kultur-Terror. It's theme of anti-Americanism and the destruction of European culture is rife with symbols of detrimental #American cultural influences, all embodied by a giant mechanic and destructive humanoid.
The artist, Harald Damsleth, warns for sexual promiscuity led by decadent beauty pageants, gangsterism, anti-black violence, materialism and commercialism, African-American cultural influences, jingoism beating the drums of war and the malevolent influence of Jews and Freemasons.
While the indiscriminate #American military violence threatens the European cultural landmarks, a gullible "all-ears" #European holds a text: "The USA will save Europe's culture from decline." To which the artist replies: "Med hvilken rett?" With what right?
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#Rahul Why haven't you not gone to Shaheen Bagh?
#Kejriwal: Did you go?
#Rahul: Why should I?
#Kejriwal: He won't go!
#Rahul: We report Sir!
#Kejriwal: We govern Sir! We administer!

#Rahul: We've not distanced ourselves. We were reporting amongst them.
#Kejriwal: We've not distanced too. We've been running schools,hospitals,built roads,installed CCTVs.They've (#BJP) created ruckus across the country coz they don't have control on #Economic situation. (2/n)
#Kejriwal: They've created a condition that he (Pointing at #Rahul) doesn't have the strength to speak abt #UnEmployment & #Economy. They (#BJP) are powerful that they will shutdown their channel(#TimesNow).That is why,from morning to evening, they talk about Hindu-Muslims (3/n)
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Countering Islamophobia

A hard hitting perspective by @SwalihaAsiya

Fellow Indians, it is time to address the elephant in the room. You know what I am talking about.

Though this may make you uncomfortable, I assure you that having this conversation is the need of this hour.
Why is Mangalore/India becoming increasingly Islamophobic? Why are there media sites on FB openly using communal slurs on Muslims? Why are Muslims called terrorists?

Why is large portion of India's internet community making allegations without evidence to malign #IndianMuslim?
Because the facts remain unchanged

1. Law enforcement does discriminate & it did, during the #AntiCAAProtests that happened in December

2. Attack on Masjids, in Delhi and Mangalore happened without any provocation or condemnation.

3. Media channels acted as RW propaganda tools
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However, it shifts the focus back to the old narrative that Kenyans are somehow responsible for the current insecurity, and that if we "got out of Somalia", the "Banditry" would stop. It also very subtly blames the 'Somali Muslim'.
#AlShabaab #AlshabaabAttacks #NorthernKenya
For over 56 years, those in the North Eastern Territories have been held hostage by the same idiotic thinking pushed by KEGovernment & Media (apologies @DennisOkari) that is OWNED by our political leaders..
It is insanity! In this thread, the historical background of #AlShabaab
@DennisOkari ..from where we last left off. Scroll down or search the other Threads by looking for [#AlShabba] and [#FireWalkers] .
But first, a recap....
"On Wednesday, August 28th, 2019, the UN Security Council rejected Kenya’s request to designate al-Shabaab a terror group under
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So finally what we expected has happened!😡
#Muslim league has Demanded for a seperate Malabar state by including 9districts 4m #Kerala & #Tamilnadu
Nilgri (Ooty): TN & Kozhikode Kerala+7 states!
Kerala & TN Hindus are still pretending to be asleep
Where they r majority they need seperate state!
In future,seperate country!
கேரளா இஸ்லாமியர்கள் தனி மாநிலம் கோரிக்கை!
தமிழகத்தின் நீலகிரி, கேரளாவின் கோழிக்கோடு, மலப்புறம் உட்பட 9மாவட்டங்களை இணைத்து தனி இஸ்லாமிய மாநிலம் வேண்டும் என முஸ்லீம் லீக் கோரிக்கை!
This is ultra-secular Hindus got on return!!
Rahul Easwar
Shashi Taroor
Few names, that has pushed Kerala to this state !!
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Alright #Muslim Twitter. I'm looking for your insight.
I need a Muslim character name that is not too popular. Doesn't have to be obscure, but not a name that gets a lot of use in literature.
The character is a hijabi and fierce, headstrong, and daring.
So not Zafira, Amina, Zainab, Nora, Nour, Maryam, etc. I love these names, but I need something that's not so commonly used.
Thank you in advance :)
Also any I don't use for this girl I have plenty of Muslim girl characters that will also need names so list as many as you like💙
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#antihindu Muslim rulers of India, beginning with Muhammad bin Qasim, who established dominance over the Sindh region in the eighth century AD. In so doing, however, Qasim most certainly caused a great deal of destruction, with clear evidence of massive forced conversions.
in the thirteenth century, Muhammad bin Bakhtiyar Khilji destroyed the ancient university of Nalanda, killing all the Buddhist monks and nuns, taking literally three months to burn every single book in the university’s library
#antihindu #IslamExposed
Similar examples of forced conversions and brutality can be found during the reigns of Mahmud Khalji of Malwa (1436–1469 AD), Ilyas Shah (1339–1379 AD), Babur (1483–1530 AD), and Sher Shah Suri (1486–1545 AD), all of whom destroyed temples, killed non-Muslims,forced conversion
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Thread #India #UttarPradesh In Muzaffarnagar, a woman told us how her home had been vandalised by the police in the dead of the night. Their car, windows, mirrors, electronic appliances, crockery all broken. Jeweller, cash stolen.
She says police told her and her family to leave, and that her home would soon become theirs. She says there were also some people in plain clothes with the police. She says #Muslim families are living in terror in #UttarPradesh
Photos from another home in the neighbourhood. They also told us police barged in at night and broke everything. We heard similar stories in every #Muslim locality we went to. #India #UttarPradesh Police have denied the allegations & told the BBC they've recd no such complaints
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Day 2 #Gambia v #Myanmar #ICJ begins, w/#ASSK up first. She declares #genocide is a crime, applied by #ICTR to #Rwanda but not to #Kosovo or #Croatia by #ICTY or #ICJ, because of a lack of dolus specialis.
Gambia has put fwd 'Incomplete & misleading factual picture'. Situation in #Rahkine is 'complex & not easy to fathom'. (same rhetoric as we have heard for years)
Complexities go back for yrs. Claims conflict btwn Arakan Army w/5000 fighters & the #Myanmar Army, w/Arakan Army seeking independence. The conflict has led to displacement & security measures such as curfew & checkpoints, applied to all regardless of background.
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A short #Thread to dispel doubts on #CitizenshipAmendmentBill2019
Q) Does the Bill disallow citizenship for #Muslim migrants ?
A) NO , The bill merely mandates any #Muslim migrant to spend 11 yrs resident in #India before applying for citizenship.
Q) Does #CitizenAmendmentBill discriminate against #Muslims who are citizens of #India or remove any privilege of citizenship they hold?
A) No, the #CABBill makes no comment on the citizenship of existing #Muslim citizens.
Q) Why does the bill disallow #Muslim migrants from #Pakistan #Afghanistan & #Bangladesh from it's ambit.
A) The Bill is meant to provide a safety valve for minorities in adjoining nations who do not wish to live under a #Islamic regime. #Muslims are a majority in these nations.
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