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9 Jan
Remember those weird posters that were big in the 90's, where you had to blur your eyes a bit and focus on an alternate depth of field? Stereograms... Kinda like this one.

Remember those things?
When you see the movie, and it becomes clear, it breathtaking. Just snaps into focus... maybe you lose focus from time to time. Maybe you just have to look past the surface and see what's behind it.
Anyway... My mood for the day 👇

Turn it up, homies. LOUD.
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9 Jan
I'm watching MSM again, I think I see the plan. It's perfect.
Doesn't matter the station, the Youtube channel, etc... Pick a channel. And just watch. You are witnessing a combination of admission/plea videos and a education of what THEY are and what THEY do... But attributing it to MAGA. It's meant to awaken normies.
I admire their bravery.
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7 Jan
My Mom is officially red-pilled... Hallelujah!!
Way more emotional that i thought it would be...
Never underestimate conservative elderly ladies in small church groups... That's what did it.
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30 Dec 20
Common Core math was the pinnacle of their evil genius, and low-point of our complacency... It disrupted the minds of an entire generation on how even the most basic things work.

Readin', Writin', & Rithmatic

How far did they get? Let's see.

1895 8th Grade Final Exam, Kansas:
- Name and define the Fundamental Rules of Arithmetic.
- A wagon box is 2 ft. deep, 10 feet long, and 3 ft. wide. How many bushels of wheat will it hold?
- If a load of wheat weighs 3942 lbs., what is it worth at 50 cts. per bu, deducting 1050 lbs. for tare?
- District No. 33 has a valuation of $35,000. What is the necessary levy to carry on a school seven months at $50 per month, and have $104 for incidentals?
- Find cost of 6720 lbs. coal at $6.00 per ton.
- Find the interest of $512.60 for 8 months and 18 days at 7 percent.
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26 Nov 20
Hi All!

I'm Starting a Discord channel for small businesses, farmers, homesteaders, artisans, craftsmen, etc. who need a website and all the necessary software to run a business.

I'm writing all the code from scratch and teaching as I go. Will help you with your project, etc.
The scope of what I'm doing is big, but it may appeal to anyone who has the time, the idea, and the desire to build a business without paying any 3rd parties.

Here is a list:
1. Build a Website / blog
2. Make it a store (goods or service)
3. Self-hosted website
4. Self-hosted email
5. Self-hosted email marketing
6. Self-hosted phone (VoIP)
7. Calendar
8. Accounting
9. Inventory management
10. Automatic everything :)

Etc. Etc.
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21 Nov 20
Can one be a VIP guest at Comet Ping Ping and not TRULY know what goes on there? Serious question...

A VIP would have been exposed to the weird bands, the DC Swamp creatures, and the ultra-creepy James Elefantis and his Epstein Island Instagram booking engine.

I'm making no accusation whatsoever, other than a VIP guest would certainly pick up on some high strangeness, versus an occasional patron.

Unless that reporter was lying in the article about Mr. Carlson being a VIP... possible.

This is a question about judgement.
I'm writing this thread, because just last week, I was urging him to leave Fox News, along with others that I perceived to be patriot reporters. And I feel betrayed.

I was aware of his occasional anti-Trump outbursts, but I chalked it up to ratings rhetoric, ego, and impatience.
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7 Nov 20
THREAD: I'm pissed...

FOX News is a traitor to the public. We need an immediate commercial entity that will have REAL fair and balanced reporting.

My idea...
1) Step 1: Jump ship!


Screw your contracts (forgive my frankness). There is no severance period. Walk away from being contractually bound to these organizations.
2) Step 2: Crowdfund

Crowdfund a new Network in which you'd also retain a small percentage of ownership, plus seek full replacement of your salaries and other whistles & bells.

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6 Nov 20
178) I was holding off on threading until after the election. It just didn't seem appropriate when my time could be spent on snarky, sarcastic comments to DS player logic and gaslighting.

But seeing this could go on into the Holidays, what the hell.
179) Just because I haven't been threading, doesn't mean I haven't been devouring everything I can get my hands on re: this thread & related topics.

And despite it being more of a scientific thread, I find the best info in the Bible & other Apocrypha or non-canonical sources.
180) And it is right at THIS time in the story that we circle back to Egypt while Joseph still reigned in the Nile delta, loved by both the Israelites, but also the Egyptians—exceedingly.

Remember the missing 400 years in our canonical Bible? Let's fill in some gaps.
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8 Oct 20
Short, fun thread... You'll like it. It's about treasure...
If I was to say, "The Dead Sea Scrolls," what's the first thing that comes to your mind?

No wrong answer here... I'll tell you mine, and I'll tell you what my wife's answer was to the same question.
Me: Some kind of preserved version of the Old Testament, fund in jars along the Dead Sea... Right before Romans came.

Wife: Gnostic texts that differed from canonical "bible," plus a few additional books...
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24 Sep 20
Anyone have any legitimate info on this (gov. records)? For 5-6 years I've heard of this QFS—that apparently is based on some insane frame rate technology (impossible to hack).

Everyone with a show has an "insider."

Fulford, Wilcock, McConnell, etc. Are they all disinfo agents?
So, besides the various Charlie Ward videos... There does indeed seem to be some official mention of this.

From the White House...

It uses light as a new sensing modality... For extreme, throughput...
OCC Gov Document... mentions "QFS"

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24 Sep 20
I wrote all of the Moscow, ID city council about them arresting the Christian singer yesterday, instead of putting their efforts onto real criminals... Like John Tester (but I digress).

The theme of my email was "SHAME on you!"

Here was one of their responses...
Mr. _______

I encourage you to read the article in the MPDN this morning. The arrests were made because of violations of the law, not because of singing or peaceful assembly, which was not and will not prohibited All have the right to peacefully assemble and demonstrate....
...but still must obey laws during that assembly. The Moscow Police Department and our local government have a long history of supporting the right to peacefully assemble and demonstrate, and Moscow is immensely fortunate to have a Police Department that ensures those rights...
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1 Sep 20
I have two famous ancestors—both women—both rode into battle on horses to the amazement of all the men. Both French. One was the last of the Angevin line and Mother of the Plantagenet line. The other was a poor peasant girl who had visions from angels & was burned at the stake.
This was a recent discovery from my Mom and Aunt, who went on a "family tree" type of vacation a few years back. When I was told, I was like "cool!" But I haven't really dug into the stories of either... I have, but not like a deep dive.
Both seemed like good people. In fact, Eleanor of Aquitaine—later in life—may have been the impetus for the Robin Hood tales.

However, when she married into the house of Anjou, their offspring—in most cases—were monsters.
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16 Aug 20
52) Now, let's remember what Jacob told his sons about their blessings, and what might become of them. Image
53) Genesis 49:1 "And Jacob called unto his sons, and said, Gather yourselves together, that I may tell you that which shall befall you in the last days."

2 "Gather yourselves together, and hear, ye sons of Jacob; and hearken unto Israel your father."
54) The 12 Tribes of Israel Image
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13 Aug 20
So... I started up my thread again, and have been digging in deep antiquity... I think I found another big one...

I am not convinced Abraham was from Sumer (Ur).

It all depends on where you place the Land of Shinar—which to my surprise—is not a settled issue.
There was another Ur. And it was not too far from Lake Van in Turkey... On a huge flat plain... East of Mount Ararat.

Isn't that interesting...

The Tower of Babel may have been MUCH further North.
Now... Check this out... Nearly every culture had an "explanation" of where they came from, written by later historians (Eusebius, Josephus, Strabo, etc.).

Many claim ancestors from Babel.

The Jaredites for the LDS... The Huns, The Scythians, The Basque...
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8 Aug 20
282) Trump, the greatest actor, Part III...
284) We left off in 1897, with hundreds of independent sightings of flying machines all over America.

Witnesses everywhere... Normal people.

In fact, newspapers went out of their to clarify their sanity, their good standing in Church, and/or their reputation for good deed.
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4 Jul 20
In the 1970's, there was an old man—an American—living near Rome, known as “Hermit of Loreto.”

He was a WWII veteran who moved to Rome to spend the rest of his life praying at for humanity at Mass.

His name was Tom Zimmer.
Another American, Dr. Curran, who was studying medicine in Rome, and who had befriended the old man, was familiar with his works and his prayerfulness.

In 1983, the hermit told Dr. Curran something he would never forget...

He said:
“right now, in the United States, there’s a man who has the hand of God on him. He has the I.Q. of a genius. And a first-class education. And everything he approaches he attacks with blinding efficiency...

... his name is Donald Trump.”
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29 Jun 20

So a moist, porous substrate acts as the ideal breeding ground for viruses and bacteria, where the heat of your breath keeps the culture resilient, w/ every exhale and inhale, you puff fountains of air, all via your petri dish muzzles. Don't forget to touch it.

So the healing & sterilizing UV light from the sun won't do what nature is supposed to do. Make sure you stay in your temperature-constant, close-quartered environment with those you love. Keep those windows closed because recirculation is bad.

There is nothing you will get from a congregation of other God-fearing people. Any unity and comfort you may feel is only temporary. Large groups of passionate people is dangerous for the wrong cause. It's better to remain in fear because you never know.
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28 Jun 20
King Solomon's mines are in the Philippines.

There. Now you know.

And when I find out exactly WHERE (Luzon), I'll write the thread.

The Land of Ophir—Golden Lily.

Tarshish was in Southern Spain, near the Phoenician port of Cadiz and Seville. It was once a port.

Whew. Fun.
I just watched a War Castles video, and he mentioned that there is so much gold that it makes national stockpiles almost comical...

So, naturally, that clicked with all the Phoenician / Ancient Hebrew thread I was working on.

And i said, "what if..."
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3 Jun 20
It's not the perfect timing for this...

But nobody in my 'real" life cares much about this... So here it goes.


Something he said has haunted me... Just absolutely confounded me.

But I think I figured it out.

And I think I found a group of people that are doing "it." Image
Of ALL the inventions to come from the mind of Nikola Tesla, there was one that was his absolute favorite.

And on the surface, it kinda feels like a ... "meh...seen better."

I mean, really. When you can shake the very ground, transmit high-voltage w/o wires, and blueprint HAARP
His favorite creation—his biggest joy—was not wireless electricity. Nor a time machine... Nor A/C dynamo's or arc lamps, or current transformers...


Tesla's favorite invention—I believe solved 2 problems.

Or at least added another dimension to an existing one.
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31 May 20

The entity in control of our War Machine has NOT been of the People since the Civil War, we were not able to pay our national debt to our creditors—by their design. They've used our labor, our money, and our lives to fund the most despicable crimes against humanity.
If you've ever felt your own Country betray the tenants of your faith, broken laws, harmed other peoples, you'd be correct.

But you'd be false in the assumption that is was (in most cases) the will of the people.

Instead rather, a cacophony of DeepState agents at every level.
Influencing, blackmailing, bribing and coercing under duress... When they couldn't directly influence a desired outcome, they used their power to intimidate and threaten the lives of patriots that have stood up and spoken over the decades.
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10 May 20
Haven't posted much lately... Been busy and just needed a break from "heavy" conspiracy tweeting :)

10 years into a deep study of the legal, financial, and commercial crimes of the last millennia...

Someone asked me for the "short and sweet."

Here it is, as I currently see it.
1st, thanks to our founding fathers—even if some of them were "in on it"—they gave us the most powerful thing in Law.


Which is essentially an "I AM" kind of statement to the universe.

To God.
And by founding a "Nation" it was born into the body of existing nations and peoples.

That was bad news for bad guys... We were no longer "indentured servants."

The only way to pillage now would be to do it commercially.
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