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(0) A #QAnon thread about "Godfather III".

(1) Two quick disclaimers: to keep the story moving, some of the Q drops used will be presented by the most meaningful excerpts.

I will be shinning the LIGHT on Catholic crimes, here, but bigoted comments against the edifice of the Church get blocked, like they always are.
(2) So, let's get to distressing Q drop 189 - the biggest reality check, ever.

"All that you know to be right is wrong. The 'cult' runs the world."
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🔗 by Craig @JustInformedU

🇺🇸 #GreatAwakening #TheStorm #EpsteinIsland
🏴 #BiggerThanAndrew #DeadCenter #DCSwamp
🇺🇸SerialBrain2: 🔗
It’s Now Time for the Q ANON Storm. Buckle Up

Trump vid from WH:
Obama at Giza:
O'Donnell apology:
Macron watch at G7:

🇺🇸SerialBrain2: 🔗
It’s Now Time for the Q ANON Storm. Buckle Up.

Obama at Giza:
Cult of Immortal Queen SB2 Article:

🇺🇸#WeThePeople #WelcomeToTheSrorm
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Trump Launches US Space Command to Control the 'Next Warfighting Domain'
DARPA to city dwellers..
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#Dorian hits #Florida and what happens to be opening that weekend? Ya...

#DisneyWorld has a #StarWars attraction debut ...
And want there a character named Dorian in #StarWars ?
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Attention Patriots.

This below is the best article I have read on #SpyGate #FISAGate #ObamaGate. It lays it out all simply for us to follow.

All patriots please ReTweet this.

#QAnon #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA #TheStorm
Attention Patriots.

This below is the best article I have read on #SpyGate #FISAGate #ObamaGate. It lays it out all simply for us to follow.

All patriots please ReTweet this.

#QAnon #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA #TheStorm…
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Every time when James Comey tweets there is a #FalseFlag.
Just now at 8:30 (PT) or 11:30 (EST), he tweeted.
#QPost 2330

@realDonaldTrump DNC Met with FBI on Dossier Before FISA Granted; FBI Secretly Recorded Trump Campaign
Read carefully.

Collusion bombshell: DNC lawyers met with FBI on Russia allegations before surveillance warrant…
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So been trying my best to follow some Q drops from Qplus Comms.

AOC plus Three

I believe there are many Comms in this press conference.

Let’s start with 622
I head to QMAP and do search.

This Drop is related to several paths in same Comms, but for this lets note the word

Then we search 858

Now key here is “Water Marker” and “In front of”
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Thread of 28 notables collected over the past 18 hours.

Notables are not endorsements and require further research.



A director at Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s prestigious Media Lab is resigning because he’s “ashamed” over the research center’s links to Jeffrey Epstein. #QAnonEpstein #QAnonMIT…

Attorney General Bill Barr believes Epstein committed suicide. #QAnonEpstein #QAnonDOJ #QAnonCoverUp

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When forming an action plan at work to deal with the #TheStorm global corruption purge, a useful framework is "who knows? who cares? who can?". Locate where understanding is; of these, identify those who have energy to act; engage whoever has resources to make a difference.
So for example, you push out an article on a company newsletter on a relevant subject, to see who responds (who knows); then invite these folk to a webinar or concall (who cares - energy shown by following up); of these find one or two allies with time+team for action (who can).
We can't know exactly what upheavals we will face, but we can be certain there is a major crisis of trust coming up in many institutions: the mass media, the judicial system, many banks and some insurance companies, major tech companies. It pays to plan ahead, and to start early.
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1] If You Understand...

I do not care what you say / think about me
I do not care if you hate me or love me
I do not care as long as you are fighting for the truth
I do not care by what means you take to understand what is truely happening in this world....
I do not care where you are from
I do not care how rich or poor you are
I do not care where you were educated
I do not care what race you are
I do not care of you are famous or not
I do not care if you believe in Q or not...
I do not care if you make a mistake
I do not care if you are followed or a follower
I do not care if you mute me
I do not care how you live your life
I do not care if you judge me
I do not care if you are talented or not....
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Ho Lee Fuk, is anyone else seeing this?!
Suicide Watch -> the Watch
Yesterday, Rudy posted and later deleted this post. 👇 #Qanon #QArmy #GreatAwakening #QArmy #WakeUpAmerica #SundayThoughts
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(0) A #QAnon thread: "Bounty Hunter".


(1) This update is my FOURTH thread on Jeffrey Epstein. When I wrote the first, he hadn't even been re-arrested yet.
(1b) I will post the links to all previous threads at the end of this one.
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1/6 -
This is the precise moment I knew #TheStorm was 117% legit.

I watched the Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony event #Trump hosted at the White House for Sen. Dole on 17 Jan 2018 & the #USArmy Band played a song.

This song. 👇 (queued)

2/6 -
It's an old song from a 1945 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical, but it's been recorded by many artists over the years. I just happened to remember the Ray Charles version.

So I checked, and was the same song.

3/6 The confirmation clearly expressed in the lyrics made the hair stand up on my arms & the message couldn't have been more clear.

✅ Keep your head up
✅ Don't be afraid, it will end
✅ Press forward
✅ Trust yourself
✅ You'll never walk alone/#WWG1WGA
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1. For years we’ve watched our country in a decline. We’ve watched, despairingly, as our corrupt leaders exploit and harm our country like the parasites they are.
2. They’ve always only had their best interests in mind, and could care less about you and me, or about the damage they’ve been causing all these years (#AmericaForSale).
3. This clearly was not just another four year election, just as our President had stated, and to see him in action has given me a glimmer of hope for us all; for a better tomorrow.
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1] My Thread Title is “August is a HOT Month”....

Are Declass & Arrests just around the corner? 🤔
2] Tell us Mr President, are you referring to the coming storm perhaps?
3] Q, what do you think? 🤔

Ooohhh...I see...
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🇺🇸#TheStorm & the #GreatAwakening
🇬🇧Join Millions of #Patriots & #Anons Across the World
🔗 📁

🇺🇸 Become a #DigitalSoldier - ‘Q’Army @realDonaldTrump
🌎 #DrainTheSwamp of #GlobalistCorruption #WWG1WGA

Our weapons are Logic & Reason #QuestionEverything
Continuous Fake News Attacks on Q Validates
the Threat Q Poses to the Old Guard
🇺🇸 Q Post: 3433 - 14 Jul 2019 - 9:21:25 PM

FAKE NEWS attacks only validate the message (OLD GUARD threatened).
Think size & scope of continual MSM attack(s).
🌎 Join the Great Awakening across the World
🇨🇳 Our most recent Qanon series in Chinese
Read by tens of thousands of Chinese worldwide
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1) Thread #3 on NEO Philanthropy Child Organizations

Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Civic Engagement Fund (Non-profit)…

@Area17GZ #D5 #NEO #QAnon #TheStorm #GreatAwakening
@Area17GZ 2) On the surface, the AAPI Civic Engagement Fund appears innocent enough, characterized as a left-wing voter mobilization group. Let’s dig a little deeper just to make sure there are no red flags. Here's a brief description from its homepage.
@Area17GZ 3) Here are their Vision and Mission statements.

No red flags thus far; seems to be a genuine voter outreach nonprofit for the Asian American and Pacific Islander community.
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