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Holy mackerel this is MASSIVE NEWS. #BobIger is stepping down from #Disney. Evidence of #ThePlan of dismantling the global pedo network piling up now.…
You can read my #Disney sex trafficking digs starting here in this thread. I do bring up Bob Iger as I knew he was a huge name and had to be tied to this network when researching.
Even his Wikipedia says he searches out pizza wherever he goes in the world! #BobIger #Disney
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@joh_barbosaa @ericahenriquezo @Ericksurchile @Arti_lraD @777SHEM @divulgacionfull 2
Durante los últimos dos años, el foco principal de las discusiones de la misión comercial ruso-estadounidense (ahora finalizadas), se centró en la producción de granos, específicamente porque el trigo ruso es menos costoso (…)
@joh_barbosaa @ericahenriquezo @Ericksurchile @Arti_lraD @777SHEM @divulgacionfull 3
Este año, son 2 los eventos del cisne negro (#CoronaVirus y la plaga de langostas) que están arrasando el mundo, cualquiera de los cuales, por sí solo, proporciona suficiente incertidumbre para desestabilizar los mercados financieros mundiales (…)
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L'evento 201 simula lo scoppio di un nuovo #coronavirus zoonotico trasmesso da pipistrelli a maiali a persone che alla fine diventa efficacemente trasmissibile da persona a persona, portando a una grave pandemia. #coronaviruslombardia #coronavirusitalla #coronavirusitalia
"Lo scenario termina al punto di 18 mesi, con 65 milioni di morti. La pandemia rallenta a causa della diminuzione del numero di persone sensibili."
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1. Min 🧵 on my favorite actor Clint Eastwood.

Something isn't adding up here. I grew up on Spaghetti Westerns and am big fan of Leone and Morricone.

A man who is 89 yrs old turning 90 on May31 suddenly changes his mind and turns against @POTUS

Something is fishy🤔 ...
@POTUS 2. When @potus was running for office, #ClintEastwood was a big supporter.
@POTUS 3. Clint called @realDonaldTrump

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Remember that US Intel services alleging Russian election meddling were the same Intel services that elaborately constructed the BIG LIE about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction.
The botched Iraq War wasn't the product of intelligence failure. It was a BIG LIE.
Then along comes the billionaire outsider from New York. Calling a spade a spade. The only "GOP" candidate with the brass pair to call the Iraq War a lie. Right in Jebby's face. The only voice bold enough to call out the lying liars running US intel.
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The Trump presidency has exposed the unfathomable depth of #Deepstate corruption and the lengths it'll go to fend off outsiders threatening their business-as-usual corrupt enterprise. On trade. On borders. Globalism. On THEIR collusion and illegal election meddling.
The problem for them is that Trump doesn't scare easy. No other GOP pol would've had the brass pair to take them all on as Trump has
They were determined to take out this existential threat to the #Deepstate. Access Hollywood tape. False sexual assault allegations. Russian dossier. Intel/FBI/DOJ campaign spy rings. Trump still won. Against all odds.
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DHS whistleblower Philip Haney was found dead on Friday.
The whistleblower against the Obama administration was shot dead near his vehicle in California.

#Deepstate #Obama #Whistleblower #Qanon…
Philip Haney told @seanhannity in 2016 that he was ordered during the Obama administration to scrub the record of Muslims in the US with terrorist ties.

#Whistleblower #Deepstate #Islam #Muslims #Qanon

@seanhannity Here is the list from @clarionproject of 120+ members of Congress supporting CAIR that Phil Haney mentioned in his FEB 3, 2020 Interview below.

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He’s a banker, he’s Jewish, he gives to Democrats.

Soros has given #OpenSocietyFoundations $32 billion for democracy-building efforts in the US & around the world.

In US #Soros contributed $75+ million over the years to federal candidates & committees

It doesn't include the many millions more #Soros has donated to political nonprofit groups that don't disclose their donors.

Soros is a #Nazi #Antichrist whose assets should be frozen.

Marti network Cuba, aired a report in May that is now the subject of a government investigation.

The report called #Soros a “multimillionaire Jew” of “flexible morals,” who was “the architect of the financial collapse of 2008.”
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Taking Advantage of #Turkey’s Current Volatile Status #RandCorporation Stirs the Pot by Forecasting a “Coming Coup” against current #AKP #Erdogan Gov. The Timing of their report: very telling. - - -… via @ahramonline
Is this a new attempt by the #DeepState? Or is it indirectly bolstering the current admin in #Turkey knowing very well that issuing this report & reviving the #Coup Scare Tactic would unite all sides in support 4 the current Turkish Gov?… via @ahramonline
Because there are 2 ways to look at this: 1- Taking advantage of current volatile state of #Turkey (Syria, Libya, Falling out with #Russia, economic downturn, etc) & going for jugular with an outside-designed #coup; or, 2- Indirectly support/bolster it using reverse psychology
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Welcome to Earth!

We Trust your experience is lovely!

As you begin your arrival you may notice war, poverty, crimes... please step to the side, mind the gap, disregard:
While we renovate!

*If you experienced turbulence the past couple of days, enjoy the integration. #WWG1WGA
If things get chaotic around or in me: I stop, with bare feet on the Earth, I sit in silence, prayer, meditation with God. Allowing all the noise outside of my self, To just be. No mental story, feel. The vibration of the veils can be felt, as you integrate into your #DivineSelf
Those who follows #Q know there is something very off w/ the world, it does not reflect #WeThePeople's good values. We are aware we are about to learn of #DeepState corruption, who, what, when, how & why!

Hold center, this too will pass as Truth, Love, Kindness Prevail! #WWG1WGA
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If Jho Low is arrested, then we can see some good shows going on.

He would have the Hollyweird panicked.

Some of the celebrities in Hollywood that are connected to #1MDB, the giant corruption scheme in Malaysia

Paris Hilton

Miranda Kerr

was gifted with $200 million worth jewelry by


in 2014
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(1) .@POTUS .@DevinNunes .@ODNIgov .@GOP .@SenateFloor .@seanhannity .@TuckerCarlson .@RonWyden

The #FBI's use of human shields & proxies for their domestic #terrorism ops, coordinated through #FusionCenters across America make the fundamentalist, Middle Eastern imams jealous.
(2) Once someone has been extrajudicially watch-listed, the #FBI #InfraGard #JTTF work with LARPs hired by private contractors to stalk, harass, assault, intimidate & smear innocent "targets."

This is a now a nationwide protocol, targeting hundreds of thousands of Americans.
(3) This program - once again, in part coordinated thru #FusionCenters, is a "joint operation" perpetrated with the collusion of #DOJ #DHS #FBI #InfraGard #JTTFs #LEIUs #NSA #CyberCommand & even US Military.

The #AI-supported #PreCrime protocol is a total farce ....
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While all of you #Qanon deniers are busy attacking us "cult" members the #DeepState is busy laughing at you knowing they have successfully brainwashed you while you follow the rest of the sheep to the slaughter house. There is a group of the most evil,
sadistic, disgusting, dangerous, hateful, and sexually deviant demonic individuals plotting our demise and they are celebrating the fact that they have successfully brainwashed you to believe that millions of Americans and people around the world who know
that #Qanon is the real deal and what Q drops is factual are "cult" members or "conspiracy theorists" Those of us who support #Q have done our research into every single subject Q has dropped, have any of you? After you have read all 3,874 drops and done the
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Tonight’s @seanhannity Thread.

@LindseyGrahamSC trust AG Barr will do the right thing. His job is to make sure it never happens again.
.@seanhannity and @LindseyGrahamSC There is something so much bigger at play here and the #DeepState knows it.
.@piersmorgan says @MichaelAvenatti is like a refugee in a prison movie.
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I want to talk about one of the recent drops (#3856) from our favorite source, Q. #qanon
This is actually the second part

The lines are drawn.
Define Renegade [Hussein USSS code name].
Standard definition.
Define Evergreen [HRC USSS code name]
Non-standard defintion.
Think depopulation.
The Silent War continues…

The first half of the drop talked about definitions of “patriot” and “traitor”. Pretty standard definitions. It was from 2/21/2018 #maga
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#TheGreatAwakening, time to dig Anons! I’m sure there’s a #Bronfman/#Soros tie here. “The 76-year-old Nygard raped seven teenage girls, ages 14 to 16, at his private Nygard Cay getaway in the Bahamas — with some of the terrified teens drugged before they were sexually assaulted."
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What are the odds of mass arrests at the #Oscars  tonight? #RedCarpet rollout? I guess we’re in anything’s possible territory.
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1.We are about to examine many of the connections of #Romney > Intel agencies, #Ukraine, Iran, China, 911, NAFTA,#BainCapitol, #Maxwell, Guinness, Bibi, Branson, #NXIVM, Bushes, Cartels, EU, Virgin Cruises, Clintons..+ #WeAreTheNewsNow #Mittens #Clowns @POTUS #Qanon
@POTUS 2. Is Bain #C_A front? After all the clowns like to use wealthy people as it’s front companies such as Summit Aviation (DuPonts), CMC (World Trade Centers, Bronfmans), & others like Air America, and US Aid.
Let us take a look…#Clowns #Mittens #BainCapitol
@POTUS 3..Let us start here #Mittens #Romney #WeAreTheNewsNow H/t @liltilgerli
Endurance Specialty Holdings
Golden gate Capital
10 Mitt Romney Scandals That Shouldn’t Be Forgotten…
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New #Qanon drop 3836: Q points out that #Iran, #Russia, #Ukraine and #Obama admin we’re all selling nuclear material to eachother brokered by corrupt US politicians. They were trading money on an off the grid financial network. My first thought goes to #Bitcoin. #China #1 mining
I go into some #DeepState ties and #China BTC farming here. Did you guys know the #FBI in the top 3 in total BTC ownership in the world? Read this thread.
Oops sorry, they are #4
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I saved a few tweets from “Verified” accounts when the #ImpeachmentHoax started. I’ll start it off with the ringleader #Schiff4Brains.
“After hours of debate, one thing is clear:”..... @realDonaldTrump is still your President!😎 Enjoy👌🏻#AcquittedForever #DemsAreCorrupt
Here’s one from #FakeNews @washingtonpost but yeah not propaganda......
The #TDS is palpable.
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@realDonaldTrump @POTUS @WhiteHouse twitter is censoring the majority of your #maga2020 supporters & nukn accts. 90k in dec. 9th acct in 12yrs. 8 this yr. 3 in 2mo. Lost 30k followers. Twitters head twat admitted the #Censorship. BOLO nu purge 100k accts coming.
#qanon #DeepState
They weren't saudi accts. Coverup. They were #trump supporters. Dont 4get whos got vested interest in twitter. SA.…
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#Bolton Sold Missiles to Iran — #HunterBiden Ran Guns w/ Patrick Ho Chinese Tycoon - MIL ENCRYPTED BBs - PAIN COMING
#qanon #DeepState #democrats #trump #TREASON #traitor
You will not believe this shit.
2. You will not believe what Webb goes thru in this one. He goes into detail about how John Bolton is now reminding all of his co conspirators of all of the questionable and possibly illegal side deals they were involved in. Oh and Bolton and some others sold missies to Iran!
3. Also he claims that bolton would be a good witness and poses absolutely zero threat the President Trump.

Of course there is more detail about Hunter Biden’s illegal schemes, gun running this time. Supposedly working with Patrick Ho, a Chinese business tycoon.
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Real-estate magnate Fred #Trump Sr., was the #Jewish son of German immigrants.
Trump’s Brother Rebelled Against Their Authoritarian Father By Joining a Jewish Frat…

A Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity photo in the 1960 Epitome Yearbook from Lehigh University.
Some still think that #Trump will save them, nice 😈😂
His masters are your masters my friends 😉
Trump’s Jews…
(Forward=jewish 😉)
Zie je wie er vlak achter Trump zit 🤓.
Rupert Murdoch – a Genuine Friend of Israel… But it is no conspiracy! 🤣😁
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