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1. Shortly after #QAnon'd mentioned "Xbox chat logs" being used by #DeepState, Xbox Live went down. Purging chat logs? Don't realize we already "have it all" anyways? #Q…
2. If #QAnon were a "theory" like #MockingbirdMedia tries to tell us, why would Xbox freak out? #Q
3. #QAnon: If Snowden were trying to seek asylum via travel to UIO, Quito, Equador from Hong Kong International Airport, why would he route through Russia? Was #Russia not the original destination all along, so #Clowns could hurt US-Russia relationship? #Q
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1) They certainly don't want you imagining peace & prosperity in your community, city, State & Nation. They definitely don't want you having complete confidence in your Merchants, Bankers, Grocers, Law Enforcement & FireFighters. They sure don't want you in a Church.
2) They don't want you to become separated from your smart phone. Oh no, heaven forbid. They don't want you to stop the porn site visits. And in no way should you stop watching television 10 hours a day.
3) For sure don't spend a lot of time with your Family. Never ever Pray. Never give to the local charities & churches. National only. Even though it never gets to the recipients it's a good gesture indeed.
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🚨#BreakingNews 🚨
Several JIHADI Congressional candidates w/ ties to Islamic terrorists, Ilhan Omar (MN) & Rashida Tlaib (MI)

Campaigning w/ Linda Sarsour, who called for JIHAD against POTUS @realDonaldTrump

🇺🇸 National security Threat
TERRORIST built compound in NM, killed his son as sacrifice, held 11 kids hostage & was training them how to shoot up schools

liberal judge decided he was NOT threat & let him #WalkAway free

This is WHY we Need to Enforce current 🇺🇸 Laws
#WednesdayWisdom 1952 McCarran Walters Act<br />
CH2, Section 212Communist Control Act of 1954Treason against the United States of AmericaTERRORIST Linda Sarsour
America is responsible for LESS than 1% of world’s mismanaged plastic waste

Plastic straws make up less than 1% of that 1%

its Not about conservation, it’s about power & control

CA keeps people focused on fake problems so they don’t look at real ones
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1) As everybody is becoming aware #DeepState skimmed trillions of $ from US Taxpayers using over pricing in the Pentagon & FAA mainly, plus secret space programs that were farces & a scam to create a budget line item.
2) Well, @POTUS & the Budget Director of OMB (Mulvaney) have tracked down almost all #DeepState line items and defunded them. The DeepState is broke, penniless, destitute. They're living on Soros & Rothschilds $ and Rothschild is almost broke.
3) Basically, part of the @POTUS plan is to bankrupt the formerly flush with cash #DeepState , and it's working big time.
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Without the #deepstate #cabal to oppose, would just be

The “war” part is how they make their money.

People like @LauraLoomer @JackPosobiec and Jones are allowed into alt media / directed for a reason: credibility.
They’re all either a little too crazy (jones) a little too young looking (jack) or a little too combative and aggressive/potentially dangerous (loomer)

All are designed to speak near truths but in a way that the ideas never have to be attacked by MSM.
As long as they can say “pizzagate is debunked” because jones apologized to @megynkelly for some rando walking in Alefantis’ store and firing one shot into the floor, their job is done.

They need America to be broken just as much as those on the Left want it to be
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Speaks volume to @LinkedIn's #Censorship of both my fundraising links
Gofundme…👈Also speaks volume to they type of people who make up the populace in America. I've received 1 donation to my PayPal and 0 my Gofundme! #Strzok
@LinkedIn This is my 2nd GoFundMe acct. the 1st 1, same results so I deleted it. That was back when they had me stranded in 30 below zero temps, no propane, heat or food, & no way to get to town!...oh & SNOWED IN ALL WINTER BECAUSE THEY VANDALIZED MY BRAND NEW (USED 2 SEASONS) SNOW BLOWER!
@LinkedIn And I'm talking brand new, delivered by Lowe's November of 2014! 2 used vehicles vandalized since 2015, & now schemes & artifices to steal my Social Security after 15 years age 54, 1 yr shy of their own cutoff, per their own policy states 55 as advanced age! #ThesePeopleAreSick
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1) Q and the Q group has existed in the US Government for decades. Since 1947 Secrecy has been purposely erected as an intentional shield to prevent the US Citizenry from seeing the internal workings of a #DeepState bent on Treason & Sedition to claim America as a prize.
2) Over the years a Department of Energy program has started, initially to archive the secret Nuclear technology permanently, a Secret group has formed inside the US Government that has taken the DOE program and applied it to the full US Government.
3) Q, for lack of a better term, is the group that keeps America & the World's secrets & permanently archives them so they're not lost to time. They're being archived in a way that will survive millions of years.
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Trump appointed what appears to be Hillary Clinton's long-lost sadistic psychopath sister to head the CIA.

Tell me more about how different he is, and how he's going to #Draintheswamp any day now.
These are the things we should be pissed about. Not fictitious red-scare fantasies cooked up in the bowels of GCHQ and the FBI. #Russiagate #NeoMcCarthyism
Again: #Trump is too easy to take pot-shots at, & everyone in the establishment does it anyway. However, they do so for all the wrong reasons, and this type of action - appointing #Haspel to head #CIA - is demonstrable, tangible evidence that he is no more change than #Obama was.
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What is the #DeepState hiding in #Antarctica ?

Dr. Salla explains how increased volcanic activity that is melting the massive ice shelves, exposing ancient artifacts and crashed spacecraft.

Do you believe in coincidences?
See next post.
A fateful secret agreement reached in 1955, between the Eisenhower Administration and a German breakaway group in Antarctica, resulted in a transnational corporate space program emerging. The covert infusion of personnel and resources from US military contractors into Antarctica.
This agreement allowed this transnational corporate program to steadily grow into a major space power, eventually eclipsing the secret space programs run by the US Navy and US Air Force, and the classified space programs of other nations.
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1-I need to look into what triggers shills to come to my account and why. Because when they do, they all seem to concentrate in the same posts and have (allgegdly) no connection to each other.
What's more, #memes seem to trigger them and not posts per se.
& specific #hashtags
2- @CIA and other shills are DICKS. you know why? Cos you are all morons enough to come at the same time and concentrate in the same FUCKING post?
Are you seriously that dumb?
I don't need a degree to teach u the basics of stealth and concealment,but apparently you need a lesson
3-So here is the lessons:
-If you want to seem genuine, you need to come at me at different times and concentrating on different posts.
-If you all come at me at once (pretending not to know each other) and talking about the same post, I know are all FUCKING SHILLS

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1) My vision: Much like Speakers Corner in Hyde Park, London, England, I see Twitter evolving as Speakers Corner on the Internet. I know we're currently embroiled in a tiff with Twitter right now, but lend me your ear. Let's look at the future of the Internet's 'Speaker's Corner'
2) Twitter is indeed a place to share ideas. Even though Twitter was designed by the US Government to be a psyop spying tool of predictive behavior, what it became was a tool to spawn Freedom of Speech across the Globe. You have to love unintended consequences, right?
3) Twitter was designed to control our freedom of speech through psychological manipulation and instead, due to the nature of our Consecration with God, has become a bastion of the thoughts, real time, of the human condition, allowing millions to unify in thought in mere hours.
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If you're still watching Fox News today, and listening to them blame Charlottesville on "White Nationalists," and you STILL think that Fox News isn't controlled opposition, owned by a Communist (Rupert Murdoch) then I'm sorry, you're an idiot.
Guys look:

One girl died at Charlottesville in 2017.
Dozens die in Chicago daily.

Most of those "behind" the event? They don't represent us. They don't represent Trump supporters. I'm sure, at the time, a few misguided and angry people attended.
In 2018? It's pure white trash~
There's no room in the #KeepAmericaGreat or #AmericaFirst movements for racism.

We have no desire for this, nor do we as a country seek to accomplish this.

We want unity. We want culture. Individuality. Fresh ideas.

Everything those idiots stand for is what we stand against.
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If Jason Kessler is who he says he is, then he's a disgusting human being.

But he's not who he says he is. He's working for the #deepstate to sow discord and divide.…
For evidence, one need look no further than this friendly exchange between Jason Kessler and 'reporter' Ford Fischer, where they try to make me think that Kessler will sue me.
Jason Kessler is a troll and a tool used to intimidate, smear by association, and distract.

Everyone knows what he is, and who he's really working for.
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1) Very interesting dig happening as we speak on the research boards for #QAnon. An anon is looking for Ham radio licenses in the District of Columbia, and finding curious results.

#QAnon #WWG1WGA @POTUS #GreatAwakenening #redpill #PatriotsFight #walkaway
2) For context to help the new folks. Nellie Ohr, wife of Bruce Ohr was using a Ham radio to transmit information related to the phony Russia-Trump dossier.

#QAnon #WWG1WGA @POTUS #GreatAwakenening #redpill #PatriotsFight #walkaway

3) The anon found a way to go through the entire FCC database for Ham Licenses & also search the Federal Employee Databases and is currently working on the District of Columbia.

Is this the Deep State using Ham Radio?

#QAnon #WWG1WGA @POTUS #GreatAwakenening #redpill #walkaway
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Boy do I have pic & data logs 2 confirm magnetic weapons signal disruption 2014 /2015 Verizon & Directv in unison, pics of low orbiting satellites visible to the naked eye right b4 dusk & dawn & current att signal disruption blind cats skin ulcers me & dad
And all the email to and from confirming submissions to @TomWheelerFCC former @FCC commissioner, whom is #DeepState by the way with a family of generational #Freemasons @AjitPaiFCC #DEWS #CrimesAgainstHumanity #HumanRights #Terrorism @realDonaldTrump
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I am taking daily screen shots of my Gofundme page ea. posting on @LinkedIn The viewing stats don't increase while both posts it's between do & the most recent (in recent activity) has 0 views, yet it's the 1st post, while generic posts following it increase in views @DarrellIssa
😠Can't win for losing when all popular social media sites are #DeepState #PedoProtectors💥 @FTC @realDonaldTrump @DarrellIssa
"LinkedIn doesn’t want you to know when they're censoring you… which is why I can still see it. At least #Facebook & #Twitter tell you they're shutting your content down." Quote👇… #YouTube #Google #LinkedIn #Censorship @realDonaldTrump @FTC @DarrellIssa
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#BreakingNews #PastorBrunson 5 Arrested in Assasination plot linked to C_A connection - #RealNews from @NewsBud_
Reported that: Head of the assasination team was offered $3 million dollars. From who? Unreported.
And #PastorBrunson s wife is a CyA operative??
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1) @RealAlexJones .You can love him or hate him, may have been like me just caught some of his stuff here & there when shared. I can't say that I am or was a supporter of his. What I can say is this. Americans on the left & right are where the elite want them
2) Whilst, those who came out on the losing end of the election have been pushed into a frenzy. Then those on the winning end whipped into an uproar about the others. We have saw a division of the people like we never imagined.
3) Sadly, not many have cared enough to pay attention to what exactly has been going on. This has been developing since 9/11, if you're not aware then you should wake up & pay attention. There was leaders on both sides applauded at times that took advantage.
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Why is @RealAlexJones "Content" removed from Apple, Facebook, YouTube & Spotify platforms?

Worse than #Shadowbanning is this "Targeted" Censorship of Conservatives with Millions of Followers that is sharing "The TRUTH They dont want You to know about"?
Alex Jones is now being CENSORED, Are You NEXT?

Straight out of Communism plot we Made ILLEGAL IN 1954

Regardless what you think of him & Infowars, this is equivalent of digital book burning & sets a horrifying precedent for mass censorship by Big Tech #DeepState
@RealAlexJones banned completely on Facebook, Apple, & Spotify
What conservative news outlet will be next?
The one platform that they CAN'T ban & will ALWAYS have our live streams is

‼️Spread links to help #Infowars fight #Censorship‼️
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Are you ever going to acknowlege this monstrosity of a satanic cult, that is the #MinnesotaMasons controling #Minnesota, & trafficking & killing kids & civilians, via public services & healthcare, including the #MNDFL who are the #Masons party, @realDonaldTrump? #Freemasons
You don't know what being a #deepstate victim is😠…👈 why not ask a couple of the families who sought me out for help. I know I've sent their names to you!
As long as the #Minnesota faction is NOT being addressed (& it IS MORE DANGEROUS than #DC by far) the swamp is NOT being drained! #Minnesota IS A MAIN OUTLET! DRAIN THE FUCKING SWAMP TRUMP! 👌START HERE! ALL BLUE AREAS TRAFFICKING IN HUMANS & KIDS, SATANIC RITUAL KILLINGS, ETC!👇
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1. I have been pondering #QAnon's most recent posts in the context of this latest Friday evening 8/3/18 releases, and it is pretty mind-blowing. #Q
2. One of #QAnon's most recents #1812, has had me stumped. Still not sure what #Q is saying with this one. Both Wray (anti-"Russian" election meddling as venue #Q links to getting voter ID) & [RR] Oath quote & saying can't 'please all..'
3. So in one sense #QAnon is distinguishing Rosenstein from Wray w [RR] in bold target box, not rescinding his "Trust Wray" affirmation, but, in another way in #1812, he's putting them in step w each other:
"Think WRAY (yesterday).
Think [RR] (today)."
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Enjoy your last FREE #ObamaDay's before you go to Prison barry/Barrack Hussein Obama/soetoro/Dunham

Your Kenyan birth certificate will not get you out of your Crimes
Thank GOD Not another Day barry hussein obama will ever have power in the @WhiteHouse

We END the decline of America & Corruption #ObamaDay

IS Today going to be the Day come Clean & tells the truth?

Is @BarackObama a 🇺🇸CITIZEN?

Is Barry Hussein Obama Born in Kenya?

Is barrack Hussein Obama a Muslim?

@realDonaldTrump Demand FOIA Request to RELEASE the Documents, unless he has something to Hide?
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