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#DeepState patterns.

Since @elonmusk has turned off the "algo-throttles", it seems, lets see if a long tweet is worth the effort.

Thesis: Today's conspirators are the relatives of the yesteryear's conspirators.

Bob Mueller #3, 1st cousin once removed CIA Dir. Richard Bissell.
#NYC Mayor DeBlasio was a hyper-promoter of the #Covid hoax in 2020. His real name is Warren Wilhelm Jr. Mom & dad & uncle OSS/CIA. Mom DeBlasio is interesting if you are into #JFK. Her boss at the OSS wrote a book about the Secret Service in 1957.…
#NJ Covid lockdown Governor @PhilMurphy has a #JFK connection via his wife Tammy Snyder Murphy. He uncle Louis B. Fine was used as a reference by a suspicious witness to the Assassination.…
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@AgretDenis, antivax, très connu à #Montpellier, continue à diffuser des théories antisémites, eugénistes, validistes ; "principe de précaution", c'est comme ça qu'il l'appelle.

Aujourd'hui, il fait de la pub pour un Phare'nuaire, mais de qui on parle ?

Accrochez vous⏬⏬
2 - Les Enfants-Phare c'est un site holistique, positiviste, souverainiste, qui sert à relayer toutes les infos des actions lies à la galaxie de Reifocovid et d'autres mouvement #antivax #NewAge en France.

On dirait des bisounours du suprémacisme blanc.
3- Bien évidemment, ils se disent apolitiques, mais dans leur journal appelé LePharandol, on y trouve des théories complotistes antisémites, eugénistes, le #DeepState #NouvelOrdreMondial, mais également des traitements anti-covid, et le charlatanisme médicale du réseau Solaris.
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#DariaDugin, daughter of #AlexanderDugin, has been #Assassinated via #CarBomb near #Moscow.

#AleksandrDugin is a prominent #Russian strategist sometimes called #PutinsBrain. He’s thought to have inspired #Putin to pursue the annexation of #Crimea, the... [1/2]
...#SpecialMilitaryOperation in #Ukraine, as well as the concepts of #Novorossiya and the #FairWorldOrder.

The #Assassination of the #FWO strategist’s daughter #DariaDugina is comparable to elimination of #NWO strategist #HenryKissinger’s daughter. [2/2]
The elimination of #DariaDugin represents a potential #Escalation between #NewWorldOrder and #FairWorldOrder. If #Russia assesses that #NWO actors are involved, the #Russians are likely to pursue #TitForTat. If #Washington’s proxy in #Kiev is determined the perpetrator... [1/2]
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Il problema non sono i #Gatetkeeper, il problema è quanto è facile fottere la gente.

Ora vi spiego

Dal giorno dopo del proclama delle #ElezioniPolitiche2022 ho visto nascere uno strano movimento sui social che invitava a non votare con hashtag #IONONVOTO

🤔 Perché penso io?
Questa cosa non ha senso.
Veniamo da due anni di soprusi e restrizioni, come minimo tantissime persone hanno una voglia matta di rivalsa e non vedono l'ora di mandare a zappare gli attuali parlamentari.

In risposta arrivano strani filosofeggiamenti con frasi ad effetto
Poi i paragoni con il passato:
hai visto cos'è successo con i #5Stelle, chi mi dice che non succederà la stessa cosa?

Ok, rispondo, ma non hai voglia di mandarli a casa?

Tanto non serve a niente, sono tutti uguali!

Tutti uguali? 🤔
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Wie kann man so krass abstürzen? Ken Jepsen ca. 2011Ken Jepsen ca. 2022
Ich glaub' den muss ich mir archivieren...…
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We've known since 2020 that the media & tech companies conspired w/ Dem operatives to Hide Hunters Laptop
This shows the 1st proof the Deep State was involved too
Election interference on a massive scale…
How criminally ironic that #TimothyThibault
The FBI agent involved in #HidingHuntersLaptop
& inventing the Russian Disinformation lie
Is featured talking abt stopping election fraud

I have an idea
Chuck this guy in prison
That's a good start
I told @SebGorka we're fighting back
The #DeepState, media & Left committed election interference by #HidingHuntersLaptop & lying that it was Russian Disinformation

We used military-grad AI to show the breadth of the conspiracy
Now we take them down
Payback is a digital medevac
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Η αλήθεια πίσω από τις εξεγέρσεις των αγροτών στην Ολλανδία: Απαλλοτρίωση & κατασκευή μεγαλούπολης με 30 εκατομμύρια κατοίκους σε έδαφος της Ολλανδίας, Βελγίου και Γερμανίας!
Τώρα αποκαλύπτεται ποια είναι στην πραγματικότητα η πολιτική αζώτου της Ολλανδίας: Ολλανδοί και Γερμανοί
αγρότες έχουν αποκλείσει ένα κέντρο προσφύγων στο Ter Apel στο πλαίσιο της συνεχιζόμενης αντίστασης στην απαλλοτρίωση. Η προηγμένη πολιτική αζώτου της κυβέρνησης θα χρεοκοπήσει εταιρείες και θα αναγκάσει τους αγρότες να πουλήσουν τη γη τους.
ένα κέντρο προσφύγων στο Ter Apel
στο πλαίσιο της συνεχιζόμενης αντίστασης στην απαλλοτρίωση. Η προηγμένη πολιτική αζώτου της κυβέρνησης θα χρεοκοπήσει εταιρείες και θα αναγκάσει τους αγρότες να πουλήσουν τη γη τους. Ο στόχος αυτής της πολιτικής του #GreatReset είναι η οικοδόμηση οικισμών στην απαλλοτριωμένη γη
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Informative summary of #Azov history and role in #UkraineRussiaWar. Based on other information the "#Azov-spirit" is really a reflection of a broader nationalist base that includes most of @ZelenskyUa's closest advisors - so needs no "Nazi party" - it's a pervasive #deepstate.
@ZelenskyUa ... and here's a very enlightening article covering an even larger period (from WWII till #UkraineRussiaWar ), showing how #fasism of a specifically #Ukraine kind could establish itself as a #deepstate within #democracy but outside it's processes.
#Ukraine #deepstate settling old scores from 2014 #Euromaidan-coup. Remember: Yanukovich was democratically-elected president - the LAST to represent both ethnicities, which implied good relations to #Russia - and that was his crime, in the view of ONE:
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Anyone seen this on major news-channels - not at all in line with #masshysteria engineered by the global #deepstate? BIG kudos to @luigidimaio and Mario #Draghi @Palazzo_Chigi for coming up with this plan to end #UkraineRussiaWar - throwing down a gauntlet to the #deepstate. ...
... and they will have to craft an "alliance of the sane", so started with @antonioguterres and canvassing #G7 - knowing that a lot of "allied sanity" is needed against the war-mongers in #Ukraine, here @Podolyak_M speaking for the #deepstate ...…
... and, finally, to give deserved credit: My attention was drawn to this initiative by this interesting interview on status of negotiations in @truthout, quite interesting otherwise, too - though nothing really new.…
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Megalopolis x #Russia: Total War by Pepe Escobar…

After careful evaluation, the Kremlin is rearranging the geopolitical chessboard to end the unipolar hegemony of the “indispensable nation”.

Operation Z is the first salvo of a titanic struggle: three decades after the fall of the USSR, and 77 years after the end of WWII, after careful evaluation, the Kremlin is rearranging the geopolitical chessboard to end the unipolar hegemony of the “indispensable nation”.
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An intriguing piece of #OSINT was revealed in a tweet by Staci Burk days ago. Its not clear she realizes the possible significance. Days later she would receive another "credible threat" demanding she delete her twitter accnt & stop talking. Out of fear it appears she compiled.
In a recent @Propublica article about the #BigLie (Trump's continued fraudulent claim the 2020 election was stolen), Ms Burk is mentioned & implies she came up with some of the election lies. Burk posted a NEW late Nov. 2020 text 2 refute this & suggest she was used as a conduit
Turns out we grabbed this first screenshot and then moments later it was gone, then followed by another one that now redacted the word "Robyn" at the bottom. We figured she had just missed that redaction and wanted to correct it. But immediately the name "Epps" caught our eye.
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Open letter to @OfficialDGISPr Dear General Iftekhar, from all accounts you seem to be a good man. So could you start by cutting off the stipend ISPR pays to keep @CynthiaDRitchie aka CynthiaDBitchie on air at @WorldPTV running at the time under the kind control of Ms. Tahira 2/
2/ Syed's husband wotsisname? This 'B' abused the first Muslim PM of a Muslim country, Pakistan, namely #ShaheedMohtarmaBenazirBhutto, in the vilest of terms! Its all on YOUR record. 2) STOP sending your/ISI's goons to harass poor people who help look after my house in Wah 3/
3/ Village while I live in penurious exile for fear (in my 77th Year) of the odious NAB whose bus I was pushed under for no reason by the #Scoundrel Lt. Gen. Talat Masood, an erstwhile friend who always appreciated my honourable service in the Army, but did this dastardly deed 4/
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@khorv1 @KremlinRussia_E @Ukraine @Russia @georgesoros Let's ignore all the #kompromat that @KremlinRussia very probably has on all the #Brandon and #WheresHunter dealings in #Ukraine. All the #DeepState dirty laundry regarding energy and #China... and that China has all this info, and leverage, as well. Con't...
@khorv1 @KremlinRussia_E @Ukraine @Russia @georgesoros @KremlinRussia Why did the Mayor of @moscowgov's wife give all that money to #HunterBiden? Was that an official operation? Was she taking orders? Was she gaining access to prove how easy it was? What was going on?

Ignore all that, we're talking about the #Soros #ColorRevolution in Ukraine. ...
@khorv1 @KremlinRussia_E @Ukraine @Russia @georgesoros @KremlinRussia @moscowgov So there's a fun fact about #GeorgeSoros and his relationships with #Russia...

If he's ever found in their territories, he is to be shot on sight. He is designated not just a terrorist, but a person who violates human rights.

#Putin knows that Soros is a bad man. Keep goin'.
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With respect, I do not. 1) He was #RIGGED into office and not elected; 2) He has been vile about his opponents whilst abroad, and at home using NAB jails; 3) He has laid the country low. Absolutely zero respect for the #SelectedDolt who is a fascist to boot (pun intended!).
2/ I hope none of us have forgotten that he is selfish and self-centred and arrogant, to the point that he had the brass, gall, temerity AND shamelessness to travel all the way to London to canvass support for his son's uncle, Zac Goldsmith against Pakistani-Brit Mohammad Sadiq3/
3/ for Mayor of London. In the event, Zac lost badly. I hope none of us has forgotten that he took days to travel to Quetta to condole the deaths of many innocent and peaceful Hazara. #SelectedDolt is a base being, devoid of any human feeling of empathy, indeed sympathy. He is 4/
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Damn the Fascist's eyes who hold our country by the Jugular 'Vain' (spellings courtesy Lt. Gen. (Allah be praised) Asif Ghafoor aka 'Ghafoora' who called us Pakistanis who live abroad for fear of the cruel, hard-hearted, hard-headed, mendacious and corrupt #DeepState of 2/
2/ Pakistan, 'municipal strays' i.e., dogs and bitches. My dear friend and playmate and schoolmate Farooq Hyat Khan is in hospital and I cannot go back to visit him and comfort his children who are younger than mine, and who I saw grow up because I do not want to get locked up 3/
3/ in a filthy NAB jail cell in my 76th Year. NAB has sent me messages to sign a statement that they will draft against against Mr. Nawaz Shari and that all will be well. I told them to go to hell. And so I sit in exile and watch my friends get ill and I cannot comfort them 4/
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The #DeepState is out of tactics

All they can do is delay -- not publicize, not admit, keep right on lying.

But that plays directly into the hands of #MilitaryPlanningAtItsFinest.

Do nothing...and the plan unfolds PERFECTLY.

Do something/anything, and you lose ...faster. Image
#BigMike promoted #TheBiggestLoser TV show.

Good show, good cause...but oh the irony now.

Billy boy said he didn't inhale
but Neo Q says he did.
The Elites wanting only puppets in top positions

means that today they have nobody with a clean enough record to be safe.

They have nobody they can fall back on.

They are all equally vulnerable. Equally doomed.
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1/7 Thread on Rising #Impact of NATO-#DeepState
#Warmongering on the #European Gas #Imports
from #Russia.

The #Yamal Natural #Gas #Pipeline:

Cost: $36 Billion
Diameter of 14,20cm
Capacity 33 billion m³ a year.
Squeezed by warmongering:

2/7 Dec. 14, 2021 - #Yamal-#Europe #Gas
flows #Stable: Press.

#Belarus leader Alexander #Lukashenko has made repeated #Threats to halt operations on a #Pipeline that sends #Russian natural #Gas to #Europe:…
3/7 Dec. 15, 2021 - #Russian #Gas #Exports
to #Europe via #Yamal #Pipeline #Rises,
despite warning by Alexander #Lukashenko
from #Minsk, #Belarus:

"To suspend the #Transit of natural gas in response to Western #Sanctions, boosting spot #Gas #Prices."

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Il #deepstate cinese è stato l'attore principale dell'operazione covid, sia a livello di laboratorio di emissione che di manipolazione mediatica per lanciare la "pandemia", Ma non è ancora questo il virus desiderato dalla cricca globalista.
Alla prossima caduta del Governo #Draghi (il suo ruolo per creare danni necessari a #default è terminato) il veneto preferito da Londra e Pechino è pronto ai blocchi di partenza.
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Of course not! He is a paid ISI Troll who even runs a run-down ThinkTANK in his fancy Office cum Residence in Islamabad and invites #DeepState-friendly experts from abroad. I was invited just once by Sheroo in @P_Musharraf 's time when Swat was up in flames and this foreign 2/
2/ 'academic' tried to convince us Pakistanis who were seeing conditions up close AND writing about it, that all was hunky-dory in Pakistan etcetera. I remember the good Lt Gen @AsadDur54534265 being there. When it came my turn I said to the assemblage: 'Either I live on Mars 3/
3/ or you have just come down from Mars'. And then narrated how the TTP in the shape of Mullah Fazlullah (aka Mullah Radio who used to nightly point out which person was to be beheaded in Khooni Chowk, Mingora, tomorrow night) was terrorising Swat. How there were Taliban check-4/
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A thread on an important symbol: the #maltesecross of the #KnightsHospitaller and it’s use in #definingpower #elite #networks #deepstate #worldgovernment
The #maltesecross of the #KnightsHospitaller are displayed by the Order of St John, Royal Victorian Order & Order of the Bath (GCB) - dynastic orders / orders of chivalry in the UK honours system. ImageImageImageImage
The last 8 Lord Mayor’s of the City of London Corporation, all Knights in the Order of St John - the British branch of the #knightshospitaller

The city brands itself as the oldest continuous municipal ‘democracy’ and serves as the model for the British Parliament. ImageImage
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It is shocking to see that seasoned journalists and academics give no marks to the cruelty of our Institutions such as NAB which can throw innocent people into jail cells and throw away the keys. For God's sake Ladies, have a heart. Show me ONE 'democratic' country that would 2/
2/ deal with the opposition in the vile manner that our military dictators and this awful so-called #RIGGED government does. Show me ONE country who seeks to kick out a Supreme Court judge just because he admonishes an Intelligence Agency to stop playing politics. Show me ONE 3/
3/ country who's dictator (Yes, you guessed it, @P_Musharraf!) tells a most popular leader (Yes, you guessed it, The late lamented Bibi) 'you are as safe as your closeness to me' and when she goes her own way she is shot in the head and the scene of the crime washed with power 4/
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1/@threadreaderapp #unroll Since I displayed my art in 08 and was 1st #gangstalked w. #zersetzung we've been attacked by countless entities.Many are detailed in forthcoming whistleblow on #TheCultureIndustry my bk #TheCelebrityCode
Attacks now appear to emanate from local sources
@threadreaderapp 2/ This new Twitter thread will accompany a blog post and addition to #TheCelebrityCode exposing the weaponisation of #charity #council #homelessshelters & other parts of #community infrastucture in apparent order to inflict #zersetzung & support #FourthReich
3/I found out as an underclass outsider I was not allowed to show #traditionallyskilled #contemporaryart which is original, autonomous, &transcendental! Why? ART devalues symbol laden #dumbeddown #KITSCH controlled by the #bankingbloodlines for #moneylaundering & #socialcontrol
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The #Deepstate composes of various factions subfactions and subvertivfactions.
Need to know basis keeps all out of the loop.
Noone knows what to do.
If they dont offer up blood to the beasts below.
The frog king is not an idol or fiction.
Not everyone is against humans, #OnlyMost Image
Not like I would have too large an understanding of what kinda shitshow they are running down there. I barely exist on paper, the hospital I was born in no longer exists, and they lost their records of my birth. So im just a nobody. Kept inside a small box, so I cant be heard.
Song "Concrete" earlier in this thread. Is a reminder/warning.

Fresh clones of, any of us, tossed in a grinder.
Used in almost everything.
#clones human body so cheap to produce
They even feed it to us


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Lets hope against hope that the #DeepState realises that these shenanigans will not work; that very soon there might not even be money to pay our soldiery. I have it from a good man that Peshawar Uni profs, even junior staff have had their pensions cut. That the country is 2/
2/ heading towards complete disaster; that it is time to let go of the country's jugular 'vain' (spellings courtesy former @OfficialDGISPR @peaceforchange); let the judiciary work freely and fairly and lift the chador off 'Selected' @ImranKhanPTI 's head and let parliamentary 3/
3/ democracy work by withdrawing the Colonels who direct the proceedings of the Senate and the National Assembly through arm-twisting and more. Come on, gentlemen, the country can't take more. I fear that even the grown-ups will not be able to fix things if they are allowed to 4/
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