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1. What’s so special about Greenland?

Thule Air Base... providing missile warning, space surveillance and space control to NORAD and Air Force Space Command.

Is this sale possible? Maybe...
2. There are White Hats at Thule interfacing directly w/ Pleiadians & others. These groups are also coordinating takedowns of #deepstate satellites as well as attacks from #deepspace!
3. via #NEIOH
“There are many White Hats there and POTUS is often going there now in Federation Crafts. Many of our finest Crafts are at Military Bases completely covered but known by many.
This is a Top Secret Operation which will soon be Disclosed…
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Allen W Dulles, in full Allen Welsh Dulles, (born Apr 7, 1893, Watertown, NY—died Jan 29, 1969, Washington, DC), US diplomat & intelligence expert, who was director (1953–61) of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) during its early period of growth.…
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Good thread on Antifa connections to George Soros
Now I'm going to put a few more connections together regarding these antifa "protests", who's working with them & George Soros
We all know Moveon . org is another Soros funded group
Recall that Moveon voted to support Bernie Sanders in 2016…
Bernie Sanders who is a self described "Democratic Socialist" just yesterday espoused the SAME RHETORIC AS ANTIFA AND the Democratic Socialists of America
Which Antifa took to heart
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今年2月 这一切都是和共匪的体育渗透路线一致

记不记得乒乓外交?羽毛球外交?跳水外交?冰球外交? 台湾的吴家蔡家 中国的江家 又在体育界扩大影响力 而且低调洗钱…

这次他打破美国运动收购纪录 高价全部拥有NETS队 说要让NETS好好在中国发展!😡😡
@robert_spalding @marcorubio @BenKTallmadge…
一个耶鲁的校董 (耶鲁发生的事还少吗)耶鲁大学是克林顿夫妇的政治大本营!

阿里巴巴潮起潮落 只有蔡崇义还地位稳固 一个低调的拥有人


一切都是影子政府 #deepstate
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여러분들은 왜 우리가 전쟁을 해야하야는지 또는 왜 빚에서 벗어날 수없는 것처럼 보이는지 궁금한 적이 있었나요?
왜 빈곤과, 분열, 범죄가 있는지를요? 제가 말씀드리자면, 모두 그럴만한 이유가 다 있었어요 . 그것들이 모두 다 고의가 있었다 라고 말씀드리면 어뗳겠습니까?

물론 우리는 범죄자들도 있다는 것을 인지하고 있습니다 당신의 집을 털고, 핸드폰를 훔치고, 또 그들이 도망 갈 수만 있다고 생각하면... 당신을 살해 할 수도 있습니다. 우리가 알고 있는 범위의 범죄자들은 법과 무관하게 타인의 권리를 침해하기로 선택한 사람들입니다.

범죄자들은 비즈니스와 정치에서도 성공할 수 있으며 리더로도 선출 될 수 있습니다. 만약 범죄자가 대통령이된다면, 그들이 달성 할 수있는 것을 상상하여 보십시오!
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Thread of 21 notables collected over the past 12 hours.

Notable are not endorsements.



FBI Agents Raid South Austin Semiconductor Firm on Wednesday. Federal law enforcement spokesperson confirms agents were at Vorago Technologies on South MoPac Boulevard, but wouldn't say why. #QAnonRaids…

The Chinese were archiving and monitoring emails on HRC’s unencrypted private server. #QAnonHillaryClinton #QAnonChina

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Here it is everyone.😱Desperation.
Hey @FBIPortland @DHSgov 👀

1.) False flag w predictive
2.) Blame already assigned to
Trump conservatives for
bloodshed & violence.
3.) #DeepState is preparing a
major event.…
@FBIPortland @DHSgov Sorcery is real. Who are the...
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Deciphering the panoply of manipulation deceit & lies of the parasitic #Ophite/ #Khazarian #Globalist #DeepState cabal…

To begin with “#OnlyTheNameChanges” is key to THEIR usurping/ renaming belief systems for THEIR own benefit… regardless ALL are based on #Ophiolatreia 🐍

To comprehend “#Serpent worship” one must travel far back in time to the founding cults of ALL symbolism/ religions/ belief systems…

#Stellar = #AstroTheology (most ancient)

#Solar = #FireandSun

#Lunar = #SerpentDragonandWolf

1915 Churchward…
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1898 Albert Churchward (1st Edition)

“The Origin & Antiquity of Freemasonry”

This thread was removed by #Ophite/ #Khazarian #Globalist #DeepState cabal #SocialMedia twatter so I am reposting it because THE BOOK IS MINE & THERE IS NO COPYRIGHT for a book from 1898

1898 Albert Churchward (1st Edition)

“The Origin & Antiquity of Freemasonry”

1898 Albert Churchward (1st Edition)

“The Origin & Antiquity of Freemasonry”
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The Curious Case of Ilhan Omar & Her Family | Inside Report…
#CreepingSharia #DeepState #Elections2020 #IslaminAmerica #Jiahd #JihadOmar
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#SundayMotivation Conspiracy Theories Are Running rampant amoung #TwitterSearch re: #ClintonBodyCount & I’m in a very small majority. #EpsteinSuicide was a Suicide committed by himself with no help from anyone else. I’ve gathered evidence over the past 2 days & seen the worst
reporting from some of the “best” 🙄 Media we have. Listen to what we’ve been thru..Epstein was on Suicide Watch!! Ohh no, hours later, No he wasn’t! But, why not? And the noise continued & no one searched for regulations? Or did they? I refuse to repeat myself & earlier tweets.
Anyone could have gone through the SHU for Fed. BOP (just the 18 pages) 🙄..To Hell with the 150+ #DOJ report I referenced. There are procedures ppl!! MH evals! Btw, anyone that knows anything about ppl that want to commit Suicide, they plan it out first. Oh know someone maybe?
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[1] We have talked a lot about #Remington Arms - But did you ever hear about the #RemingtonTypewriter ?
[2] That is right, E. Remington and Sons (1816–1896) was a manufacturer of firearms and typewriters.

We actually can thank Remigton for the invention of #QWERTY…
[3] A key executive at Remington Typewriters for many years was Henry W Buse, whose family lived for many years in a very nice home in Ridley Park, Pennsylvania . This is from a June 1923 issue of "Office Equipment".
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Research the Franklin Coverup & the CIA/FBI "farm" that was caught red handed using honeypots of all manner to blackmail political/business leaders
THAT is who the #DeepState is!
NXVIM, John of God, Epstein, UK/AUS pedophile ring that involved royalty & entertainment industry elite, PEDOPHILE PRIESTS being sheltered by the VATICAN, Israeli pedophile rings uncovered in S. America, DC SWAMP, Libya/BENGHAZI slave mkts, Chinese organ black mkt

THIS is why they NEVER stop bashing @POTUS
THIS is why their fomenting hate & division whilst blaming others
FACT: They don't care about children in cages, they care about not being able to get their hands on them
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1. Lots of people irate over a True Pundit story that FBI Director Wray has given Peter Strzok his job back at the FBI along with his security clearance.

Not sure if I buy it.

From 2018: Peter Strzok loses security clearance, Jeff Sessions says -…
2. True Pundit was the first to run this story I believe. In fact, no major MSM sources are reporting Strzok is back. If he was back they'd be rejoicing and celebrating as a victory over @POTUS. Instead, they're saying Strzok is suing to get his job back.…
3. You can search "Peter Strzok gets FBI job back". Not a single source but True Pundit says Strzok has his job back. Why would Pundit give disinfo? Why would they purposefully misinform? Again...if Strzok DID have his job back, the media would be screaming it! But theyre not.
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The statue of the blindfolded archer is found both in #Epstein 's Palm Beach house and on #EpsteinIsland

#QAnon #WWG1WGA #TheGreatAwakening
The screenshots of the archer statue in #Epstein 's Palm Beach mansion are from the video in this article

#UnsealEpstein #UnsealPedogate
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#Q ...Myself & Others Have Attempted To Let You Know...Now....Im Just Gonna Let The CARDS Fall Where They MAY....
You Can't Impeach @realDonaldTrump For Conspiracy With Russia If You Are A Senator Doing It With Long Time Oligarch Ties (Deripaska etc) & Soros.....
NO US Persons Name Could Be On The Russian Dossier....NO NAME At All... That's Why A Trusted M16 (FIFA) Agent Was Used & How MCCAIN Mysteriously Was In Possession Of DOSSIER. There Will Be Differences In What He Gave To FBI & What GPS Washed & Put Steeles Name On For Use....
Also If Incase You Missed It When MUELLER & Others Gave Report They Stressed Over & Over NO US CITIZEN
CONSPIRED WITH RUSSIA....Covering Up For McCain & All The Other Anti Trump Coup Plotters.
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@jac45192559 @JamesKelly Like the @MelGibsonFilms x @JoaqPhoenix x movie!!! #signs

How do U conquer them?! U need #RogerRoger .. good morning @biourbanism :) @robinmonotti .. glasses of @rogerWATERs all over your ***** @AngryWHStaffer ***** @whiteHOUSE #ImpeachTrump

#FreeAssangeNOW #FreeChelseaManning
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New Acting DNI Director 🇺🇸
Honorable Joseph Maguire, current Director of the National Counterterrorism Center, will be named Acting Director of National Intelligence, effective August 15th
#QAnon #WWG1WGA McCabe
Q Drop On New Acting DNI DIR #Maguire
👉Joseph Maguire replaced Nicholas Rasmussen former Director of NCTC who now works for the McCain Institute

👉(Q) Nicholas Rasmussen (IMPORTANT name to remember) 👇…

FISA 702👇…
Meet our new acting DNI Director Honorable Joseph #Maguire
Former Navy Seal💥💥💥#TrustThePlan
SCARAMUCCI MODEL=Acting director will clean NSA & DNI of #DeepState
Military planning at its finest
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Shame on DeepState #ForeignPolicy Journal. For Years #Turkey has been hosting 3+ Million #refugees from #Syria (Not like EU concentration camps accepting a few thousands!). They deported a few 1000s without documents & this attack?! - - -…
An Amazing Example Of Distorted, Spun & Twisted Reporting for “Targeted” Attacks Against #Turkey. #FP should ask #EU & #USA: How many refugees from #Syria Are you willing to host & house in US/EU? And then print the “official response” for all to see!!!!!
Let’s Get The Facts Straight On #Syria Refugees In #Turkey: 1-Millions provided Housing;2- Millions Provided Healthcare; 3- Million+ W/ Work Permits; 4-All Children Provided With Public Education; 5- 10s Of 1000s In #Turkey Universities ...6- With 99% of #Turks Hospitable to Them
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1) Quick thread: The Great Roll-Out

Why is the #GreatAwakening taking so long?
2) I've seen a number of posts, with various levels of concerns about WHY the delay...

Some thoughts... The obvious ones first.
3) Not all the positions are filled with honorable people yet, as demonstrated in the recent departure of DNI, Dan Coats.

How about all the resignations, explosions in Russian bases & Subs, a last-minute change in the top U.S. Navy officer, Camp P. Marines arrested in FORMATION!
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