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Of course not! He is a paid ISI Troll who even runs a run-down ThinkTANK in his fancy Office cum Residence in Islamabad and invites #DeepState-friendly experts from abroad. I was invited just once by Sheroo in @P_Musharraf 's time when Swat was up in flames and this foreign 2/
2/ 'academic' tried to convince us Pakistanis who were seeing conditions up close AND writing about it, that all was hunky-dory in Pakistan etcetera. I remember the good Lt Gen @AsadDur54534265 being there. When it came my turn I said to the assemblage: 'Either I live on Mars 3/
3/ or you have just come down from Mars'. And then narrated how the TTP in the shape of Mullah Fazlullah (aka Mullah Radio who used to nightly point out which person was to be beheaded in Khooni Chowk, Mingora, tomorrow night) was terrorising Swat. How there were Taliban check-4/
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A thread on an important symbol: the #maltesecross of the #KnightsHospitaller and it’s use in #definingpower #elite #networks #deepstate #worldgovernment
The #maltesecross of the #KnightsHospitaller are displayed by the Order of St John, Royal Victorian Order & Order of the Bath (GCB) - dynastic orders / orders of chivalry in the UK honours system.
The last 8 Lord Mayor’s of the City of London Corporation, all Knights in the Order of St John - the British branch of the #knightshospitaller

The city brands itself as the oldest continuous municipal ‘democracy’ and serves as the model for the British Parliament.
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President Obama/Biden
Signs Indefinite Detention Bill Into Law
December 31, 2011


WASHINGTON President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) into law today.

The statute contains a sweeping worldwide indefinite detention provision.
While President Obama issued a signing statement saying he had “serious reservations” about the provisions, the statement only applies to how his administration would use the authorities granted by the NDAA,
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It is shocking to see that seasoned journalists and academics give no marks to the cruelty of our Institutions such as NAB which can throw innocent people into jail cells and throw away the keys. For God's sake Ladies, have a heart. Show me ONE 'democratic' country that would 2/
2/ deal with the opposition in the vile manner that our military dictators and this awful so-called #RIGGED government does. Show me ONE country who seeks to kick out a Supreme Court judge just because he admonishes an Intelligence Agency to stop playing politics. Show me ONE 3/
3/ country who's dictator (Yes, you guessed it, @P_Musharraf!) tells a most popular leader (Yes, you guessed it, The late lamented Bibi) 'you are as safe as your closeness to me' and when she goes her own way she is shot in the head and the scene of the crime washed with power 4/
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This post will be my new "Collection - entry point", regarding everything I like you to know about this "shocking masterplan of the Elite" aka
that I came across and like 2 share Image
First, a quick lead to:
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1/@threadreaderapp #unroll Since I displayed my art in 08 and was 1st #gangstalked w. #zersetzung we've been attacked by countless entities.Many are detailed in forthcoming whistleblow on #TheCultureIndustry my bk #TheCelebrityCode
Attacks now appear to emanate from local sources
@threadreaderapp 2/ This new Twitter thread will accompany a blog post and addition to #TheCelebrityCode exposing the weaponisation of #charity #council #homelessshelters & other parts of #community infrastucture in apparent order to inflict #zersetzung & support #FourthReich
3/I found out as an underclass outsider I was not allowed to show #traditionallyskilled #contemporaryart which is original, autonomous, &transcendental! Why? ART devalues symbol laden #dumbeddown #KITSCH controlled by the #bankingbloodlines for #moneylaundering & #socialcontrol
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@tan123 The 'like' keeps disappearing, whenever I return to your 2019 #SpotOn message, Tom

#FreemanDyson in reply
also my pinned

@tan123 Thank you, Tom
as if you read my mind
about @GretaThunberg puppet

RIP #Freeman Dyson

Free #CO2 !!!!!!!!!!;;

Stop #NetZero #NetZero2050

@NobelPrize is a political prize
- Prof. @MichelChossu
@tan123 @GretaThunberg @NobelPrize @MichelChossu Above, "today we're celebrating #UNDay & @UN, who was awarded Nobel #Peace Prize in 2001"

@NobelPeaceOslo, the #911Truth* 2001 9/11= pretext for war. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld knew* in April 2001

@SLindauer2011 got @FBI #PatriotAct, 30days after btw #McCain
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1 #DeepState

Oorzaak kinderhandel en erger? #DeepState
Oorzaak verkiezingsfraude? #DeepState
Oorzaak problemen onderwijs? #DeepState
Oorzaak problemen gezondheidszorg? #DeepState
Oorzaak koopkrachtvermindering? #DeepState
2 #DeepState
Oorzaak problemen voor boeren? #DeepState
Oorzaak bankencrisissen? #DeepState
Oorzaak coronacrisis? #DeepState
Oorzaak wereldhonger? #DeepState
Oorzaak giftige medicatie? #DeepState
Oorzaak wereldvervuiling? #DeepState
Oorzaak chemtrails? #DeepState
3 #DeepState


Remember #EpsteinFiles
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@Europarl_EN 14 Jan⏰1999 @Europarl_EN
Report on environment, #security & #foreignpolicy.
Committee on #Environment, Public #Health & #Consumer Protection🔔▶…🔔 #HAARP disrupts❕ #climate

#ClimateCrisis😱 #MADEinUSA ® HAARP #DEW

@Europarl_EN @TimmermansEU @EU_Commission @EUCouncilPress @EU_Consumer @EUCourtPress @eu_echo @EUClimateAction @fvdemocratie @coe @PieterOmtzigt #FreemanDyson💎math physicist. Worked in the same building @Princeton as #Einstein💭when Einstein was there "big brain"💭
Knew the guy who designed 1st #ClimateCrisis👎model"

"EU using #ClimateChange to justify its own existence"
- #PaulNuttall @ukipmeps
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Lets hope against hope that the #DeepState realises that these shenanigans will not work; that very soon there might not even be money to pay our soldiery. I have it from a good man that Peshawar Uni profs, even junior staff have had their pensions cut. That the country is 2/
2/ heading towards complete disaster; that it is time to let go of the country's jugular 'vain' (spellings courtesy former @OfficialDGISPR @peaceforchange); let the judiciary work freely and fairly and lift the chador off 'Selected' @ImranKhanPTI 's head and let parliamentary 3/
3/ democracy work by withdrawing the Colonels who direct the proceedings of the Senate and the National Assembly through arm-twisting and more. Come on, gentlemen, the country can't take more. I fear that even the grown-ups will not be able to fix things if they are allowed to 4/
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Q: What happened in #LasVegas on October 1, 2017 after President Trump took office?

A: Do NOT Ask the #FBI
Because they have NO IDEA.

But maybe we should ask some other people -->
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🚨 The Deep State Comes for the Big Guy

The deep state’s ability and willingness to attack a president of either party with impunity is not just a problem for that politician; it constitutes a peril for our free republic.

#JoeBiden #DonaldTrump

🧵 Unroll: ⤵️
Throughout his candidacy, presidency, and reelection campaign, Donald Trump was targeted by the #DeepState, which undertook to subvert, defeat, and destroy him.

In the 2020 election specifically, we saw leaks, lies, and letters from “experts” and “leaders”…

…attacking Trump with sundry false accusations, all intended to boost the chances of his Democratic opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden.

Unlike many of Biden’s open supporters, such as the National Education Association or the Service Employees International Union…

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#HAITI Investigation Underway Into Assassination of Haiti's President | 13 HOURS AGO
- Gunmen assassinated Haitian President Jovenel #Moïse and wounded his wife in their home early Wednesday, inflicting more chaos on the unstable Caribbean country.…
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Come il "#grandebalzo" e "#rivoluzioneculturale" di #Mao (ancora glorificato oggi dal potere in #Cina) provocò 45 milioni di vittime per carestie, persecuzioni, esecuzioni sommarie.
Un settimanale progressista cinese ha pubblicato una servizio sulla Grande Carestia avvenuta sotto l’ex leader comunista Mao Zedong, una parte della storia della Cina che è stata ben occultata negli ultimi 50 anni.…
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#CarterPage was the Subject of the #FISA

But Carter Page was NOT the Intended Target for Surveillance

#EyesOpenFolks Image
The FISA Renewals were NOT authorized b/c they wanted to Continue Surveillance on #CarterPage

The FISAs provided "cover" for the actual Targets and provided a Legal Defense for Surveillance info that may have come in thru OTHER MEANS (US or Partners)
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President Trump wanted a STRONG SHOW of Force at the US Capitol on January 6th

This is consistent with pre-Event Intel and Open Source Concerns

But instead there was NOTHING


#CuiBono ?
Who planted the Bombs?

Were the Bombs real?
Why did the #DCMayor OPPOSE any Show of Force and Strong Police Presence in Washington DC on January 6th?

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🚨 Janice McAfee, the widow of Antivirus creator John McAfee blames U.S. authorities for his death, says he was not suicidal.

McAfee himself anticipated that the Washington DC criminal Cabal might kill him before he could be brought back to the states.

“They’ll get you six ways from Sunday, if they want to take you down!” — Chuck Schumer, Democrat Senator of NY and Senate Majority Leader 😱

“If I suicide myself, I didn't.”

#whackd #whacked #mcafee
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#BobMueller calling for Transformation of the #FBI after the Attacks of September 11th 2001

Q: Why did Comey call Mueller after he was FIRED ?

Q: Why did the Election of President Donald J. Trump cause the #DeepState to go into PANIC MODE?

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#JohnMcAffe explains how the #DeepState controls America.
Is this why #JohnMcAfee was assassinated?
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Die typische "Argumentationsstruktur" von Stefan Homburg exemplarisch verdeutlicht.
Es beginnt damit, dass er eine falsche Aussage tätig um zu skandalisieren:
1/7 Image
Diese Aussage kann mit Blick in den Rahmenhygieneplan des Landes Niedersachsens leicht und unmissverständlich widerlegt werden:
2/7… Image
Konfrontiert mit seinen #FakeNews bezichtigt er denjenigen, der ihn auf die korrekten Vorgaben verwiesen hat der Lüge und verbreitet erneut #Fakenews, wie im Folgenden belegt wird:
3/7 Image
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Attacks of September 11th, 2012

#LiberalMedia Cover Story to support the #Obama Re-election

POTUS = #Obama
Sec of State = #Hillary
FBI = Comey Image
#LiberalMedia Cover-up to keep the Obama Narrative of Winning the War against Terrorism

Circle the Wagons to keep Hillary positioned for 2016 Election Cycle

Promote Comey to Director of the FBI 1 year later
#Mueller to #Comey Image
2 #StandDown Orders

1st = Delay GRS Contractors to Respond to Consulate from CIA Annex

2nd = Around Midnight Local Time with Drone Video Feed Active
State Dept to US Military
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Fauci was VERY NERVOUS about the #ChinaVirus leak out of the Wuhan Bio-Lab

The Late January Email from Kristian Andersen set OFF ALARM BELLS

Fauci fully understood the implications and he had to NEUTRALIZE the problem
One of the "Tasks" assigned to his Deputy may have been to organize a Research Team that would work to Neutralize the Lab Origin Narrative Early

Scientific Claims would be made in Trusted Journals and by Reputable People

Divert Attention and Dismiss Lab as NOT Likely
Start Pulling the Threads on the Cover-Up

Fauci's Deputy -->

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