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I attended @PICSWFL1 event in Fort Myers #Florida- Well worth the 45 min drive. Of course, don’t expect any media coverage of positive-peaceful & constructive protests like this😉
The thing is: When you are not orchestrated & funded by #Soros and alike, when you are not part of the #DeepState scam, well, then, you’ll hear the crickets when it comes to media coverage.
I was impressed with a few speakers- including the whistleblower nurse Erin and #OakesFarm owner Alfie Oakes. No bs. Straight talk. And of course positive audience keeping the freedom spirit alive.
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The #Senate just released their 87 page findings regarding #HunterBiden and wow, he’s basically the bagman for #DeepState pimps which we all knew but it’s nice to have it in writing. Let’s see how the criminal #MSM covers this.… ImageImageImageImage
They’re all crooks looting American taxpayer money. #Soros owns BOTH Ukrainian anti-corruption NGOs in Ukraine to ensure operations dont run into political issues. They can bully any Ukrainian politicians trying to stop the widespread corruption. Image
It’s important to note, this network appears to be assisted by the 🤡’s which is no surprise at this point. Allegedly the #UkrainianEmbassy in #NewYork is a child trafficking hub. If anybody has any additional info on this, please share. Image
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I think @AmitShah's FCRA regulation bill does not go far enough, but if Oxfam is upset, the govt must be doing something right.

Ideally I'd completely ban FCRA to NGOs. But minimally FCRA-NGOs must be prohibited from any PILs. They represent foreign not "public" interests.

The FCRA-NGO system is for neo-colonialism and the Christian-Church war machine. They are #deepstate entities working to subvert Indian society.

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@Metallica's ONE - A landmine takes all but death from this soldier. His body is now his never-ending, torturous holding cell he can not even choose to escape from.
Our freedom is at risk, and we need to prepare mentally and physically. For many who fought for this, they are living in mental, emotional, physical, or psychological pain. Or all of the above. Pray for them.…
"No Justice, No Peace!". We have been told we will have no peace without THEIR choosing of a Supreme Court Justice. Why does the Abraham Accord of peace offend them so much?…
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Ok. I think I will try to follow the CHURCH - CHINA connection. 🔍

There's something going on here.
Some dots to be connected.


#China #CCP #Vaticano #Italy #DeepState
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The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) was laundering money for criminals involved in a #PonziScheme well after the Bank was tipped off of the illegal activity. #DarkToLight!
WTF?! #JamesComey was on the board of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation the same year HSBC was involved in this Ponzi scheme! This was before becoming FBI Director. Wow! #Comey is a #DeepState fixer!
Open the flood gates! Looks like these massive multinational banks are bag holders & money laundering tools for Illuminati families. More than 2 TRIlLLION in banking transactions were flagged as criminal 💰 laundering during the 18 years Clinton, Bush & Obama were President. Wow!
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Okay, here it is: I use #DeepState sites & platforms such as this 1 mainly for announcements. My reports-analyses are mainly 4 my communities. I work 60+ hrs a week 4 my Fact-Based reports. I’d like for anyone who is not part of my communities to UNFOLLOW me. Pls go elsewhere🙏
To make it easier 4 those of you who must #Unfollow me here’s my profiling of #CyberJunkies: Extremely low self-esteem Underachievers, on avg maintaining personal relationship for 15 months, on avg maintaining job/career for 18 months, debt-ridden,poor health, substance-abuse ...
If you are one of those who are offended by my profiling: you are exactly the type who MUST/SHOULD #unfollow me.
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Inside the Council on Foreign Relations - behind the #DeepState

The Ultimate World Order (1957)
"The complete plans of the (Christian-)Zionists, in their own words, for world domination in the pages of Michael Higger's The Jewish Utopia (1932).…
free book
Carroll Quigley The Anglo American Establishment…
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Kann man schon bald die Vorsilbe Hyper davor setzen?
Die pumpen doch bereits große Mengen in Märkte, um die Kurse oben zu halten. Doch was passiert, wenn die ganzen Zombies kippen und die Pleitewelle wegen Regierungskrise bei bumscorona, auf der alle rum reiten, einsetzt?
Vermutlich wird es wohl darauf hinaus laufen, zu erkennen, dass die Krise nicht durch corona kommt, sondern durch Regierungsversagen und noch besser, es als Ursache des Finanzsystems, welches mit Zinseszins ins Unendliche läuft und soviel Realwerte nicht existieren, wie Geld ...
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#CovidCraze #Elections #Riots #BLM #Coup plans to reverse the global rise in #Nationalism, Attempt to Revive #ColdWar Institutions such as #IMF #WorldBank #PharmaTyranny ... Are They All Connected? Is This One Big Plan with Multiple Fronts? My Bird-Eye View & Analyses Say YES! Image
Is it Global? Yes. Is #USA the Epicenter? YES. Is it too late to rise up, counter & stop? NO!!!!
Don’t get drowned in peripheral info & coverage. Don’t get distracted by little symptoms-proposing Junkie sites (MSM, YouTube, Social Media...). Don’t get easily divided by petty illusional sides. Take the macro view & act accordingly.
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One way of seeing the world is competing mafias:
- Most won't harm children directly (i.e. they have some limits).
- Reach a tacit settlement with society to manage "difficult" businesses (narcotics, prostitution, gambling).
- Aren't keen on being wiped out by genocidal maniacs.
You don't need to see the world in terms of pure evil vs absolute goodness to realise that a child-torturing, omni-industry, genocidal supermafia might not go down well with the "ordinary" mobsters — who would unite to fight it.
It's also not hard to see how a death cult would be ideal for maintaining total secrecy, vetting psychopaths for admittance, and staying "incredible" (hence invisible) to normal people. These dynamics are "baked in"; extremity always wins in a competition of criminal wrongdoing.
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Well, we know @FBIPortland is #DeepState now.

@TheJusticeDept time to fire & arrest @FBIPortland for either KNOWINGLY or WILLFULLY covering up CA, OR, & WA #AntifaFires.

EVIDENCE that the @FBIPortland obviously is too incompetent to find or WILLFULLY &/or KNOWINGLY blind to the arrests of arson by Antifa.
Arsonist arrested:
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Executive Order: United Nations allowed to ally with CIVILIAN SECURITY FORCE, Obama armed and implanted in #DeepState bureaucracies, to use Force on US Citizens and US military
| We Are Change…
For example, USDA required submachine guns,40 Cal.S&W, semi-automatic or 2 shot burst trigger group, Tritium night sights front and rear, rails to attach flashlight (front under fore grip) and scope stock-collapsible or folding, magazine – 30 rd. capacity…
ObamaCare empowers Fed government to confiscate guns based on Feds illegally obtaining medical records of private citizens
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1.) “Officials have said any parent who wants their child to take classes entirely online this year will have that option.”
In other words, children who don’t wear a mask back to school are being penalized and discriminated against. ⁦…
2.) Students are being forced to be isolated into online schooling away from their peers. It’s very important for school-age children to have “in person” interaction with their peers at school.
3.) Basically children are being punished if their parents choose to implement their constitutional rights!
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Delighted to Report: #OakesFarms Market (#Naples #Florida) Remains Sane & Rational- No fascist #CovidCraze Practices in this institution... remaining true to #constitution #CommonSense & Human Dignity 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
I will no longer patronage #WholeFood or #TraderJoe’s. I can get the best of the best organic produce and much more here at #OakesFarms Market with my dignity, health and constitutional rights intact😊 Image
Inside the market there were people who were wearing masks, and there were others who were Not. See, that is what I call sense & sensibility. #OakesFarms Market, #Naples #Florida: A family-owned ship where integrity & sensibility prevails.
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@realDonaldTrump #MAGA #KAG
2.Voter Fraud #MailInBallots
#Antifa>#ActBlue & #BLM>#DNC
Data shows that half of 2019
donations to ActBlue came from untraceable unemployed donors
@JoeBiden dragged to the Election.
#ComplicitMedia covers his ass.
#Soros #BLM #Antifa #DeepState
...Illegally finance his ass.
#DemocratGovernors by means
of #MailInBallots attempt to steal
it...for #shadowgovernment's ass.

@realDonaldTrump #WeThePeople
#LawAndOrder @OANN ImageImageImageImage
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Thanks Jason, nice find and will do. I’ll report back with the findings.
This looks promising. Image
Right off the bat, the original logo was a #Genie lamp and a PR journal for #Monsanto. Over the target.… ImageImageImageImage
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1) It's no exaggeration to say that President Donald J. Trump is one of the greatest peacemakers in history. Two Mideast peace agreements, back to back. Peace talks between the Koreas. Peace deal in Afghanistan. Bringing our troops home from overseas. Ending endless wars.
2) To name just a few examples. Significantly, these historic foreign policy accomplishments were brought about from a position of formidable strength, against the backdrop of a fully rebuilt US military and an impressively strengthened NATO.
3) And, unlike Obama-Biden and baby Bush, Trump never once compromised American values to achieve peace. Trump speaks today with the same clarity and unyielding America-First voice that he did as a 2016 candidate. Trump never went native. That's why #Deepstate hates this man.
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In response to Deep State:
You are trying to cover-up Biden's criminal activities by running a story about so-called Russian interference. New audio recordings #UkraineGate #Kosovogate
@realDonaldTrump @RudyGiuliani @EmeraldRobinson @DonaldJTrumpJr @robertcobrien @GenFlynn
Top secret: The audio recording of a conversation between @JoeBiden and @poroshenko about nationalization of Privatbank. @realDonaldTrump @RudyGiuliani @EmeraldRobinson @FBI @POTUS @DonaldJTrumpJr @robertcobrien @TomFitton @PressSec @GenFlynn

Top secret: The audio recording of a conversation between Russian President Vladimir Putin and @poroshenko on April 30, 2015. Discussion of mutual cooperation.
@realDonaldTrump @robertcobrien @DonaldJTrumpJr @RudyGiuliani
@EmeraldRobinson @GenFlynn

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SAD su u četvrtak sankcionisale jednog Ukrajinca za koga se smatra da je "agent Rusije", zbog pokušaja da "diskredituje" Džoa Bajdena postupcima koji navodno inkriminišu tog demokratskog predsedničkog protivkandidata Donaldu Trampu na izborima 3. novembra.…
Тop Secret❗️Exclusive #deepstate secret conversation between @JoeBiden and @poroshenko on August 19, 2016. Discussion of the nationalization of Privatbank. No.1/3 @realDonaldTrump @POTUS @WhiteHouse @DonaldJTrumpJr @RudyGiuliani @robertcobrien @FBI @CIA…
TEMIDA osuđuje "osvetu "predstavnika korumipranih Demokrata" u SAD i obećava da će sledeće nedelje otkriti "nove skandalozne činjenice" i video materijale. @realDonaldTrump @POTUS @WhiteHouse @DonaldJTrumpJr @RudyGiuliani @robertcobrien… Image
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[Cabinet]... #SeditiousConspiracy
What key positions of power would
be critical to the operation?
#ComplicitMedia #FakeNews
#EnemyOfThePeople #Treason
🔹️… ImageImage
WOULD LOSE [Sloppy] #PanicInDC
Seek & destroy [lose] incriminating
evidence? #MuellerReport
Andrew Weismann claims to have
"accidentally" wiped, via wrong
passwords at least 2 phones
detailing his activity during
antiTrump probe. ImageImage
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We r being programed to expect
a mess on #ElectionDay by
Democrats & #ComplicitMedia
due to the helicopter dropping of
millions of unsolicited ballots
...and yet we're not told what's
going to be done about this
obvious planting of #ElectionFraud
...just how we're to deal w/it?
Why is this a supposed new norm
when it hasn't ever been done?
This is a blatant attempt to steal
an Election the Democrats know
they have no chance in.
@realDonaldTrump is heading for
an obvious #Landslide2020 and
they have but one chance to
undermine #WeThePeople.
The #NSA has undermined the
#DeepState in manipulating the
vote count electronically.
So another plan had to be initiated
via #Plandemic promotional fear,
while setting up a #Fallguy for loss or setting up the need of an infinite #EveryVoteCounted
...for an eventual stolen win. ImageImageImage
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