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On 28 July 1870 Napoleon III arrived in Metz to assume command of the newly titled Army of the Rhine (202,448 men) following France's declaration of war against Prussia.
#kaiserreich #History #OTD Image On 2 August 1870, the French II and III Army Corps crossed the Saar frontier in the first major clash with Prussia. At Saarbrücken, 40th Prussian Regt of the 16th Infantry Division was hopelessly outgunned and outnumbered had to withdraw from the city. #history #kaiserreich Image
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On 10th June 1866, Bismarck submitted to all German states the Prussian Federal Reform Plan of 1866. The proposed constitution outlined a German federal state without Austria with a national parliament directly elected through universal male suffrage. The plan had originally been presented to the Bundestag on April 9, 1866 where many princes reacted with horror as they saw their sovereignty diminished, and asked Bismarck to work out his reform plans further.
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Victoria, Princess Royal (1840 – 1901) was German Empress and Queen of Prussia as the wife of German Emperor Frederick III. She was the eldest child of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom and Prince Albert. Princess Victoria married Prince Frederick of Prussia, then second-in-line to the throne in 1858. Queen Victoria's insistence that the wedding be held in London upset her Hohenzollern in-laws.
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Princess Augusta of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach (1811 – 1890) was the Queen of Prussia and the first German empress as the consort of William I, German Emperor. She was the daughter of Charles Frederick, Grand Duke of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach and grand -daughter of Tsar Paul I of Russia. Image Augusta married Prince Wilhelm in 1829. She was fourteen years his junior. At the time, he was third in line to the throne. His old brother was then Crown Prince. Image