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Aug 16, 2022 5 tweets 1 min read
The fact that the club, the media and ‘some’ fans still lay the blame of Man Utd’s woes at the feet of their CBs is quite frankly catastrophic. Man Utd are weakest defensively on the transitions. The issues are what’s behind the CBs and what’s in-front of the CBs. 1/1 If these 2 areas are weak, put any CB & they’ll look bad. Man Utd literally have players that don’t like showing for the ball. When they do, they do it too late or commit a mistake after it. This is actually the insane part. Showing for the ball is most basic thing to do… 2/2
Oct 18, 2021 11 tweets 3 min read
Just a few things to highlight on Man Utd's last game.

In the first ~20mins United remained solid in their defensive shape. It's normal to employ a 442 out of possession, if one of your forwards doesn't work off the ball. Guardiola did that with D.Silva when his legs were gone. The reason being it effectively reduces the space the "non presser" has to cover. The reason United were solid at first is because they were passive in pressing (i.e. Bruno & Ronaldo). They were only interested in blocking the Leicester's pivots.
Oct 3, 2021 4 tweets 1 min read
“If you see the table you would think United is in a crisis.”

Ole’s issue right now isn’t the results per say, although that might change quickly, its the performances. They ranged from terrible to okay to between okay & good. Never controlled or great (only Leeds). Results will follow performances if performances don’t improve. Can they improve? Yes. Can they not? Also, yes. The deeper you go into the season without them improving the less likely they’re to improve. After the intl., there should be an immediate response or it’ll get ugly.
Sep 20, 2021 6 tweets 2 min read
Solskjær relies a lot on the forward players having ‘chemistry’, ‘zip’, or ‘magic’ through their quality, which is fine since you have more quality than most teams. Now, you need to provide them a solid stable foundation. Defensive transitions need to be significantly improved. In terms of personnel, keeping Matic fresh, McFred injury free will be extremely vital. The only 2 pivot combinations that provide, somewhat, stability to the core are the McFred and the Pogtić. On paper, PogFred should be a good combination but on the pitch it definitely isn’t.
Mar 10, 2021 26 tweets 19 min read

How Solskjær was one step ahead of Guardiola for 90mins!

Man City 0 v 2 Man Utd — Tactics #MUFC From the off, #mufc showed aggressive intent. What was interesting was how compact & narrow Utd made the pitch vertically in their 4231 OOP. The dist. b/w CBs & forward 3 was maintained for large parts of the 90. This suffocated #mci centrally & denied Gundogan & KDB space.
Feb 20, 2021 9 tweets 8 min read

Highlighting a couple of improvements from United's Europa league R32 win over La Real. #MUFC

La Real 0 v 4 Man Utd — Buildup & Pressing. #RSOMUN Pressing & traps:

Often #mufc are hasty & over-commit in their pressing, especially from players like Rashford and Bruno. Thus leading their press to be dis-jointed and by-passed easily. On Thursday, they nailed it. They formed a pressing cage around #RSO entire midfield.
Jan 25, 2021 17 tweets 12 min read

Tweaks, mistakes and ideas.

Man Utd 3 v 2 Liverpool — Tactics #MUFC
---------------------------------------------------------- In this thread, we'll look at couple of the highlights and tactical tweaks both teams used to attack each other. We'll look at Man Utd's mistakes that lead to the goals as well. #MUFC
Jan 25, 2021 4 tweets 2 min read
OGS: "Play on our terms. Different systems to nullify opponents. To win [v Liverpool] with the way we see our team. That's a statement to ourselves. A confidence boost. We can match the best with our style of football."

One of the best PostMatch Conferences from Solskjær. #MUFC I've said it before v the "top 6" [mainly Chelsea, City & Liverpool] in 19/20, OGS was mainly focused on nullifying these teams strengths and hit them on the counter. We could match any of them toe-to-toe. Counter-attacking is the Achilles heel for said that dominate possession.
Jan 23, 2021 15 tweets 9 min read

Are Man Utd recent wins as a result of Individual brilliance from Paul Pogba or coached & tactics?

Fulham 1 vs. 2 Man Utd — Tactics #MUFC Much has been made of the wins against Burnley, Wolves, Fulham as United are winning games narrowly with "Individual Brilliance". They are not dominating games. "Scrappy wins", if you will, and said this form will not be sustainable. #MUFC
Jan 3, 2021 17 tweets 11 min read

Man Utd 2 vs 1 Aston Villa — Tactics #MUNAVL #MUFC One paper, it looked like United lined up in a 4231 however that was not the case on the pitch. OGS always like to use a hybrid of 2-3 formations in the different phases of the game. United in this case used 4-2-2-2 in possession which, in the final phase became a 4-2-4. #MUFC
Dec 28, 2020 18 tweets 16 min read

Leicester City 2 vs 2 Man Utd — Tactics #MUFC LEI buildup in 2422. United pressed - High block - them in 4321 with Martial pressing the CBs while Bruno press the CM ball nearside. The wingers pressed the fullback(s) ball nearside. Fred would move out to press the other CM if needed or to cover for a winger. #MUFC
Dec 21, 2020 17 tweets 13 min read

Man Utd 6 - 2 Leeds Utd — Tactics. #MUFC #MUNLEE #MUFC buildup from the back only when possible in 2422 while #LUFC tried to press 4141. #MUFC anticipated high-intensity press, so at GKs #mufc setup positions as to play short but DDG instead went long, forcing #LUFC to apply their press over a significantly increased area...
Dec 6, 2020 21 tweets 14 min read

West Ham United 1 vs 3 Manchester United. A tale of two halves. #MUFC United buildup with double pivot staying central and the 2 FBs pushup to form a 2422/2431. Martial and VdB would drop and try to be available to receive the ball if United can't progress centrally. #MUFC
Dec 1, 2020 16 tweets 12 min read

Southampton vs. Man Utd. Tactics. #SOU #MUFC #SOU:
- In possession: 3422. McCarthy as the 3rd man in buildup.
- 442 Out of possession. (defensive play)
- In #mufc's 1/2: 334.
Nov 26, 2020 29 tweets 22 min read

Tactics + Attacking Structure of Man Utd vs. West Brom & Man Utd vs. IBFK. #MUFC Man Utd buildup patterns for near box and middle third are 343 and 3232. When Matic drops between the CBs, Bruno drops to form a pivot with Fred and help the buildup. If AWB drops in the back 3, Mata drops to help. #MUFC
Nov 6, 2020 25 tweets 13 min read

Amad Diallo Traore. Profile Analysis Report. #MUFC Manchester United agree a fee 20m + add ons for Amad Diallo, the younger winger from Atalanta U19. Diallo is far from the finished article. He is in a very raw state and will need integration and further development. #MUFC
Oct 30, 2020 21 tweets 19 min read

Man Utd 5 - 0 RB Leipzig. Tactics. #MUFC #RBL #MUNRBL #MUFC used a narrow 433 out-of-possession. In possession, #MUFC used 334 shape in final 1/3. Deny verticality through the center but leaving flanks exposed. Kampl man-marked.
Oct 19, 2020 15 tweets 10 min read

Newcastle Utd 1 - 4 Man Utd. Tactics. #MUFC #mufc build up in 2422/3232 patterns on ball. #NEW pressed United in a 141 midblock. When United progressed the ball in 3232, NEW fell back into the 451 fall into their defensive Shape.
Sep 18, 2020 10 tweets 3 min read
[Thread] What does backing a manager mean?

Is it giving him exorbitant amounts of money? Is it giving him his targets? Who was backed more, one who spent 200m or one who spent 60m or one who got his targets?

Money spent equates to backing? That's a false perception. #MUFC Guardiola at City:

1st year: $236.50m - 10 players
2nd year: $349.25m - 10 players
3rd year: $86.45m - 3 players
4th year: $183.50m - 4 players

4 years: $855.8m - 27 players.
Sep 4, 2020 13 tweets 4 min read
Full (actual) translation: "I'll talk a little about my experience in that club [#mufc]. The first day I arrived [at #mufc], I believe I had an agreement with City but football happens & the opportunity to go to #mufc arrived. I payed attention and it was a beautiful opportunity. I liked the club a lot. Well at the end, I signed with United without being informed and aware of what is going on internally in the club at that moment. Then, my first day of training with my mates and coaches, I realized things you don't notice from the outside.
Aug 18, 2020 18 tweets 16 min read
[Thread] Sevilla vs. Man Utd tactical analysis.

First of all, I apologize I couldn't post this yesterday.

Let's see how #mufc & #SevillaFC

- #mufc pressed Sevilla using the CBs as triggers.
- Once CBs positioned to play to flanks #mufc press man2man (left or right). Image - Fred maintain a central role as gap is left by Pogba.
- Pogba joined press with front 4 to maintain press compactness.
- If Fred joined press this leaves massive space in the middle for ball over for a 4v4 w/ #mufc backline. Image