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Premier League are set to make changes to the handball rules from 1 July 2021, to be enforced in the 21/22 season. [IFAB] #mufc
“Law 12 emphasises that not every touch of a player’s hand/arm with the ball is an offence. A player’s hand/arm position should be judged in relation to their body movement in that particular situation." [IFAB] #mufc
“A player has made their body unnaturally bigger when the hand/arm position is not a consequence of, or justifiable by, the player’s body movement for that specific situation. By having their hand/arm in such a position, the player takes a risk of being penalised." [IFAB] #mufc
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Bite-sized facts for a supersized club. How familiar are you with the rich history of #MUFC?

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Manchester United needs to start the season better to properly challenge for the title: A Thread ( No Visualisations). Thanks to @jaseziv's wonderful #worldfootballR package that made this analysis a lot easier than I originally thought
#mufc secured back-to-back seasons of #UCL football for the first time since Sir Alex retired. Not just that, we also did this with a game left. However, once again, #mufc did not have a good start to the season which has been a recurring theme in recent years.
Most discussions around what United needs to do to win the title involve answers like a good transfer window, buying so and so players, etc. All that is there but if #mufc are to really win/challenge for the title we need to have a good-to-excellent start to the season.
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As Manchester United's 2020-2021 season fizzles out with a disappointing performance in Gdańsk, it felt right to shortly revise my thread on #MUFC's main tactical problems back in February.

I will also throw in some other tweets, so consider this a shortened season review.
Globally, it's important to have knowledge of a few items. First is the coaching staff's game model and their tactical periodisation.

Next is understanding the importance of the principles mentioned in the original thread - not only for this game model but for every team.
#MUFC's coaches' interpretation is a team that presses to score and is versatile enough to build short or long, attack shortly or patiently, depending on the opposition analysis reports.

I did not pull this out of the hat, this is what OGS envisages and mentions in interviews.
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De Gea gestern mit guten Beispiel dafür, wieso eine hohe Position noch lange keine hohe Reichweite sein muss. Da er am Fünfer steht und relativ lange dort bleibt ehe er sich absetzt, hat er hier ein vermeidbares Gegentor kassiert.

#Keeperanalyse #VILMUN #MUFC #UELfinal
Durch ein früheres Absetzen nach hinten hätte er sich mehr Reaktionszeit verschaffen können und den Ball vermutlich halten können. So steht #DeGea im Nirgendwo und kann weder den Raum verteidigen, noch Druck auf den Schützen ausüben.

Grundsätzlich bin ich bei Szenen aus dem Spiel heraus ein Fan von mutig positionierten Keepern. Es ist sogar unabdingbar, dass sie höher stehen und den Raum hinter der Abwehrkette proaktiv sichern.
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A little extract from Nick Cowell's "Tactical Periodisation" chapter:

• Balance between recovery & game model coaching
• SSG's (Small-sided Games) offer coaching opportunities while minimizing risks of excess effort (leading to muscle damage)
• Short duration
• Simple Image
#MUFC's dynamic warm-up: approx. 170 metres run to next module station.

9v2 rondo: faster decision-making, more surfaces of both feet used, more wall passes (third man combinations) to play between opponents.

Rondo session of 4 minutes. ImageImageImageImage
Dynamic stretching:

• Hamstring muscles
• Upper leg adductors
• Quadricep muscles
• Acceleration exercises ImageImageImageImage
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The 4-2-3-1 Formation:


🔵Natural Strengths and Weaknesses
🔵Building with a Double Pivot
🔵High/Mid/Low Block


RT's appreciated!

More formations coming soon!
Strengths and Weaknesses of the 4-2-3-1

🔵Naturally Flexible Shape
🔵Addition of Two Holding Midfielders (CDM) For Balance
🔵Can Create 3v2 Opposition Overload if playing in a 4-4-2

#MUFC #Bayern #PSG
The In and Out of Possession Shapes can vary from team to team as per the formations ability to adapt naturally in different match situations.
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What a save from #DeGea

Unbelievably calm GKing in a crucial moment

It may look like a simple save but that’s all because of his exemplary decision to use the wait & react 1v1 strategy as the 1v1 was from long range!

Not many GKs could make such a good decision

The striker was ~16 yrds from the centre of goal & at a pretty wide angle (hard to see from the photo) so #DeGea’s decision to stay deep made the finish very difficult as he didn’t rush out & gift a simple dink/rounded finish
The great thing about #DeGea’s positioning here is that if the striker takes a touch rather than shooting he’s far enough off his line & prepared & ready to engage then, only once he knows the striker is so close to goal that he can no longer trust his reactions to make the save!
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🧵 Pre-match press conference thread Gameweek 37 [Monday]

💠 Man City

📢 Pep Guardiola asked if De Bruyne is available: "Yeah, he’s been training for the last two days, he feels good. Kevin is important like everyone is..."

#fpl #gw37 #CHpressers #fantasypl #mcfc #BhaMci #KDB
📢 Guardiola asked if De Bruyne is available: "...everyone knows it [how important Kevin is] but everyone is at the same level - we will see his level and see if he is fit to play."

#fpl #gw37 #CHpressers #fantasypl #mcfc #BhaMci #KDB
📢 Guardiola on goalkeeper selection for Gameweek 37 and #GW38: "Ederson will play the next two games."

#fpl #gw37 #CHpressers #fantasypl #mcfc #BhaMci
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Quick estimate of the revenue earned by English clubs from Europe this season up to the final. This analysis is based on the participation fees, prize money and TV pools from 2019/20 distributions plus the UEFA coefficients for 2020/21 #MCFC #CFC #LFC #MUFC #AFC #THFC #LCFC
#MCFC and #CFC have both earned over €100m after reaching the Champions League final with €120m and €117m respectively, followed by #LFC €89m and #MUFC €76m. Europa League clubs receive significantly less: #AFC €29m after reaching semi-final, #THFC €21m and #LCFC €17m.
#MUFC €76m represents their total earnings from Europe, split into €62m from the Champions League (eliminated at the group stage) and €14m for reaching the Europa League final. Note: they only receive participation fee and UEFA coefficient from the senior competition.
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Yesterday was another crazy day for #Football & specifically in this case, for #Derby #dcfcfans

#EFL ruling on their accounting practices

Threat of sanctions - What will that mean?

#RichardKeough ruling - They have to pay him £2.3m (bonkers episode)🤯…
Then add in the farce of the #takeover process

A 29 year old front-man masquerading as an Instagram Billionaire (complete with macho boxing backstory & links to Indonesian investors & looted billions) #Suharto

👏 @secondtierpod ⤵️

#DCFC #FitAndProper

I'm equally fascinated & frustrated by rogue investors in #EnglishFootball

I've read widely and spoken to people with genuine knowledge of the machinations of global finance💸

What puzzles me today is, how/why did #MelMorris get himself in this hole?😏
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🧵 Pre-match press conference thread Triple Gameweek 35 [Friday]

🤍 Spurs

📢 Ryan Mason: "Ben Davies is the only one that has not been training. Tanguy [Ndombele] and Lucas [Moura] didn't train for the majority..."

#fpl #tgw35 #CHpressers #dgw35 #fantasypl #gw35 #thfc #LeeTot
📢 Mason: "...of last week, they trained the day before the [Sheffield United] game.

"But this week we have had a fully-fit squad."

#fpl #tgw35 #CHpressers #dgw35 #fantasypl #gw35 #thfc #LeeTot
📢 Mason on Gareth Bale: "I can only go on the last two weeks. I experienced playing with him as well. He's a top professional. He's happy and I'm happy and that's important..."

#fpl #tgw35 #CHpressers #dgw35 #fantasypl #gw35 #thfc #LeeTot
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🏮 Man United XI vs Roma: De Gea; Shaw, Maguire, Bailly, Wan-Bissaka; Fred, Pogba; Van de Beek, Bruno Fernandes, Greenwood; Cavani.

#fpl #tgw35 #CHpressers #fantasypl #mufc #uel #ROMMUN #dgw35 #gw35 #AvlMun
🏮 Marcus Rashford on the bench for Man Utd ahead of Triple Gameweek 35

#fpl #tgw35 #CHpressers #fantasypl #mufc #uel #ROMMUN #dgw35 #gw35 #AvlMun
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🧵 Pre-match press conference thread Triple Gameweek 35 [Thursday]

🇦🇷 Leeds

📢 Marcelo Bielsa on Kalvin Phillips and Raphinha: "They're being evaluated on a daily basis to see whether they can be available."

#fpl #tgw35 #CHpressers #fantasypl #dgw35 #gw35 #lufc #LeeTot
📢 Bielsa asked if Phillips and Raphinha have trained this week: "Their presence is subject to an evaluation carried out on a daily basis."

Asked if he's hopeful they will play: "We have to wait until Saturday."

#fpl #tgw35 #CHpressers #fantasypl #dgw35 #gw35 #lufc #LeeTot
📢 Bielsa on Helder Costa: "He won't be able to compete again this season."

#fpl #tgw35 #CHpressers #fantasypl #dgw35 #gw35 #lufc #LeeTot
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🧵 Quotes thread Double Gameweek 35 [Wednesday]

🦊 Leicester

📢 Brendan Rodgers on team news: "Everyone is virtually okay from the last game. We’ve had a couple of niggles, Jamie [Vardy] had a challenge on him that..."

#fpl #dgw35 #CHpressers #fantasypl #lcfc #LeiNew #MunLei
📢 Rodgers on team news: "...made his ankle swell up. He [Vardy] will be fine.

"Jonny [Evans] will be fine. He had a scan on it and there’s no tear..."

#fpl #dgw35 #CHpressers #fantasypl #lcfc #LeiNew #MunLei
📢 Rodgers on Evans: " was something that was provoked during the game [against Southampton]. There was soreness but he should be fine for Friday."

#fpl #dgw35 #CHpressers #fantasypl #lcfc #LeiNew #MunLei
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1/ OPEN LETTER TO @SkySports

amazing how suddenly you care about "fans" with your incredible focus on #MUFC protests against the Glazers

where were you when #LUFC was being destroyed by Ken Bates & their fans protested? where were you when #BuryAFC was battling to survive?
2/ when #BWFC went to the brink, @SkySports most certainly didn't do anything to push their fans' agenda, yet here you are pushing Man U fans' agenda

your hypocrisy is nauseating, considering how you created this bloated, average @premierleague that wallows in obscene money
3/ @SkySports doesn't care about fans, your ridiculous influence on match scheduling & your inconsiderate changing of kick off times proves this

now that your greed-fuelled product is under threat, you suddenly hop into the fans' camp to try & protect your own interests
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The spark for the protest by Manchester United fans at Old Trafford might have been the deeply unpopular Super League, but it also highlighted an underlying unhappiness with the club’s owners, so I thought it might be interesting to look at the finances under the Glazers #MUFC
The Glazers took control of #MUFC back in June 2005 via a £550m leveraged buyout, so their first full season in control was 2005/06. Therefore, this review will look at the 15 seasons since then, up to 2019/20.
In the last 15 years #MUFC have generated an impressive £5.9 bln revenue, but had £5.4 bln expenses (including £2.9 bln wages and £1 bln player amortisation), leading to £467m operating profit. This was boosted by £257m profit on player sales, but £817m interest meant £92m loss.
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The framing of Manchester United fan protests is depressing, but entirely predictable. The Glazers are toxic for #MUFC and football. Tribalism on this issue is entirely misplaced. Protestors aren't the problem, they're the solution.
The “this isn’t the way to protest” mob are also entirely misplaced. Fans have tried every other way but were failed by government. Failed by the Premier League. Failed by the club. They set up their own club. They are neither acknowledged nor respected. This was their only vent.
Protests are for those who need a voice; who are ignored and overlooked, who are sneeringly told to “know their place”. There are enough right-wing media outlets who will gaslight you into hating protests - don’t let football tribalism stop solidarity with rival fans protesting.
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#mufc statement: 'Following discussion between the Police, The Premier League, Trafford Council and the clubs, our match against Liverpool has been postponed due to safety and security considerations around the protest today.' [mu] #mufc
#mufc statement: 'Discussions will now take place with the Premier League on a revised date for the fixture.' [mu] #mufc
#mufc statement: 'Our fans are passionate about Manchester United, and we completely acknowledge the right to free expression and peaceful protest.' [mu] #mufc
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🖼 If iconic Premier League pictures were used as the Premier League logo
🖼 If iconic Premier League pictures were used as the Premier League logo
yes I know this Aguero goal isn’t anywhere near the most iconic moment in the PL but 1. I had to start somewhere and 2. This tweet is what inspired me:
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Liverpool’s 2019/20 financial results covered a season when they won the Premier League, UEFA Super Cup and FIFA Club World Cup, but were eliminated in the last 16 of the Champions League. Finances adversely impacted by the pandemic. Some thoughts in the following thread #LFC
#LFC swung from £42m profit before tax to £46m loss, as impact of COVID-19 resulted in revenue falling £43m (8%) from £533m to £490m, while expenses increased £31m (6%). Profit on player sales fell £18m to £27m, but £4m gain from sale of Melwood. Loss after tax was £39m.
The main driver of the #LFC revenue reduction was broadcasting, which fell £59m (23%) from £261m to £202m, while match day dropped £13m (16%) from £84m to £71m. This was partially offset by commercial rising £29m (16%) from £188m to £217m.
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Aston Villa’s 2019/20 financial results covered the season following promotion, when they retained their Premier League status by finishing 17th and also reached the Carabao Cup final. Second season after Nassef Sawiris and Wes Edens acquired the club. Some thoughts follow #AVFC
Despite promotion #AVFC loss widened from £69m to £99m. Revenue more than doubled from £54m to £113m, though profit on player sales fell £11m to a small negative result, while investment in the squad to compete in the Premier League increased expenses by £76m (55%).
Main driver of the #AVFC £58m revenue increase was broadcasting, up £56m from £22m to £78m, due to the much more lucrative Premier League TV deal, though commercial also rose £4m to £21m, while player loans were up £1m to £2m. However, gate receipts were down £2m (13%) to £11m.
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No sooner had a European Super League (ESL) been announced than the plans were shelved, at least for the time being, but what were the factors that drove the 12 breakaway clubs to this deeply unpopular move? As usual, it was all about money, a combination of fear and greed.
Whether football is broken is debatable, but there is little doubt that many of the 12 Super League clubs are facing serious financial problems. To some extent, this helps explain why the “dirty dozen” would seek more revenue, but does not excuse this horribly ill-conceived plan.
You don’t have to look too far to see the seriousness of the financial predicament with pre-tax losses of the 12 ESL clubs adding up to a worrying £667m, even before #LFC announce their results. Three of them lost more than £100m: #Milan £169m, #MCFC £125m and #FCBarcelona £112m.
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