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UEFA have announced new Financial Sustainability regulations from June 2022. President Aleksander Ceferin explained, “The evolution of the football industry, alongside the inevitable financial effects of the pandemic, has shown the need for wholesale reform and new regulations.”
UEFA director Andrea Traverso noted, “Competitive imbalance cannot be addressed simply by financial regulations. It must be addressed in combination with other measures. This is why we changed the name. The name fair play was interpreted as creating a level playing field.”
Ceferin added, “UEFA’s first financial regulations, introduced in 2010, served their primary purpose.” Now, instead of so-called Financial Fair Play, the focus is on the financial sustainability of clubs with 3 key pillars being monitored: solvency, stability and cost control.
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The situation with the Glazers and the dividends at #manutd explained 🧵

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you'll know that £11 million has been taken from the club in dividends. How are they doing this and what are the implications? I'm going to highlight all ⬇️
To begin with, we need to look at revenue. For those of you who are unaware of what this is, it’s essentially the total income generated by the sale of goods or services relating to a company’s operations. Manchester United generates money, or at least it used to ⬇️
Taking a sample period, United’s revenue grew consistently from 2012 to 2019. Meaning, year on year, the club was profitable. Since 2019, the club has decreased in revenue. At one stage, revenue trumped £620m. As of 2021, it's dropped below £500m. How is this? ⬇️
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THREAD - Hari ini adalah hari di mana pemegang saham utama klub mengantongi dividen tahunan mereka, jadi mari sedikit melenceng dari hingar bingar saga transfer Frenkie de Jong yang gak kelar-kelar, untuk berbicara soal... uang.

(Pink Floyd's Money plays in the background)
Beberapa ulasan (plus foto ilustrasi) di utas ini akan mengikutkan data dan konten yang bersumber dari artikel the Athletic yang ditulis oleh Dan Sheldon yang terbit hari ini, dengan judul "How #mufc went from record revenues to losing money in 2021". Sisanya adalah opini.
Flashback ke 2018, di sesi conference call dengan investor, Woodward dengan bangga menyampaikan: "Performa dan pencapaian di lapangan tidak memiliki dampak berarti dalam apa yang dapat kami lakukan dari sisi komersial bisnis."

How many red flags can you spot in this sentence?
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Tom Keane telah setuju datang ke United. Meski begitu, ia tidak digaet secara permanen untuk posisi negosiator oleh #mufc. Belum ada kesepakatan apakah ia akan bekerja di klub setelah mengisi sementara posisi yang ditinggalkan Matt Judge musim panas ini. (James Ducker/Telegraph)
Ada peluang jika Tom Keane akan ditawarkan posisi permanen usai menjalani peranan ini di bursa transfer kali ini. John Murtough akan mengurus proses rekrutmen untuk posisi negosiator transfer pasca bursa musim panas ditutup. (James Ducker/Telegraph)
Sejauh ini John Murtough dengan bantuan kepala pelaksanaan rekrutmen, Steve Brown menangani setiap kegiatan negosiasi klub. Mereka bekerja dibantu oleh tim legal dan departemen keuangan #mufc. (James Ducker/Telegraph)
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Belakangan ini narasi media ngarah ke #mufc agak 'menunda' proses negosiasi transfer untuk pemain-pemain lain, dengan dalih klub sedang fokus dengan negosiasi transfer FdJ. Menurut kalian apakah manuver ini udah tepat, atau harusnya United coba negosiasi paralel?
Menurut opini kepala reporter/koresponden #mufc untuk Manchester Evening News (MEN), Samuel Luckhurst, narasi ini agak kurang meyakinkan. Kenapa? Karena dia ngenilai kalo pihak klub tahu makin lama mereka gak ada satupun transfer masuk, suasana publik (fans) bakal makin negatif.
Pihak klub digambarkan Luckhurst, 'sama desperate-nya' dengan fans perihal pemain baru. Liat perkembangan saat ini, Eriksen tampaknya yang paling realistis, tapi ya ini pun masih nunggu keputusan si pemain. Kalo Eriksen bisa datang, ya paling engga ini bisa dongkrak overall mood.
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Steve McClaren: "Sebagai pemain, semangat dan determinasi itu penting. Anda harus selalu siap, entah itu untuk latihan, laga, entah bermain starter atau sebagai pemain pengganti, Anda harus bereaksi. Banyak pemain saat ini tidak memiliki bahasa tubuh yang tepat di lapangan." Image
Steve McClaren: "Mereka mengangkat tangan saat kehilangan bola, ini tidak tepat. Anda harus memenangkan bola kembali saat tim kehilangan bola, apa pun situasinya. Bereaksi dengan cepat lewat aksi konkret di lapangan."
Steve McClaren: "Anda harus menerima aturan, kondisi, dan konsekuensi untuk setiap kesalahan yang Anda buat. Anda harus berkomitmen, Anda harus harus memiliki sikap terbaik dalam segala situasi."
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Might write an article if this picks up heat, but here are some initial thoughts on Antony to #MUFC:

Incredible raw talent. His first touch is great, can dribble past anyone & he has a deceptively good final ball & shot too. Looks like a class RW from his good moments. But..
He is inconsistent & at times his intelligence & movement without the ball is lacking. Bit of a one trick pony in the sense that he likes to receive wide after the team overloads the left side of the pitch & then take on the opponent fullback in space to cross/shoot.
It worked well at Ajax coz they kept the ball well & progressed on the left to create isolation situations for Antony.
If a team doesn't do that, does he have intelligence & flexibility to find spaces & progress? Against low blocks will he get those situations enough to succeed?
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#Mane thread

#Sadio Mane was the foundational piece of a puzzle that culminated in the greatest #LFC team I have ever seen; I never thought Kenny's 1988 side would be bettered, it has, and with interest on top!
The sustainable model #FSG use at #LFC means they are to some extent cheating the system, whilst cumulatively the wage bill is on a par with our rivals; this is merely to have a squad with depth needed to compete; we simply can't pay star players the big ticket salaries they do.
Judge the players' legacies however you like but Emre Can, Gini and Mane will all have left the club as a result; and Salah may well do next year.
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Recently on Talk Sport Simon Jordan @Sjopinion10 claimed, “Klopp’s net spend is £28m-a-year, Pep’s is £100m-a-year.” This thread will look at #LFC and #MCFC accounts to see whether this statement is correct – and whether we should assess their expenditure in a different way.
Klopp arrived at #LFC in October 2015, i.e. after the 2015 summer transfer window, so the 2016/17 season is his effective starting point. Guardiola started at #MCFC in 2016/17, so it’s the same for him. This analysis will therefore look at the 5 years up to the 2020/21 accounts.
In that period, #MCFC have reported £656m net spend, averaging £131m a year, which is over twice as much as #LFC £318m (£64m average). In fact, Liverpool have also been outspent in this period by #MUFC £630m, #CFC £465m, #AFC £428m and #EFC £359m.
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Crystal Palace’s 2020/21 financial results covered a season where they finished 14th in the Premier League for the second year in a row in a campaign “enormously impacted” by COVID. Manager Roy Hodgson replaced by Patrick Vieira in July 2021. Some thoughts follow #CPFC
#CPFC pre-tax loss narrowed from £58m to £40m, despite revenue falling £8m (6%) from £142m to £134m, due to profit on player sales increasing from £1m to £10m and expenses falling £17m (8%), mainly due to a change in the accounting date (two fewer months).
Main driver of #CPFC revenue fall was COVID, which led to reductions in gate receipts, down £8m (97%) to just £247k, and commercial, down £4m (20%) from £21m to £17m. Partly offset by TV money rising £4m (4%) from £113m to £117m, mainly due to broadcasters’ rebate in prior year.
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My 1st @goalkeeper_com piece:

How many goals were the big 6 GKs worth vs the avg #PL GK?

#Alisson was worth ~19 goals! What more does a GK have to do to get #POTY!

#DeGea was the best shot stopper but his weak shot prevention & distribution meant he was only worth ~3 goals!
#Ederson was the best distributer & his shot preventing was class but his below average shot stopping means his value is far below #Alisson’s!

#Ramsdale’s performances at the end of the season were average but his incredible start means he ended the year with great numbers!
#Mendy was in 2nd place for goal value throughout the year but a poor final few games caused him to drop off, still he was worth ~6 goals to #Chelsea!

#Lloris has gone under the radar this year & while his distribution was pretty weak his shot stopping & sweeping was class!
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There have been a few analyses of football club debt published recently, which are at best misleading, if not downright incorrect. So it’s once again time to wheel out my explanation of why debt figures should be treated with caution, as there are so many different definitions.
For the purpose of this review I will take the 2020/21 audited accounts of those clubs featuring in the Deloitte Money League (with the exception of Zenit St Petersburg, where I have not managed to source the details).
At the narrowest extreme, we have just bank debt, but the broadest extreme covers total liabilities, which includes all financial obligations, including transfer debt, staff payables, tax liabilities, trade creditors, provisions, accrued expenses and even deferred income.
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Manchester United have announced financial results for Q3 of 2021/22, incorporating the first 9 months of the season (July 2021 to March 2022), so these are boosted by the return of fans to the stadium. Some thoughts in the following thread #MUFC
#MUFC swung from £18m pre-tax profit to £58m loss (£45m after tax), despite revenue increasing £65m (16%) from £400m to £465m and profit on player sales rising from £0.3m to £18m, as expenses were up £109m (27%) and net interest went from £18m recoverable to £31m payable.
The main driver of the #MUFC £65m revenue increase was match day, which rose £84m from £5m to £89m, as games no longer played behind closed doors, though commercial was also up £14m (8%) from £180m to £194m. In contrast, broadcasting fell £34m (16%) from £215m to £181m.
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Varane vs Pau Torres stats comparison per 90 minutes

We see these days everywhere rumours about pau torres lets compare his stats to varane per 90 minutes

We can see that in defense their stats have many similarities and they both good in defense

#MUFC #Varane #PauTorres

In passing they both are good with pass completion % and they lacking of assists and key passes but this doesn't matter so much ass the completed passes and the %
In attack we can clearly see that Pau Torres is better than Varane he is better in offense but he make more shoots
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Dalot vs Wan bissaka
Which is better in stats PER 90???

Let's start with passes we see that dalot and wan bissaka in passes per 90 they have many similarities,but the assist statistic and key passes is axtual very bad... Image
Then we continue and we see the defensive actions , now we see some differences in the number we can see that dalot in many things he is actually better than Wan Bissaka and he improved a lot these months in contrast wan bissaka that he is better only for blocks Image
Per 90 minutes we see that dalot helps a lit bit more in passes that lead for shot attempt or a goal , that means dalot better in offensive and defensive things than wan bissaka Image
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BBC News sorry as ticker shares "Man Utd are rubbish" in brilliant live blunder… Image
👀 Viewers could barely believe their eyes as the Beeb were forced into a mad scramble to find out how the blunder happened.
😬 They explained that a trainee learning the system had accidentally published the text and said that they hoped United fans "weren't offended" by it.…
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Let’s toast the 2021/22 Premier League season with a thread of data vis

Starting with xG Difference ⬇️
Next: Attacking Contribution

Who were the most dangerous attackers in the Premier League this season?
Next: Defensive Activity

Where do teams defend vs. the league average?
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UEFA has published the revenue distributions for the Champions League and Europa League in the 2020/21 season. Although these are very close to the modelled figures that I have previously provided, I thought some people might like to have the final, official figures.
Unsurprisingly, the two Champions League finalists earned the most with winners #CFC and #runners-up MCFC receiving £105m and £104m respectively, followed by #RealMadrid and #PSG, both £96m, then #FCBayern £81m and #LFC £77m.
Clubs in the Europa League received a lot less with winners #Villarreal getting only £29m, followed by semi-finalists #AFC £26m and #ASRoma £21m, then #THFC £16m. Runners-up #MUFC earned £15m after dropping down from the Champions League, while #LCFC got £14m.
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Newcastle United’s 2020/21 financial results cover a season when they finished 12th in the Premier League under head coach Steve Bruce, since replaced by Eddie Howe in November 2021. Disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Some thoughts in the following thread #NUFC
This was the last set of accounts under Mike Ashley’s ownership, as the club was acquired in October 2021 by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (80% stake), as well as PCP Capital Partners (10%) and RB Sports & Media (10%).
#NUFC pre-tax loss reduced from £26m to £14m, despite revenue falling £13m (8%) from £153m to £140m and profit on player sales dropping £24m to £2m, as operating expenses decreased £51m (25%), mainly due to change in accounting date. Loss after tax narrowed from £23m to £12m.
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Movies released in April and May🎬🔥

Thread ...
Dangerously ill with a rare blood disorder and determined to save others from the same fate, Dr. Morbius attempts a desperate gamble. While at first it seems to be a radical success, a darkness inside of him is soon unleashed.
2.The Northman
Prince Amleth is on the verge of becoming a man when his father is brutally murdered by his uncle, who kidnaps the boy's mother. Two decades later, Amleth is now a Viking who raids Slavic villages. He soon meets a seeress who reminds him of his vow -- save his..
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Paris Saint-Germain’s 2020/21 accounts cover a season when they were Ligue 1 runners-up, though they won the title again in 2021/22, their 8th in 10 years. Also reached the Champions League semi-final and won the Coupe de France. Some thoughts in the following thread #PSG
#PSG were acquired in 2011 by Qatar Sports Investments (QSI), a subsidiary of Qatar's sovereign wealth fund Qatar Investment Authority (QIA), making the club by far the richest in France and one of the wealthiest in the world. Nasser Al-Khelaifi is the club’s chairman and CEO.
Partially due to COVID, #PSG pre-tax loss increased by €100m from €125m to club record €225m, despite revenue increasing €10m (2%) from €560m to €570m, as €55m profit on player sales turned into a €5m loss, while operating expenses shot up €56m (8%). Post-tax loss €224m Image
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Sheffield United’s 2020/21 accounts covered a season when they finished 20th in the Premier League, leading to relegation after a two-year spell in the top flight. Manager Chris Wilder was replaced by Paul Heckingbottom (interim basis). Some thoughts follow #SUFC #twitterblades
This was the second year under new #SUFC owner Prince Abdullah after the High Court ruled that Kevin McCabe had to sell his 50% share to the Prince. This also triggered an agreement whereby the club had to purchase the stadium, training facility, gym, hotel and offices for £38m.
#SUFC pre-tax profit fell from £19m to £10m, as revenue dropped £28m (20%) from club record £143m to £115m and profit on player sales decreased £3m to £1m, partly offset by operating expenses falling £21m (17%). Net interest payable was up £1.7m to £2.5m.
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A year ago 12 clubs announced a European Super League (ESL) before fan protests led to a humiliating climbdown just days later. However, the factors that drove the 12 clubs to this deeply unpopular move largely remain. It’s still all about money: a combination of fear and greed.
There is little doubt that many of the 12 Super League clubs continue to face serious financial problems. To some extent, this helps explain why the “dirty dozen” would seek more revenue, but that certainly does not excuse their horribly ill-conceived plan.
It is somewhat ironic that these clubs lamented the perilous state of their finances while simultaneously claiming that they had all the answers. Their argument that the Super League would somehow benefit the wider football family should also be taken with a large pinch of salt.
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This season’s Champions League semi-finals largely feature the usual suspects, but the presence of #Villarreal is a surprise to most, after the “yellow submarine” defeated Bayern Munich. Having only finished 7th in La Liga, they qualified for the CL by winning the Europa League.
Compared to the European elite, #Villarreal have far fewer financial resources, playing their home games in a stadium with a capacity of only 23,500, though this would hold almost half of the city’s population of just over 50,000.
#Villarreal were bought in 1997 by Spanish businessman Fernando Roig, who made his fortune in ceramic tiles (plus a stake in a large supermarket chain). However, unlike many others, this is not a story of an owner pumping in money so that the club can buy its way to success.
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