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Wolverhampton Wanderers 2018/19 financial results covered a “successful” season, when they finished 7th in their first season back in the Premier League since 2012, reached the FA Cup semi-final and qualified for the Europa League. Some thoughts in the following thread #WWFC
Since being bought by Chinese investment group Fosun International in July 2016, #WWFC is a club transformed, helped by a close relationship with super-agent Jorge Mendes. Under charismatic manager Nuno Espirito Santo, Wolves can realistically compete for European qualification.
#WWFC swung from £57m loss before tax in the Championship to £20m profit in the Premier League, a £77m improvement, as revenue surged from £26m to a club record £172m and profit on player sales was up £4m to £12m, though costs also increased significantly in the top flight.
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Often asked, how long will this rebuild take?

I had #MUFC down for top-4 this szn, but injuries have been crippling.

Top-4 next szn. Title “challenge” in two szns.

How is that possible when currently experiencing worst PL start? And ‘x’ points behind Liverpool?

Read on...
#MUFC are laying the ground work for soon to be rapid improvements.

1) young players will be much more developed in 2 szns - think how Rashford & McTominay have just clicked this szn.

2) Only 4 signings settling in so far. Expect at least another 6 over next two summers.

3) once #MUFC core is formed with the right personalities, the culture transformation will see vast improvements in individuals & team ethic

4) Injuries will improve. Theres been much bad luck, as well as some resulting from added fitness training. Players will get stronger...
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A thread on #ManCity's financials...

Revenue growth has been a straight-line trend since 2009. With #UEFA's #UCL ban and fine, we expect annual revenue to drop below £500m for 2021-22. 1/7
Staff costs trend has been tempered by formation of City Football Group and the assumed transfer of some #MCFC costs into the new holding Co. #ManCity currently run 2nd-highest staff costs in English football behind #MUFC (£315.26m vs £332.30m). 2/7
#ManCity's revenue split highlights low Matchday take relative to Commercial/TV income. #MUFC Matchday ££ is 17.67% (£110.80m) of revenue vs #MCFC's £55.01m (10.28%). #UEFA TV payments over last 4 yrs averaged £62.94m based on performance etc. Current TV revenue £252.18m. 3/7
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West Ham’s 2018/19 financial results covered a season when they finished 10th in the Premier League and were eliminated in the 4th found of both the FA Cup and Carabao Cup. Manuel Pellegrini replaced David Moyes as manager in May 2018. Some thoughts in the following thread #WHUFC
#WHUFC swung from £18m profit before tax to a £28m loss, a £46m deterioration, despite revenue rising £15m (9%) to a club record £191m, as profit on player sales fell £17m to £13m and investment in the squad led to a £45m increase in expenses.
The main driver of #WHUFC £15m revenue increase was broadcasting, which rose £9m (7%) to £127m, due to a better Premier League position. There was also useful growth in the other revenue streams: commercial was up £4m (12%) to £36m, while match day was up £3m (11%) to £27m.
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Wednesday night against City, there was a fantastic example of exactly this happening (United's determination to play out from the back, no matter what). It starts with a poor back pass from Maguire to Shaw, leaving Shaw in trouble #MUFC @utdarena @timlongsports
@utdarena @timlongsports Under pressure, you wouldn't fault shaw for just booting this out, or kicking it out for a corner. Instead, he plays it wide into space so that Brandon Williams can take possession and start over #MUFC
@utdarena @timlongsports Williams, a young fullback playing in his first away derby, looks up to see what passing options he has. There are none, so he pulls the ball back, almost trapping himself and putting him under pressure #MUFC
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The media’s propensity for negatives, along with lazy journalism, has seen little attempt to really understand what Solskjaer’s #MUFC tenure has entailed, or his qualities. Instead, simply citing bad results to mean bad management

Here’s the OTHER side of the story...
1) No “top job” on his CV is a nonsensical argument - it’s often been proved this is NOT required. Guardiola & Zidane both had less experience when they got the Barca & Real jobs. Conte & Simeone had not coached top-flight European teams when they got Juventus & Atlético jobs...
2) As for his bespoke qualities for this #MUFC situation - as a past player, & a successful striker coach & Reserve team coach at the club, Solskjaer knows first-hand the type of spirit, style of play, & personality required at the club to build a worthy Utd squad & culture...
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As seen in the recently published UEFA revenue distributions, a lot of money can be earned from European competitions, especially after the 54% increase in TV money in the 2018/19 Champions League. This thread looks at the impact on English clubs in more detail.
UEFA TV money earned by English clubs increased by a third (£105m) in 2018/19 from £322m to £427m, split between £352m from the Champions League and £75m from the Europa League. In fact, their European revenue has more than tripled in just four years – from only £129m in 2015.
UEFA TV money is denominated in Euros, so there is an impact from exchange rates movements, a “Brexit bonus” if you will, as Sterling has weakened against the Euro from 1.34 to 1.13. However, the difference is not that material with the exception of 2015 and 2016.
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Everton’s 2018/19 financial results covered a season when they finished 8th in the Premier League for the second year in a row. Marco Silva replaced Sam Allardyce as manager in May 2018 #EFC
As a technical point, it’s worth noting that #EFC changed their accounting close date from May 31st to June 30th, so the 2018/19 accounts covered a 13 month period with little impact on turnover, but an additional month of expenses, which adversely impacted the bottom line.
#EFC loss shot up from £13m to a club record £112m, as revenue fell slightly (1%) to £188m, still second highest in club’s history, despite dropping out of the Europa League, and profit on player sales fell £68m to £20m, while player investment meant expenses increased by £46m.
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Great article by @DTathletic in The Athletic today about Ed Woodward, but too critical IMO. Since former PWC accountant joined #MUFC auditors PWC have earned £14.2 million in audit and tax avoidance fees. Ed knows how expensive houses are in Bowdon & Hale so just helping out
Similarly former investment banker Ed Woodward has done great things for the investment banking community who have earned £818m in interest/fees from #MUFC. Those who snipe & say money better spent on players & facilities have no idea how much it costs a banker to hire a nanny
Similarly #MUFC boardroom pay has risen since Ed became head honcho in 2013, but people fail to realise just how much private school fees, Range Rovers and skiing holidays have rocketed this decade. Ed's £18m for being in charge since 2013 quickly goes.
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Deloitte have published the 23rd edition of their annual Football Money League, which ranks the world’s leading football clubs by revenue, this time covering the 2018/19 season. Some thoughts in the following thread.
Barcelona £741m overtook Spanish rivals Real Madrid £667m to claim top spot for the first time, becoming the first club to break through the £700m barrier. #MUFC £627m and Bayern Munich £582m retained 3rd and 4th ranking, while PSG £560m (5th) and #MCFC £538m (6th) swapped places
There are no fewer than five English clubs in the top ten, also including #LFC £533m, #THFC £459m, and #CFC £452m. However, #AFC £393m dropped two places to 11th, their lowest position since 2000/01. Lyon and Napoli were new entrants to the top 20, replacing Milan and #NUFC.
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Chelsea’s 2018/19 financial results covered a season when they finished 3rd in the Premier League, thus qualifying for the Champions League, won the Europa League and reached the League Cup final. Coach Maurizio Sarri replaced by Frank Lampard in July. Some thoughts follow #CFC
#CFC swung from £67m profit before tax to a £102m loss a huge £169m deterioration. Although revenue slightly increased by £3m (1%) to a record £447m, the damage was done by profit on player sales falling £53m to £65m and expenses rising by a hefty £119m. Loss after tax was £97m.
Commercial income increased £15m (9%) from £165m to £180m, but there were reductions in the other revenue streams, mainly due to impact of playing in Europa League instead of Champions League: match day down £7m (10%) from £74m to £67m and broadcasting £4m (2%) lower at £200m.
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I disagree #MUFC were humiliated by City. They are on another level to United & we've known this for a while, & it all clicked for them in the first half. But the second half showed there's positives. Of course, fans won't recognise this, because it hurts to lose...
Second half #MUFC worked City out and took the game to them. Do fans understand how difficult that is against a team that's probably in the top 5 in the world? We have to be realistic about Utd's current level. We are not an elite side, & yes, the Glazers have to address that..
When you play kids, naivety will hurt you, and City exposed that in the first half. But I was happy with the response, both tactically & mentally. Utd have played much worse this year. As a coach once said, you have to lose before you win & learn those lessons from it...
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Here is a list of the top 2019 things from Twitter Nigeria this year.

Lets start with those who Tweeted the most:


The Top 10 Hashtags in 2019

#BBNaija | 5,000,000+
#MUFC | 1,500,000+

#NigeriaDecides2019 | 1,200,000+

#Nigeria | 1,100,000+

#NP | 760,000+

#NowPlaying | 740,000+

#NewProfilePic | 550,000+

#GameofThrones | 440,000+

#MondayMotivation | 440,000+

#UCL | 410,000+
The Top 10 Mentions in 2019

@mbuhari | 3,800,000+

@ | 1,600,000+

@atiku | 1,400,000+

@segalink | 1,200,000+

@alex_houseof308 | 1,200,000+

@PoliceNG | 1,000,000+

@iam_Davido | 1,000,000+

@SubDeliveryZone | 820,000+

@wizkidayo | 820,000+

@thepamilerin | 800,000+
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Here is a list of the top 2019 things from Twitter Kenya this year.

Lets start with those who Tweeted the most:


The Top 10 Hashtags in 2019

#MUFC |500,000+
#SundownerKBC | 440,000+
#BarakaZaMilele | 440,000+
#KOTLoyals | 430,000+
#MainaAndKingangi | 380,000+
#BillyNaTricky | 260,000+
#MwashumbeNaShugaboy | 230,000+
#IkoKaziKE | 220,000+
#Kenya | 220,000+
#AlexNaJalas | 210,000+
The Top 10 Mentions in 2019

@Milele_FM | 1,000,000+

@radiomaisha | 780K +
@citizentvkenya | 550K +
@RadioCitizenFM | 470K +
@Classic105Kenya | 380K +
@EvahMwalili | 380K +
@CatherineNdonye | 360K +
@kbcenglish | 340K +
@GhettoRadio895 | 330K +
@williamsruto | 320K +
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Lots of reds I hear saying”we need a creative midfield player”. This is often followed by a name and an amount of assists, as if to say more assists are required. If you follow this THREAD you’ll see an interesting alternative view. #manutd #MUFC @samuelluckhurst @markgoldbridge
To sign a player and expect him to become the highest assister in the league would surely be expecting too much. Even if we did sign a player who went to the top of the assist league, what would that mean for us ? How many extra goals could we get from suddenly having the top man
In each of the last two seasons the highest premier league midfield player on the list is Eriksen of Spurs, outside of City and Liverpool players. I’ll come to them later. Eriksen has 10 and 12 assists in the last two seasons. Don’t forget that he swings free kicks and corners in
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UEFA have now published the final payments to clubs for 2018/19 European competitions. In the following thread, I will first look at the Champions League distribution, then the Europa League and finally payments by country (with a focus on the Big Five leagues).
In 2018/19 each of 32 clubs qualified for Champions League group stage got €14.5m plus €2.7m for a win and €900k for a draw. Additional prize money for each further stage reached: last 16 €9.5m, quarter-final €10.5m, semi-final €12m, final €15m and winners €19m.
#FCBarcelona had the highest 2018/19 Champions League payment of €118m, but English clubs received four of the top six distributions: winners #LFC €111m, runners-up #THFC €102m, #MUFC €93m and #MCFC €93m. #Juventus were 4th with €96m and #PSG 7th with €86m.
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Mino Raiola says that Paul Pogba wants to stay at #mufc and “win prizes” but believes the club needs to support the midfielder more. [Telegraph]
Raiola: “I think that Paul really went home, Paul could have gone elsewhere. But he really chose with his heart, to go home. Paul is a very, very nice person. #mufc
Raiola: “For example, Paul’s not able to be angry at Ole because Ole treated him so good when Ole was an older player and Paul was a younger player and the respect and the love that he received from Ole means he cannot get angry at Ole.” #mufc
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Manchester City’s 2018/19 financial results covered an “extraordinary” season when they won the domestic treble of Premier League, FA Cup and Carabao Cup, though were eliminated in the Champions League quarter-finals by Tottenham. Some thoughts in the following thread #MCFC
#MCFC profit before tax was flat at £10m, despite revenue rising £35m (7%) from £500m to a record high of £535m, as the revenue growth was offset by costs increasing by the same amount. Profit on player sales was also unchanged at £39m.
#MCFC revenue growth of £35m was entirely due to broadcasting, which increased £42m (20%) from £211m to £253m with Champions League up £31m (57%) to £86m and domestic TV up £11m to £167m – due to a combination of success on the pitch and new deals.
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#ManchesterUnited’s long-standing relationship with Chevrolet, at £64 million, is the most lucrative shirt sponsorship deal in the Premier League. From the US automotive brand’s perspective, the agreement looks less attractive in view of #MUFC’s brand value declining since 2018
@utdxtra @utdarena @fcbusiness @utdreport @sistoney67 @MUFR_ @MUnitedFR @FlexUTD @UnitedPeoplesTV #ManUnited is the Premier League club most often perceived as having a rich heritage and history, coming behind only the top Spanish clubs and #Bayern Munich.
These factors are the driving force behind the rewarding partnerships that the brand attracts – at first look Chevrolet
@utdxtra @utdarena @fcbusiness @utdreport @sistoney67 @MUFR_ @MUnitedFR @FlexUTD @UnitedPeoplesTV seems an unusual sponsor, considering its target markets compared to the markets that Manchester United gives access to – but it is the associations with globally recognised heritage that makes the #sponsorship worthwhile. The role that shirt sponsorships can play for commercial
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Bayern Munich 2018/19 accounts cover a mixed season. Domestically, they won the Bundesliga for the 7th season in a row, securing the league and cup double for the 12th time. However, they crashed out of the Champions League in the last 16. Some thoughts follow #FCBayern
#FCBayern profit before tax increased from €46m to €75m (profit after tax €52m). Revenue (per Bayern’s definition) rose €93m (14%) to €750m including €90m profit on player sales. The board described the figures as “outstanding”, as both revenue and profit set record highs.
Excluding player sales, #FCBayern revenue rose €31m (5%) from €629m to €660m, mainly due to TV, up €34m (20%) to €211m, though commercial was also up €8m (2%) to €357m. On the other hand, match day down €11m (11%) to €92m. Profit on player sales €62m higher at €90m.
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#Juventus 2018/19 accounts cover a season when they won the league (for the eighth year in a row), but were eliminated in the Champions League at the quarter-final stage by Ajax. Head coach Max Allegri left at the end of the season. Some thoughts in the following thread.
#Juventus pre-tax loss widened from €10m to €27m (€40m after tax), despite revenue growing €83m (20%) from €411m to €494m & profit from player sales rising €33m (35%) to €127m, due to significant cost growth of €130m. Revenue (club definition) up €117m to record €621m.
All #Juventus revenue streams increased. Commercial income rose €41m (28%) to €187m (largely the Ronaldo factor); match day was up €14m (25%) to €71m; broadcasting was €6m (3%) higher at €207m; and player loans shot up €22m to €30m.
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#RealMadrid 2018/19 accounts cover a disappointing season, the first after selling Ronaldo, when they were 3rd in La Liga, semi-finalists in the Copa del Rey and exited the Champions League in the last 16. They also had 3 coaches: Lopetegui, Solari & Zidane. Some thoughts follow.
#RealMadrid profit before tax increased by €10m from €43m to €53m (profit after tax up €7m to €38m). Revenue was a record €757m, but only rose €6m (less than 1%), while profit on player sales shot up €45m to €99m. Profit restricted by a €46m impairment provision.
The only #RealMadrid revenue stream to increase was international competitions & friendlies, up €13m (13%) to €114m, but the others stagnated: broadcasting was down €5m (3%) to €173m; membership fees & stadium revenue down €1m to €173m; while marketing was flat at €295m.
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#Ajax 2018/19 accounts cover their most successful season in years when they won the Dutch league and cup double (for the first time since 2002) and reached the Champions League semi-final with a dazzling brand of football. Some thoughts in the following thread.
#Ajax profit before tax shot up from €3m to €69m (€52m after tax), largely due to revenue more than doubling from €93m to a record €199m (thanks to the CL exploits) and profit on player sales rising from €39m to €73m. The price of success was expenses increasing by €74m.
#Ajax €106m revenue growth was very largely due to the Champions League run with all three streams increasing: broadcasting surged €76m from €13m to €89m; match day rose €20m (63%) from €31m to €51m; and commercial was €11m (22%) higher at €60m.
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One of PL's £1bn games (£1.082bn) in combined club revenues. #LFC doing rather better in profit terms over latest 5yr (14-18) of accounts than #MUFC (15-19). #Liverpool's financial improvement under FSG ownership and #ManUnited's declining cumulative economic profit trend #MUNLIV
@fcbusiness @utdarena @utdxtra @MUFR_ @ManDevilsUtd @MUnitedFR @FalseFMatt @DrRob_Wilson @Lasciencedufoot @vysyble #LFC's position may improve further following successful 18-19 UCL campaign. Third graphic shows comparative (and latest) revenue and economic profit profiles. #ManchesterUnited runs 2014-19, #Liverpool runs 2014-2018 #MANLIV #MUNLIV #MUFCLIV #SportBusiness
@fcbusiness @utdarena @utdxtra @MUFR_ @ManDevilsUtd @MUnitedFR @FalseFMatt @DrRob_Wilson @Lasciencedufoot @vysyble Last month, #ManUnited, which for many years has been among the world’s highest earning clubs, projected that revenues would be £560m-£580m this season, the first fall in income for more than a decade
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