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Since GW2, this is the first time the captaincy is going to be split between the two most owned players in the game. I'll try to present a case for the @ManUtd man, Cristiano Ronaldo (£12.7), who's up against @AVFCOfficial at home.

The TEAM - First up, let's discuss #MUFC

Liverpool is a superior attacking unit which is well trained in how they want to build & score their goals. But United aren't far behind despite the change in personnel. BTW, United have scored the most goals in PL so far 👀
The TWEAK – The big talking point in the #FPL Community is whether he will get the required service at United. Well, there has been improvement.

𝙋𝙀𝙍𝟵𝟬 𝙂𝙒𝟭-𝟯 𝙂𝙒𝟰-𝟱
Crosses 16 28
Succ Cr. 3 5
Attempts 1.7 4
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The sheer pace at which Ole has lifted #mufc from the rut to contention means many see the job he did as easy. He has steered a top to bottom revamp under constant scrutiny with 0 room for error.

Most managers fail if the situation isn't ideal. Ole's the opposite ⤵️
Ole has been our manager for just 2 full seasons now. The squad he took over was bloated and unbalanced. To make matters worse, many of them didn't want to be here and also were on ludicrous contracts.

But the issues at the club didn't stop with the squad alone.
United's famed academy had been neglected. There was no pipeline in place for academy talents to move to the first team.

The club had fallen behind in data analytics and had neglected the sports science department leading to us being the most unfit squad in the league.
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Manchester United’s 2020/21 accounts cover a season when they finished 2nd in the Premier League and reached the final of the Europa League, having been eliminated at group stage of the Champions League. Financials significantly impacted by COVID-19. Some thoughts follow #MUFC
#MUFC pre-tax loss up from £21m to £24m, as revenue dropped £15m (3%) from £509m to £494m and profit on player sales fell £11m to £7m, while expenses rose £16m (3%). Operational decline offset by interest swinging £39m from £26m payable to £13m recoverable thanks to forex gains.
Net loss after tax rose £69m from 23m to £92m, due to April 2023 increase in corporation tax from 19% to 25%, which meant that #MUFC wrote down the value of a US deferred tax asset, as it is no longer expected to give rise to a future economic benefit. This is a non-cash impact.
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Solskjær relies a lot on the forward players having ‘chemistry’, ‘zip’, or ‘magic’ through their quality, which is fine since you have more quality than most teams. Now, you need to provide them a solid stable foundation. Defensive transitions need to be significantly improved.
In terms of personnel, keeping Matic fresh, McFred injury free will be extremely vital. The only 2 pivot combinations that provide, somewhat, stability to the core are the McFred and the Pogtić. On paper, PogFred should be a good combination but on the pitch it definitely isn’t.
Fred’s erratic-ness, early tackle diving, & lack of physicality makes him a liability next to Pogba, who is not really mobile to cover. So, to achieve cohesiveness, I’d only rotate between the McFred or Pogtić combinations. And yes, I know Pogba’s value higher up but oh well…💁‍♂️
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Despite a full season of Covid, Manchester United's revenue exceeded that of any other EPL club from the previous season. #MUFC
Although almost every match was BCD, Manchester United still generated more money from matchday in 2020/21 than two other clubs did the previous season when Covid only impacted upon the last half dozen matches. Matchday income includes membership fees .
Combination of being in the Champions League and having more PL matches in the period 1 July 2020 to 20 June 2021 meant that broadcast income up by 82% to £255m.
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Sancho Vs Newcastle! (Thread)

- The ball is played into midfield - Sancho sprints outwide
- This draws the right back to shift right
- Leaving space for CR7 to drive in to
- The RB then tries to get back across, but it's too late.

Sancho's IQ helped create this goal!

#MUFC ImageImage
Sancho - Decision making!

Look at the quick feet Sancho displays when being closed down, leaving the defender on the floor. Sancho is surrounded by 4 men, it would be nonsensical to attack them and cross it in when there is no one in the box. Plays it to CR7 - leads to shot. Image
Sancho - Decision making!

Sancho thrives off movement. Again he displays his intelligence and breaks the line into Bissaka. Remember there was little room vs Newcastle. Sancho draws players in and then plays it into space.

Simple but effective! Image
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LONG thread about midfield coming up:

This is the drum I've been beating for the past two years when it comes to evaluating midfielders. The standard is far too lax.

Fred and VDB weren't bad at all! But not bad ≠ good

For midfielders being good or bad is not black & white There's levels
Good - help your team win
Bad - cause your team to lose
In between - prevent your team from losing, but also hold your team back and make it more difficult to win

#MUFC often live in that third category
There's also the issue in how we define 'bad'
It's not just made a defensive error that resulted in a goal or give the ball away/bad passes

There are also plenty of things you can do that don't look bad but aren't in fact good
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🏆🇪🇺 Champions League probabilities:

🔀 Who has the best chance of winning & qualifying from each #UCL group using our xG model?

A: #ManCity, PSG, Leipzig, Brugge
B: Atletico, #LFC, Porto, Milan
C: Sporting, Dortmund, Ajax, Besiktas
D: Inter, Real, Shakhtar, Sheriff

🏆 Champions League Group Probabilities:

🔀 Who has the best chance of winning & qualifying from each #UCL group using our xG model?

E: Bayern, Barca, Benfica, Kiev
F: Villarreal, #MUFC, Atalanta, Y Boys
G: Lille, Sevilla, Salzburg, Wolfsburg
H: #CFC, Juve, Zenit, Malmo

📊 The Infogol model's top-two predictions for all eight #UCL groups.

💷 The 'both teams to qualify' acca is 153/1 with @SkyBet

🤑 The straight forecast acca is 4385/1 with @SkyBet
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[thread] Quick observation on Sancho's passing vs Newcastle.

He tends to use a slower weight of pass, the kind that holds nicely along the grass and is easy to receive.
So what information can these passes convey?

#MUNNEW #mufc
- Naturally slows the tempo for the team, perhaps allowing players to evaluate their positioning.

- Tells the receiver they have time, conversely could draw opposition pressure onto them as the ball arrives.

- Gives impetus to the receiver to speed up play with their actions.
Allowing the receiver to arrive onto the ball in space.
1) AWB's poor touch prevents him driving forward.
2) A Ronaldo overlap, Sancho's execution poor.
3) Shaw and Sancho - well timed pass and underlap, shortly before Sancho was subbed off.
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Cristiano Ronaldo starting with my #MUFC boys again.

I've always liked Ronaldo but I have significantly wheeled back my admiration for his footballing talent after sexual assault accusations against him.
The abusive behaviour of superstars, including our former captain Ryan lGiggs, must be directly connected to the behaviour of abusers in the stands and in the pubs who watch them.…
I love football. I have supported #MUFC since 1976 when I was nine years old.

I will always condemn and target patriarchy and the ways it enables and protects abuse of any kind, including by football superstars.

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Gameweek 4️⃣ Previews! #FPL

Below we summarise all of...
🔘Key Press Conference quotes
🔘A resulting PREDICTED lineup

LIKES ❤️ and RETWEETS ♻️ appreciated! Good Luck and Enjoy.

#TipzLineups #FPLCommunity #GW4 Image
Arsenal Gameweek Preview

Suspended / Injured 🤕📕
🔘 Xhaka (suspended)
🔘 Elneny (injured)

Quotes/Notes 📝
🔘 White, Gabriel, ESR & Partey available
🔘 Tomiyasu fit and work permit cleared

Predicted lineup below

Written by @FPLRayGooner_49

Villa Gameweek Preview

Suspended/ Injured 🤕📕
🔘 Trezeguet
🔘 Davis

Quotes/Notes 📝
🔘 McGinn and Ramsey have recovered from their illness.
🔘 Watkins and Bailey are back available
🔘Traore back training

Predicted lineup below

Written by @fpl_Marsh
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Many Liverpool fans are unhappy that their club has not bought more players in this summer’s transfer window. This thread looks at where the money has gone, reviews the #LFC business model under FSG and explains why the approach is less restrained at other clubs.
This summer #LFC only spent £36m on RB Leipzig defender Ibrahim Konaté, by far the lowest of the Big Six. Four clubs splashed out more than £100m:#AFC £149m, #MUFC £126m, #MCFC £115m and #CFC £108m. On a net basis, #LFC £11m was second smallest, as #CFC made £110m sales. Image
Even though #LFC spent £74m the prior season, mainly on Jota, Thiago & Tsimikas, their £110m gross spend in the last two years is still the lowest of the Big Six, far below #CFC £330m, #MCFC £260m, #AFC £226m. #MUFC £201m and #THFC £160m. Liverpool also had the lowest net spend. Image
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Tactical Analysis thread: Besides the midfield, the one thing that was glaringly obvious in Sunday's match was the need for the forward line to do their part and help the midfield out.
That goes for both helping to progress the ball, and defensively (CONT)
Let's take a look at some HORRIBLE defense where United leave Harry Maguire completely exposed and let Trincao have a free run at him.
A defensive midfielder alone doesn't fix this because there are so many breakdowns, especially from the forwards
(Pics are annotated so I can save words here). The play starts fairly innocently on the wing. Pogba and James have swapped roles (due to prior positioning) but James tucks in as the second CM. United look pretty well set up, except Bruno and James are both in no mans land
#MUFC Image
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It's very clear Ole Gunnar Solskjaer had a plan for Manchester United. It's just that signing Ronaldo may have blown that plan up.

Regardless of the plan, they still don't have a midfield that is capable of playing the way OGS wants to play, and it all starts there!
Like we really can't overstate how not 'Premier League champions' quality Fred, Matic, and McTominay are. And Pogba/VDB aren't midfielders either. United have the defenders/attackers to play the style OGS wants, but the midfielders are simply incapable
I always laugh at the notion that someone else 'gets more out of this team' because that someone else would still have to deal with McTominay & Fred who can't pass, and Matic who can't move
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He signed as an 18 year old. All of Europe wanted him. We had to act quickly after a performance against us alerted clubs to just how good he was. The United players begged Fergie to sign him. He obliged, very quickly. #Ronaldo #MUFC
A few days later he came as on sub in the first league game against Bolton. Nobody knew what to expect. By the end of the blistering cameo, the crowd at Old Trafford were as breathless as the Wanderers defence.
Honestly, that first season was intoxicating and infuriating. He was capable of the remarkable but, as a youngster learning the game, there were flashes of petulance and inconsistency. He ended the first year scoring in the FA Cup Final
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𝐑𝐨𝐧𝐚𝐥𝐝𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐔𝐧𝐢𝐭𝐞𝐝 - 𝐀 𝐓𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐜𝐚𝐥 𝐆𝐮𝐢𝐝𝐞

🔴Shaw & Sancho = Aerial Service 🤤
🔴Do not play him as a winger!
🔴Incompatible with Pogba? 4-1-4-1...
🔴Can he work with Greenwood?
🔴Can't create/press

CC: @TacticalPad

#MUFC #CristianoRonaldo

Ronaldo is a GOAT aerial threat, arguably just behind your Pele's.

Sancho rarely stays out wide these days but there is no denying the fact that his crossing is elite and Shaw seems to have recaptured the art of crossing.

Rashford and Bruno could also cross from half spaces.
Ronaldo in transition is usually a threat, but he is older, Rashford is injured and Sancho is a killer passer in transition rather than a space eater. English defences aren't going to yield as much space as in the Bundesliga.

I think Cavani has more legs for the counter.
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Premier League rule M.5 clearly states that Edinson Cavani must keep the No. 7 shirt for the whole season.

If Cristiano Ronaldo wants the No. 7 shirt, Cavani must leave. Or United must get special dispensation from the PL board, which has never before been granted. #mufc
Stories that Cavani could swap numbers because he hasn't played yet this season are incorrect.

Man United have already registered Cavani with the No. 7 shirt so it's not vacant for Cristiano Ronaldo. #mufc
This is different to Spain, where squad numbers in LaLiga aren't finalised until the end of August and players can change.

But in the Premier League, you submit your squad numbers at the start of the season and a number can only be reused if the player leaves.
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🧵 Pre-match press conference thread Gameweek 3 [Friday]

🐦 Liverpool

📢 Jurgen Klopp on Andy Robertson: "Robbo trained the whole week, of course he [is] in contention, no doubt about that."

#fpl #gw3 #CHpressers #lfc #LivChe
📢 Klopp on team news: "Millie [James Milner] will not be ready – I think that's it pretty much. All the rest trained and looked good and sharp."

#fpl #gw3 #CHpressers #lfc #LivChe
☔️ Aston Villa

📢 Dean Smith on team news/injuries: "Ollie Watkins will train with us today and if he gets through training, he’ll be available for selection.

"[Leon Bailey's] progress is going ok but tomorrow will come too soon for him..."

#fpl #gw3 #CHpressers #avfc #AvlBre
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🧵 Pre-match press conference thread Gameweek 3 [Thursday]

🔫 Arsenal

📢 Mikel Arteta: "From Covid we still have Ben [White] out and Alex Runarsson who has been out and the rest of the players that are missing, hopefully..."

#fpl #gw3 #CHpressers #AFC
📢 Arteta: " because we’re going to be tested, are only injuries. They’re longer-term injuries and that’s why we don’t have them back yet."

On White: "He's asymptomatic. He's been feeling good and as quick as we can, we're going to bring..."

#fpl #gw3 #CHpressers #AFC
📢 Arteta on White: "...him back to training and start to play games with us again."

On Gabriel: "He’s getting closer. He had a couple of sessions with the team but we don’t know [if he can play v Man City]. Let’s see tomorrow how he is."

#fpl #gw3 #CHpressers #AFC
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Given the importance of wage bills to the likely success of football clubs, I thought that it would be interesting to look at wages for the Big 5 European leagues in the 2019/20 season (the most recently published accounts). Some thoughts in the following thread.
As a technical note, I have converted wages from Euro denominated leagues to GBP using the 1.14 exchange rate from the Deloitte Money League. To facilitate comparison, I have provided figures for each league in both Euros and GBP, though the overviews are only in GBP.
In England the highest wage bill in 2019/20 was #MCFC £351m, followed by #LFC £326m, #MUFC £284m, #CFC £283m, #AFC £225m and #THFC £181m. It is worth noting that some clubs’ figures were inflated by changing their year-end date, which meant the accounts covered 13 months.
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TACTICAL CAM: Manchester United’s subpar draw against Southampton was more than just poor player performances. It was the entire team — let me explain why.

Passing Networks: a thread. Image
Manchester United’s structure in possession saw them feature NO strong exchanges between the midfield or forward line. Why?

Forwards struggled to see the ball, #MUFC struggled to get it out of their own half. Let’s go in more detail. Image
Football isn’t just about scoring. I mean, yes — fundamentally it is, but it’s more so about *increasing the probability* of scoring.

The way to do that is very straightforward: get the ball forwards. #MUFC struggled in the fundamentals as a team & individual players.
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The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant adverse impact on football clubs, though it is important to distinguish between money that has been completely lost to the game and income that has simply been deferred. This thread will analyse what this means for the Premier League.
Many clubs have listed the revenue impact of COVID-19 in their accounts, while others have not quantified the amounts. In the latter case, I have made assumptions consistent with those clubs who have provided figures in order to estimate the impact.
On the face of it, Premier League revenue held up quite well in 2019/20, though there were only 3 months impacted by the pandemic that season, as 4 clubs reported revenue above £400m (#MUFC £509m, #LFC £490m, #MCFC £478m & #CFC £407m), while all but one club was higher than £100m
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#DeGea is one of the best GKs in the #PremierLeague when dealing with long range 1v1s & the save vs #Armstrong was great!

He knew AA was ~15yrd out so it would take a top finish to beat him so he didn’t need to rush out or gamble as that would only make AA’s finish easier

#MUFC ImageImageImageImage
It may look like a simple save in the end but that’s all down to #DeGea’s excellent decision making which massively reduces the chance quality

The composure DDG showed to stay deep to his line & not over commit early isn’t common, even in the #PremierLeague

Such top goalkeeping Image
Here’s a similar situation where the GK didn’t keep their composure during a long range 1v1 & rushed forward & gambled & as a result let in a pretty average finish

I am not using this to bash #Bachmann, instead I think it should be used to praise #DeGea, the DDG save wasn’t easy ImageImageImageImage
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Clarifying #MUFC and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Twitter Misconceptions (A Thread) —

I’ve seen many fake facts being spouted by our own fans on here. Been wanting to correct them for a while, so here we go! ⤵️
1. “Solskjaer has been in charge for 4 years.”

Did you fail your math in school?Subtract 4 from 2021 and it’s 2017.
Ole became the permanent manager in March 2019 and this is his 3rd full season in charge.

It’s been 2 years and 5 months. Not 4 years.
2. “We are playing shit football. It’s boring.”

Goals in 17/18: 99
Goals in 18/19: 84
Goals in 19/20: 110
Goals in 20/21: 116

Games under Moyes, LvG and Jose (combined) where United scored 5+ goals: 2

Games under Solskjaer where United scored 5+ goals: 10

But sure, boring.
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