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Manchester City biggest Premier League income generator in 21/22. Manchester United still a long way ahead of the pack over the 30 yrs of the PL. Income £300m higher overall than previous record. Image
Matchday income headed by Manchester United for 30th consecutive year. Spurs have capacity to overtake but would need a few more cup matches. Matchday 13.7% of total income. Image
Broadcast income £2.97 billion in 21/22. Lower than previous season in which many clubs played 44 PL games in period 1 July to 30 June in their financial year and so 20/21 figs distorted. Liverpool reaching CL final means they topped the table. Image
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Players I would like to see Bolton Wanderers sign this summer. #bwfc #bolton

As always feel free to comment or DM a team and positions. (🧵)


𝗦𝗧 Image
𝗧𝗼𝗯𝘆 𝗦𝗮𝘃𝗶𝗻

𝗣𝗼𝘀𝗶𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 - 𝗚𝗞
𝗔𝗴𝗲 - 𝟮𝟯

A very good young goalkeeper who I think needs to play in a system that suits him, and I think what Evatt demands of his goalkeeper would bring the best out of Savin. Image
𝗗𝗶’𝗦𝗵𝗼𝗻 𝗕𝗲𝗿𝗻𝗮𝗿𝗱

𝗣𝗼𝘀𝗶𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 - 𝗖𝗕
𝗔𝗴𝗲 - 𝟮𝟮

Now released by #MUFC and looking to shine elsewhere it’s another player I believe fits Evatts system well, he is comfortable on the ball and can also carry out of defence Image
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Latest on the #MUFC sale.

For avoidance of doubt, neither Nine Two Foundation or INEOS have been informed yet if they have won. Those close to the process deny exclusivity will be given.

Qatar mood more positive after fifth bid. INEOS always cautiously optimistic...
Both groups pretty frustrated because they are being kept on the brink, ready to execute, but knowing their rival is in the same position. This is very atypical given how far into the process we are.
We are beyond the type of negotiation associated with a preferred bidder stage. Both groups have been already treated like preferred bidders in terms of tasks they've undertaken, including deep talks and legal groundwork.
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Firm denials from those close to the #MUFC sale that any group will be granted exclusivity despite reports Nine Two Foundation are negotiating for it. As exclusively reveled last week, neither Nine Two Foundation or INEOS are expected to be given exclusivity. Image
Also understand that there is unlikely to be a conclusion to the #MUFC sale process this week, certainly not in terms of any public or formal announcements.
As per below, the plan remains for neither group to enter into exclusive negotiations, and remember Nine Two Foundation have said they won't engage further on financials. All signs still point to readying both groups then picking a winner.

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Important to note, despite the excitement, that the paperwork for Nine Two UK Holdings Limited was sent to Companies House months ago. A lot of people getting excited about the date of incorporation (15 June). But this was initiated long before Qatar's last two offers. Image
This is again evidence that Nine Two Foundation (much like INEOS) are preparing (and being prepared by the seller), so if given the green light they are ready to execute the deal.
Those close to both groups still haven't been given a definitive answer. It's such a big moment for #MUFC, so important not to jump the gun.
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Early today, I asked @andersred, @MU_ST's finance director (whose day job is in the world of investment), when the @premierleague will wade in with its Owners and Directors test... 🧵

#MUFCTakeover #MUFC #UTFR Image
The Owners and Directors test is mentioned Section F of the PL Handbook. You can see the Handbook in its entirety at the link below. Section F starts on page 71 of the PDF (the page number in the doc itself is 141).…
Section F. 1 lists the numerous elements that would disqualify an owner or director. It has most of the things you might imagine... connections with other clubs, criminal activity, etc. It's just a couple pages and is worth reading.
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This is Adrian Doherty, who would have turned 50 today, described by Sir Alex Ferguson as “the boy with the most amazing football skill, but happiest with his books, poems and guitar.”

And by one of his ex #MUFC youth-team-mates as “Bob Dylan in a No 7 shirt”

#adriandoherty ImageImageImage
I first stumbled on Adrian’s story in 2011 when researching a feature on Ryan Giggs. I asked @TheRealBozza and @Alan_Tonge whether Giggs stuck out a mile in #MUFC youth team, expecting to hear "Yes of course he did."

Instead, both replied: “Have you heard of Adrian Doherty?”
Only very vaguely.

Beyond his home town of Strabane and a tight band of #MUFC youth aficionados, Adrian seemed totally unknown as a footballer. There was nothing about him on the internet except a tribute put together by Matt Bradley, who coached him as a youth player in Derry.
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[#MUFC 22/23 Season Player Ratings - MEGA THREAD]

As the dust settles on a decently successful season consdering it was Erik Ten Hag's 1st year, I'm going to rate every regular squad member in this big thread along with their data (individual pizza charts for most). Let's go!
1/ Image
David de Gea: 3/10

Let's be clear. It was a really poor season from DDG. When compared to the standards of other UCL clubs, he's quite far off & the reality is that it's been this way for a while. DDG ranks very poorly for sweeping, claiming & distribution stats while his
2/ Image
shot-stopping was below avg. The random last-ditch saves just don't make up for the inferior overall package. Even in terms of intangibles, his poor passing puts pressure on the team, forces us to lose the ball & invites pressure + his big-game errors are damning.
Weak link.
3/ Image
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There was a time (when Dean Henderson returned from loan) where I felt he could be started over DDG & grow into a starter-level no. 1 in 2 years time. It feels like that train has passed. Many things have happened. #MUFC taking 25-30m fee & investing in a top GK seems best route.
Goes to show how complicated youth player dev & integration is. Had felt there was a window when Garner could have also been re-integrated to push Scott & Fred as backups. Obv some youth players like Chong were just not good enough. But the ones who were - could have done better.
Even players who made it like Rashford & McTominay - we didn't do them any favours in development. Rashford just paved his way through via talent & effort but his tactical role confusion exists till today. Scott was a B2B 8 played all over the place & is a no-nothing player now.
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Denis Irwin signed for the Reds #OnThisDay in 1990, and he went on to become one of Sir Alex Ferguson's most significant signings.

Here's how and why Denis's name is ingrained into United folklore... 🧵

#MUFC A split image, with the top...
🇮🇪 One of the modern United greats, Denis’s career was one of steady progression to the biggest stage for club and country – where he proved a natural, if often underrated performer, offering sterling service at left-back, with a keen eye for goal.

🤝 Irwin joined from Oldham in 1990, and during his maiden campaign with the Reds, secured his first of 13 winners' medals, as United lifted the European Cup Winners' Cup. A team photo ahead of the 1...
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Had mentioned this when #MUFC got Donny van De Beek. Didn't make much sense given Bruno (& at the time Pogba) were in team. VDB was never a deep playmaker or transition defending DM & Bruno simply being super fit & super good made it tougher. Another case of poor tactical fitment Image
VDB's best role is as an AM/SS who utilize his great off-the-ball movement to get into good spaces. Paired with playmakers who can feed him & attackers who can move to generate space for him, he can score or provide good final balls (cutbacks, lay-offs, short through balls).
We never played that style of AM given Bruno was a playmaker largely. There was a time when Martial & Cavani were unfit where I felt VDB could have been played as CF ahead of Bruno with the pair & Rashford exchanging places but Rashford at CF + Bruno at AM was simple a sure bet.
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Kim comparte cosas con Licha, es un defensor que puede ser proactivo (intentar anticipar y ganar con agresividad), pero su gran plus es que confía en su atleticismo para aguantar al 9 en lugar de arriesgar. 🧵
Me agrada porque se nota que hay una línea a seguir. Lo que ponía alto a Harry con Erik de entrada era su salida por abajo.
No pudo adaptarse a la zona derecha, algo que Kim si ha logrado a un nivel mayor.

Pero sus perfiles son similares, Kim en mejor forma. #MUFC Image
KMJ ha jugado +2500' de 2do CB y solo 682 de 1er CB, pero lo visto es prometedor.
Maneja ambos pies, su capacidad de enlazar juego es altísima con un rango de pase muy amplio.
98 en duelos sin ⚽️ es UNA LOCURA.

De hecho como 1er CB es más seguro con los pases, avanza más con ⚽️. Image
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Se me viene a la mente que el #MUFC no tiene definido que los #fichajes de atacantes sean sí o sí 9s de área.
▪︎Rashford+Højlund (ambos 9s de half-space) serían "puntas"
▪︎¿Sancho movido al half-space DER? Buscar otro extremo creativo para la IZQ
▪︎Seguir con Garnacho banca
Sigo con la idea de que el falso 9 es el camino en el largo plazo para Erik.
Pero en el corto, muy probable que veamos jugadores rotando constantemente sin mucha referencia de posiciones adelante.

Tadic jugó de 9 y luego de EI con mucho éxito, ¿será que esta búsqueda va por ahí? ImageImage
Podría ser un rumor falso y es claro que la prioridad está en otros puestos, pero no sería descabellado pensar en que Erik vuelva a intentar contar con ese jugador que le rendía en varias zonas y le permitía jugar de más de una manera.

En especial si domina el half-space IZQ. 😏 Image
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Como siempre se está reduciendo todo a un jugador. Vamos a echarle la culpa a uno de todo lo malo que pasó hoy.
De Gea tuvo culpabilidad en el 2do gol y su distribución fue pobre (de nuevo), pero lo que me preocupa realmente es el sistema.#MUFC Image
No digo que sea culpa de Ten Hag, la plantilla era limitada, pero la ausencia de referencias por afuera para mantener la estructura del equipo dejó al #MUFC sin su mejor chance de retener ⚽️ arriba.

Lo sacrificó para poblar el medio, y realmente no funcionó. Ni soga ni cabra. 🤷‍♂️
Sin Antony, ni Garnacho/Rashford para jugar por fuera, definitivamente el plan A del DT para ganar este partido, se descartó antes del 0'.

El plan B iba a requerir potencia y despliegue, algo que Eriksen no puede presumir ahora. Pero su salida y ⚽️ quieta lo mantenían en cancha. Image
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There is a huge elephant in the room at Manchester United right now, and it is their physical prowess.

A thread 🧵 Image
Let's go over the components of fitness first, before we delve into the issues at hand.

Along with the basics, there is also

🌬️Aerobic endurance (play 90' to a good level)
🏋️Muscular endurance (deal with repetitive contact)

Footballers train these elements to play better. ImageImageImage
These components lay the groundwork for the physical output on Matchday.

Some examples of output:

🔋High-pressing for 50/90 mins (speed, aerobic endurance)
🦘Jumps for aerial duels (musc. endurance, power) ImageImage
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La idea que te había planteado de optar por jóvenes menos "famosos" pero con potencial, esperando poder contar con 2 atacantes nuevos en lugar de pagar una cantidad alta por uno solo, por ahora parece ser el camino que quiere seguir el #MUFC.🧵👇 Image
Pero...¿esto puede funcionar? Con los perfiles correctos me parece que hay buenas chances de contar con 3-4 jugadores con más de 10 G+A en la 23/24.

Si vemos el fútbol como roles que se complementan, deberemos ubicar los perfiles que suenan para el #MUFC y así tener una idea. 🤔

Debo iniciar siendo sincero contigo, solo he visto 3 partidos de él 😅 así que mucho de lo que te muestro está basado puramente en #DataAnalytics, en lo poco que vi debo decir que está MUY VERDE. Pero el potencial también es alto, así que veamos👇 #MUFC Image
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Analizamos los datos de Diogo y su gran desarrollo en el #MUFC 📈
De un LD dubitativo y frágil en defensa, expuesto en su momento, a uno de los mejores progresores de la liga y pieza útil esta 22/23.

¿Por qué seguir con el? Veamos👇 Image
Diogo sigue siendo el 3er LD más efectivo sacando el ⚽️ limpio para construir juego, de la Premier. El 2do jugador más progresivo del #MUFC, se ganó al DT con su salida consistente aunque no brille.
En un equipo necesitado de no regalar tanto ⚽️ es crucial
La pregunta del millón ¿Por qué él y no AWB?
Aaron es el que más ha jugado este tramo final y también ha crecido mucho. ¿Entonces?

Creo que hay 3 claves más allá de lo que sabemos que Dalot hace bien:
✅Redondea un mejor asistidor
✅Es versátil
✅Está más cómodo al centralizarse Image
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Rumors have #MUFC looking to sell Antony Elanga this season. This is a topic I have had a strong opinion on all season. Why? A🧵.👇
I like Antony Elanga a lot, as a proud Swede, and I think his play this season to a large extent has been marred by poor confidence. But I 100% think he should be sold, not loaned out. Why? He does not at all fit into ETH's system. (2/n) Image
As illustrated above, what set Pep's style apart, which ETH is heavily influenced by after working with Pep in Bayern's organization and also employs, is the use of the wide wingers and inverting FBs. This is a radical changes from the inverting w:s and overlapping FBs. (3/n)
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THREAD - A look in to the data comparing the current Manchester United striking department to the strikers we’ve been linked with. Image
In my opinion Manchester United should be looking to sign two new centre forwards.

Martial has given United his best days and unfortunately isn’t what he used to be, reoccurring injuries with lengthy time on the sidelines cannot be relied upon.
Harry Kane.

My preferred choice, a World Class striker that offers consistency in-front of goal and a ridiculous passing range. An opportunity to have multiple goal scorers in our front line again, with an added benefit of allowing our midfielders to make 3rd man runs when Kane…… ImageImageImage
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THREAD - Berikut adalah transkrip lengkap wawancara Erik ten Hag dengan Henry Winter dan publikasi the Times. Ia berbicara soal awal musim buruk, latar belakang keluarganya, perkembangan timnya, hingga masa depan Greenwood yang abu-abu... Image
1. Kekalahan telak di Brentford

Erik ten Hag: "Tidak dapat diterima, saya membenci diri saya dalam momen itu. Pada akhirnya, saya bertanggung jawab atas performa itu. Tanggung jawab saya untuk menetapkan tuntutan dan mentalitas saya dalam tim." Image
Erik ten Hag: "Saat paruh waktu, kami sudah tertinggal 4-0. Apa yang kalian lakukan? Saya bertanggung jawab. Saya tidak suka manajer yang ketika mereka mengatakan jika mereka bertanggung jawab atas kemenangan itu."
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Erik ten Hag: "Banyak hal yang penting, tetapi keyakinan bahwa Anda dapat memenangkan laga adalah yang paling penting. Ketika Anda menunjukkan rasa percaya diri di lapangan dan percaya pada rencana serta rekan setim, maka Anda akan menang." Image
Erik ten Hag: "Saya pikir kami memiliki keyakinan itu dalam begitu banyak pertandingan, tetapi kami juga menghadapi rintangan. Tim ini tangguh, memiliki karakter dan kepribadian, semua atribut yang Anda butuhkan untuk musim yang sukses dan meraih trofi."
Erik ten Hag: "Baik saja tidak cukup, kami harus berbuat lebih baik. Kami melihatnya sebelum musim dimulai, setelah musim dimulai, dan dari titik mana kami berasal, kami senang, kami sedang menuju ke arah yang benar, tetapi apakah kami puas? Tidak, kami tidak puas."
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#mufc menghormati kenangan dan kontribusi pendukung setia bertahun-tahun, Ian Stirling, dengan penghargaan tahunan yang diberi nama 'Ian Stirling Fan Award'. Image
Penghargaan baru ini diperkenalkan untuk mengakui seorang pendukung United yang telah melampaui batas dalam dedikasinya untuk klub, komunitas mereka, dan basis penggemar secara luas.
Pemenang pertama penghargaan ini adalah Ian Stirling, dengan istrinya Lynn dan putrinya Lucy hadir dalam acara penghargaan kemarin dan menerima penghargaan atas namanya.
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ICYMI - Marcus Rashford memenangi penghargaan pemain terbaik tahunan #mufc pilihan pemain dan penggemar. Image
Marcus Rashford: "Ini jelas momen yang membanggakan. Saya merasa seharusnya dapat mencetak beberapa gol lagi, tetapi, Anda tahu, selalu ada ruang untuk perbaikan. Itulah yang saya harapkan untuk musim depan."
Marcus Rashford: "Saya senang dengan apa yang telah terjadi, tetapi saya berharap bisa terus berkembang dan meningkatkan angka-angka tersebut di musim depan. Saya merasa bangga sekali."
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#mufc akan membuat perubahan bersejarah pada seragam mereka musim depan dengan mengganti lambang klub dengan gambar Setan Merah yang ada di logo mereka. (Laurie Whitwell/The Athletic) Image
Desainer Adidas memilih tampilan minimalis untuk seragam ketiga United dengan menghilangkan kata-kata "Manchester United", tata letak lambang yang rumit, dan gambar kapal yang telah menjadi fitur tetap sejak tahun 1970-an. (Laurie Whitwell/The Athletic)
Sebagai gantinya, hanya gambar Setan Merah yang akan ditampilkan di bagian dada kaus, yang memiliki warna putih krem dan akan digunakan ketika seragam tandang, yang berwarna hijau tua dengan garis-garis putih, di mana ini tidak memungkinkan. (Laurie Whitwell/The Athletic)
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