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#Juventus 2019/20 accounts cover a COVID impacted season when they won the league (for the 9th year in a row), but were eliminated in the Champions League last 16 by Lyon. Head coach Max Allegri was replaced by Andrea Pirlo after the season ended. Some thoughts follow.
#Juventus loss before tax widened from €27m to €82m (€90m after tax), as revenue fell €88m (18%) from €494m to €407m, partly offset by €43m (13%) wages cut from €328m to €284m and profit on player sales rising €40m to €167m, though non cash flow expenses were up €48m. Image
Driven by COVID, all #Juventus revenue streams fell, including broadcasting, down €40m (19%) to €166m, and match day, down €21m (30%) to €49m. Commercial only fell €1m to €186m, as new sponsorships compensated for lower merchandising sales. Player loans down €25m to €5m. Image
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Following the government announcement that plans to allow fans to attend football matches from 1st October would not go ahead, I thought it might be interesting to see how this could impact the revenue of Premier League clubs this season via match day losses due to COVID-19.
First of all, a reminder of how much match day income each Premier League club generated in 2018/19 (the season with the most recent published accounts), including estimates for clubs that have been promoted from the Championship since then.
In 2018/19 Premier League clubs had around £700m of match day revenue with #MUFC leading the way with £111m, followed by #AFC £96m, #LFC £84m, #THFC £82m, #CFC £676m and #MCFC £55m. At the other end of the spectrum, clubs like Burnley, #WBA and #SUFC had less than £10m. Image
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As #MUFC struggle to sign reinforcements, nobody should underestimate effects of a pandemic that has denied them at least £35m in matchday revenue.
But the Glazer regime has cost them £1.5bn over past 15 yrs, causing more damage than a pandemic ever could…
So when Ed Woodward says #MUFC are fortunate to be in a stronger position than most clubs, ... well, yes and no. They already have an enormous drain on their resources from their owners. That is not fortunate — except for the owners, I guess…
None of this excuses performances like Saturday’s — with a very expensive line-up. But it does all reflect a total lack of direction football-wise. They feel they now have the right structure/people/vision in place. It’s not easy to share that faith #MUFC…
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[Thread] What does backing a manager mean?

Is it giving him exorbitant amounts of money? Is it giving him his targets? Who was backed more, one who spent 200m or one who spent 60m or one who got his targets?

Money spent equates to backing? That's a false perception. #MUFC
Guardiola at City:

1st year: $236.50m - 10 players
2nd year: $349.25m - 10 players
3rd year: $86.45m - 3 players
4th year: $183.50m - 4 players

4 years: $855.8m - 27 players.
Klopp at Pool:

1st year: $87.89m - 6 players
2nd year: $191.27m - 6 players
3rd year: $200.42m - 4 players
4th year: $11.44m - 4 players

4 years: 491.2m - 20 players
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Football clubs generate most of their cash from revenue they earn from gate receipts, TV deals, prize money, sponsorship and merchandising, but often they need additional financing, either from their owners or the banks. This thread looks at financing in the Premier League.
This analysis will cover the last five years from 2014/15 to 2018/19 (the last season when accounts are available), looking at the 20 clubs currently in the Premier League, i.e. including those promoted last season.
In the last 5 years, the 20 Premier League clubs have benefited from £1.9 bln net financing with most of the money coming from their owners £1,569m (81%) and another £366m (19%) sourced from banks. However, there is a big difference between business models at individual clubs.
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I thought Ricardo Quaresma and Vitória had won the much-coveted 2020 award for announcing transfers in absolutely ludicrous fashion, but .... what's this from Istanbul Başakşehir? You've signed an ex #MUFC full back, have you? Okay, let's see what you've got ...
Here's the Quaresma one. All very understated. (And I just found myself Googling him to double-check whether he did actually go on loan to Chelsea at one stage or whether I'd imagined it, like I imagined that Pato had)
And then, via @ParrishWalton, there's Al-Nassr signing Gonzalo "Pity" Martinez. Pity whoever came up with this
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Many Liverpool fans cannot understand why their club seems unwilling to buy players. Surely they should be awash with cash after winning the Champions League and then the Premier League? This thread looks at where the money has gone and suggests why they are not buying #LFC
To date this summer #LFC have only spent £12m on Olympiacos full-back Tsimikas, while #CFC have splashed £201m. Other have been more prudent, but still been more active than the Reds: #MCFC £71m, #THFC £59m, #MUFC £35m and #SFC £31m. #LFC actually have £3m net sales.
It was a similar story last season, when #LFC only spent £9m, mainly Minamino from RB Salzburg, so gross spend over last 2 seasons is just £21m with £31m net sales. In terms of purchases, this is way behind rest of the Big 6 (£175m to £241m), though #CFC also had net sales.
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Full (actual) translation: "I'll talk a little about my experience in that club [#mufc]. The first day I arrived [at #mufc], I believe I had an agreement with City but football happens & the opportunity to go to #mufc arrived. I payed attention and it was a beautiful opportunity.
I liked the club a lot. Well at the end, I signed with United without being informed and aware of what is going on internally in the club at that moment. Then, my first day of training with my mates and coaches, I realized things you don't notice from the outside.
After I had my first training, I realized many things and I went home and I said to my family/agent: "Don't pass me the contract buddy. [to go back to Arsenal]". The laughed at me of course. At the time, Something didn't feel good or right. A month passed, I continued to have...
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Over the past year has Dean #Henderson staked a realistic claim to be #ManchesterUnited’s number 1 #Goalkeeper ahead of David #DeGea?

I will mainly investigate an area of GKing that receives little statistical analysis:

Cross Claiming & Sweeping

#MUFC #GKUnion
Firstly before that, I think it is well known that #Henderson had an outstanding shot stopping season while #DeGea didn’t.

Here are the numbers:

#Henderson Save%-ExSave +5.88%
#DeGea Save%-ExSave% +0.78%

2 important conclusions should be drawn from these numbers...

1. #DeGea did not have a below avg season, yes he make shot stopping mistakes but he made enough worldy saves to out weigh the mistakes.

2. #DeGea has only once (17/18) had a better shot stopping season in his career (according to PSExG) than #Henderson had this year.

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Deloitte’s annual Football Money League has become essential reading, but it only ranks the world’s leading football clubs by revenue. The following thread adds details for expenses, profits and balance sheet for an “enhanced” version of the money league.
First, we will include some handy one-pagers that include the details for the Top 20 Money League clubs, both in Sterling and Euros. Then, we will drill into each of these in turn to highlight how each club has performed in various categories (only in Sterling).
The revenue overview includes details for each revenue stream (match day, broadcasting and commercial) with broadcasting further split between domestic and UEFA competitions. Other revenue is mainly player loans that are not always included in the Deloitte definition of revenue.
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Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Chelsea have been spending big in this summer’s transfer window with their estimated outlay well over £200m. This thread will look at the financial implications and explain how #CFC will still be able to meet the Financial Fair Play (FFP) targets.
We should note that the amounts used for transfer fees and wages are not officially published, so the numbers used in this analysis might not be 100% correct, but they should be sufficiently accurate to illustrate the financial impact.
Assuming that #CFC acquire Kai Havertz £90m, their spend will be around £227m, including Timo Werner £50m, Ben Chilwell £50m and Hakim Ziyech £37m. They have also added Thiago Silva and Malang Sarr on free transfers. Prior season only saw purchase of Mateo Kovacic £40m.
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Solskjær's list to Woodward included six players he wanted at the club. It contained the following players in the following order:

1. Jadon Sancho
2. Jude Bellingham
3. Jack Grealish
4. Upamecano
5. Declan Rice
6. Alex Telles

Woodward made a promise to OGS that he would bring in Sancho if United reached top 4.
Solskjær wanted all signings to be done within 7th of September. Ed is still confident that he can deliver on the promise. United WILL make a bid for Sancho in time to bring him in by then.
After talks with Villa over Jack Grealish, Woodward asked OGS about alternatives. He wanted Grealish and gave no alternatives. When Real didn't finalize the van de Beek deal, Solskjær made him the alternative.
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THREAD: Manchester United signings I would like to see this summer. #mufc #GlazersOut
1. David Alaba- Coming into the final year of his contract and recently rejecting a new €15 million a year deal at Bayern means the 28 year old could be bought for a reasonable price. He would be a good partner at left center back for Maguire.
He is confident on the ball(91% pass accuracy) this season in the bundesliga. He has 1.1 tackles per 90 and 1 interception per 90. He is a smart player who does not dive into tackles. He has 0 yellow / red cards in the league and only .4 fouls per 90
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[Thread] Analyzing Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Re-building

How do you define success in football? Not every team is going to win it all at the start of a new era; nor is every team willing to wait years despite positive signs, so where is the line drawn?

#MUFC #OleIn
Jürgen Klopp, the most loved man on one side of Liverpool, took 4 years of transfers and trials, wins and ridicule before he got what he rightly deserved. Mauricio Pochettino enjoyed similar success for longer, but his success resulted in a sour sacking and nothing to show for.
In those 4 trophyless years for Klopp on Merseyside and five for Pochettino what would be considered a success? Considering the context, for them, success didn’t necessarily need to be silverware – that was likely to come eventually at the end of the process, as it came for Klopp
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[Thread] Sevilla vs. Man Utd tactical analysis.

First of all, I apologize I couldn't post this yesterday.

Let's see how #mufc & #SevillaFC

- #mufc pressed Sevilla using the CBs as triggers.
- Once CBs positioned to play to flanks #mufc press man2man (left or right). Image
- Fred maintain a central role as gap is left by Pogba.
- Pogba joined press with front 4 to maintain press compactness.
- If Fred joined press this leaves massive space in the middle for ball over for a 4v4 w/ #mufc backline. Image
- #SevillaFC pressing system w/ triggers.
- Prevent #mufc from buildup using their CDMs (ball progressors).
- #SevillaFC triggers was DDG. If played to CBs pressing changes from 2224 -> 1414. ImageImage
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[THREAD] The first team we will look at is Manchester United.

Today, in part 1, we will assess where Manchester United are in their rebuilding project, and where improvements are needed. Image
Manchester United have come a long way since the appointment of Solskjaer. At the back, Maguire & AWB have helped create a sturdy defense.

Meanwhile, the development of Martial & Rashford, the integration of Greenwood, & the Bruno signing have revolutionized United’s frontline.
With that said, there are still some holes in the team.

Firstly, especially given the rumored departures, United struggle for depth and quality in key areas, specifically down the right, in the heart of midfield, and at the back.

Design inspired by @Dougie__Wright Image
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Quick update on the UEFA Champions League 2019/20 revenue distributions after the completion of the quarter-finals. Analysis of amounts earned to date in the following thread.
After the quarter-finals, 3 clubs have earned over €100m from the 2019/20 Champions League: PSG €118m, Bayern Munich €111m and Barcelona €104m. These are followed by #MCFC €99m, Atletico Madrid €95m, Lyon €89m, Juventus €87m, Real Madrid €84m, #CFC €81m and #LFC €80m.
Looking at how Champions League revenue is distributed in the current cycle, the importance of the UEFA coefficient is evident. TV pool is much less important than it was before. This rewards historically successful clubs rather than those with larger national TV rights deals.
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Ne bih voleo da se kola slome na Lindelöfu, ali on je paradigma problema u MUFC. Sasvim pristojan prošle sezone, ove je svesno targetiran od starta, kao očekivano slaba defanzivna karika. Kao mentalno labilan, popustio je odmah (Palace) i nikad nije ni prišao nivou iz 18/19.
Zašto je paradigma - ceo tim je ustrojen tako da kada znatno pojačaš deo, rupa pored je još vidljivija. Dolazak AWB i Glavonje je silno podigao odbranu (to pokazuje i stat i eye test), pre svega zato što nemaju frku, ali je mentalna labilnost Victora i DDG upadljivija.
Sličan je proces i na sredini - Matić i Bruno su u paru učinili da sistem odjednom klikne, ali McT nije taj nivo, a Fred baš bode oči. To onda čini Pogbu neophodnim (iako i dalje igra na 30 posto potencijala), a to je taktički problematično, rupa posred terena je prevelika.
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Filip Stevanovic - United's latest signing? 🇷🇸

A thread! ⭐️

#MUFC #Stevanovic
Stevanovic is about to join United an estamed fee of 15 Mio £ and will stay at Partizan for one more year on loan.

Despite being 17 years old, the Serbian already featured in 25 league games (7 goals, 3 assist) and was also part of the squad in the EL.
The 17-year old is extremely talented, what is really easy to say. As soon as he gets the ball, you can see a lot of potential in everything he does and you'll be even more amazed, if you see where he does it: In Serbia. A league, that really isn't known for dribblings.
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Man Utd will playSevilla in the semi final of #UEL.

Upon request; #SevillaFC analysis vs Barcelona (Att. team) & Wolves (Def. team).

#SEV defend in a 442 system vs a team that has more of the ball. In mid block, no pressing & maintain high line.

In high block vs. opposition buildup. Pressing system of 6 with man-marking progressors (Busquests & Rakitic).

Unlike #mufc Ter Stegan can act as an outfield player & play through the first defensive line. Helped #BAR get out of press easy.

#SEV build-up in a 2-4-1-3 that can change to 3-3-1-3 press near side triggers.

-Depend on shifting the ball either short or long balls - no ground pass.

-If there’s no press, play out (from back) in their normal 2-4-1-3.
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An article by @martynziegler in The Times revealed that the estimated £330m rebate on the Premier League TV deals arising from COVID-19 delays in screening matches will be spread out over future seasons. We can therefore estimate the payouts for the 2019/20 season.
As a reminder, in 2018/19 each club received equal shares for 50% of domestic TV £34m, overseas TV £43m and commercial income £5m. Each match broadcast live was worth £1.1m (on top of £12.2m for a minimum of 10 games), while each league position was worth £1.9m (merit payment).
However, the story has changed with the new 3-year deal for the 2019-22 cycle, as the numbers have moved and there is a twist in the distribution methodology used for the overseas TV rights. This is important, as overseas is the area driving the growth in TV money.
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Now that the UEFA Champions League round of last 16 has finally been completed, I thought it would be interesting to look at how much money clubs have already received, focusing on the Big 5 leagues. Some analysis in the following thread.
The amount distributed to clubs in Champions League (group stage onwards) has risen €681m (54%) from €1.269 bln to €1.950 bln in the current cycle. This is split: participation €488m (25%), performance €585m (30%), TV pool €292m (15%) and coefficient ranking €585m (30%).
In 2019/20 each of the 32 clubs qualified for Champions League group stage gets €15.25m plus €2.7m for a win and €900k for a draw. Additional prize money for each further stage reached: last 16 €9.5m, quarter-final €10.5m, semi-final €12m, final €15m and winners €19m.
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📕 Every shirt has a story. This is ours.

A thread behind the threads ⬇️

#MUFC @adidasfootball
𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗰𝗿𝗲𝘀𝘁

Our iconic badge sits exactly where it belongs: on the heart of each shirt ♥️

#MUFC @adidasfootball
𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗽𝗮𝘁𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗻

The inspiration comes from the back of the crest, showing the intricacies of the yarn that make up the unique pattern 🧬

#MUFC @adidasfootball
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[Thread] Leicester 0 vs 2 Man Utd - Analysis

United use a 3-3-3-1 to build up that shits into 2-4-3-1 mid-block in Leicester's half. #mufc
Leicester City shape:
5-3-2 out of possession
3-1-4-2 then later 3-1-4-1-1 (Iheanacho plays off Vardy). #mufc #lcfc
Out of possession: Leicester looking to create a 3v3 with United's midfield. A similar idea to West ham. No time for Pogba and Bruno on the ball so Matic is Forced wide.
Tielemans pushes up on Matic as you can see in the picture. #MUFC
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