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18 Apr
To understand this tweet and the stories you will read in the coming weeks, understand that a big pharma company stands to gain billions of dollars from showing that its patented drug is better at treating coronavirus.
"The data relied upon by researchers to draw their conclusions in the Lancet is not readily available in Australian clinical databases, leading many to ask where it came from."
You can't even begin to unravel the threads

(h/t @ramprasad_c )
First - dig into undeclared conflicts of interest.
"The experts who wrote The Lancet also criticized the study’s methodology and the authors’ refusal to identify any of the hospitals that contributed patient data, or to name the countries"
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1 Apr
Exhibit 50
A story in four screenshots.
Screenshot 1 - Assertion.
Screenshot 2- Evidence: Embarrassed.
Screenshot 3- Evidence: Shamed.
Screenshot 4 - Evidence: Worried.
#NizamuddinMarkaz #TablighiJamaat
#ChineseVirus #WuhanCoronaVirus
Exhibit 51
Is Sardesai also confused between 'moratorium' & 'mortuary'?
This man has a degree in economics.
This man was all 'heart' when he oversaw the layoffs of hundreds of CNN-IBN employees in 2013.
This man owns a 50+ crore bungalow.
This man talks about the middle-class.
Exhibit 52
Jahannum called jahalat.
Local call.
#TablighiJamat #NizamuddinMarkaj
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27 Mar
The first chapter of the #DeviMahatmya, from the Markandeya #Purana
2/13 #DeviMahatmya
Devi Ambika is created from the energies of the gods. She does battle with Mahishasura's army and generals.
The second chapter of the Devi Mahatmya, from the Markandeya #Purana #ChaitraNavratri
3/13 #DeviMahatmya
Mahishasura meets his end at the hands of Devi Ambika.
The third chapter of the Devi Mahatmya, from the Markandeya #Purana
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21 Mar
A crisis always bring out the asshattery in the asshat.
Exhibit. Image
Exhibit 2. Image
Exhibit 3.
(see the facts in the second screenshot) ImageImage
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13 Mar
Wuhan #CoronavirusPandemic
Successfully exported from China to the rest of the world.
Thanks to weeks of lies, obfuscations, denials.
Given that the Wuhan #CoronaOutbreak originated in China, reached global pandemic levels due to the Chinese govt's lies, obfuscations, denials, shouldn't China be culpable for global restitution for the economic damage and deaths it has caused?
Chinese bots coming fast & furious.
While the precise amount of restitution should be decided by the world community, I propose China pay $1 trillion a year for the next 10 years to a global #Wuhan #Coronavirus fund, & an international force in China to prevent such a recurrence. Image
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23 Feb
The #ShaheenBaghProtest may have resulted in letting the entire nation know about the designs of the #BreakingIndia gang, but the BJP's inept handling has also taken the sheen off Amit Shah's aura of invincibility.
#UrbanNaxals now know he can be taken on, and beaten.
Amit Shah is perhaps the sharpest political mind in India today, & as Home Min, the expectations from him are immense.
However, at some point, the BJP will have ponder whether its strategy of letting things play out endlessly is the right one.
Take mahacorrupt prosecution for e.g
The Delhi elections, marginal in most ways, have however revealed a chink in the BJP's armour - electoral Hinduism is a strategy of diminishing returns, and easily imitable.
CAA aside, there are far more pressing and important issues for Hindus that the BJP needed to tackle.
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26 Jan
Publishers (@Rupa_Books, @PenguinIndia), newspapers (@EconomicTimes ), radio stations (@gaana), corporate sponsors, readers - take pride in your idol.
@Rupa_Books @PenguinIndia @EconomicTimes @gaana This is the person whose books you hand over to your children.
Wonder what this person's publishers (@Rupa_Books, @PenguinIndia), newspapers (@EconomicTimes ), radio stations (@gaana), @EpicChannelIn and corporate sponsors have to say about this.
@Rupa_Books @PenguinIndia @EconomicTimes @gaana @EpicChannelIn You learn and ask your children to learn about Hinduism from this man.👏👏
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25 Jan
Her scholarship, her books, her humility, and absolute lack of guile remind us of what we once were.
Her book, "Rama and Ayodhya", not only brought together in a single book the historicity of Rama, as established by literary, archaeological, historical, and epigraphic evidences, but also laid bare the lies of the Babri Masjid historians.
Prof Meenakshi Jain's "The Battle for Rama" detailed how Babar's choice of Ram Janambhoomi for destruction was not accidental. It also documented the repeated lies and deceptions of Irfan Habib - perhaps the most dishonest historian of the 20th century.
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19 Dec 19
These problems are of your own making.
Ignored the fundamentals.
Reform & detoxify education.
In 5 years you would have had an entire generation that would have read history, not poison, in schools.
They'd have become a crore+ defenders of the nation.
Instead you wasted 5 years.
You sidelined, ignored, belittled RW academics.
You stuffed ministries & edu institutions with your toadies - intellectual pygmies.
Forget acknowledging legitimate concerns, you set your pack dogs against them.
Now it's become an ego issue for you.
6 wasted years & counting.
Without truth & facts with them, school children become fodder for the fiends, like you see today.
Some of them will grow up to be the archetypal "useful idiots".
Some will grow up to as self-loathing, Hindu-hating Hindu.
They will pass on this mental servitude on to their kids.
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26 Nov 19
"The reckless coverage of the terrorist attack by the channels thus gave rise to a situation where on the one hand the terrorists were completely hidden from the security forces and they had no means to know their exact position"
[Role of the media, Supreme Court judgment, 2012]
"...on the other hand the positions of the security forces, their weapons and all their operational movements were being watched by the collaborators across the border on TV screens and being communicated to the terrorists."
[Role of the media, Supreme Court judgment, 2012]
"But it is beyond doubt that the way their operations were freely shown made the task of the security forces not only exceedingly difficult but also dangerous and risky."
[Role of the media, Supreme Court judgment, 2012]
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16 Oct 19
Since reading has become a habit reduced to tweets among many, I thought it useful to present some excerpts from Prof Meenakshi Jain's books on Ayodhya - "Rama and Ayodhya" and "The Battle for Rama".
Longish thread coming up.
My reviews of both books were published in @IndiaFactsOrg
First, Babar's outlook changed from a conqueror to a religious fanatic after his victories in India:
"Meenakshi Jain notes that while Babur had initially based his claims to sovereignty on “grounds of his Timurid heritage
" and Turkishness,” this changed after his conquest of India – he would refer to Hindus as “kafirs,” and “termed the war against Rana Sangha as “jihad.”"
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17 Aug 19
A thread on how shoddy and littered with howlers is Devdutt Pattanaik's work.
I will take just one book as an example - "The Illustrated Mahabharata", published by @dkbooks
1. Devdutt writes "Gandhari decided to force the child out of her. She ordered her maids to strike her belly with an iron bar."
Fact: neither the Critical Edition nor the Gita Press have any such mention.
What the Mahabharata says is - "Gandhari violently struck her belly and aborted herself, fainting with the pain."
From a tragic act of self-abortion, taken in the heat of the moment, Devdutt makes it a horrific, conscious, and deliberate act of deliberate murder.
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19 Jul 19
On the 50th anniversary of bank nationalization, here are some excerpts from @ShankkarAiyar's 2013 book, "Accidental India".
I'll include some non-banking snippets first, though.
This is 1991.
"The sequence of events that followed provides a fascinating insight into the world of geopolitics. On Friday, 4 January, the deal was more or less tied up. On 6 January, Swamy declared that the IMF had agreed to give India a loan."
"On 9 January, the Government of India agreed to allow US war planes to refuel in Bombay. On 17 January 1991, while America bombed Iraqi forces, Prime Minister Chandra Shekhar declared that the US decision to attack Iraq was right..."
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13 May 19
Five years - 2014 to 2019 - were all the proof any reasonable person would have needed that the BJP has neither the intellect nor the spine to detoxify education.
The Congress would be a fool not to pursue its time-tested strategy of demonizing freedom fighters and Hinduism.
Read the NCERT History textbook for Std 8. This is a "Revised Edition
January 2019".
1. Ram Guha on the textbook preparation committee.
2. Read Ch 8 on "Women, Caste and Reform"
This is AFTER the so-called "revision".
I give up - the RW chamcha brigade is beyond help.
The NCERT Political Science textbook for Std X.
- Unchanged since 2007.
- Yogendra Yadav as chief advisor.
- Read the chapter on "Gender, Religion and Caste", with credits to Zubaan.
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9 May 19
I had started to write a review of @hsphoolka's book, "When A Tree Shook Delhi: The 1984 Carnage and its Aftermath".
I never finished it, but here are some thoughts and excerpts from the book.
These are fairly disturbing.
In the long and sordid saga of communal violence and riots that have shaken India after Partition, the sheer brutality and one-sidedness of the 1984 anti-Sikh riots stands apart.
Unlike almost every other riot in post-Partition India where there were reprisals from one side where the other was the initiator, the 1984 riots were entirely one-sided.
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24 Mar 19
"Historic Temples In Pakistan: A Call to Conscience", by Reema Abbasi, Madiha Aijaz, Jawed Naqvi
"Historic Temples in Pakistan makes a case for keeping ancient emblems of faith alive and for pluralism in a land of irony besieged by unpalatable extremism."
"Purifying the Land of the Pure -A History of Pakistan's Religious Minorities", by Farahnaz Ispahani
"This revised edition, including a new preface & a new chapter, brings the story of the persecution of religious minorities in Pakistan up to date."
amzn.to/2CD04Qy #books
"Fallen Angel: The Making and Unmaking of Rajat Gupta", by Sandipan Deb
(free via Kindle Unlimited: amzn.to/2CG1hX6) #books
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19 Mar 19
"A 4-year-old girl, in the dramatic play area of her preschool, begins swaying her hips & singing, “Baby, I’m your slave. I’ll let you whip me if I misbehave.” When her teacher goes over to talk to her about it,she volunteers that she learned the song from her 8-year-old sister."
"After doing a bit of research, the teacher discovers that the words are from a highly popular Justin Timberlake song."
"A six-year-old casually asks at dinner, “What’s a blow job?” Before his parents can respond, his ten-year-old sister knowingly screeches, “Oh my God, I can’t believe he asked that!”
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