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1/ I produce a lot of content. It's difficult for some to keep up with at times. Below, a list of some of my threads & important tweets for $EGLD & $CEL The Crypto Industry & Banking/Federal Reserve & Investing. Education is Freedom & Crypto is Financial Freedom. #cryptocurrency
3/ “Is @ElrondNetwork The Future Smart Contract Blockchain Market Leader?” (44 Page Research & Investment Thesis) $EGLD ⚡️
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Ok. Dit verhaal gaat even duren maar here I am. Universitair geschoold, Nederlands, geen rugzak uit het verleden en naast mijn huidige reguliere baan ben ik een professionele SM Meesteres.
Dat betekent dat ik volgens de Nederlandse wetgeving sekswerkers ben aangezien mijn diensten vallen in die branche of het verlengstuk daarvan.
Ik ben nooit gedwongen om dit te doen, ik ben jong op het pad van BDSM gekomen. Zodra ik op kamers ging en mijn eigen laptop had ging het hek van de dam..
Mijn fantasieën bleek ik te delen en al snel vond ik vssm feesten. Daar vond ik speelpartners..
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The presentation of the #ArabianMonsoonBurst has changed dramatically today with the consolidation of activity over the Arabian Peninsula into a single huge storm which is currently moving into the Red Sea over Makkah and Jeddah.

Today's rainfall forecasts follow.
The scale of the storm over Islam's holiest city is huge, larger than France. Two more huge storms loom over the greater region tonight. One on the Iranian Gulf coast and another supercell thunderstorm complex over New Delhi/Rajastan, India, the size of the United Kingdom.
The last six hours in three animations, first India which is experiencing a massive monsoon day today in the north.

[Here the initial frames show a blank SEA as their was a satellite data outage.]
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.@dispatchalerts you forgot a school @mccnedu

.@TrinityHealthMI is forcing MCCN to force employees & students to take the gene therapy shot! This makes @tammy_lundstrom, SR VP CMO at Trinity liable!

Nuremberg does in fact apply to COVID $$$$$
Let's not forget the FDA has NOT approved gene therapy, ever! This G.T. is authorized for EMERGENCY USE ONLY [the mRNA shot].

The reason for the approval is because of the LIE TOLD that there WERE NO TREATMENT OPTIONS;
options withheld from the public by @NIH @CDCgov @WHO @Twitter @Facebook @abcnews @NBCNews @CBSNews @FoxNews @MSNBC @CNN

Hydro[x]y[ch]lo[ro]quine & !ver[m]ect!n per Fauci emails, per CNN, per medical research, per doctors and nurses!
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#BLACKLISTED from the #Crumbling #Empire,
Sneeked through its #Feeble #Censoring.

#Imperial #Cohorts Under Constant #Rain of #Fire In Both #Syria & #Iraq by the Middle-East #Resistance.

They stepped on a #Hornet's nest:

👉👈from #SouthFront via Archive🤫
#BLACKLISTED from the #Crumbling #Empire,
Sneeked through its #Feeble #Censoring.

An Explosive Week For The #Imperial #Cohorts in the Middle East.
July 7th, 17 rockets by the #Resistance targeted Ain al-Asad Air Base:

👉👈from #SouthFront via Archive
#BLACKLISTED by #Crumbling #Empire #Media,
Bypassing its #Feeble #Censoring.

#Turkey is to improve the security of #HTS #Terrorists in Greater #Idlib by pushing towards #Manbij + attempting to capture that #Syrian town.

👉👈from #SouthFront via Archive
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Since I was actually there on Jan 6, thought I’d share some things that actually happened.

1. The rally was extremely peaceful.

This was the vibe, not what you’ve seen in the news. Look at the amount of people here vs in the Capital.
2. There were people as far as the eye could see. It was like sea of Trump supporters. DC police estimates were well over a million. The media wanted to lie the numbers down and up. Down to make it seem small and up to make the “insurrection” be an “existential threat”
3. The purpose of this demonstration was never violence. It was patriotism and frustration with the government’s ceasing to be accountable to the people.
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I’ve now had a chance to read this piece in @bmj_latest by @thackerpd. A really good overview of where the #media, especially mainstream science #journalism, went wrong in its coverage of the Covid-19 origins issue from the very beginning.…
The subtitle, “did the media fall victim to a misinformation campaign?” Captures part of the problem; but the other part is that some reporters have now become part of the misinformation campaign, in the sense that they have become cheerleaders for the natural origins...
Hypothesis despite the clear lack of convincing evidence for either of the two leading hypotheses (natural origins vs. lab leak.) Also, too many reporters are still either overlooking or deliberately ignoring the considerable evidence that China has engaged in a...
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1/4. Journalists should not accept awards from governments they cover or critique. If the external auditor of a venture you were invested in was accepting the company’s awards, you would be furious. The journalist is an external auditor to government.
#Media #Awards
2/4. In this respect, journalists are different from musicians, artists, sportspersons, and some other groups. Unlike journalists, those other groups are not likely to be subsequently called upon to scrutinize the government’s functioning.
#Media #Awards
3/4. The point of non-acceptance is less about governments and more about the personal and professional ethical protocols of the journalist. I do not seek to impose mine on other journalists – others who choose to accept state awards have a right to do so.
#Media #Awards
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Billdeheld VanDe Melkweg
The Reason the #UK left the #EU was that just prior to Cameron calling for a referendum the EU had granted itself more powers to audit all financial institutions, which was a threat to the private banks of the Square Mile, the City of London.
Remember the UK had the best of both worlds already, half in, half out, all the benefits but kept the Pound. Yes, the USA was pissed that the TTP crap had been scuppered...... ffs, back on cards now in disguise. But back to Brexit ....
The real history of the world is kept in the ledgers of those private banks, the history books would have to be re written.....The #UK would lose a lot of allies very quickly, as would the #USA.
Arms sales and alliances threatened.
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I am trained in #developmental #psychology and #neuroscince. I have been screaming the #teenagebrain is #underreconstruction from the rooftops! Am totally ashamed of my peers who wilfully ignore this. #neuroplasticity #frontallobes #psychologists #gender #rogd #trans #detrans
The teenage brain is under reconstruction. The prefrontal cortex is not fully developed until minimum aged 25. A bit longer for males. The prefrontal cortex is largely responsible for: decision making, planning, organisation, focusing, impulsivity, aka executive functions
Managing emotions, predicting consequences of one’s choices and moderating social behaviour. This is #science #facts Anyone who says otherwise is brainwashed by #ideology Shame on any professional who ignores this #gender #trans #detrans #shame
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"We ❤️ #FAANG #monopolists " Beware #Goebbles says :" If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it." (Hint: Count how many times we have heard this same #theme, in the same #media, by the same #authors)
2/goe #Economics101: If in an industry, u create a counter to an existing monopoly, u turn it into a duopoly, if u create 2nd counter it becomes an oligopoly. The first step in creating completion. The second step is to create a regulatory system that fosters/promotes competition
3/goe #RegulatoryEc The danger to society from #Asymmetric info & #moral hazard in #Finance was 10x that of goods monopolies, the danger from #SocialMedia & #E-com monopolies is 10x that of Financial collapse! Need 21st C regulations for latter! 🙏🏼don't make it a partisan issue
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Really ? Even after 2 jabs people are still getting #covid & dying ! Read the #gov yellow card reports
Then look closely at your #gov & #MP's who are #profiting greatly from #Tests & #Vaccines?
If both were FREE & given out worldwide. Perhaps People would have more confidence ?
& if what you say is true ? Then why are you not screaming out & #blaming #Govt's.. for NOT planning nor actioning #vaccinating the whole World's population?
Then take a very close look at the complict lying #media & #press ! Are USA #Scientists cherry picked by the #gov, the same as here ? Blocking out & #silencing any other #Scientist who dares to speak out & calling them #Liars & #covidots ?
Delibrate #chaos & #confusion !!!!
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2/ Fox echoed Russian narratives about the Biden-Putin summit during the summit. Then Russian-state media amplified the Fox content, using it to denigrate the US across its vast media ecosystem in and outside of Russia.…
3/ Increasingly Fox News content and comments are appearing on Russian-state TV and in media. The content is mostly used to mock or demean the US while painting Putin in a favorable light. A US voice praising Putin lends credibility to the claims in Russian state media.
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Labour’s activist base is being gutted from within
JVL Introduction
Across the country, Constituency Labour Parties (CLPs) are suffering from what appears to be deliberate, anti-democratic action by the party’s national and regional bureaucracy.
In addition to dozens of suspensions directed from the office of the general secretary over recent months, paid regional officers are intervening arbitrarily to undermine rank and file organisation: meetings are being cancelled, communications shut down, agendas censored,
selection processes interfered with, elected post holders sacked.
The effect is disenfranchisement of thousands of members deprived of the chance to choose delegates for conferences, make nominations for important national posts or vote for policy motions or rule changes.
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Pourquoi les #média ne parlent-ils pas des décès après #vaccination ? #vaccin #Pfizer #AstraZeneca #Moderna
🚨Chiffres au 26/06/21 16.535 décès 🚨#MortApresVaccination

Soit + 6,87% par rapport au dernier relevé
🇬🇧 non inclus #France #Paris #Covid #Covid_19
Pour comprendre la procédure de relevé des chiffres bien lire le thread en totalité.
Tuto pour vérifier par vous mêmes l'info…
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Compilation of Parliamentary Financial Links to Private #Healthcare
This represents the latest list of recent or present financial links between #parliamentarians and #individuals or #companies involved in private healthcare.
up-to-date as of March 2nd 2014. It has increased !
#MPs and #Lords are able to vote on legislation, even when they have a direct #financial interest.
This happened with the Health and Social Care Act, which saw the #NHS being forced into a world of an external market.
The legislation was written for industry, by industry and is part of the overall plan for it's demise and the eventual takeover by #private health insurance companies.
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Anthony Linford
The fall of Rome) no real ‘opposition leader’ and there you have the #UK today. Complete with it’s very own ‘bread and circuses’.
Totally true and it’s happening NOW right before your very eyes. We have no opposition to the Tories and their disaster Capitalism
The ultimate act of control by the #Fascists who destroyed our British Democracy We now live in a Fascist State with no opposition at all.
All this as Knight of the Realm Sir #Kier Starmer continues to destroy the #Labour Party & everything it strands for right from its inception
The hunger games are REAL in the #UK Today.
Meanwhile as the Toffs live it up cheek by aristocratic ass cheek at Royal Ascot it continues as one law for them and another for everybody else.
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#GB News - Ultimate PR Fail
UK Broadcasters who are not the #BBC depend, in part at least, on advertising revenue for their income. Getting big name brands on board, and keeping them sweet, is the name of the game, whether those broadcasters like it or not.
So when your content makes some of those advertisers a little, shall we say, nervous, what would be the sensible course of action?
What would a sensible person have done?
What would Nietzsche have done?
This thought has not yet been allowed to enter at new broadcast entrant Gammon Broadcasting News (“Bacon’s News Channel”), where the efforts of campaigners such as Stop Funding Hate have resulted in the channel - just three days into its tenure of the airwaves -
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mainly macro: A government out of control…
A #government out of control
The commitment that the #UK government gives 0.7% of its GDP as overseas aid is enshrined in law. #Johnson’s government decided to cut this to 0.5%, but didn’t need to put this to parliament because the cut was supposed to be temporary.
A large number of Conservative MPs were unhappy with this, and wanted to use parliament to reverse this cut. The parliament’s #speaker ruled their attempt invalid, but requested the #government to allow a vote on the issue. The government refused.
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The killing of Jeremy Corbyn
Peter Oborne and David Hearst

The former Labour leader was the victim of a carefully planned and brutally executed political assassination
Former Labour Leader Jeremy #Corbyn (Reuters)
Throughout his parliamentary career, the mild mannered, infuriatingly calm Jeremy Corbyn has never failed to excite strong emotions.
For his enemies, he will go down as one of Labour’s worst leaders.
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Robert Bryson
Breaking News: All over the #U.S. news and media channels are reportings on Anthony #Fauci regarding his funding and involvement into gain of function Frankenstein viruses like #Covid, that appears to have been manufactured from within a laboratory in #Wuhan China.
None of these major breaking news headlines are being presented by the #U.K. news and media outlets or even #politicians - instead, this most corrupt #government are more focused on giving out dodgy contracts to donors and pushing the #vaccine agenda.
Anthony #Fauci has been questioned numerous times by the Senate, but has denied and lied numerous times about his involvement and funding to the #Wuhan laboratory in China.
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Everyone’s trying to sell you something, or take something off you, or get you to do something.
Everyone’s out for themselves.
No one can be trusted.
People are greedy.
People are lazy.
It’s a dog-eat-dog world.

That’s how I sometimes feel.

But it’s far from the truth, isn’t it?

These are just the lies we’re being told – or it’s people behaving that way because of the lies they’ve been told.

Our media is our enemy – and much of our schooling too.
We’re victims of cognitive imperialism – and the invading empire has established its outposts in the hinterlands of our minds.

#media #Enemy #shieldofvalues
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Covid-19: Social Murder, they wrote—elected, unaccountable, and unrepentant

BMJ 2021; 372 doi:… (Published 04 February 2021)

Cite this as: BMJ 2021;372:n314

What went wrong in the global governance of #covid-19?
After two million deaths, we must have redress for mishandling the #pandemic
Murder is an emotive word. In law, it requires premeditation. Death must be deemed to be unlawful. How could “murder” apply to failures of a pandemic response?
Perhaps it can’t, and never will, but it is worth considering. When #politicians and #experts say that they are willing to allow tens of thousands of premature deaths for the sake of population immunity or in the hope of propping up the economy,
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@CNNPolitics What if?.... what IF CNN actually reported the story about the U.S.'s greatest SOURCE of DISINFORMATION?

#FOX/#Media, #Churches, #i360 sophisticated data mining & targeting of vulnerable citizens, deceptive think tanks & grassroots orgs, MSM influence 👉 #CNP #KochNetwork
@CNNPolitics This isn't only political or a "Democratic" leadership issue (typical MSM framing because it's easy & generates clickbait headlines... ) this is a SOCIETAL issue that's been decades in the making. A "war on society" by #CNP #KochNetwork & their partners.…
@CNNPolitics "Behind the secretive network that convinced Americans they cannot trust East Coast “elites.” An
interview with Professor, investigative journalist & #ShadowNetwork author Anne Nelson. 👉…

#ShadowNetwork excerpt: 👉…
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