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Short #Thread on Dating of #Mahabharata with help of refs to river #Saraswati.
1. Read this fantastic paper by @meghkalyan & @ManognaSastry
2. They list 144 verses related to River Saraswati frm MB Text.
3. Of these at least 50 show Saraswati in flow!…
4. Paper also lists various places, along the banks of river Saraswati, at which Balrama stopped during his pilgrimage
5. Saraswati is not flowing with the vigour as described in Rig Veda but is still flowing.
6. This gives great clues for dating effort of Mahabharata.
7. Megh & Manogna give a terminus ante quem (latest date beyond which MB cannot happen) as around 1900 BC - as Saraswati completely dried up by then.
8. Hence, all dates of Mahabharat later than 1900 BC (1800 BC etc.) are out of the window - going by this research.
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कन्यां कनकसंपन्नां कनकाभरणैर्युताम् ।
दास्यामि विष्णवे तुभ्यं ब्रह्मलोकजिगीषया ॥

The attached pages are from “ವಿವಾಹ ಮಂತ್ರಸೂತ್ರಗಳು” vivāha mantrasūtragaḷu by SrI M Keshavaiah (my great-great-grandfather”

#kanyAdAna #kESavayya #vAyupurANa #Apastamba ImageImageImage
Here we see the kanyādāna mantra. The words dāsyāmi दास्यामि and pradāsyāmi प्रदास्यामि clearly show that the kanyā (daughter, bride) is given to the groom. Of course the groom “accepts” her, but for him to accept, she first had to be “given”.

#kanyAdAna #kESavayya #vAyupurANa
Lest we get carried away that the bride is “given away” for free use to the groom, there are conditions/ strings attached! Before taking he promises (thrice) to honour her and not transgress her in dharma, artha and kāma by uttering nāticarāmi

#kanyAdAna #kESavayya #vAyupurANa
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One of the true joys in teaching overview classes is that I get to hit some of the highlights of South Asian history every year. Next week is #Mahabharata week.

How do historians teach this epic? Well, it depends on our subject. Short #pedagogy thread --
Starting point -- I can't teach the entire epic. I wish I could. I think about it every year before I come to my senses, again.

So, I teach select portions. Always a bit of the Gita, and then I tend to change-up the other part. This year, I'm doing Draupadi's disrobing.
The Mahabharata is not a straightforward historical text. It is mythology. But it tells us about things we want to know in the Indian past. Here's where I divide up by class.
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@mqakhokhar Ancient Pakistan has only 75 yrs of history & Ancient India is more than 5000yr old.
#Ramayana, (Uttarakandam-XIV) refers Bharata,Hindu God Sri Rama’s brother,who built #Takkhasila(Taxila) and named it after his son Taksha,the first ruler. @KanwalSibal Image
#Mahābhārata :The Kuru heir Parikṣit (Arjuns's grandson)was enthroned at Takṣaśilā.Mahabharata was first recited at Takṣaśilā by Vaishampayana, to King Janamejaya,son of Pariksit & student of Vyasa,at the Snake Sacrifice/Ashwamedha yagna.#SatapathaBrahmana(R.Veda)cites Taxila. ImageImageImage
#Buddhist Jātaka tales(5th CE) mention Taxila as the capital of the Gandhara Kingdom & a great learning center.Chinese travellers like Fa Hian & Huien Tsang speak of Takshashila in their writings. Taxila was ruled by Ancient Indian dynasties Maurya,Shunga,Gupta & Kushana. ImageImage
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Whatever would we have done without the Mughals!

Ahem! These early references to asafoetida/ ಇಂಗು/ಹಿಂಗು iṅgu/ hiṅgu in kannaDa literature surely don’t matter. They must all be post-Mughal interpolations! But humour me anyway please

#asafoetida #ingu #hingu #kannaDa #pre_16thC Image
Working back (ignore kanakadāsa ಮೋಹನತರಂಗಿಣಿ mōhanataraṅgiṇi- mid-16th C

ಸಂಡಗೆಯಿಂಗು ಕಡಲೆವಿಟ್ಟಿರಿಸಿದ
saṇḍageyiṅgu kaḍaleviṭṭirisida

or sūpaśāstra from very early 16th C

ಬಡಿಸಲೊಗ್ಗರಣೆಯಿಂಗಿನ ಕಂಪು
baḍisaloggaraṇeyiṅgina kampu

#asafoetida #ingu #hingu #kannaDa #pre_16thC
And for some comic relief from the permanent jester that is #GoogleTranslate🤪🤭

They are ever so clever- getting straight to the point eg! They sure know what Sringara rasa and ಮೋಹನತರಂಗಿಣಿ mōhanataraṅgiṇi are all about at the end of the day 😂

@Google @GoogleIndia @GoogleAI Image
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Mahabharata has many interpretations and makes us reflective. This is one such interpretation of Mahabharata...and it is so true...
It was said in the texts that eighty percent of the fighting male population of the civilization was wiped out in the eighteen days of the war.
Sanjay , at the end of the war went to the spot where the greatest war took place; Kurukshetra.
He looked around and wondered if the war really happened, if the ground beneath him had soaked all that blood, if the great Pandavas and Krishna stood where he stood.
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If story of #Sinauli shocked u yesterday, wait till u read about #Rakhigarhi ,as accepted internationally the #Oldest & #largest civilization to be found in world!
This will also answer the Q about whether #NoAryan theory has been proved or not & role of Modi govt
In the budget of Feb 2020, @nsitharaman announced 5 archaeological sites located across five states to be developed with on-site museums
Rakhigarhi in Haryana, Hastinapur in Uttar Pradesh, Sivasagar in Assam, Dholavira in Gujarat and Adichanallur in TN
Found in 2020?
Ans No
, #Hastinapur was initially found in #1952
#Rakhigarhi 1963
Dr. Lal who was incharge of excavation believed that these couldn't just be related to #Mahabharata but can successfully dispel the myth of #Aryan invasion !
Dr. Lal believed that these could have belonged to 800 BC
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*Father Of The Nation* they taught you. But the *True Fathers* Of the Indian Civilization never appeared in our syllabus #Thread 👇
1. Father of astronomy: Aryabhatta; work - Aryabhattiyam
2. Father of astrology: Varahamihira, works; Panchasiddhantika, Bruhat Hora Shastra 1. Father of astronomy: Aryabhatta; work - Aryabhattiyam 2. 1. Father of astronomy: Aryabhatta; work - Aryabhattiyam 2.
3. Fathers of #surgery : Charaka & Sushruta, works: Samhitas
4. Father of #anatomy : #Patanjali, work: #Yogasutra
5. Father of #yoga : #Patanjali, work: #Yogasutra
6. Father of #Economics: Chanakya, work: Arthashshtra
7. Father of #Atomictheory: Rishi Kanada, Work : Kanada sutras Fathers of #surgery : Charaka & Sushruta, works: SamhitasFather of #anatomy : #Patanjali, work: #YogasutraFather of #Economics: Chanakya, work: ArthashshtraFather of #Atomictheory: Rishi Kanada, Work : Kanada sutras
8. Father of #architecture : Vishwakarma
9. Father of #aerodynamics : Mayasura, work : Vastu Darpana
10. Father of #Medicine: Dhanvanthri, first propounded #Ayurveda
11. Father of #grammar : Panini, work: Vyakarana Deepika Father of #architecture : VishwakarmaFather of #Medicine: Dhanvanthri, first propounded #AyurvedaFather of #grammar : Panini, work: Vyakarana Deepika
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#Novel #Conversation Thread @IndicBookClub

Began reading Saiswaroopa’s #Rukmini . Just in the First Chapter. In few pages, it establishes

- The persona of a spectrum of #Mahabharata characters
- The Universe of Rukmini
- The Trajectory of her journey

You get a thick peek.

The Larger Universe of MB characters gives it an epic streak. Hopefully, it will remain throughout the book. That is the larger universe that Rukmini may have to deal with?

Lets see in the coming pages.

The Universe of Rukmini, the small universe, you perceive it through the interest Rukmini shows in things around her.

I wonder how the larger universe impacts this small universe.

Got to wait and see.

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Importance of chanting #Vishnu #Sahasranama.

Vishnu Sahasranama contains 1008 names of the Bhagawan Shri Vishnu. It was compiled by Sage Veda Vyasa & is a part of #Mahabharata.
#Thread 👇🏻

@anuradhagoyal @gurichopra @ShefVaidya @Voice_For_India @BharadwajSpeaks @ChithraMadhavan
In Mahabharata, it was told by Bhishma Pita Maha on his 'Sharasayya' to Yudhishtthira (Dharma Raja) who wanted to know what is the way to attain Moksha.., who asks..
"ko dharmassarvadharmaanaam bhavatah pramo mataha, kim japan muchyate jantur janmasamsaarabandhanaat ," meaning,+
which is the greatest dharma and by chanting what do we attain Moksha.

Bhishma chants the Vishnu Sahasranama Stothra to Pandavas who were present before him at that time. Vishnu Sahasranaama Sthothram has the power to activate Sahasrara Chakra, cause Atmajnana and Brahmajnana.
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An imp lesson from #Mahabharata

Ashwatthama became very angry when his father Dronacharya was killed

He shot a deadly weapon "Narayana Astra"on Pandavas

None could retaliate it. It burnt people & immediately destroyed those who had weapons & were seen trying to fight. 1/3
Lord Krishna ordered d army to leave their weapons and remain quiet with folded hands.And said "Do not even bring the idea of ​​war to mind as that would also destroy you".

Narayana Astra gradually calmed down, when its time expired.

In this way, the Pandava army was saved
Battles are not just about attack & counter attack. Some battles r won by staying put or remaining quiet

In today's trying times, in order to escape the wrath, we all need to remain quiet, stay put n move out only if necessary .Mask up and keep praying and let this pass..
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#sculpture #story

Kirata-Arjuniyam episode in Vana Parva - of #Mahabharata serves as a proof of the persistence & focus of Arjuna & the playfulness,generosity of Bhagawan Shiva.Also Shiva wished to test Arjuna,so appears as Kirata/hunter along with Devi as a huntress.
📸 1 - Sculpture in the gopuram of Kapaleeshwarar Temple, Chennai,TN

📸 2 - A panel in Beautiful Amruteshwara Temple, Amruthapura,Karnataka

Sculptures depicts Arjuna doing tapas,Killing of boar,battle between Kirata(Shiva) &Arjun after which Arjuna obtained Pashupatastra.
#story #Thread -In Vana Parva,Arjun sets out to attain the Pashupatastra from Shiva.He was doing tapas,was distracted as he saw a wild boar(asura) rushing towards him to slay him.Arjun took his Gandiva & pointed it at the boar.A hunter(kirata)&his wife were present at that spot.
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A Little tale from #Mahabharata.

Arjuna elopes with Subadhra in elder-brother Krishnas Ratha. Pitamaha Bheeshma is very angry with Arjuna as this was against the Tradition. Subhadra’s other brother Balrama had already promised Subhadra’s marriage to Duryodhana.
Krishna tried to convince Bhishma about how Arjuna was the right man for Subhadra and his action was right too, but Bhishma was adamant. The conversation that then happened between Krishna and Bhishma is as follows:
Bhishma: "I am not happy with this marriage because this is against the tradition. A person can trust another person only when traditions are followed and respected.

Without following traditions, trust cannot be established".
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THE PICTURESQUE BRAHMA SAROVAR surrounds the famous Sarveshwar #Mahadev Temple, dedicated to Lord #Shiva. A calm expanse of water that hosts this sprawling temple,the sarovar is a sight to behold.The temple is attached to the land through a concrete arched bridge.

@DograTishaa ImageImageImage
The beautiful temple has been constructed out of buff sandstone and marble. A compound leads to the temple through three heavily carved doors. While it might have been a temple dedicated solely to Lord #Shiva earlier, now there are idols of Lord #Hanuman and Lord #Garuda as well. ImageImage
Devotees can visit Krishna Ghat nearby that offers a splendid view of temple,especially during sunsets.There is an arti(a fire ritual)which takes place every evening.There r special artis,along with a deep daan,which takes place on occasion of #GitaJayanti in November &December. ImageImageImage
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The #Kedareshvara #temple (also spelt Kedareshwara or Kedaresvara) is located in the town of Balligavi (known variously in ancient inscriptions as #Belagami, Belligave, Ballagamve and Ballipura), near Shikaripura in the Shimoga district of #Karnataka state, #India.
This temple represents 2 magnificent &beautifully carved emblems of Hoysala.Built in year 1319,this temple is very popular among devotees of Shiva &Vishnu as it enshrines Shivlinga &idol of Janardhan.Carvings in temple depict stories of #ramayana, #Mahabharata & #bhagavadgita .
Dotted with centres of learning (agrahara), Balligavi was an important city during the 11th - 12th century Western #Chalukya rule. The term Anadi Rajadhani (ancient capital) used in medieval inscriptions to describe this town tells a tale of great antiquity.
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The modern city of #Dwarka,which in Sanskrit means ‘Gateway to heaven’,is located in West #Gujarat. The Ancient City has been found Underwater in Gulf of Khambhat off Saurastra Coast. ImageImageImageImage
Marine scientists say archaeological remains discovered 36 m (120 ft) underwater in the Gulf of Cambay off the western coast of #India could be over 9,000 years old. It is believed to predate the oldest known remains in the subcontinent by more than 5,000 years. ImageImageImage
Carbon dating on debris recovered from the site, including construction material, pottery, sections of walls, beads, sculpture and human bones and teeth, put it at nearly 9,500 years old, making it older than the Sumerian civilisation by several thousand years. ImageImageImage
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Lord Hayagriva 🙏 A lesser known 'Avatar' of Lord #Vishnu

The unique form of Hayagriva — half human and half horse — salvaged the stolen #Vedas from demons, Madhu and Kaitabha who hid it deep inside the ocean. ImageImageImage
To recover the sacred literature, Lord #Vishnu manifested as Lord #Hayagriva.
Hayagriva is considered the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It is believed that Lord Hayagriva restored all Vedas to #Brahma ImageImage
Hayagriva, the horse-faced one, is a very rare Avatar (incarnation) of God Maha #Vishnu. This avatar took place at a time when wisdom, represented by the #Vedas, was stolen by the demons. Hayagriva incarnated to restore all the Vedas from the demons. ImageImage
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#Mahabharata #BasantPanchami2021

Recently, I completed a Course on “ #BalaramaTeerthayatra on the #Saraswatee #River

We all know that Balarama went on a Teerthayatra on the River Saraswatee in anger after Srikrishna refused to help Duryodhana beyond the Yadava Sena

In our fascination for the Kurukshetra War, we forget the sheer amount of detail, beauty that this Teerthayatra contains. At once it is narrative of

- The Geography
- The Philosophy
- The Civilization
- The History

The Yatra is described as a series of stops at various Teertha-s on the banks of the River Saraswatee - around 30 of them.

At each place, Sage Vaishapayana describes the essence of that Teertha through the stories. And these are fascinating stories but not just that.

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#RajaRaviVarma's Paintings
Pic © Google search
Raja Ravi Varma was an Indian #Artist from #Kerala. He was quite popular for his portrayal of scenes from the epic sagas of the #Mahabharata and #ramayana. He was born in the year 1848 at Killimanoor and lived on till 1906.
#art ImageImageImageImage
He is considered as one of the greatest #painters from the #Indian soil. #RajaRaviVarma paintings are considered to be a fusion of indian #Traditions and #European techniques.
#paintings ImageImageImageImage
His representation of a saree clad woman in his oil #paintings, shows the lives of a middle class woman and to this date they are cosidered to be graceful. In this post we have a #beautiful collection of #IndianPaintings by #RajaRaviVarma for your inspiration. ImageImageImage
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*Father Of The Nation* they taught you. But the *True Fathers* Of the #Indian #Civilisation never appeared in our syllabus 👇🏼
1. Father of #astronomy: Aryabhatta; work - Aryabhattiyam
2. Father of #astrology: Varahamihira, works; Panchasiddhantika, Bruhat Hora Shastra @sattology ImageImage
3. Fathers of #surgery: Charaka & Sushruta, works: Samhitas
4. Father of #Anatomy: #Patanjali, work: #Yogasutra
5. Father of #yoga : #Patanjali, work: #Yogasutra
6. Father of #Economics: Chanakya, work: Arthashshtra
7. Father of #Atomictheory: Rishi Kanada, Work : Kanada sutras ImageImageImageImage
8. Father of #architecture : Vishwakarma;
9. Father of #AeroDynamics: Mayasura, work : Vastu Darpana
10. Father of #Medicine: #Dhanvanthri, first propounded #Ayurveda
11. Father of #grammar: Panini, work: Vyakarana Deepika
@SriRamya21 @Maha_periyava_ @HiteshAwasthi89 @desi_thug1 ImageImageImage
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Ugrasrava, a son of Lomaharshana, surnamed Sauti, well-versed in the Puranas, bending with humility, one day approached the great sages of rigid vows, sitting at their ease, who had attended 12 years' sacrifice of Saunaka, surnamed Kulapati, in the forest of Naimisha.
In this world, when it was destitute of brightness & light, & enveloped all around in total darkness, there came into being, the primal cause of creation, a mighty egg, one inexhaustible seed of all created beings. It's called Mahadivya & was formed at the beginning of the Yuga.
This Yuga was the true light Brahma, the eternal one, wonderful & inconceivable being present alike in all places; invisible & subtile cause, whose nature partaketh of entity & non-entity. From this egg came out Pitamah Brahma, the one only Prajapati; with Suraguru & Sthanu.
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FLASH: Georgia To Conduct Statewide ‘Signature Match Review’ Of Absentee Ballots after weeks of pressure from @realDonaldTrump and his campaign

#BidenWillNeverBePresident #MAGA #SteveBannon #StopTheSteaI2020 #WarRoomPandemic #Trump2020 #HunterBiden #CCP…
GEORGIA:The @GaSecofState said in the press release announcing the signature match audit that they’re working to “secure the vote in the Peach State”

#BidenCheatedAndGotCaught #HunterBiden #Trump2020 #MAGA #SteveBannon #WarRoomPandemic #StopTheSteaI2020… ImageImageImage
Justice Caught Admitting Why He Really Refused Election Fraud Case

#SCOTUS scared of riots

"Truth is God and God is Truth - #Bhagavadgita".

Can anybody defeat God

#BidenWillNeverBePresident #MAGA #SteveBannon #StopTheSteaI2020 #WarRoomPandemic #Trump2020 #HunterBiden #CCP
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@Astrology_us Remember an interesting tale from #Mahabharata on this tweet

At d start of #Kurushetra muhurat was set for d #battle date & time to begin it coincided with #Amavasya #NewMoon

#Krishna knew if #war began on Amavasya it was advantage #Duryodhana

So using his Krishna neethi 1/n
@Astrology_us So in order to confuse & convince it was #Amavasya a day before #NewMoon

He did tarpanam as a mark of respect to ancestors which is customary in our tradition

Seeing this msg went upto to all devas including #Sun & #moon tht today is Amavasya #surya #chandra #astrology... 2/n
@Astrology_us Immediately #Sun & #Moon rushed to earth to meet #Krishna

Askng him, on reachng bhoolokam why is he observng #Amavasya today while its actually further away

To this Krishna replied when #Surya & #Chandra are before me at d same time & place is it not #NewMoon #astrology.. 3/n
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(See all the pics)

****warning: this is a long thread and well researched. Read-only if you can take out 7-10 mins of your precious time
♠ Meghanada

•Meghanada was the main fighter who had definitive weapons of the three preeminent divine beings, for example, Brahmandastra of Lord Brahma, Vaishnavastra of Lord Vishnu and Pashupatastra of Lord Shiva.
•He crushed Indra, Indra's child Jayanta and different masses of divine beings (Adityas, Rudras, Sadhyas and Maruts) in a fight.
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