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5 Jul 20
You cannot defeat the RSS, if u admire the likes of Savarkar & Vajpayee.

India's downward spiral began at Nellie in 1983, where 2100 souls were massacred in a span of 6 hours. And not a single person was prosecuted

No prosecution against the rioters is the anatomy of every riot
1983 : Nellie Massacre
1984 : Sikh Genocide
1986 : Shah Bano
1986 : Ayodhya locks opened
1987-88 : Ramayan on Doordarshan

Those 5 Years changed the entire social fabric of India. The seeds were laid.…
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4 Jul 20
An interview of Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw (interviewed by his grandson), taken in 2002.

Here he talks about his visit to Lahore after 1971 war, where the Governor of Punjab invited him to Lunch. There he met some of Governor's staff, one of them placed his turban at Sam's feet
A dynamic Personality and a man of Pedigree.

Like i said, the Allied soldiers who fought World War 2 knew the rules of war and fought the war on those rules (Only the Eastern Front was Barbaric, due to war of annihilation).

The current world doesn't work that way.
Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw by Handi Falki
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18 Jun 20
Today is the death anniversary of Ayyankali, one of the Indomitable Social Reformer of Kerala. A Pioneer, a Revolutionary and a Rebel.

In 1893, Ayyankali challenged the prohibitions on lower caste Hindus using public roads in Travancore by riding a bullock-cart (Villu Vandi) 1/2
1914 : UC Hindus burned down a school at Ooruttambalam, in protest against admission given to Panchami, a dalit girl. Several schools across Travancore were burned. This later led to Kandala revolt, one of the major protests led by Ayyankali.

Above photo : Cherai Beach, Kerala.
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17 Jun 20
The Chinese don't care about anything beyond their Borders. Not even Communist Nations.

They had a huge dispute with Soviet Union. China even invaded Communist Vietnam (Sino-Vietnamese War) in 1979 after the Vietnam war, when the Vietnamese overthrew Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge.

China since the last 2500 years had the policy of Isolation, while selling their products (Silk, Paper, Gunpowder) to outside world. They are still using the same policy now.

The only nation China cares about beyond their border is North Korea (They want the Korean peninsula).
Let's go back in History.

After the Soviet-Sino split in 1960's, USSR and China had open armed conflicts in Zhenbao Island and Tieliketi in 1969.

After these two incidents, Soviets & Chinese viewed each other as among the greatest Geo-political threats.
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14 Jun 20
"The deeper we go into the Andes (Peru), the more indigenous people we encounter, who are homeless in their own land.

Wandering around South America has changed me more than I thought. I am not me any more. At least I'm not the same me I was."

- 24 year old Che Guevara in 1952.
On Jan 1952, a 24 year old Che Guevara (a doctor from a rich family) travelled through Latin America and his life changed when he met the Indigenous population of Peru.

He then left his job, family and his love and went to Gautemala in 1953.
Gautemala was ruled by democratically elected president Arbenz, who passed reforms to redistribute lands to the Indigenous population. This angered the CIA who took down Arbenz.

Che now knew that CIA didn't knew the language of peace.
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9 Jun 20
RW : There is a statue of Shivaji in Vietnam.

Fact : There is no Shivaji Maharaj's statue in Vietnam.

The statue of Tran Nguyen Han is often misinterpreted as of Shivaji. Tran Nguyen Han was a Dai Viet military General during the early Le dynasty in the 14th century.
This is one of the oldest running propadanda

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4 Jun 20
Menaka Gandhi called Malappuram India's most violent district. Here are few Facts & Stories of Malappuram, Kerala. #Thread

Malappuram is also one of the most safest place for Women in India.

Source : NCRB, Crime in India -2015

#Istandwithmalappuram Image
Malappuram India's most violent district???

Well not as violent as Sultanpur of Uttar Pradesh Image
Bhakts : Is Pork available in Malappuram?

Answer : Pork shop near Malaapparamp MES medical college in Perinthalmanna, Malappuram, Kerala.

Open 365 days Image
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2 Jun 20
If you want to counter any Nation, look at it's history and it's historical trade routes for weakness.

Then make a long term plan to Choke those trade points. That's how you control a hostile nation. The same blue print of the East India Company during Opium Wars.
India can counter China, but for that India needs a very good relationship with 7 nations. (Iran, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, Bhutan and Vietnam.)

The Blueprint of the East India Company (Opium Wars). Squeeze the trade routes with a Powerful Navy in Indian Ocean.
Maldives and Sri Lanka are the key here. To control the Indian Ocean, you need the full support of these two nations.

Geo Politics is a war of careful chess.

"You have to the win the neighborhood, before you win the world."
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2 Jun 20
There is a book called 'Selling Hitler: Propaganda and the Nazi Brand.'

Hitler used to practice his speech for hours, would add emotions while orating the speech on the stage, would never face questions and he took extra care of being looking nice & yet aggressive in Photos.
Nazis understood and manipulated the power of the brand, and their brand was Hitler, the Aryan Struggle and the Mein Kampf. They knew how to manipulate the Human Mind with a Leader who could orate and looked well dressed.

Germans Fell for it. Indians are still falling for it.
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1 Jun 20
3 million Indians died during the 1943 Bengal famine and Churchill's policies contributed to that famine, as he diverted the food supplies to British soldiers & countries such as Greece during World War 2

Josip Tito & Joseph Stalin were responsible for the defeat of Nazi Germany
The Eastern or Russian front was where 80% of the Germans fought. The cream of the German Army was annihilated on the Eastern Front, including the Mighty German 6th Army at Stalingrad.
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31 May 20
Samosa & Tea are not Local.

The book 'The Penguin Companion to Food' by Alan Davidson says that the name Samosa comes from the old Persian word 'Sambosag of Sasanian Empire.

Brits were purchasing Tea from China. To stop Chinese monopoly, they introduced tea in Assam in 1810's.
Sambosag later became Sambusak during the Seljuk Era, who took Sambusak to Central Asia. It's called samsa in Uzbekistan. The World's best Sambusak is made by Uzbeks and Tajiks.

Brits were losing too much Silver by buying Chinese Tea & porcelain, so they countered it with Opium.
70% of the food which is eaten or consumed in the Indian Subcontinent are food that arrived here 400-600 years ago.

Mughals - Portuguese changed the entire food landscape of India.
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30 May 20
Tamil Nadu & Kerala have been the least occupied territories by structured Indian empires, in the past 3000 years.

The Mauryas, Guptas & Mughals never conquered Tamil Nadu (Kongu Nadu) and Kerala. The region south of river Kaveri was always hostile towards Northern Invaders. 1/2
Only Kongu Nadu came under foreign rule.

Similarly Kalinga and North East (Ahom Kingdom) also were least occupied places in the Indian Subcontinent, compared to Others.
The Mauryas, Guptas & Mughals Empires were the 3 biggest Empires in the Indian Subcontinent (by area) after the British Raj.

Kabul was the starting point of both Mauryan and Mughal Empires.
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28 May 20
173 freedom fighters were executed in Andaman Cellular Jail. Many spent more than 10 years at Cellular jail and never wrote mercy petitions. We have forgotten their sacrifices.

Instead the Port Blair Airport is named after Savarkar, who wrote SIX mercy petitions to the British. Image
Trailokyanath Chakravarty
Ambika Chakrabarty
Ganesh Ghosh
Subodh Roy
Sachindra Nath Sanyal
Batukeshwar Dutt

The Forgotten names

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26 May 20
NASA paid tribute to Tipu Sultan's contribution to Rocket Technology by hanging this painting of Tipu Sultan's Army fighting the British with Mysorean rockets (1780 Anglo Mysore War) on their main reception lobby at NASA's Wallops Flight Facility at Maryland (USA).

After the defeat of Tipu Sultan, the British took the blue print and technology of these Mysorean rockets back to Europe and renamed then as Congreve rocket.

33 years later, on Oct 1813, the British used these Congreve rockets against Napoleon's Army at the Battle of Leipzig.
In the War of 1812, Congreve rockets were used by the British in their attack on Baltimore, USA.

Witnessing this attack was Francis Scott Key, who was inspired by the "rockets' red glare" & he penned the Star Spangled Banner, which became the official national anthem of USA.
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18 May 20

1) A tilted Swastika (Hakenkreuz in German) is a Nazi Symbol with Black lines. Hitler had seen a tilted Hakenkreuz at Lambach monastry during his childhood.

2) Swastika in Buddhism - Hinduism are straight with red lines, with dots.

Via Hitler: Rise of Evil (2003)
Nazi Swastika Band is Black in Color.
Hindu & Buddhist Swastika Band is Red in Color.
Finnish Swastika Band is Blue in Color.

Understand these difference you RW mor*ns.
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15 May 20
"When the public dissent rises against the King, a war at the border is the Monarch's strategy."

- OV Vijayan

Famous Malayalam Writer OV Vijayan said these Golden words in his Novel 'The Saga of Dharmapuri', written in 1985.

That Quote is always Relevant. 1/2
"രാജാവിനെതിരെ ജനവികാരം ഉയരുമ്പോൾ അതിർത്തിയിൽ യുദ്ധം ഉണ്ടാവുക രാജതന്ത്രമാണ്."

- ഒ വി വിജയൻ (ധർമ്മപുരാണം -1985)

War and small battles are always the used tactic to fool the masses.
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11 May 20
A historical story which you will not find in Indian History books.

In the year 1782, the merchants of Pennsylvania of USA fitted an escort ship with 16 guns to fight the British off the Delaware Bay.

They called the ship 'Hyder Ally, after Hyder Ali, the ruler of Mysore.

1782 : The Battle of Delaware Bay during the American Revolutionary War ended with an American victory over a superior British force.

Captain Joshua Barney commanded the ship 'Hyder Ally to a decisive victory over General Monk, a much larger British ship at Delaware Bay.

Yes, the Americans named their main battle ship after an Indian King on the other side of the world.

French, Indians, Spaniards were all fighting the British.

By mid 1770's, The Mysore kingdom had become an emblem of anti-British resistance all over the world.

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8 May 20
Deja Vu of what happened in Nazi Germany. #History

1933 : After coming to power, the first thing that Adolf Hitler did was to exempt Industries from Labour laws.

Later on May 2nd 1933, the Gestapo occupied all trade unions headquarters in Germany and Union leaders were arrested
Fascists are always afraid of powerful Trade Unions.…
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7 May 20
Saw Thappad and felt guilty of not watching it in Theatre.

Thappad is a huge Thappad on Social Conditioning - Patriarchy. Social Conditioning is deeply entrenched in Indian Minds like Feudalism - Caste, and sometimes it needs a small shock.

"Karti kya hai yeh..?"
I have seen many so called Progressive men calling Thappad as boring and overrated.

Like i said, you can't take the Desi attitude outside someone, no matter how much Education he has. Social Conditioning.
Movies like Article 15 and Thappad, which were unimaginable a decade ago in North India, will slowly pave way for more cinemas on Caste and Patriarchy.

Rome wasn't built in a day and the French Revolution didn't happen suddenly.

It's all dominos, that are waiting to fall.
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5 May 20
A Short Story. Imagine you have 5 cats and 10 biscuits. All cats were born in your house.

You can give your pet cat 6 biscuits, while the other four cats get one biscuit each. (Privilege)


You can give all five cats two biscuits each. (Equality)

What does it signify? 1/2
Privilege here shows Crony Capitalism aka Brahmanism, while Egalitarianism shows Equality

The special cat which eats six biscuits will always cry against equality. Because he knows that in an Egalitarian society, he will lose his four biscuits, which he is eating right now.

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4 May 20
Today is the death anniversary of #TipuSultan

There were only two kings that the British feared the most.

1) Tipu Sultan
2) Ranjit Singh

Tipu Sultan & Ranjit Singh did far more than any other Indian ruler to stop the British from taking over the entire Indian subcontinent

The 1784 Treaty of Mangalore was the last time when an Indian ruler (Tipu Sultan) dictated the terms to the Defeated British.

After the defeat in the Second Mysore War, the British under Lord Cornwallis formed a triple alliance with the Marathas and the Nizam against Mysore.
FACT : The 1784 Treaty of Mangalore was seen by many in London as the beginning of the end of the East India Company (EIC). After the Treaty, stock prices of the East India Company dived and Pitt’s India Act was introduced.

Inshort, the Nizam and Marathas gave British a lifeline
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