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Jul 9, 2023 9 tweets 5 min read
PART 1 of 9: THE VITAMIN PSYOP: Exposing Vitamin B, C & D Supplements. The Most Important Video You Will Watch in 2023....
Full Vid:…
PART 2 of 9: THE VITAMIN PSYOP: Exposing "Vitamin" B, C & D Supplements…
Mar 30, 2023 7 tweets 9 min read
Thread 1/7) WORLDWIDE EVERYTHING is dying at an "Alarming Rate" because they spray #chemtrails all day, every day, worldwide. All of these headlines are from March 2023. #GeoEngineering ImageImageImageImage 2/7) The #Chemtrails are murdering the insects in mass. #CloudSeeding is literal insecticide. It's all part of the plan to have complete control over the food system. #GeoEnginnering poisons the soil so you will be forced into #15MinuteCities Image
Feb 18, 2023 7 tweets 10 min read
1/7)💣BREAKING BOMBSHELL: #VinylChloride MANUFACTURER CAUGHT REVISING Safety Data Sheet THE DAY AFTER THE #OhioExplosion that put it in the air! #Scandal2023
#OhioChemicalDisaster #OhioChernobyl #OhioTrainDisaster #OhioCoverup
👇SCROLL TO READ THIS THREAD👇 2/7) The Chemical Company, manufacturer of #VinylChloride, REVISED their Safety Sheet to REMOVE Skin Absorption + Remove "FIRST AID REQUIRED ASAP"
Compare the "INHALATION" SECTIONS shown below
(Red = today. Blue = 2017) #OhioChemicalDisaster #OhioChernobyl #OhioTrain
Feb 17, 2023 4 tweets 2 min read
👉1/4) Guys, I think something is going on, on Twitter. I am noticing a mass influx of brand new accts that immediately follow/tweet me. They leave comments the gov would label "far right". It feels wrong. I think this is a setup of some kind. Please be careful interacting 2/4) For example, I am getting at least 20 people a DAY with brand new Twitter accounts, WHO DONT EVEN FOLLOW ME, commenting on my posts. How do they find these posts? Answer: Hashtag keyword searches.... which is what "bots" / paid activists do....
Feb 9, 2023 5 tweets 6 min read
Thread 1/5) The #CHEMTRAIL Plane Patent was filed by Evergreen International Aviation (EIA) in 2007. EIA was a GOVERNMENT CONTRACTOR & also worked for the CIA & NASA.
Keep reading, this gets really🤔...
2/5) 1970s: Evergreen Aviation, the government contracted company who filed the #chemtrail plane patent, bought assets from the CIA "Skunk Works" program. Skunk Works also happens to be the name of Lockheed Martins secret weapons program🤔
Jan 18, 2023 14 tweets 14 min read
1/13) Thread: Tour of Michigans #Chemtrails
My state doesn't know why our fish, pollinators, insects, birds, amphibians, trees and people are dying...
#GeoEngineering #ClimateEngineering #ClimateChange

2/13) Thread: Tour of Michigan #Chemtrails
My state doesn't know why our fish, pollinators, insects, birds, amphibians, trees and people are dying... ImageImageImageImage
Jan 16, 2023 4 tweets 4 min read
Here's who's behind Versace, Gucci, Balenciaga & Fendi...
white men
why are their brands sold to us in music and television by all races?
...Where's the outrage?...
just sayin' 2/4) 🤔 "WHERE'S THE 'TOXIC WHITE MALE' OUTRAGE?!"🤔
Here's who's behind Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Burberry & Coach...
white men
why are their brands sold to us in music and television by all races?
...Where's the outrage?...
just sayin'.
Jan 15, 2023 4 tweets 2 min read
Strange; Nebraska 1-15-23 "condensation" lines look like the Michigan condensation that look like the Oregon condensation that look like the Ireland condensation that look like the AU condensation. Almost seems like a global effort to block the🌞
Nah, thats silly!
#chemtrails ImageImage I forgot to add Wisconsin to the list:
Jan 10, 2023 13 tweets 8 min read
There is now a "Covid 19 CRISIS PHONE NUMBER". So I decided to give it a try (keep reading... this is crazy...) 2/13) When I clicked the "Covid Crisis Hotline" link, I followed the directions and text the word "HOME" to "741741", and guess who replied? (keep reading....)
Jan 7, 2023 20 tweets 11 min read
1/20) This is so shocking, I have to start this little thread fresh to add on to it:
1969: DoD asks congress for $10 million to develop a disease for which there is no immunity
1970: funding granted
2/20) 1970: The same yr congress granted the DoD $10 mill to make a bioweapon, Fauci was transferred from the 👉NAIAD👈 to working with patients at a
👉NEW YORK👈 Hospital
(odd job transfer? Keep reading...)
Jan 7, 2023 7 tweets 3 min read
Some of the USA's ATOMIC ENERGY COMMISSIONs diabolical experiments
1.) 1949: #OperationGreenRun released radioactive iron and xenon-133 into the atmosphere in Washington, which contaminated a 500,000-acre area containing three small towns.
#chemtrails 2.) ATOMIC ENERGY COMMISSIONs diabolical experiments:
1953: Multiple secret human experiments involving feeding radioactive iron to pregnant mothers and infants to study the blood-brain-barrier
Jan 4, 2023 10 tweets 12 min read
👉🐝🪲🦋😱THREAD 1/10) Summer 2022 Michigan: WHAT HAPPENED TO THE INSECTS??✈️ #CHEMTRAILS = HEALTHY bees, wasps, insects dropping from the sky, twitching, disoriented or dead... #geoengineering #ChemtrailBeesThread #ChemtrailInsectsThread 2/10) Summer 2022 Michigan: WHAT HAPPENED TO THE INSECTS??✈️ #CHEMTRAILS Bees, wasps, insects dropping f rom the sky, twitching, confused or dead.
All look healthy! #geoengineering #ChemtrailBeesThread
Jan 4, 2023 6 tweets 4 min read
THREAD1⃣) 2015 India starts testing Vax Passports via Electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network, a program LICENSED under GAVI, the UN & the Vaccine Alliance
2021: Vx Passport Tech called"Co-WIN" Released
2022: 1 BILLION people in India forced to use Co-WIN… Image 2⃣ In this WHO document, it states the BENEFIT of Indias Vaccine Passport tech called "Co-Win" is that it can be easily adapted to OTHER public & private sectors (#SocialCreditScore). It can also be easily updated when VX SCHEDULES CHANGE… Image
Dec 31, 2022 4 tweets 5 min read
Then, I see the chemical is MADE BY the same company that makes human vax
1 COMPANY, DIFF NAMES, WRITING THEIR OWN SAFETY SHEETS FOR💉w/CHEM THEY SELL 2/4) "EXCEDE" vax that's injuring & killing animals contains "Ceftiofur"
Ceftiofur IS MADE BY MERCK (who also makes C19 & other human drugs)
1940s Merck President was HEAD OF the US MILITARY BIO WAR DIVISION...…
Dec 28, 2022 153 tweets 126 min read
SUPER LONG THREAD: Chemtrails: Who, What, Were, Why, When and How: The most thorough thread on Twitter.
1.) Lets begin... Image 2) WE SAY: Chemicals are sprayed from planes. They take over the sky, block the sun & shed dangerous
particles on land and sea that destroy the ecosystem.
THEY SAY: Its just condensation; nothing has ever been sprayed, nothing is currently being sprayed! Image
Dec 28, 2022 23 tweets 7 min read
List of Open-Air Aerosol ANTHRAX, VIRUS & PATHOGEN TESTS, carried out by US, British and Canadian governments, without the citizens knowledge or permission... 1. #OperationCauldron British, Canadian & US gov released biological agents, including pneumonic and bubonic plague, brucellosis & tularaemia.
Dec 27, 2022 12 tweets 8 min read
Thread 1/14) Pfizer Paxlovid Safety Study Adverse Events:
ONLY UNVACCINATED COULD PARTICIPATE. Out of only 2224 total participants, 1001 had adverse events.
Whatever was used as placebo, at LEAST 13 PEOPLE DIED (just wait, it gets crazier...)… ImageImageImage 2/14) The Paxlovid Safety Study "Placebo" was made for Pfizer by "Hetero Labs Limited", located in India. Guess what they make? #Remdesivir
The placebo ingredients are not listed anywhere. ImageImage
Dec 27, 2022 6 tweets 4 min read
1/5)🤔1999-2000: #ProjectBacchus; the US military/DoD built a lab & manufactured Anthrax "to see if a terrorist could"
🧪9-18-2001: One week after 9/11, the USA was under "Terrorist" Anthrax Attacks; anthrax was being sent via USPS mail
Keep reading... 2/5) 2001: These "Anthrax Terrorist Attacks" created the immediate need to MANDATE all military personal to receive the anthrax vaccine. Safety did not matter, because an emergency situation trumps safety
(Ref: "Rule 23").
Dec 17, 2022 8 tweets 7 min read
1/8 Thread: Scheduled Covid Outbreaks? #Chemtrails? Tainted Water Supply?
Evidence: " DAILY Covid Case Tracker" shows Covid outbreaks only occur in Michigan on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The days in between there are 0 cases. ImageImageImage 2/8 In Pennsylvania, Covid outbreaks occur on Wednesdays with a small additional spike on Mondays. Covid deaths only occur the same day as the spike. ImageImageImage
Nov 25, 2022 13 tweets 7 min read
👉👉👉THREAD: (1/13): THEORY: The Wuhan Lab is a total coverup.
TRUTH: The CDC in Georgia, USA provided it.
USA + SPAIN + EU made it happen.
DARPA hired Moderna to produce the vx.
EVIDENCE: (keep reading...)
@TimTruth123 2/13 In 2020, I was dumbfounded regarding why my state, Michigan, was testing waste water for covid. Then, in 2020, on, I noticed this footnote, at the very bottom of the site, typed in almost the same color as the page... Image
Nov 14, 2022 4 tweets 3 min read
(Thread 1/4): Vaccination Rate vs Population vs Deaths:
🤔 Burundi, Africa, has a vaccination rate of only 0.2% and a population of 12.6 million. Guess how many covid deaths??.. 38 TOTAL COVID DEATHS... let's compare to similar populations....: @TimTruth123 ImageImageImageImage 2/4: Haiti has a vaccination rate of 3.8% (2.1% fully vaccinated). Population: 12 million. Covid deaths: 860. (Same population, mass death increase) ImageImage