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Aluminum in Vaccines is Toxic
A Tweet Repository by The Epigenetic Whisperer

Several vax ingredients r toxic 2 the human body. I tend to focus on aluminum cuz 1) it’s in most vax’s & 2) it’s the “lowest hanging fruit” conceptually since it’s a metal being injected into us.

It is entirely indefensible 2 suggest aluminum is ok 2 inject intramuscularly when evidence is so overwhelming of its cyto/neurotoxic properties. There4, this tweet series is just going 2 list studies I’ve accumulated over time on aluminum’s toxicity, in general, & in vax’s

I won’t b adding my own commentary. Just the science Ma’am. U can copy the tweet URL at the top of this tweet series & dump it into any debate ur having w/a pro-vax troll or an undecided 2 shut down the conversation on whether aluminum in vax’s is toxic 2 us or not. Enjoy.

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Bodies don't like going under the knife. One of the 1st medical procedures thought to cause polio was tonsil surgery. According to 2000 case histories by Harvard Infantile Paralysis Commission, tonsillectomies posed a significant risk of respiratory paralysis due to bulbar polio.
Nor do bodies like being needled.
No one could figure out why DPT injections were provoking polio in 1950s, as were childhood injections in Africa/ India in 80s/90s.
Until tissue injury from INJECTIONS was found to AID the poliovirus to infect the body & travel to the SPINAL CORD
A vast volume of literature on polio provocation taught health professionals in the 50s to avoid indiscriminate injections and booster shots during epidemics.
In NYC, child health stations were closed and laws mandating pediatric vaccinations before school attendance were relaxed
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This is big.

Like smashes-the-rationale-supporting-universal-Hep-B-recommendations-in-the-United-States kind of big.

A thread via Joy M Fritz - The Untrivial Pursuit #vaccines

Link to post:…
The bottom half of the picture above👆🏼(Journal of Pediatrics) is one of the only U.S. studies done that formulated the risk analysis used to justify recommending Hep B vaccination in ALL infants in the United States.
That recommendation, by the way, is for all 4 million infants a year, for the past 30 years.

(If you are a fiscal impact thinker: At $75 per Hep b vaccination series, we are talking a ballpark of $9 BILLION in healthcare costs spent in the last 30 years.)
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Must Listen. Remember this is 2009.

The Secret Covenant:
"A illusion it will be so large so vast, it will escape their perception, those who see it will be thought of as insane"

"We will create separate fronts to prevent them from seeing the connection between us"
Sound familiar??
"We will behave as if we are not connected to keep the illusion alive"
"Our goal will be to accomplish one drop at a time so as to never bring suspicion upon ourselves"
"We will work together always and remain bound by blood and secrecy"

"Death will come to he who speaks" #IsaacKappy #TomHanks

"We kill keep their lifespan short and their minds weak while pretending to do the opposite"
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A healthy, 9-year old #Florida girl was paralyzed by the #FluShot…

#ADEM is an auto-immune disease that occurs when the immune system "mistakenly attacks its own brain tissue," when responding to a #vaccination or infection.

#VaccineInjury #LearnTheRisk
#STUDY: Post-#vaccination Encephalomyelitis (#ADEM): Literature review & illustrative case (after the #FluShot)

ADEM has been associated w/ several #vaccines such as DTP, polio, smallpox, MMR, Japanese B encephalitis, #Flu, HepB etc.

#STUDY: Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (#ADEM) Onset: Evaluation Based on Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting Systems…

#Flu & #HPV #vaccines are "those most frequently associated w/ ADEM, accounting for ~30% of the total cases."

#VaccineInjury #WakeUp
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After a 3-yr. investigation, a Congressional report released May 2003 by the Subcommittee on Human Rights and Wellness, “Mercury in Medicine” Hearings of the U.S. House of Rep. stated:
"Thimerosal used as a preservative in #vaccines is likely related to the Autism epidemic."
“This epidemic in all probability may have been prevented or curtailed had the FDA not been asleep at the switch regarding the lack of safety data regarding injected thimerosal and the sharp rise of infant exposure to this known neurotoxin."
"Our public health agencies’ failure to act is indicative of institutional malfeasance for self-protection and misplaced protectionism of the pharmaceutical industry.”…
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Is aluminum in vaccines safe?

A histological study of toxic effects of aluminium sulfate on rat hippocampus.

Adverse events following immunization with vaccines containing adjuvants.
Administration of aluminium to neonatal mice in vaccine-relevant amounts is associated with adverse long term neurological outcomes…

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ATTENTION ALL NEW YORKERS: The corrupt swamp in Albany, New York is working on banning homeschooling in NYS by 2021. Ever since they banned Relgoius exempts on June 12th 2019 and Medical exemptions in July 2019 homeschooling rates have sky rocketed 56%. A homeschool ban would
mean there is no choice when it comes to vaccines. THIS IS NOT A JOKE. They want 100% vaccination rates, no excuses, no exemptions, ever. Why not just mandate vaccines for homeschoolers instead of outlawing it you may ask? Because they want full control of our childeren through
the public school system. After NYS mandates the Flu Shot and the HPV (Gardsil) vaccine in this 2020 legislative session they will put the nail in the coffin and end the option to homeschool before the adult mandates roll out. Make sure everyone call Governor Andrew Cuomo
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"Most vaccines provide immunity for only 5-10 years. Gardasil’s promoters were promising lifelong protection, and needed a super toxic adjuvant that would provide this unprecedented level of protection."…
"Among vaccinologists, it’s axiomatic that duration of immunity correlates directly to the toxicity of the adjuvant; the more toxic the adjuvant, the longer the duration of immunity."

In Vietnam, you destroy a village to save it.
With vaccines you poison a body to protect it
Here is why #vaccines can never be both safe AND effective.

If vaccines are made SAFE by omitting toxic adjuvants,
they are never going to be EFFECTIVE.

If vaccines are EFFECTIVE (at least, by using toxic adjuvants to jack up the antibody count)
they are never going to be SAFE
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The truth about pertussis (whooping cough).

A thread.

h/t Ashley Everly, toxicologist

#pertussis #WhoopingCough #vaccines
We have been fed the following lies:

(1) That the pertussis vaccine is effective; that it prevents whooping cough infection and transmission.

(2) That those who choose not to vaccinate are responsible for the death of children who die from it.
What the medical research has found, is the opposite.

Not only is the pertussis vaccine unable to provide herd immunity or protection for those who can’t be vaccinated, but the medical research has found that the FULLY vaccinated are most likely to transmit pertussis to infants.
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This #WorldChildrensDay we celebrate 30 years of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Every child deserves a long and healthy life and that includes a right to:
👶Be safe
👶Clean Air

It's time for #HealthForAll children 🌍🌏🌎!
Every child has the right to be safe!
Experiencing violence in childhood impacts lifelong health and well-being. It is estimated that up to 1 BILLION 👧👦 have experienced physical, sexual or emotional violence or neglect in the past year.
We must #EndViolence! #WorldChildrensDay
@WHOAFRO @WHOSEARO @WHOWPRO @WHO_Europe @WHOEMRO @pahowho @DrTedros @UNICEF @unicefchief @UN Every child has the right to play!

Less 📱 screen time, more play ⚽ & recreation time 🚲 helps children to grow up healthy!

Help your child to #BeActive and healthy!

#HealthForAll #WorldChildrensDay
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"A woman accused my un-vaxxed daughter of spreading measles though she didn’t have it.
So I called her husband and told him his wife may have given him gonorrhea.
When he accuses her of cheating, she protests: 'How could I give you gonorrhea if I don’t even have it?'
1,000 kids, 1000 cupcakes.
If you knew one was poisoned, would you let your child have a cupcake?
One of every 1,000 has a bad reaction to rotavirus #vaccine.
How'd you feel if your kid got the poisoned cupcake and the mom next to you says, "My son ate a cupcake and he's fine."
This is probably the most comprehensive, compelling and definitive compendium for rebutting pro-vaccine trolls and provaxxers that I've ever seen.

An incredibly useful resource!

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The list of anti-vax claims gets longer by the day, but none are supported by research (which is quite different from “search”).
Take a moment to think about their talking points, many of which refute each other.
First is was “MMR causes autism”.
“MMR causes autism!” claim came from the ORIGINAL “paid pharma shill” who took money to falsify data on 12 kids. Dozens of real studies involving millions of kids proved that claim was false.
Then came “it’s thimerosal!”, which was never in MMR and was removed in 2001.
Only multi-dose flu vaccine has Thimerosal as a preservative, which has also been shown to be harmless in the quantity in a vaccine.
Then it was “it’s mercury!” which people thought was a new argument but was really still the Thimerosal argument with a different name. 3/
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Is vaping bad for you? A cardiothoracic surgeon gives her expert opinion.
A twitter thread on #vaping in #Australia, in a news report featuring @drnikkistamp.
Report "debate rages on about whether [#eCigarette are] actually a safer alternative to regular #cigarettes"
Yes, in much the same way that debate rages as to whether #vaccines cause autism, or whether the Earth is flat.
Sans the carbon monoxide & tar of #smoking, ..
.. it'd be pretty extraordinary if they were anything less than /much/ less harmful.
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The body can handle millions of germs.
#Vaccines in comparison are a mere drop in the ocean.
That may be true.
But the body handles millions of germs through multiple layers of immunity.
Vaccines bypass them all and inject germs deep into tissue.
Different level of risk.
When the body is cut open and the skin is peeled back
and tissues and organs are exposed,
doctors fear that the body cannot handle a single germ.
Which is why they wear surgical gowns and face masks
and use sterile instruments
to create an environment as germ-free as possible
But when doctors cut through all the layers of immunity
to inject GMO viruses deep into muscle tissue,
they blow off the safeguards of the operating room,
expecting the body to handle a whole convention of germs whooping it up in a environment crawling with contaminants.
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Thread: #Vaccines 💉

This is one of the hardest subjects to #RedPill people on.

If you've trusted me up to this point, please trust me enough to research what I've written.

Vaccines were my red pill, I've spent a lot of time digging into them. I know the truth.
The biggest argument by anti-vaxxers is choice. Vaccines shouldn't be mandatory. In some places they are & they want to make them mandatory nationwide.

No one should be forced to do something to themselves or their kids that they don't want to do.

Choice is a freedom!
People are told that we need to have herd immunity, so everyone needs to be vaccinated.

Time to use both critical & logical thinking.

If vaccines work, shouldn't a vaccinated person be protected?

How does exposure to a disease make a vaccine less effective?
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#WAACP today and tomorrow and time for another string of #clinicalpearls! 1/
@WashACP @WashACP @HollonMD
First up: The Microbiome. The microbiome is all viruses, fungi, bacteria, and their products. No two microbiomes are the same. And for every 1 gene of ours, there are 250 bacteria genes. 2/
Dysbiosis is a maladaptive change in our microbiome. Even a few days of constant pressure (like poor sleep and diet) can change the microbiome. 3/
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I just had a coughing fit that was so intense that I now have little petechae around my eyes. All I could think was how there are kids whose parents refuse to vaccinate them who are getting #pertussis and their little bodies are being wracked by similar coughing fits. Awful.
How could anyone do that to their child? When you have #vaccines to keep your child from suffering or possibly dying, why wouldn't you get them? What could possibly be more important than your child's well-being?
Anti-science is so creepily punitive and medieval.
#Vaccines have been established science since 1798 when the #smallpox vaccine was discovered & literally saved the world.
YOU don't have #polio because of vaccines. YOU lived beyond 5 because of vaccines. Go to an historic graveyard--lots of dead kids.
Anti-vax is child abuse.
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I believe that your blood group (an “unstudied” science) can also identify your race. (Not absolute. All that body in-breeding over generations.)

Oh, that “Annunaki” conspiracy theory, Ja; to throw the still clearer thinkers off this trail❓ (Ditto DNA)
So that no one even much notices, that even the Bible identifies Ab-RA-ham as being from Ur: a SUMERIAN❗️ (Doesn’t much fit that ENKI / ENLIL, story, there, does it❓🤔)
I also, don’t really believe in anyone called “Hathor.” So what does that say about the interpretation of all those “hieroglyphics” and finds like the “Rosetta stone❓”
#OccamsRazor: if they stole so much of the other history ...❓🤔
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