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Have you heard of Bill Gates FIRST 2020 Program?Before ID2020 as we know it?

You will on THIS THREAD👇

In 1995 IBM Security in partnership w Intelli-Connection had the 2020 Neural Implant Program.

@99freemind @TGedaminski @DaveSnedeker @Drspines ImageImageImage
This is blurry bc it was an old school fax discussing the 2020 Neural Implant Program. Implications are Military and Lettered agencies Intelligence will be interested in this.

Using cellular frequency back in 1995...they were able to make prisoners essentially into zombies.. ImageImageImageImage
Adding pages I screenshot bc some of the stories have disappeared.

This discusses implications of the chip.

They could turn people into zombies.

Make them stop eating..

Stop wanting to bathe...

Stop wanting to go outside....

Even able to provoke violence and stop it... ImageImageImageImage
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1. #DARPA > Quantum #LifeLog=Facebook
U Tube, Twatter,#23andMe,
Alphabet, #Google, [C]H [I] N [A]
Robotics, Unit 8200, GMO, GPS,NASA, #AI
#Softbank , Eugenics, 🧠+...
Let’s dive in & 🧐 at DARPA.
👉Past Present & Future?
BIG 'THREAD' Read & R/T 🙏
2. It was created in 1958 after the Sputnik launch from Russia in 1957
What Is #DARPA? #MComplex #Darktolight…
3.They have been at the forefront of the creation of #AI
#DARPA Artificial Intelligence Colloquium Opening Video

DARPA Announces $2 Billion Campaign to Develop Next Wave of AI Technologies…
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Geoengineering is NO JOKE and has been used to manipulate our weather for decades. Our air, water, and soil are being contaminated with unsafe amounts of heavy metals including aluminum, barium, and strontium. These Covert operations using atmospheric aerosol injections to
“combat” climate change are kept from the public as they would cause panic. The one percent who pull the strings think of us as lab rats. They have the technology to create hurricanes, floods, droughts, you name it!! U need to wake up!!
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“We have created everything in a determined measure” (54:49)

They want to spray millions of tonnes of dust into the stratosphere to stop global 🌍 warming. #GeoEngineering

The project is being funded by #BillGates with $3 million and pioneered by Harvard University.
Dust will be raised at a height of 12 miles above the Earth's surface and then sprinkle around the stratosphere,creating a gigantic sunshade,reflecting some of the Sun's rays and heat back into space, dimming those that get through and so protecting 🌍 from climate warming.
This initial test, known as Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment ( #SCoPEx ) would use a high-altitude scientific balloon to raise around 2kg of calcium carbonate dust — the size of a bag of flour — into the atmosphere 12 miles above the desert of New Mexico
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What the f%$&$!!!!

A plan from 2005 to vaccine people with the VMAT2 Gene.

What is the VMAT2 Gene you might be wondering?

Watch "Leaked Pentagon Video 2005 - Vaccine for religious fundamentalism (FunVacs)" on YouTube
Geneticist Dean Hamer has suggested that a particular allele of the VMAT2 gene correlates with spirituality using data from a smoking survey, which included questions intended to measure "self-transcendence".…
The VMAT2 Gene is in other words called the GOD Gene.
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Starting in 10 minutes: Climate Action Task Force Plenary with @KevinClimate: Laggards or Leaders? Academia and its responsibility in delivering on the Paris commitments. Join here: #AAGVirtual #climate
As this public session begins, .@ProfessorJepson introduces @KevinClimate with co-organizers and co-chairs of the Climate Action Task Force @jonevins1 and Patricia Martin of Université de Montréal Join here:
.@ProfessorJepson discussing the Task Force's depth of commitment to transform AAG annual meeting to be less carbon-intensive. This year threw us a significant challenge with #COVID19 and tapped our collective thinking: "So here we are. The planned experiment has been scaled up.
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#5G radiation overdose or Coronavirus ?
Both have similar symptoms.

Research for yourself.
Look where the 5G rollouts have occurred and look at the amount of "Coronavirus" victims are.

#Microwaves #MindControl #MindManipulation #Geoengineering #5G

In the 1940's , the Japanese learned how to cook you from the inside out using just a small amount of chemicals & Microwave.
Imagine what our governments could do now🤔

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#Adrenochrome + #Covid19 + #5G = #Coronavirus symptoms.
No wonder why the Elite are worried.
Ever since the 1940's the Governments of the world knew that they can use chemicals and microwave frequencies as a lethal or non lethal weapon.

#5G is a microwave based weapons system. This is why the Elite are worried. We know the Frequencies.
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@StormIsUponUs @CodeMonkeyZ @realDonaldTrump @Google #BillGates steps down from Microsoft Board & Warren Buffet’s Bershire Hathaway Inc. Friday 13th
Interesting that he’s perusing his Philanthropic work in Global Health, Education & Climate Change. #Eugenics #Nazism 🤔
#QAnon @realDonaldTrump
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< G E O E N G I N E E R I N G >


List of all Weather Tech/Manipulation owned, patent, trademarked by the U.S.


>D I S C L A I M E R: This is ONLY to show you these exist. At the end, there is a link.

22.) United States - US2881335A
April 7, 1959 – Generation of Electrical Fields…
23.) United States - US2908442A
October 13, 1959 – Method For Dispersing Natural Atmospheric Fogs And Clouds…
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"Several Federal agencies support weather modification programs which involve cloud-seeding activities. Major re- search programs include precipitation modification, fog and cloud modification, hail suppression, and lightning and hurricane modification...
The earliest cloud-seeding experiment to modify a hurricane was conducted in 1947 under Project Cirrus"

#weathermodification #geoengineering #climatechange #ProjectSkywater #ProjectCirrus #ProjectStormfury…
China spent millions on a shady project to control the weather ahead of the Beijing Olympics — and dozens of other countries are doing it too…
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Interesting. #UnsealEpstein

Former MIT media lab staffer says leadership made it clear Epstein's donations were to be kept secret - CNN…
#Epstein = 'Voldemort'? 🤔 5:5?
#UnsealEpstein MIT has some 'splaining to do...
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Robert Fletcher discusses the U.S. government's ability to employ weather weapons.
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
(Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
05 Jul 1954, Mon
Page 43
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137. #News ~ In what appears to be a WIN for President Trump, a bipartisan agreement reached in Senate Appropriations Committee on a $4.6 billion funding package to address the "humanitarian crisis" at the southern border with Mexico.…

#Trump #Qanon
138. #News ~ Diarrhea In The Dominican; Group of 7 Oklahoma Teens Fall Ill At Same Hotel Where Tourists Mysteriously Died…

#Trump #Qanon
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Military caught in the act of #weatherWarfare proof proof and more proof. Please watch this short video I made
proving beyond a shadow of a doubt our weather
is being manipulated
controlled and causing havoc on the USA.#SilentWeaponsForQuietWars @SandyRiosTweet @BrianKempGA
Guys I'm not here to make friends although friends are good. I'm here to speak the truth to wake the masses to do something about this madness listen the same thing is happening right here today in Georgia we have no clouds they're heating the Nano particulates making it hot
There are people dying homes being destroyed Farmland being destroyed crops Farmers can't even get there seeds in the dirt 4 repeated flooding. Is this okay with you? Are you going to sit on the sidelines and keep your mouth shut? If so please don't follow me. Wake up and speakup
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1/ To those of you who just read these posts and scroll on by, who go about your daily lives and feel like you can't change anything in this world and refuse to accept the fundamental changes that are happening to your planet.

Let me ask you....

Do you not see your society
2/ moving towards destruction?

Do you not see the division and social engineering that is happening every day?

Do you like being told there are more than 2 genders and that feelings matter more than facts?

Do you like being censored?

Do you like being told what to think?
3/ What to be? What not to be?

Do you like being sent to horrific wars on the other side of the world, for which you have no reason to be there?

Do you like to watch as millions of people die needlessly every year, due to war, famine and disease just to enrich these sick
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1. #News ~ President Trump overhauls crucial U.S. appeals courts at record pace:
‘It’s a generational change’…

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
#Trump2020 #WINNING #MAGA #KAG
2. #News ~ President White House: Trump to nominate Patrick Shanahan as permanent defense secretary…

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
3. #News ~ Denver approves initiative to decriminalize psilocybin mushrooms…

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
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CIA Director John Brennan Admits to Chemtrails (Stratospheric Aerosol Injection)
(link: )
The SPICE Project
SPICE (Stratospheric Particle Injection for Climate Engineering) is investigating the effectiveness of Solar Radiation Management (SRM)... causing the Earth to absorb less radiation from the Sun.
Harvard: Stratospheric Aerosol Injection for Geoengineering Purposes

A number of studies have focused on the large-scale aspects of massive stratospheric aerosol injections for the purpose of modifying global climate
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1972: The US has been secretly seeding clouds over North Vietnam, Laos &amp; South Vietnam to increase &amp; control the rainfall for military purposes.

#Geoengineering seeks to combat climate change by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere or by increasing the reflectivity of the earth – with clouds or even space dust – to reduce the sun’s warmth.…
goal was to extend the monsoon season &amp; flood the Ho Chi Minh Trail, the system of supply routes used by enemy fighters in Vietnam. Americans hoped to cause landslides, wash out river crossings, &amp; generally disrupt the movement of North Vietnamese…5fI50f3w
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@GeorgeMonbiot @naomirwolf @HowardF44411321 @Stop007org @EccEveryday @csthetruth @LeeCamp @rezn8d @RepJoeKennedy @JFK #GeorgeMonbiot: a high profile environmentalist deceiving the people to believe false science & to encourage coverup ofthe contamination of our world via Massive Undisclosed #Geoengineering campaign deployed in our skies day & night. Totally Unacceptable..…
@GeorgeMonbiot @naomirwolf @HowardF44411321 @Stop007org @EccEveryday @csthetruth @LeeCamp @rezn8d @RepJoeKennedy @JFK ✈️'Evidence of Variable Earth-heat Production, Global Non-anthropogenic Climate Change, and Geoengineered Global Warming and Polar Melting'
By J. Marvin Herndon
#GeoEngineering @Climatemodification #WeatherManipulation #StratosphericAerosolInjection #DEW…
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There are risks to such unproven potential technologies. Scientists have said #SAI could result in negative consequences ie causing droughts or extreme weather in other parts of world, harm crop yields as well as potential public health &amp; governance…I4UE
Scientists behind project intend to complete 2 small-scale dispersals by 2022. 1st will disperse water into stratosphere, &amp; 2nd will disperse calcium carbonate particles. In the future, tests may incl seeding upper atmosphere w aluminum oxide or…BGaI
solar geoengineering deployment scenario of halving increase in anthropogenic radiative forcing beginning 15yrs hence, by deploying material to altitudes as high as 20 km…
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