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9 Jan
In a country where the rich, and even most other citizens shy away from joining the army, this praise on army looks like a bribe to me. Had it not been so, they would have been telling - ' I am too old to join now, but am directing my son/grandson to join up. '
No, they don't do that. They simply pay money, praise my soldiers and are back to their MNC jobs.
That makes the praise look like a bribe to me - for the next war. That is a mercenary game.
In UK, the son of the Queen fights. In USA, son of President fought and died in war.
In Germany, the army was officered by Counts and Vons. Not in India. They open a shop(pe).
The PM/RM/NSA/cabinet ministers are all very eager to defend the nation - at my cost.
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9 Jan
Have you guys ever heard of a man who took 9 AK47 bullets and still survived?

Meet Chetan Kumar"Cheetah".
On February 14, 2017, when Indian Army's troops were conducting a search operation in Bandipora when terrorist hiding in the area started firing at the troops.
Chetan Kumar Cheetah, who was the Commanding Officer of CRPF's 45th battalion in Jammu and Kashmir, received 9 bullets, one in the eye as well. He was in coma for more than one month. As soon as he got out of coma, he wanted to join the batallion in the forward post.
He even today serves and actively participate in all the operations. Hats off to such commitment and determination.
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8 Jan
Muslim rulers did not build Tajmahal, Lal Qila, Kutub Minar, Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri, and hundreds of other historical sites.
While serving in India as A.D.C. to the Governor-General (1836 to 1840) Lord Auckland, young lieutenant Alexander Cunningham conceived an ingenious scheme of misusing archaeological studies far long- term political ends
Later in pursuit of that plot, Cunningham addressed a letter dated September 15, l942(When he was 28 years old) to Col. Sykes, a Director of the British East India Company in London.In those days, the British were busy consolidating their newly won empire in…
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4 Jan
Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is the most powerful in China. Party cadre has lot of importance like its army PLA. CCP has maintained strategies for upper hand over enemies. CCP role is vital in the growth of China.
After Xi Jinping as President of China, CCP role was extended beyond the boundaries. CCP Cadre who are working in other nations have act like spies.
An extraordinary leaked database of 1.95 million registered party members reveals how Beijing's malign influence now stretches into almost every corner of British life, including defence firms, banks and pharmaceutical giants.
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4 Jan
Do you know about first Indian startup that partnered with ISRO - Indian Space Research Organization ?

#Day13 of #100days100startups #Startuprail

Startup of the Day : AgniKul Cosmos Founded by Srinath Ravichandran & Moin SPM
Agnikul is involved in building India’s private small satellite launch vehicle. Their core product, Agnibaan, is designed to carry up to 100 kg of payload to low earth orbits of up to
700 km with a plug-and-play engine configuration.

#Day1 : Mothertong
#Day2 : Hypto
#Day3 : KiloFarms
#Day4 : GreenPod Labs
#Day5 : GoFloaters
#Day7 : GoBumpr
#Day8 : Roanuz
#Day9 : Milky Delight
#Day10 : WSquare
#Day11 : Energyly
#Day12 : Pickyourtrail
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4 Jan
Another energizing news for the Pan-Indians for this new year.
A landmark Achievement in the History of India. #Akash #missiles
On 30th Dec 2020 Union Cabinet approves export of DRDO manufactured indigenous missiles to about 9 countries. - Aiming at $5 Billion deals. #atmanirbhar Image
◆◆ The Akash missile systems have over 96 per cent indigenous components and the weapon can hit targets at a range of 25 km.
◆◆ The export version of Akash missiles would be different from the system currently deployed with Indian armed forces.
◆◆ Under the AtmaNirbhar Bharat, India is growing in its capabilities of manufacturing a wide variety of Defence platforms & missiles.
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4 Jan
India has not only the 4th largest military in the world but also the most advanced weapons. Here is the list of 10 weapons possessed by the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force that are among the best in the world.

Combat proven in the cold and high altitude regions during the Kargil conflict in 1999, Pinaka can fire up to 12 missiles/rockets in 44 seconds with a reload time as short as 4 minutes.
9.T-90S BhiSHMA

Bhishma is the Indian name for the Russian-made T-90s tanks.

An amalgam of T-80U and T-72B, the T-90S have superior fire control system and mobility.
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4 Jan
Look for the missing bullet holes.

During World War II, fighter planes would come back from battle with bullet holes. The Allies found the areas that were most commonly hit by enemy fire.
They sought to strengthen the most commonly damaged parts of the planes to reduce the number that was shot down.

A mathematician, Abraham Wald, pointed out that perhaps there was another way to look at the data.
Perhaps the reason certain areas of the planes weren't covered in bullet holes was that planes that were shot in those areas did not return. This insight led to the armour being re-enforced on the parts of the plane where there were no bullet holes.
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