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#Day2 #100HappyDays #Affirmation

I take pleasure in my own solitude.
#Day3 #100HappyDays #Affirmation

I may be one in 7 billion but I am also one in 7 billion.
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This thread will show what Prof Yakubu the @inecnigeria said on Saturday.
The we shall be #MonitoringINEC and especially their LOGISTIC Biafra Agitator Prof Okecukwu Ibeano till the election takes place...Please follow this thread from today till #FeBuhari23 #NigeriaDecides2019
All I know is that the @inecnigeria LOGISTIC Biafra Agitator Professor Okechukwu used "LOGISTIC" as an excuse to sell the issue of postponement to you.
He should tell us how Anambra and Akwa PDP thugs knew exact place & vehicles to attack #MonitoringINEC
All this Turenchi about plan that got 13 out of 14 activities scheduled done is not our problem...
What we know is that you did not deliver the pregnancy.
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15)You know that joke you’re sick of telling? Write/type it w/ space in between each sentence. Add some details, change a word or unpack an idea. To me, unless it’s on a Special a joke isn’t done. When the audience is mouthing the words with you it’s done. #GulManTip #WriteNow
16)Be the comedian you wanted to see. Think about the things that you wished someone made jokes about when you sat in the audience. Make a list of topics and ideas that you’d be EXCITED to see someone discuss. Become that comedian. You’ve got 30 years. #GulManTip #WriteNow
17)You’ve been killing every night. You’re not sure this is still a challenge. For the next few months ask to go on first. It’s a great test of your act. The booker and host will love you for it. #GulManTip #WriteNow
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It's #day3 of the Kavanaugh hearing; I'm watching so you don't have to.

Catch up on #day2 below and follow this thread for a play by play.…
@ChuckGrassley's mouth is moving so you know he's lying.

He's caught Kavanaugh's repetition bug. Complaining about Ds wanting to see Kavanaugh's record. Belly-aching about how senators wouldn't want their emails exposed either.
@maziehirono has a response to the claim that she should have asked Obama appointee Judge Paul Watford, not just Kavanaugh, about affiliation with sexual predator Judge Kozinski.

It's a doozy.
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Get your Kavanaugh confirmation hearing updates here. #day2…
Lindsey Graham: If there were a challenge to Roe v. Wade, would you listen to both sides?

Kavanaugh: I always listen to both sides, senator.

Sure, that settles it.
Kavanaugh seems to think that saying "the Ginsburg rule" magically gets him off the hook.

Yes, RBG said no hints, no forecasts, no previews during her confirmation hearing.

But she didn't dodge legitimate questions about settled precedent by claiming they were "hypothetical."
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▫Change in the algorithm▫
[Yoonjin Android AU - some angst, pining, lots of feelings with a happy end]

In a world where your wealth and status is based on how many androids you can afford to have, Yoongi just had Seokjin.

#YJweek18 #day2
His family was not a rich one, they had only a multitasking android that wasn't specialized in a single job -like cooking, gardening, babysitting, training- but was mediocre in most on them.
When Yoongi decided to leave his hometown, his parents gave him their only android,
even if he insisted that he didn't need him.
Seokjin has always been with him, fighting for him, listening to him, dreaming alongside him but ending up loving him just by himself.

Yoongi fell in love with a machine.

#YJweek18 #day2
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tainted with gold

#yoonjin au where two of heaven’s most favored angels entrapped by love, longing, and jealousy became two of the deadliest sins

alternatively; how seven angels became the embodiment of the seven deadly sins

#YJweek18 #day2 #sin

/ s u p e r n a t u r a l /
all was well until seokjin starts to see yoongi, one of the angels, in a darker light and yoongi becomes too envious of anyone who touches and stays to close to seokjin, the oldest. yoongi wasn’t oblivious of the heavy tension and lingering stares from the older angel.
jin also knew better. he knew yoongi wasn’t just being protective or caring over him. they both knew but they chose to ignore it under the assumption that no one would find out. they kept quiet, silently pining, knowing that deep under those immaculately white robes, were stains.
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First African American female pilot and First African American holder of an international pilot license #WomensHistoryMonth #Day1
First African-American female astronaut & First African-American woman in space. #WomensHistoryMonth #Day2
Actor, writer, director, producer, author, poet, and civil rights activist. #WomensHistoryMonth #Day3
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