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Não deu tempo personalizar como eu gostaria mas foi só o começo. Amanhã tem mais. #ImersaoReact
O importante foi aprender a usar ferramentas bastante úteis que eu ainda não havia testado, como o styled-components e fazer logo usando o fontmeme. #day1 #ImersaoReact
Aprender não né kkkk...ter um primeiro contato e entender o funcionamento básico.
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#twinstarsweek #bkdk #day1
Catching Fireflies || Fantasy AU

“Kacchan wait up!”

Katsuki looked back to find Izuku a good 30 meters behind him. He sighs but stops walking, crossing his arms to wait for his... Friend?

”For a stable boy, you have no stamina”
Izuku rolls his eyes and waits till he is close enough to answer.

“For a noble boy you have too much”

Katsuki glares at him and restarts his walking, granted a bit slower this time.
“I’m not a noble boy. I’m a future knight and I must have enough strength if I want to be the best!”

Izuku kicked a rock on their path, choosing his words. Katsuki was his best friend but that didn’t mean he was any less difficult to deal with.
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Did this doha series last year. Planning to do another one from tomorrow, but it will be for a shorter duration
#Day1 #Rahim

बिगरी बात बने नहीं, लाख करो किन कोय.
रहिमन फाटे दूध को, मथे न माखन होय.

If milk gets spoiled, you can’t make butter out of it similarly in life if relationship gets damaged, it’s difficult to mend it
#Day2 #Rahim
रहिमन देखि बड़ेन को, लघु न दीजिए डारि.
जहां काम आवे सुई, कहा करे तरवारि.
Rahim says we should never throw away small things for the lure of bigger one. There are places where only a needle is useful instead of a sword
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US #opening #argument CIA officers exposed, years of work at a cost of millions of dollars lost; US cyber weapons available for any to use against US. [20200204]
#Schulte is on trial for leaking CIA cyber weapons to WikiLeaks. US #opening #argument says his motive: disgruntled, started #information #war against CIA even in pretrial confinement (referencing attempted leaking class info to #WikiLeaks and disinfo campaign). 20200204 #day1
US #opening #argument stresses CIA relied on #Schulte & others. 'CIA had to be able to trust group of elite programmers. In #2015 he was given special level of trust. He became a #sysadmin for CIA software. He had super access. #Schulte was the 'catastrophe' 202004 #day1
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#Day1 #30DWC #30DWCJilid20
"Mencintai Diri Sendiri, Bisa?"

Mari berceloteh bersama. Katanya, sebelum kita mencintai orang lain, maka cintailah dirimu sendiri.
Ah, ah, ah. Bagaimana bisa? Susah, nih. Nggak ada yang bagus dari diriku untuk dibanggakan. Skill nggak punya. Wajah pun pas-pasan. Kekayaan nggak ada yang bisa dipamerkan, buat makan aja susah. Apalagi yang harus dicintai?
Sementara, mulut mereka tak berhenti nyinyir. Membicarakan kekurangan kita di depan muka, kadang kala juga menusuk dari belakang. Segala perhujatan tak kenal lelah dilontarkan. Semua saja dikomentari. Alih-alih memberi saran, malah yang ada menjatuhkan. Sedih sekali, 'kan?
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This thread will show what Prof Yakubu the @inecnigeria said on Saturday.
The we shall be #MonitoringINEC and especially their LOGISTIC Biafra Agitator Prof Okecukwu Ibeano till the election takes place...Please follow this thread from today till #FeBuhari23 #NigeriaDecides2019
All I know is that the @inecnigeria LOGISTIC Biafra Agitator Professor Okechukwu used "LOGISTIC" as an excuse to sell the issue of postponement to you.
He should tell us how Anambra and Akwa PDP thugs knew exact place & vehicles to attack #MonitoringINEC
All this Turenchi about plan that got 13 out of 14 activities scheduled done is not our problem...
What we know is that you did not deliver the pregnancy.
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First African American female pilot and First African American holder of an international pilot license #WomensHistoryMonth #Day1
First African-American female astronaut & First African-American woman in space. #WomensHistoryMonth #Day2
Actor, writer, director, producer, author, poet, and civil rights activist. #WomensHistoryMonth #Day3
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