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20 Mar
For those of you for whom, like me, anti-anxiety meditations & activities telling you to "breathe deeply" are EXTREMELY counterproductive right now, here's how I'm dealing with my #Covid_19 #anxiety (a brief #thread, related to but not included in my multi-day mega thread) 1/14
I've learned some coping tools from C-PTSD, e.g. grounding exercises (see from @TheSweetKat & me), but right now I'd like to focus on the Hard Shit:

Confronting Reality.

This thread will be scary. It will make you uncomfortable. STAY WITH IT.

Ground when you need to, but come back to the thread-- keep going-- b/c w/ cities and states (& countries) locking down, we are officially at that point where the only way over is through.

You are strong- stronger than you think you are- and you CAN do this.

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22 Feb 19
Stoked for this panel of awesome at ⁦@DayOfShecurity⁩! ⁦@evacide⁩ ⁦@sandycarielli⁩ ⁦@coinbase⁩ ⁦@PPFA
I carved out a niche for myself and then I crawled into the niche and then I dragged people in with me. -@evacide on how she became the awesome that she is at @EFF
Which she says is almost entirely unheard of, but at the same time, she got it because she asked for it. And because she did research first, and made the case. “None of it would have happened if I waited around for someone to tell me to do the work.”
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27 Dec 18
For some of us, too, it /IS/ all men, or has BECOME all men. Saying “Not All Men,” then, is telling us our experience isn’t real, which— fun fact— makes you one of those men.

Instead — 👏🏼 ACTIONABLE ADVICE AHEAD 👏🏼 (thread)
Apologize for your gender (leave the part where you blame society for how you’re socialized until later— she may even bring it up herself! We know!), thereby acknowledging & validating her experience, and ask yourself or even her (!) How can I make THIS experience better?

Hang on, I have to get a beer.

And dinner— it’s not /just/ bc of this thread! 🤣
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