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It's 'easier' to be angry than to be afraid.
I won't live my life in #fear.

Some weeks though, it is all about the fear and #anxiety.

Will he come after me now?
Because he cleans up well, the judge refused to continue the order of #protection.

Well, he hasn't done anything the past year.

So obviously you are freaking out over nothing.
My life is not nothing.
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#Thread September is PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) Awareness Month!
The patriarchal gender bias in healthcare care practice and medicinal research has a negative impact on our well-being!
The impact is huge and diverse! People living with PCOS find it challenging to navigate through the bias that distorts research, diagnosis, and treatment. According to research, PCOS is fast becoming a modern epidemic, especially in Asia.
So what is it? PCOS is a common endocrine disorder that affects people with ovaries, with 20-25% womxn in India and around 1 in 10 womxn worldwide affected by it.
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⭐ Parent Blaming & PDA ⭐


Unless you have an #autistic child with #PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance) - it's very hard to fully understand the difficulties & complexities of day to day life - both for the parents/caregivers & the child
Please don't rush to judge - parent blaming is such a toxic yet common & sometimes automatic occurrence
It takes a little more effort, but pls take the time to listen, understand & remove your assumptions - when you come across a seemingly 'bad' parent.
There will always be a reason why a parent may appear to be 'too soft' towards the child;
Why they're not 'disciplining' their 'naughty' child.
Not every child responds well to 'traditional' parenting & due to the #PDA child's extremely high #anxiety, other approaches are needed
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1/30 One of the major points of confusion about the #SAT and the #ACT specifically is what exactly is on the test. It’s always worth discussing the content of assessments, especially assessments that are so high-stakes.
2/30 When I started teaching shortly after college, I got into it as a part time job. I was a subject tutor, designing curricula and teaching math. I had always been comfortable with standardized tests, so it seemed (at the time) like that, too, would be straightforward work.
3/30 I’d never “prepped” for the tests myself when I was in HS, so I didn’t perceive/approach them as arenas that required strategy. It struck me that they were simply testing what I’d learned in school and my understanding of language and mathematical reasoning. #edutwitter
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In this national longitudinal study of 4570 patients with #heartattack, attendance at #CardiacRehab was associated with a temporal improvement in health related quality of life (#HRQoL) at up to 12 months following hospital discharge. @Heart_BMJ….
‘Health-related quality of life (#HRQoL) is an important outcome measure following #heartattack’, states @benhurdus first author.
Healthcare professionals (& researchers) have historically focused on objective measures of poor health, such as mortality & life expectancy, but often patients consider improvements to HRQoL equally important to length of life.
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It was lunch time in #Brazil on a Saturday in 1990 when I decided it was time to be born! I grew up in a large city in #SãoPaulo called #Guarulhos, which in Tupi (native language) means “eaters” or “big-bellied people”. Here’s the proof I am “Guarulhense”:
@IWS_Network #VoicesIWS ImageImage
Our #family was not wealthy, but my parents made sure I had good #education, even if that meant sacrificing part of their own life. For that I will be forever #grateful. They made sure I learned how to #appreciate everything I had that money could not buy.
@IWS_Network #VoicesIWS ImageImage
I loved learning about #science in school. Not only because it is #fascinating, but also because my biology teacher, Diógenes (@spock_alvo), had great #enthusiasm when teaching it! His motivation would #inspire me to fall in 💜 with the 🧠! #teachinggoals
@IWS_Network #IWSVoices Image
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Software engineering #anxiety, let's talk about it. Specifically, let me try to deconstruct my personal anxiety

1️⃣ classic impostor syndrome: it doesn't matter how good I actually am with some technology/tool/technique. Even if I can get the job done, it still feels far from adequate and I feel like I have to rush to get better to defend my job title & credibility...
2️⃣ future tech gamble: tech is always changing and I need to be ready for the next big thing if I want to stay relevant in the market. But what is the next big thing? I don't know, of course, so I try to check out as many things as I can and often end up feeling overwhelmed! 🤯
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Privacy of #mentalhealth status
I was working for some people from. the #DisabilityRights sector in India and had disclosed about my long-term #depression and #fibromyalgia to them (I have done it publicly too but that is besides the point here). 1/n
The lady incharge there started coercing me a few days later to accept that I have Bipolar Disorder and that she will help me get a diagnose and prescription, so that their venture appears "inclusive" for the records. When I refused harassment began. 2/n
My work that was applauded till then suddenly was labelled substandard and anything I said was called tantrum or disorder. Details about my health were shared with other colleagues without my #consent and was used as a slur against me in work spaces. 3/n
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1/ Rikers Island Prison & #COVID19:

The New Yorker:

Many think of inmates as young strong healthy dangerous men, when in reality they are often #AGING, sick, and definitely #VULNERABLE. Covid on top of this is a time 💣

#geriatrics #MedTwitter #pulmcc
2/ Rikers Island Prison & #COVID

#Anxiety & #Fear. You can’t implement effective social distancing in an room that houses dozens of men. You cannot implement effective social distancing when those ~40 men are using the same sinks.

3/fin Rikers Island Prison & #COVID19

You cannot implement effective social distancing in a prison when staff interact with them & has to touch them in course of day. This isn’t going to play out well. Read article. #empathy starts here. I don’t know the solution!

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After 6yrs of a roller coaster ride #PhD and 1yr of #jobsearch, #immigration woes, and a #pandemic, I am humbled and happy to officially accept a Postdoctoral Scientist position @abbvie. I owe this to my wife and savior @priyankaitkar9, #parents, #inlaws, and all #familymembers!
Shoutout to kind and supportive people in my life who guided me and kept me sane and positive so I could aggressively go after my dreams @UMassChemEng @IITGuwahati.
I am also #grateful to all the people who offered me #interviews and #postdoc positions. You helped me gain confidence in my abilities and it was emotionally difficult to decline your offers! 🙏🏽
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Going through my old journals looking for drawings to send my tattoo artist for inspiration, what was on my mind of June two years ago....

I was returning to work after over a month off due to mental health and burn out.

💁‍♂️ Don't get addicted to busy. Evan 2028  - back to work  - pride month  - mindful of what
Started to connect the dots in this journal as a way to relax, and calm down anxiety attacks.

The early drawings were angry scribbles - then I started to focus on slowing down my breath and trying to draw straight lines.
I've tried bullet journals and other task systems to try and keep up with things and routine chores, after a few tweaks and trying out different things found this started to work for me.

It's good for base level self care, chores, cleaning reminders, etc.
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These are hard times. People who struggle with depression or anxiety are suffering more than usual, often silently so you don't see.

Maybe you're one of them. Maybe you care about someone who is.

You can feel better. You can help others feel better.
#depression #anxiety
/2 First: you're worth it, the people you care about are worth it. You make the world a better and more interesting place, however depression lies to you. The project of You is worth defending. When it seems like nobody cares, that's usually because you're so good at masking.
/3 In bad times is that it gets harder to perceive other people suffering -- it gets lost in the noise of everyone suffering. So your ability to mask how you feel is unusually effective. The result is you feel alone -- cut off from support by your own success in masking pain.
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Many not only make themselves wretched in this way, but they sacrifice health and happiness to a morbid imagination. There are things in their surroundings that are not agreeable, and their countenances wear a continual frown

1/4 Image
that more plainly than words expresses discontent. These depressing emotions are a great injury to them healthwise, for by hindering the process of digestion they interfere with nutrition. While grief and anxiety cannot remedy a single evil, they can do great harm;

but cheerfulness and hope, while they brighten the pathway of others, "are life unto those that find them, and health to all their flesh"

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I've lost track of how many #anxiety attacks I've had since March.

Some massive spikes that scared me - some a subtle slow build.

I've had days I didn't leave my bedroom.

I've been scared, angry, depressed and hurt.

I also love my friends and family.
Even when I've been silent and withdrawn not talking to people for weeks, I knew that had support.
I've also meditated more, getting into a good body wight workout routine, finding new ways to regulate my mood and rebuilding my #ADHD #anxiety #selfcare tool box
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This #DisabilityPrideMonth, I'll be sharing actionable tips for how you (yes, you!) can make STEM learning & workspaces more inclusive to those of us who are #DisabledInSTEM.

#AltText will be available for every graphic. New tips will be added to this thread. Creating an inclusive envir...
For more information on why using a microphone is an #accessibility issue, please read this post over at
@chronicle: In the foreground in the ph...
The #GRE is expensive, biased & a poor indicator of success in research. Getting approved for #accommodations takes 6 weeks & you need a dr. note (& therefore, insurance). If you're absent from your scheduled test (hello, unpredictable symptoms!), you forfeit your fee. #GREexit Creating an inclusive envir...
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Hey everyone, this is my first post for #AdaptTheFeed! I'm a disabled/#autism advocate (@AspirationAutie) and this account is to share my experiences making a #documentary about growing up #autistic in rural Cape Breton Island.

How will it be inclusive? LET'S THREAD IT! A promo graphic for the documentary, "A Strong Name: Po
"A Strong Name" is the first production by myself, Taylor Linloff. I'm a queer/nonbinary femme who's multiply disabled. I'm #autistic, #MedicatedAndMighty, and have severe #anxiety and traits of #hypomania. I'm not ashamed to have invisible #disability.
For the #documentary pre-production, I'm currently seeking out #autistic people of various backgrounds in my area; from #LGBTQ, to multiply disabled, to POC, to those who also have intellectual disabilities (especially those who experience intersections).
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Finally have the time and the brain space to sit down with this talk on Sex Work as Queer History. I'm pretty excited to hear more about this:
Melissa Grant contextualising the discussion of how sex workers have shaped the fight for queer rights and what this might mean for queer politics. She notes that sex worker rights have been part of every major rights movement in North America.
While the sex worker rights movement is gaining more mainstream recognition now, it has a long history that is essential to remember and use to resist the santising of rights movements and also of historical records.
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"#Homoeopathy is a branch of universal #medicine based on the ‘principle of the like’ (Similia Similibus Curentur = Like treats Like) and in #minimum doses." .. I
It means that a #substance in a massive dose generates #pathological #symptomatology; has the possibility to #cure it, if applied in the #minimum doses obtained by #dilution and intense #agitation, in other words, #homoeopathic #succussion. .. II
#Homoeopathy is derived from a #Hippocratic #concept developed by the #German #physician, Samuel Hahnemann (1755–1843), with serially #diluted #medicines (1:9, 1:99, 1:999 and others) in water-ethanol vehicle alternating #dilution with #succussion. .. III
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Every time I see someone who has no clue about #depression and #anxiety talk about these and further perpetuate the myths, misperception, misinformation and ultimately stigma, around these disorders, my blood just boils!
#Depression or #MajorDepressiveDisorder is not sadness or weakness of character. It is not caused by lack of religion or spirituality. No one knows what causes someone to get #depression . There are genetic, biological, social and psychological factors associated.
Some studies have shown changes in the brain structures, brain chemicals, and neural pathways in people with #depression when compared to people who do not have depression. Still, the exact way all these things tie up is not known. The same holds true for bio-genetic markers.
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#PanicAttacks & #agoraphobia (fear of open spaces) are 2 of the commonest but most under-diagnosed mental health conditions.

We all must have a high index of suspicion. [THREAD]

{SHARE to create awareness!}
@DrOlufunmilayo @drpenking @wakawaka_doctor
Sufferers have different symptoms ranging from marked #fear & #anxiety about being;

-outside of home alone
-in public transport
-in open space like parking lots, market places, bridges
-shops, theatre, cinema, churches or mosques
-or even standing in a queue
The affected person usually fears & therefore avoids the above situations because they feel escape might be hard or impossible in the event of an attack.
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Who is a psychologist? Why do we need one? I'm not crazy, why should I visit a psychologist? I would rather talk to a friend instead of talking to a psychologist. Approaching a psychologist puts my honour at risk, and also my family's.
Several questions of such kind always occur in our mind, when it is suggested to us to visit a psychologist. We need to understand why it is important to talk to a psychologist when in need. We need to understand the importance of being aware, and taking care of our mental health
And before that, it is important to understand what a psychologist is and how he or she can help us when in need.
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2006! #Psychologists "predicted" #anxiety & "catastrophizing" would "predict the presence & intensity of persistent #headache, as well as other non-pain physical symptoms of headache." HA+nonpain=#migraine. If headache has non-pain symptoms, it's #migraine…
✔️ FACT "Researchers believe that #migraine is the result of fundamental neurological abnormalities caused by genetic mutations at work in the brain." New models help scientists study "the biological cascade, genetic components & mechanisms of migraine."…
Participants in the 2006 study got 1 #anxiety or #castrophizing point per #migraine symptom: light/sound sensitivity; nausea; visual disturbance; speech difficulty; 1-sided weakness, numbness, tingling.

✔️ These are all standard migraine symptoms (& just the START of the fun).
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Brain imaging confirms what your grandmother told you: overworrying makes you feel worse. Treating #anxiety can often ease the burden of #ChronicPain.

Thread: comparing tests that screen for anxiety with & without physical symptoms…
The Hospital Anxiety & Depression Scale (HADS) doesn't include specific physical symptoms. HADS assesses #anxiety by asking how often a person feels tense, restless, worried, vaguely frightened, or panicked.…
By contrast, 40% of the items on the 4 Dimensional Symptoms Questionnaire ask about specific physical symptoms, every 1 of which can be indicate #migraine.…
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My #migraine was wrongly diagnosed as a mental disorder by a questionnaire widely used in primary care. Migraine is a progressive brain disease. Accurate diagnosis & effective treatment are essential.

Thread: psychologizing #illness & #pain
PHQ assesses 15 symptoms: pain in head, chest, stomach, back, limbs/joints; pain with menstruation or sex; dizziness; heart pounding; fainting; shortness of breath; upper & lower GI distress; low energy; insomnia.…
The Patient Heath Questionnaire-15 & the Somatic Symptom Scale (SSS-8, pictured) are used to diagnose people with a newly conceived mental illness known as "somatic symptom disorder": the "expression of mental phenomena as physical (somatic) symptoms" (Merck).
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