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3 Nov 18
1. Have been exploring relationship between shift to #RegenerativeEconomy, #SustainableDevelopment + #Diversity, which has led to discussions on tolerance/hate, racism/fascism, political divides. Maybe atypical territory for sustainability, yet it's key imho. Some findings:
2. Beliefs are hard to change, "convincing" people is not a viable tactic, arguing w facts only serves to further entrench if listener isn't seeking to understand. Can be frustrating - feels like arguing against gravity sometimes. Critical to realize I too am entrenched. #Listen
3. Focusing on what's wrong/bad generates energy, but not the energy we need. Better: emphasize real e.g.'s of positive alternatives, while not ignoring horrific realities. Reminds me of #BuckminsterFuller's "build new better system/render old obsolete" guidance. #Evolve
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26 Oct 18
1/4 Corporate leadership signals to investors matter. Typically: little on material issues, woefully scripted Q&A. Recent investor earnings calls provide interesting lessons in contrast (hope x 2, despair x 1) - highlights of closing comments of recent calls follow. #leadership
2/4 @PepsiCo outgoing CEO @IndraNooyi shows how PEP used purpose + sustainability to deliver responsible growth, balancing short/long term; could have taken potshots at those who trashed long term, healthier shift, instead graceful, purposeful in last earnings call. #inspired
3/4 @Tesla gives last word to CFO Deepak Ahuja who again repeats @elonmusk comments that value creation is thanks to employee, customer + investor belief in "vision of accelerating the world's transition to sustainable energy". Yes, that was the CFO speaking. #visionary
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14 Aug 18
1/10 The spore-based idea spreader in me is all stirred up after last couple weeks in London, Cambridge, multiple stops in Brazil, so here's a little (peaceful) mushroom cloud of ideas as I resettle in NYC and recover from extreme #saudades after exposure to such great people.
2/10 Heard sense of urgency + diverse commitment to action at @volansjohn's 10 yr anniversary eve - appreciated call to positive imagination by @paulbunje paired w @kavpm + @cloverhogan's signal to hear voices of our youth (thinking: maybe also heed those of our own inner kids?)
3/10 Also in London, convo's about need to embrace best tools (e.g. @FutureFitBiz) + close the loop WITH nature, include soils, forests, ag in all climate + industry strategy, per @JustinCMAdams @nature_org @ProjectDrawdown ++ #NaturalClimateSolutions naturalclimatesolutions.org
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