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[THREAD] #AskingAutistics and allies, especially people in Africa or of African descent throughout the world: We need your help. A bad thing has happened for #DisabilityRights in Africa: ABAI has sponsored an American, Ashley Knochel, to promote ABA in Africa by formalising it.
There has been a neocolonialist trend with aggressive ABA infiltrations from America into Ghana, Kenya and other countries for some time now, including a CARD-associated organisation in South Africa; but this latest move is worse.
This American person has established a Pan-African Association of Behaviour Association along with Kenyans, and they are launching this Saturday.
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This was 2 months after high school graduation. My classmate was missing for 7 months. The devastation & grief were immense after the unexpected loss. We were naïve teenagers facing overwhelming sadness. Eventually her death was ruled a #suicide. #ph260720
In 2016, while living with my best friend, I briefly had a #suicidal roommate. The aftermath of my classmate’s death inspired me to study suicide, but I was not prepared to be the caretaker to a loved one in her time of crisis. #ph260720
About me: I choose #suicidology because I have seen the effects of suicide on families & communities. I am a sociological suicidologist turned #publichealth researcher. Learning from #livedexperiences and using #qualitativemethods in #suicideresearch is important to me. #ph260720
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1/ As a clinician, patients are some of my greatest teachers. I want to amplify this patient perspective about living with chronic illness because it is *excellent*:

The Spoon Theory
By Chrisine Miserandino @bydls #spoonie 🥄🥄…
🧵 But You Don't Look Sick PDF
2/ "My best friend and I were in the diner, talking. As usual, it was very late and we were eating French fries with gravy. Like normal girls our age, we spent a lot of time in the diner while in college, and most of the time we spent talking about boys, music or trivial things" Diner With Friends
3/ "Things that seemed very important at the time.

We never got serious about anything in particular and spent most of our time laughing.

As I went to take some of my medicine with a snack as I usually did,

She watched me with an awkward kind of stare," Woman Taking Pill With Cup Of Water
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“Building a Person”: Legal and Clinical Personhood for Autistic and Trans Children in Ontario (by @JakePyne)

"Despite open violence, Lovaas framed ABA as compassionate... Despite uncertain evidence, he presented ABA as scientific..."…
"Psychologist George Rekers, a key figure in the world of conversion therapy (and co-founder of the notoriously anti-gay Family Research Council), used Lovaas’s techniques to treat so-called “deviant sex-role behaviors” in male children."
The man behind ex-gay “conversion therapy” started out trying to make autistic children “normal”:
"Both projects were based on the same fundamental view: that it’s easier to change a child’s behavior than it is to destigmatize that behavior in society"…
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To ABA therapists who say, "OMG, I don't do what the Judge Rotenberg Center does!":

Renounce your RBT or BACB credential.

The BACB accredits the people who work at the Judge Rotenberg Center with the same BACB credential.

You should be ashamed that you wear the same letters.
Sorry. BCBA or RBT. 😑 You know what I mean.
Scared of losing your job? Yeah, that could happen.
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Here are some of the things I want rather than having people spend money on a cure for autism:…
Evidence that most autism research is not done or funded by people who care about autistic people's actual needs.
"But you're high-functioning. We care about the severe cases."

Oh, really? Then why don't you listen to them?

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When they speak about disabled children having "challenging behaviour", what does "challenging" mean? Why do they use THAT word? (Not a sarcastic question.) Do they believe that the child is "challenging" them like a drunk person in a bar challenges another guy to fight? Or what?
Or are they projecting the challenges (difficulties) they have in understanding or coping with a child's behaviour onto the child? Like "I'm out of money and it's a challenging situation to be in." So, the OTHER person, not the child, is the one feeling like it's a "challenge"?
There's a webinar coming up with a bunch of 'autism experts', about dealing with autistic children. A bevy of white guys presenting, incl. an autistic vet; and one brown man... And on the TOP of the list of topics is "challenging behaviour".
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I learned this week how many parents and therapists strongly believe that speaking out against child abuse is inappropriate, and that one should only focus on the positives and not rock the boat.
My filters are gone. I can't be professional and dignified anymore. There are rules to online engagement and being civil and polite. I can't do what is demanded.

I don't want the world to exist with humans in it.
Thank you to my friends @Psyentific, @makermom3D and others who put on the light that showed me the way out of that hole. 👆

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*particularly* disgusting #CBCstenography
of 💩corporate #BS 💩

#5G about nation-building; vital to boost productivity & help close connectivity gap faster in rural, remote, Indigenous communities.’

this #thread! 👆re #5Guntested

deceptive #toxic #RogersShaw #corporate #PR sludge 🤮 :

“Health & safety of all Canadians is truly what is important to us”

read 👆full #5G #thread; overwhelming #5Gfacts(s) show #sham — & #cancer! 😱— enabled by @GovCanHealth & #cdnmedia

my reading — check out👆full #thread, pinned tweet — shows:

*** no independent human health testing has been done on effects of #5G on our immune systems ***

#PrecautionaryPrinciple *disregarded* by #BigTelecom @GovCanHealth

#cdnmedia #BellLetsTalk…
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Let's get it on!
Wir widmen uns heute dem symbolträchtigen und geschichtsschwangeren Jahr 1968. Folgt diesem Thread für viel Musikliebe und -geschichte an diesem Abend und als erstes diesem Spotify-Profil hier:…
Let's start with this:
HEY JUDE wäre nicht ohne John Lennons Affäre mit Yoko Ono entstanden. McCartney schrieb es, um Lennons Sohn Julian wegen der Trennung seiner Eltern zu trösten - und irgendwie markiert der Song damit das Anfang vom Ende der #Beatles
Das muss man natürlich beantworten mit: "Please allow me to introduce myself, I am a man of walth and taste"... dem ultimativen Meisterstück der Rolling Stones: Im Dezember 1968 erscheint das unerreichte "Sympathy For The Devil". #JAHRESPLAYLIST
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Well. That was 5 days ago. It's over 40,000 YouTube views now, and thousands more on Facebook. Maybe some people are starting to #LISTEN to nonspeaking autistic people? 😊
By the way, @Communica1st have been inundated with requests for translations into many other languages. The Spanish version will be out shortly, with five or more other language versions soon after.
The main reason why CommunicationFIRST are handling the translations with their own partners is that ableism and inaccuracies can creep into translations, and each language has its own nuances in that regard, so every translation gets vetted.
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1/I'm excited that Dr. @AjayManhapra is presenting on concerns about mandatory opioid taper for VA's MAT-VA journal club, based on our shared paper... he notes Human costs of mandatory and widespread opioid taper
2/He cites @BethDarnall as the best available study, noting that even when one offers the best support system, a significant % of patients do not have a reduction in pain or pain worsens.
3/In a way that will seem controversial, he proposes that opioid therapy is not exactly an analgesic. This is daily use of an addictive substance that offers relief, where only a minority develop addiction.
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#LISTEN, a short film made by and with nonspeaking autistic people, was launched on Friday to coincide with the US launch of #SiaMusic. (Sia did NOT fulfil her offer to sponsor a short film.) To date, LISTEN has had more than 31,000 views on YouTube.
For a background to the film, visit this page, where you'll also find a downloadable #LISTEN toolkit for training via discussion groups and watch parties. The toolkit addresses a variety of topics relevant to understanding nonspeaking autists.
#LISTEN is NOT a detailed critique of #SiaMusic. It addresses general principles, and was created to help future authors, filmmakers and playwrights avoid the traps that Sia and her team fell into over the years of making MUSIC.
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There seems to be confusion. I'll clear it up:

Sia said she wanted to work with CommunicationFIRST; she offered to sponsor an intro to dispel misinformation; she promised she'd add a content warning and remove the restraint scenes.

The short film #LISTEN was not paid for by Sia.

Sia broke all her promises. The production was done by disabled people, with the exception of the filmmaker, who is not disabled, but he had a disabled brother (now deceased).

Sia has an enormous fan base. The movie presents harmful stereotypes and practices in a manner that some fans love it so much that they are watching the movie twice. Because they weren't provided with the correct information, they can't see the harm. They just see a sweet movie.
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It's been a hard...timespan. But this week our community has done some incredible things, even in the face of all the awful the world can throw at us. Inspired by @AuroralAutistic's 🧵, I want to highlight 5 examples of Autistic Excellence that are getting me through today. (1/6)
This piece by @slooterman about guardianship. “There’s this double standard where, if you’re perceived as having a disability, your preferences are subsumed by what’s in your, quote, best interest. That’s just not how humans function.”(2/6)…
This piece featuring @jessicalbenham talking about running for (and winning) elected office as an openly autistic candidate. Jess is already kicking ass in her new position. (3/6)…
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My video on Sia/Music is live, and, with it, my YouTube channel is officially launched!

I run through how 'Music' is harmful, how we got here, and steps that Sia and we can take to rectify some of the damage done #ActuallyAutistic #SiaDoesntSpeakForUs

Massive thank you to @131Jj for speaking to me about the harrassment and abuse he received as a result of Sia's fans, which I understand have continued to escalate recently.
Please check out the links in the description in order to elevate the voices of nonspeaking autistic people, and support @Communica1st's new short film by nonspeaking autistic people, #LISTEN. #ListenToNonSpeakers
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The production and launch of Sia's movie Music has left people divided. These are the main groups:
1. Those who listen to what nonspeaking autistic people say and who want to amplify their words.
2. Those who just want to say their own thing and don't care much what nonspeaking people say.
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Nur weil ich es diese Woche immer wieder in den Nachrichten gehört, gesehen und gelesen habe: #Kitas haben geschlossen / haben #Notbetreuung. Wie das in der Realität bei mir als #Erzieher in #Berlin aussieht: Ein Thread. Auch wenn es keiner liest. Es muss raus.
(1) Ich bin Pädagoge in einer Berliner Kita. Mein Traumjob. Normalerweise sind 80-100% der Kinder anwesend. In der aktuellen Situation von "geschlossen" oder "Notbetreuung" zu reden ist ... schwierig. Ich habe in meiner Gruppe 16 Kinder zwischen 1 und 2 Jahren.
(2) Wir bleiben unter uns und achten alle Hygienebestimmungen. Nur im Alltag bedeutet das: Wickeln, Rotz abwischen, ins Gesicht genießt oder gehustet zu bekommen, Kuscheln, Trösten, Tragen usw... Es laufen Eingewöhnungen, Kolleg*innen werden schwanger (Hurra!), krank, kündigen...
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#Starhawk #RêverLObscur #Antidotes Bon, ce n'était pas prévu mais "Rêver l'obscur" m'appelle; impossible de ne pas lui témoigner un minimum de déférence... & surtout trop envie de m'y replonger après les #Chroniques et #QuelMonde ... Image
Encore une couverture de feu... 🔥🔥
🙏 @ECambourakis @sorcieres1
Il s'agit de la marche autour du siège de Boeing à Kent, 1/8/83
La première édition originale date de 1983; la traduction, signée Morbic, paraît en 2015 Image
#Starhawk #RêverLObscur #Antidotes La préface est d’Émilie Hache, superbe, qui nous gratifie également d'une frise pliée finale, mêlant mouvement éco-féministe US selon ses diverses ramifications: mobilisations / intellectuelles / sci-fi...
(si d'aventure c'est lisible ainsi...) ImageImageImage
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Many know the difference between right and wrong. They usually know what they ought to do.
They have access to the truth. They refuse to listen because they don't want to change.
They revel in the status quo. They find comfort in what has been their identity for so long.
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#WATCH: @JoeBiden tells the US #Election2020 #PresidentialDebate that anyone responsible for so many #COVID19 deaths should not be president
#WATCH: @JoeBiden tells US #Election2020 #PresidentialDebate that Iran will pay the price for interfering with American sovereignty
#WATCH: @JoeBiden tells US #Election2020 #PresidentialDebate that @realDonaldTrump is one of the most racist presidents the US has had in modern history
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Before I tell you what I think of “Black Lives Matter” you have to prove that you can understand my position on “Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific!” and “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!” without mis-portrayal.

The shampoo scent is ‘bubblegum’.
I believe it’s vegetable oil emulsion.
For the record I opposed the PATRIOT act.

Don’t like TRUST and SAFETY committees or Comité de salut public.

I don’t support the DREAM act or the DEFENSE OF MARRIAGE act.


Is there a pattern?
What you are looking at comes not from progressive or civil rights thinking. It comes from Madison Avenue Advertising of the 1970s. It is a consumer manipulation strategy with a name most have never heard: Declarative Branding.

The brand is shamelessly used to make an argument.
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@SuneAuken ✨ 🦇 🌖
✨ 🏢
You’ve heard of 🏢
Gotham City...

Welcome to

...and its Super-cilious Hero
‘Fat Man!’
@SuneAuken 🌈💚🌿🌱🟢👀🟢🌱🌿💚

...often known as
‘Tw#t Man!


@SuneAuken ✨ 🕊 🌖
✨ 🏢
Welcome to 🏢

Show candour... ✨
Talk to each other...
Listen to each other...
Learn from each other‼️

This is the Era of TRUTH‼️

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