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🌈Did you know that @TheAbbeyWeHo, the iconic gay bar in West Hollywood, started as a humble coffeehouse in 1991?

Explore the history of this vibrant venue below. #TheAbbey #WeHo #LGBTQ (1/8) Image
☕️ Owner David Cooley relied on community outreach, providing cookies for nearby support groups, fostering loyalty and making The Abbey a meeting spot for HIV/AIDS activists. #TheAbbey #Community (2/8)
🏳️‍🌈 In the mid-1990s, The Abbey transitioned into a gay bar, creating an inclusive space to enjoy LA's diverse queer community and becoming an iconic LGBTQ+ establishment. #TheAbbey #GayBar #Inclusion (3/8)
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🚨 Today is the day!⚡️ARE YOU READY?

At 14.00 (CET) 🕑 we’ll kick start our final #SHERPAconference in Brussels at @EU_CoR!

If you couldn't make it and want to know what our speakers are saying, join us with the hashtag #SHERPAconference.


DM of #RegionalDevelopment @EU_CoR member @radim_srsen, Mayor of Dolní Studénky 🇨🇿 welcomes the #SHERPAconference attendees. He highlights the added value of projects like #SHERPA to bring together policy, science and society for better rural policies. Image
Now it's the turn of the coordination team! 😊

📢 Olivier Chartier and Elodie Salle from @Ecorys open the #SHERPAconference presenting general information on the project, its methods, MAPs and, of course, the objectives and results achieved so far. Image
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I wrote this to a #BJP supporter who wanted to know my political position. I am expanding and sharing it here.

1. BJP is as corrupt and inefficient as #Congress, but it gets a free pass because it is successfully advancing the cause of #Hindu #majoritarianism.

2. Examples are #Rammandir, #kashivishvanathtemple, #Article370, #TripleTalaq, #UCC, #CAANRC, #Cowslaughter bans, random #lynchings of Muslims, ban on #Azan in public, etc. A majority of Hindus in India support these, as they believe these will "put Muslims in their place."

3. In fact, #Corruption under the BJP is likely to be far worse than under Congress rule, because the media (which is now entirely under the control of Modi's corporate cronies like A&A) simply refuses to investigate any BJP corruption scams. Examples: #Vyapam, #Rafale...

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Diversity is an ongoing commitment, fostering inclusivity requires continuous effort & awareness. Let's make #WordCamps more representative & inclusive!
#RepresentationMatters #WordPress
A 🧵 following up the #WCLisboa #Diversity panel w/ @zetaraffix & @JhamileAbuabara
🌟 Proactive Outreach & Engagement:
Reach out to underrepresented communities, organizations and individuals, encouraging them to submit talk proposals and participate in the speaker selection process to amplify diverse voices on stage!
💪 Mentorship Programs:
Establish #Mentorship programs to support and guide individuals from underrepresented groups who are interested in speaking at #WordCamps. Pair them with experienced speakers who can provide guidance, feedback, and support throughout the process.
🧵 3/12
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Despite years of divisive scapegoating rhetoric from the UK Govt, the right-wing press, Spiked, GB "News", shock jocks, & people like Braverman, Farage, Laurence Fox, & #30pLee, the UK public now have among the most positive attitudes to diversity & immigration on earth! ImageImageImage
"The most dramatic shifts have come in the US, Canada and, in particular, Britain, where the share of people saying there should be strict limits — if not an outright ban — on immigration has more than halved from 66% on the eve of the EU referendum to 31% last year." 🇬🇧 Image
The unexpected success of right-wing authoritarian populist anti-immigration politics may have shocked previously complacent moderates into vocalising their support for #diversity.

We see similar shifts in the public’s attitude towards members of other ethnic groups & faiths. ImageImageImage
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Excellent new piece in the (paywalled) @FT from @jburnmurdoch on #diversity, #racism, & #immigration: 'Progressives are winning the immigration debate — but it doesn’t feel like it'.

John Burn-Murdoch explores the data, & possible explanations.…
"Remember the rise of the right? First #Brexit, then Trump, then a wave of rightwing populism broke over Europe. There were dozens of news articles on the “rising tide of anti-immigrant sentiment”. Except it turns out that in the west, 2016 was a high water mark for such views." Image
"The most dramatic shifts have come in the US, Canada and, in particular, Britain, where the share of people saying there should be strict limits — if not an outright ban — on immigration has more than halved from 66% on the eve of the EU referendum to 31% last year." 🇬🇧 Image
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A thread now to catch up on discussions around artificial intelligence (AI) - a hot topic everywhere, including at #ASMIRT2023.

See some of the issues raised in our 'future of medical radiation sciences' Q&A piece… #ASMIRT2023
Interestingly, @theage @smh have run a piece this weekend by @angusthomson_: 'A new breed of AI is changing healthcare. But it comes with a warning '

($ paywall) #ASMIRT2023…
It quotes an Aust study of safety events involving AI-assisted tech (reported to @US_FDA) by @AIHI_MQ led by @EnricoCoiera @David_Lyell @YingWang_CHI @FarahMagrabi who warn "we just need to be taking the safety of these systems really seriously"

(ML = machine led) Image
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Good morning from the Keck Center @theNASEM where I am so pleased to be part of their workshop this morning to support and sustain the workforce to care for people with serious illness! #hapc #pedpc #wellness #wellbeing #suffering Image
The first panel shared experiences from the front lines so vulnerably and beautifully. @MaguirePeggy @PhilRodgersMD @RachelMayAdams ImageImage
Now @CAPCpalliative CEO @BrynnBHealth discussing the current and future workforce we need in #hapc Image
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Are Democrats more tolerant of Republicans than Republicans are of Democrats?

We surveyed ~500 people to investigate.

Here's what we found.

#diversity #politics #tolerance Image
Oppositional Political Group

"Which political group do you think is most different/opposed to your own political views?"

We limited the sample to Republicans and Democrats who selected either the Republican or Democratic parties (N=474).
Political Intolerance

We asked people how irritated they'd be if a member of the political party they most opposed was dating a member of their family, their neighbor, co-worker, or local elected official.

We then averaged their answers to get an overall tolerance score.
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1 Hallo ihr Cuties

Heute ist #TransDayOfVisibility. Es ist, wie der Name schon sagt, der Tag, der für mehr Sichtbarkeit von trans* Menschen sorgen soll. Doch Sichtbarkeit ist nicht für alle von uns machbar.

#TransRightsAreHumanRights #TDoV #trans #LGBTQIA #diversity Ich sitze vor einem schwarz...
2 Sichtbar zu sein, kann gefährlich sein. Es kann Ausgrenzung bedeuten, Hass & Hetze zur Folge haben, auch Drohungen und Gewalt sind keine Seltenheit. Viele meiner Geschwister verstecken sich, aus Angst vor den Folgen eines Coming-Outs.
3 Es sollte nicht so sein, aber es ist ein Teil der #transrealitaeten.

Aber warum? Immerhin sind wir ein Teil dieser Gesellschaft. Wir sind Eltern, Kinder und Geschwister. Wir sind eure Freund*innen, Arbeitskolleg*innen und Partner*innen.
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🧵“This escalating battle for control over free expression in education should worry us all,” said PEN America CEO @SuzanneNossel in remarks before the House Committee on Education & the Workforce’s Subcommittee on Higher Education & Workforce Development.…
Nossel: "The university campus is the incubator of democratic citizenship and the breeding ground for leaders in every sector of society. If we don’t get free speech and open discourse right on campus, we won’t get it right in the media, the courts, or out on the streets." (2/x)
Nossel: "At PEN America we argue that the essential drive to render American campuses more diverse, equitable, and inclusive need not—and must not—come at the expense of robust, uncompromising protections for free speech and academic freedom." (3/x) #DEI #FreeSpeech #Education
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#Portuguese nationals #MarianaJadaugy, 24, (pictured) and #FaranaSadrudin, 49, were at the Ismaili Centre when an #Afghan refugee named locally as #AbdulBashir entered with a large #knife and fatally attacked them after seriously injuring his #English #teacher

#Lisbon #Diversity
#FaranaSadrudin was killed by the knifeman in the attack on the religious centre in Lisbon

Officers said they fired at him when he ignored orders to drop his weapon and started walking towards them. The knifeman was transported to the São José Hospital in a serious condition
Teresa Pinto added in an online tribute to Mariana: 'How cruel this world can be. Portugal opens its arms to those in need and this is the payback.

'Mariana Jadaugy, you will always be in my heart as that happy, friendly and generous woman.'
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#Diversity #equity #Inclusion #DEI And, of course, it's all about the money. Just like #MeToo . Just like #TimesUp and it is all performative and divisive, not inclusive. Profiteering 101. @StanfordLaw COME CLEAN NOW on the entire DEI program and……
@UndercoverMoth9 - once again DEI is all about the money and contracts. Anyone else notice that on April 4, 2011 when Joe Biden introduced the unregulated "Dear Colleague" Title IX letter that all this profiteering racket started, admin swelled, fees swelled, public paid and ROI?
And if you look up Diversity, Equity & Inclusion - what company comes up first? McKinsey - a Management Consultancy Company. When are kids going to get an education instead of being targets for profiteering? @McKinsey ?…
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@NSFTtweets Thank you. This should not have taken 2 1/2 years to correct. We look forward to hearing the @NSFTtweets Board answers to our other questions at or before the Board meeting on the 6 April.
@NSFTtweets Amending the website is a first step, that acknowledges the problem.

Now the work starts.

Question 2: What steps will the @NSFTtweets Board take to correct the 2022 #Equality, #Diversity and #Inclusion Strategy & all trust communications and policies?
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#Wokeness has taken a strong foothold in our degrading society these days. Thanks to the woke liberal leaders, they’re taking advantage of your feelings and scoring political points. Think for yourself & your kids, stop this woke indoctrination.

People are offended if they’re
-…… Image
Law & Order: Microaggression Victims Unit (MVU) 😂

Sounds appropriate for woke liberals

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A shortage of experienced English-speaking switchboard operators during WWI opened the door to service for bilingual American women (dubbed “Hello Girls”) who wished to support the U.S. Army’s war effort.
#Armyhistory #USArmy #TRADOC Image
When the American Expeditionary Force (AEF) landed in France in 1917, GEN John J. Pershing found that the French women serving as switchboard operators spoke little English, making communication between U.S. headquarters almost impossible.

#WWI #WW1 #WW1History @USArmySMA
Bilingual American women filled the gap, joining the AEF as switchboard operators and run the command’s telephone networks. 223 of the approximately 7,000 applicants were selected and became known as the “Hello Girls.”

#WomensHistoryMonth #MilitaryHistory #Diversity Image
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SGT Leigh Ann Hester became the first woman awarded the Silver Star for combat valor through her actions on 20th MAR 2005, in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM.

#Armyhistory #USArmy
While escorting a supply convoy near Baghdad in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM, SGT Hester’s squad was ambushed by a group of approximately 50 insurgents armed with AK-47’s, heavy machine guns, and RPG’s.

#OperationIraqiFreedom #SilverStar #NationalGuard #Diversity #TRADOC
Outnumbered 5 to 1 and taking withering fire, Hester’s squad leader directed the squad to flank the enemy position in a nearby trench line and orchard. Hester positioned her vehicle so that her gunner could enfilade the enemy positions and dismounted. #WomensHistoryMonth
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The German Federal Minister @starkwatzinger's amendment proposals to the Academic Fixed-Term Contract Act are an absolute slap in the face to everyone who's been invested in calling out current issues with German #academia and suggesting genuine solutions. #WissZeitVG 1/ Slogan from the ministry's webpage "Gute Arbeitsbedingu
For a start, much of the proposed "reform" is just hot air. E.g., Encouraging universities to give #PhD candidates an initial 3-year contract: Thankfully, most already do this and those that don't aren't going to be won over by a new "it would be nice if you could..." clause. 2/ Qualifizierungsphase vor der Promotion (R1): Ziel: Wir schaf
Nothing about changing the fact that the 6-year cap on #PhD contracts applies regardless of whether the contract is 50%, 75% or 100% FTE. Thus effectively confirming that doctoral researchers on part-time contract are expected to complete their PhDs in their free time or quit. 3/
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Some time in September 2022, I successfully interviewed for a Band 8 role. It was a secondment. I was excited. I've seen or heard of colleagues who've gone for secondments. It happens a lot in the NHS, its straightforward. It tends to happen relatively swiftly.
So I was busy obliviously dreaming of starting my new job 'soon'. Then HR conversations started! It turned out that because I am on a work visa, the Home Office rules do not allow for someone on a skilled worker visa to be seconded to another organisation.
There's a lot of data stating that BAME representation in Band 8a & above positions is very low in the NHS. It has been said, that it is important that we have staff teams that represent the populations they serve. This promotes better patient care & improves patient outcomes.
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With the establishment of the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC) in World War II, women entered military service as something other than nurses for the first time.

#Armyhistory #USArmy #TRADOC #WW2 #WW2History #WomensHistoryMonth
The original concept for the WAAC was to assign women to critical non-combat roles and “free a man to fight.” They were expressly excluded from combat-related duties, and – as the name "auxiliary" implied – were not considered a formal part of the Army.
However, Army Chief of Staff GEN George C. Marshall experimented with allowing women to serve in a limited combat role as range-finder operators with anti-aircraft artillery (AAA) units of the Coast Artillery Corps (CAC) in the Continental United States beginning in 1942.
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Before the U.S. Army permitted them to enlist, some women, like Cathay Williams, sought to serve their country by joining the Army disguised as men.

#Armyhistory #USArmy #TRADOC #WomensHistoryMonth
Born into slavery in 1844, Williams lived in an area of Missouri that was captured by the Union in 1861. Williams became a camp follower attached to various Union armies and mostly performed a cook’s duties through the remainder of the war.
#MilitaryHistory #Diversity @USArmy
Not wishing to leave the Army life, Williams disguised herself as a man, took the name “William Cathey,” and enlisted in NOV 1866. She was assigned to the 38th Infantry Regiment, one of the newly formed all-Black U.S. Army regiments referred to as “Buffalo Soldiers.” @TRADOC
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Next up is @VeyseyMartin @Flinders.
The problem: selection into medical school worsens inequality and perpetuates lack of #diversity. #IMS2023
How can we do better with selection into medical school? Pathways, Gateway programs, contextual admission.
Quotas and bonded places have lower success.
@martinveysey #IMS2023
How do we keep doctors in #rural communities? Rural exposure, decentralised teaching and longitudinal placements. @martinveysey #IMS2023
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"Women who stepped up were measured as citizens of the nation, not as women. This was a people's war, and everyone was in it."
– COL Oveta Culp Hobby, first director of the Women’s Army Corps (WAC)
A dedicated civil servant and lifelong advocate for women in American public life, COL Oveta Culp Hobby helped open the door to women serving in uniform in the active components of the U.S. Army.

#Armyhistory #USArmy #TRADOC #WAC #WW2 #WW2History #WomensHistoryMonth
Culp Hobby’s service to the nation began in 1941, when she became the leader of the War Dept. Women’s Interest Section. She held this role until 1942, when she was appointed to lead the new Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC), an Army auxiliary meant to fill manpower gaps.
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We recommend reading @CCriadoPerez's Invisible Women, about the ways policy development & impact assessments fail to assess the impact on women.

Equality Impact Assessments matter.

We have asked @TeamQEH to correct their EIAs to include the 4 missing protected characteristics. Queen Elizabeth Hospital NHS Trust Equality Impact Assessmen
Despite now having the correct list of protected characteristics in V3 of the @TeamQEH Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy, the policy & EIAs do not cover those with the protected characteristic of sex as it uses the word “gender” instead of sex. >

#IWD2023 #SexMatters
. @TeamQEH was informed of these errors first in 2020 and has failed to correct the omissions and use of gender and transgender in the #Equality, #Diversity and #Inclusion policy and equality impact assessments ( EIAs). >
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