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The news cycle is a confusing space sometimes;

- #ElectricCars are the future for the planet
- Mining #Lithium batteries is destroying parts of Bolivia/Chile/Argentina

- Decentralised #Cryptocurrencies are the future
- Mining #Bitcoin = huge energy consumption
The narrative around everything nowadays is all about #Values

Corporates latch onto every opportunity

Individuals the same (just read some of the stuff on LinkedIn) 🧐

Life & business is essentially a game
#Winning is always key! (Be nice tho)

The rest is Perception=Reality
I'm a #football fan & I see a footy angle in almost everything I read! 🧐

Not sure if these connections stand up, but here's what I saw;

- #Bolivia former President #EvoMorales was ousted in 2019. Evo a #SimonBolivar anti-imperialist styled leader


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We are live tweeting the panel “Recoding Our Future: Looking Beyond the Digital Wars” with @vestager @NandanNilekani @MarietjeSchaake
Moderated by @samirsaran #Raisina2021 #RaisinaDialogue
.@samirsaran: In the absence of regulations and clear-cut rules of the road for #digital technologies, there are anxieties and tensions in need of a resolution. #Raisina2021
.@vestager: The EU's key concerns are 1) Creating a level playing field in the marketplace; 2) Insufficient enforcement of rules, that have for decades applied to the offline world, in the online world; & 3) Dignity of citizens in #democratic societies. #Raisina2021
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Good morning! The poster submission deadline is approaching. @f_sarro yt and our great @ACMwomENcourage #posterTrackPC are looking forward to your submissions! Check this 🧵for more info about the great researchers on the PC.…
Mary Sanchez Gordon @mary_sanchezg is assoc prof @hiofnorge. Her expertise is on blockchain technology and software engineering process. Check her recent talk about software engineering career choices of Andean indigenous #diversity @ICGSE
Mirella Sangiovanni @kioccioluna studies computational biodiversity at @jadatascience She has recently designed a network of smart beehive for monitoring urban biodiversity, see the image below. For more details check…
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We live in an attention #economy & what #Tweetiatricians have known for decades (#Twitter started in 2006): importance of drawing attention to factual science-based information as compared to #misinformation & #disinformation, especially on #vaccines…
You have to be fast & prolific to play catch up to this. I have 77K tweets, a moderate sized band of 6K followers interested enough to tolerate my volume but use of hashtags allows reach across Twittersphere. Trending hashtags = better for riding a way for that attention economy
If is unclear if we are now so siloed that tweets are ineffective with anti-vaxx. But not all anti-vaxx are QAnon
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For clarity: consistent to @WorldPhysio1951's
1) policies
2) EN -> "other languages" AI caption/translation initiative
the content delivered in this session can be 100% in English.

Our team developed a strategy that is consistent to #'s 1 & 2 but also #diversity & #inclusion.
Whereas #WorldPhysio2021 demands that all speakers be able to express themselves in 🇬🇧/🇺🇸, we devoted our own time & energy to maximize the #opportunities afforded by this year's online congress format.

To be specific, @anacarollucato will translate offline for @Fercockell.
As we say in Montreal, "s'pas compliqué": @Fercockell is visibly present but muted in one box while @anacarollucato is audible from another box.

If Ana is allowed to enter the Zoom meeting, #globaPT will be able to benefit from the depth of expertise that Fernanda brings.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 04/07/2021…
Moving in Sync Creates Surprising Social Bonds among People…

#SynchronizedMovement #people #SocialBonds
Democrats don't trust elections either, 19% say Biden, Trump elected 'fairly'…

#PartisanPolitics #elections #trust
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/30/2021…
Complex Systems: Volume 30, Number 1 (2021)

#complexity #journal #CurrentIssue
The Law of Regression to the Tail: How to Survive COVID-19, the Climate Crisis, and Other Disasters…

#RegressionToTheTail #risk #FatTailedRisk #COVID19 #pandemics #ClimateCrisis #RiskMitigation
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„Bei uns, bei der #Eintracht, ist das einfach eine Familie. Egal aus welchem Land man ist, wir versuchen jeden mitzunehmen.“

- Ben Manga, Direktor Profifußball #SGE, sprach bei @IndeedDeutsch über #Diversity & #Rassismus & gab dabei erstmals auch sehr persönliche Einblicke (1/x) Image
Bei der #Eintracht wird #Diversität und #Integration großgeschrieben: „Egal aus welchem Land man ist, ob aus Deutschland oder woher auch immer. Ob Mann oder Frau spielt bei uns keine Rolle. Das ist in vielen anderen Bereichen leider nicht so. Aber der Sport verbindet uns.“ (2/x)
In #Frankfurt sind die Rahmenbedingungen dabei perfekt: „Die Stadt ist ja schon sehr global. Alle kommen nach Frankfurt. Die ganze Stadt Frankfurt ist sehr offen. Da ist es einfacher. Unser Sport kann Vorreiter sein in diesen Dingen.“ (3/x)
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How Organizational Network Analysis Can Increase Team Collaboration

latest from Workforce Futurist Newsletter is part of a series on ‘The New Technology of Teams’

This article is a collaboration with @fmarinmayer and @CTS_ONA (1/8)
All great work happens in teams.

Yet many management and HR processes are designed around the individual.

We need new approaches, and tools, to support successful teams.

#Leadership @VIDOInterVac #HRTech #CHRO
How is Teamwork Changing?

There's an increasingly decentralized workforce as many people work outside of organizational structures.

These workers are not working in isolation but forming new teams.

#FutureOfWork (3/8)…
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Bereits vor Monaten wurdet ihr darauf hingewiesen, dass die ausschließliche und verpflichtende Auswahl zwischen "Herr" und "Frau" bei der Registrierung von Prepaid-Karten diskriminierend ist @Telekom_hilft! Es ist immer noch nichts passiert…
Sowas ist ja gut und schön, aber wenn Prozesse 2020 noch diskriminierend gestaltet werden einfach nicht viel wert.
#diversity #werkstolz #dabei @Telekom_group
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Thank you to everyone who came to our INTERFACE: Science + Art + Health event last week. We are pleased to share our virtual #ArtExhibition & the video recordings of the talks given by our artist & researcher duos! Visit our @Artsteps_ #ArtGallery now: 1/6
Video 1 features @SMQB_UoB Research Fellow Dr Leandro Junges & #LivedExperience artist @MellEJFisher talking about their joint art project which explores #Papilledema #Papilloedema #IdiopathicIntracranialHypertension @DrMollan @IIHUK @IIHDrBirmingham 2/6
In Video 2 @SMQB_UoB Research Fellow Danny Galvis & #Composer Pietro Bardini explore recovery response following #CardiacSurgery through a multi-channel #Soundpiece that mimics the interaction model between hormones & inflammatory mediators @ederzavala 3/6
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Long thread coming, but I'd really appreciate a read!
Careers, Conferences, Diversity, Disability, Names, and I Could Really Go On and On ...


#lpsc2021 @LPItoday @AAS_Office @planetarysci @AGUPlanetary @DPSCommittee
LPSC folx - So as noted, there has been an ongoing issue with names and how they are appearing in spaces such as the iposter, vfair, program, etc. I’d like to offer insight here - for people who can’t figure out why this is such a big deal - as to why this is such a big deal.
Things like having your name messed up fall into the range from mistake-to-negligence-to-discrimination, or maybe all three. For those who experience this seldom, they chalk it up to a mistake and forget it, even if it really is rooted in discrimination of some kind.
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Looking forward to hearing more about the state of the Legal Tech sector in #BristolAndBath, with the launch of this new report #LegalTech
First @ChrisBullKMS opens by thanking all sponsors, researchers & participants in the study. Says it gives a snapshot of where we are now & what the next steps should be for the sector #LegalTech
. @WhitecapConsult’s Stuart Harrison then gives an overview of the key findings of the report #LegalTech
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EVERYONE can & must support diversity, equity & inclusion 🌈🌏
#DEI #WorldWomensDay

Clear facts & straightforward solutions? ➡️ See this #thread 🧵#WomenInScience #WomenInSTEM

Infographic: @visualsnscience 💚
#worldmap #getthenumbersout
We show @ConLetters:

♀️ Only 11% #women among all top authors in ecology. Slow change to 18% (1945-2019). 68% TA from US, UK, AUS & > 150 #countries with no TA 🌎🌏🌍

👇 ✅ #actions we all should do…

#WomenInSTEM #WomenInScience #DEI #worldwomensday
We asked top authors 6 questions on "what holds you back from publishing even more?"

The #WordCloud shows what
39 TA's said (45% ♀️ & 65% from #GS).

Top 5 factors: Time lack; slow reviews; tasks like teaching, collaborating & proposal writing underappreciated 💬
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 02/23/2021…
The melting of large icebergs is a key stage in the evolution of ice ages…

#evolution #ice
Testing mobile air purifiers in a school classroom: Reducing the airborne transmission risk for SARS-CoV-2…

#AirPurifiers #AirborneTransmission #COVID19 #classrooms #RiskReduction
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Before we dive into the details of @FordFoundation for today's BIPOC Achievement Program spotlight, let’s start with some history for #BlackHistoryMonth: What does the Ford Model A and Condoleezza Rice have in common? Find out in the thread 👇 /1
The Ford Model A was the second big success of the @Ford motor company after their initial success, the Model T. Edsel Ford (1893 – 1943), son of Henry Ford was the lead designer and his impact left an indelible mark on the company & country, standardizing hydraulic brakes... /2 1928 Ford Model AEdsel Bryant Ford
and donating thousands to artists and schools in Detroit. He even funded arctic expeditions! In 1936, Edsel Ford and his father founded the @FordFoundation a philanthropic group dedicated to challenging inequality throughout society. /3 Logo for the Ford Foundation
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1/13 #ClimateChange is a result of a mindset, that is based on monoculture, fossil fuels, chemicals, corporate control. @BillGates cannot alter a condition with the same mindset that created it in the first place @Trevornoah @drvandanashiva…
2/13 The mad rush for #FakeFood and #FakeMeat, ignorant of the #diversity of our food cultures & the role of biodiversity is a recipe for accelerating the #climatecrisis, the destruction of the planet & our health @drvandanashiva…
3/13 The perpetrators of the industrialized & now digitized predatory economic model that has led to worldwide ecological devastation are trying to sell us their solutions as the only path forward @drvandanashiva @NnimmoB #FalseSolutionsToClimateChange
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"Um das Grau des Betons zu kaschieren, wurde die Universität #Konstanz vollgestopft mit farbigen Elementen und Installationen." (Marc Reichwein,

Symbolisch für die gesamte europäische Kultur nach 1945:
Compare #Princeton:
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a short, simple thread 🧵 (1/3)
"#Diversity is good" almost always refers to Tip of Iceberg things.
But these bring the deeper culture things with them.
People are divided when they don't have attitudes, concepts, and notions in common.
This leads to CONFLICT, NOT UNITY.
(lower-trust societies)
"But more perspectives lead to better decisions!"
Not really.
A diverse team with weaker relationships, communication, and trust makes WORSE decisions than any qualified team that just has empathy.
We should emphasize competence and compassion, not skin and gender.
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A world record-breaking 261 tomato cultivars were exhibited at @NBGGlasnevin #TTTomFest19! The human race eats ½ its weight in #tomatoes annually. An important crop economically - preserving their valuable #genetic #diversity & #seed #democracy is vital to #future #foodsecurity🍅
1.This thread is about cordon or upright #tomato cultivars. The stunning colour of 'Indigo Rose' gave me the inspiration for the 1st #TotallyTerrificTomatoFestival in 2012. The first naturally-bred, high-anthocyanin tomato, #seed only became available to #gardeners in early 2012>
2.Rosada. The most delicious, disease-resistant, easy and productive variety of cherry/plum I've ever grown. Often bears 70 fruits on long trusses. No longer available as delisted by the politically powerful and greedy #Big4 #seed corporations when they couldn't buy the #patent!>
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Jonathan D. Chang’s portrait (below, left) of Vicha Ratanapakdee, 84, killed on the streets of #SanFrancisco has became a symbol on #socialmedia in the fight vs anti-Asian violence in the US. Join me, the Thai-American community & others for #JusticeForVicha #VichaRatanapakdee
Originally from #Thailand, #VichaRatanapakdee 🙏moved to #SanFrancisco to help care for his grandkids. After finishing his daily routine of prepping his grandsons for their day, he was on his usual morning walk when he was violently shoved & kicked. #RIP…
“Disgusted, angry & sad”: L.A. artist Jonathan D. Chang says about killing of Vicha Ratanapakdee in #SF.

Indeed. One more unprovoked attack against Asian Americans, many elderly.… #JusticeForVicha

🙏 @raburnreport @jdschang @danieldaekim @LondonBreed
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Not only experience, which is important, but clinical #research does not parse out the Japanese man or woman from the South Asian man or woman on heart disease risk, epidemiology, treatment.

#EBM lacking for us then

#MedTwitter #AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter
And then there is the question of who is white.

Iranian/Persian & Arabs are white on census.
Does the rest of America agree?

Racists & xenophobes tend to use loophole to say being anti-Muslim (whom they consider to all be Arab) is “not racist.”…
Proving again: race is a social construct

Not until 2020 Persians really started to call selves “POC” (for self protection)

Have lots of Persian friends
Urdu culture has Farsi roots

But let’s be honest: Persians have seen selves as superior race, apart…
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Those of us who affirmed our own agency and power by learning from and with our moms. My mom’s stories are her own but she and I together have unpacked many cultural myths to learn better self compassion, willingness to identify racism, less perfectionism.
💪🏽💪🏻💪🏿 @DrvanTilburg
This is a type of trauma many WOC/POC experience. My mom’s hair is extremely thick, textured. I recall her being very fixated on making sure her own hair & our hair was always incredibly neat.

More recently I’ve come to understand this matches an experience of having black hair.
The so-called “model minority “is taught to align with white culture, to suppress oneself in order to layer under & serve white supremacy.

I have worked to remove internalized racism, colorism, self hate & learned from #blackexcellence on:…
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Accessibility & Inclusivity 📝

⬇️ Thread ⬇️

“There's no such thing as normal“

Inclusive design aims to produce the most effective user expertise for as many of us as attainable. Accessibility isn't solely a problem that applies to individuals with disabilities -

#a11y #WCAG Image
it's a problem that affects everyone. An inclusive world may be a higher world. As a result, we wish to be in the vicinity of that.

What are you saying?? It’s just the domain of UX designer and developer, why does accessibility matter for anyone other:

#accessibility #UX
- The inclusive design will increase access. A social media strategy that considers inclusive design will a similar. while not accessible, you miss out on connecting along with your full potential audience.

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