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10 Sep
A short thread on why, as a Victorian, I care so much about #COVID19nsw.

Firstly, Victorians did so much to protect, not just Victoria but, the whole nation in 2020.
We locked down, we worked from home, we zoomed, we did PPE, we sat in a cold dark winter so the rest of Australia didn’t get COVID.
It was hard, no one “enjoyed it”, but we did it because it protected ourselves, our families, Victoria and the nation.
Secondly, We snapped into and out of lockdown whenever needed. Short notice? Fine. 5 days? No problem. Indefinite? Not ideal, but whatever’s needed.
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9 May 20
Josh Frydenburg was given the power to save jobs, save livelihoods and even to save lives as he could alter #Jobkeeper to include more people and workplaces
Instead he’s been doing the opposite and now millions are missing out
#Thread #auspol 1/10
His first changes were to improve the access for charities, change some definitions around entity rules to capture people in that sector but he also stripped people under 17 of JobKeeper (they all lost their jobs) and made it harder for universities to get #Jobkeeper 2/10
The weird thing about this announcement was that charities got to exclude government funding revenue but universities specifically did not. A clear and deliberate decision to punish universities 3/10
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10 Aug 18
Just to be clear turning off a pay tv service on public transport because it's airing nazis isn't fascism it's the opposite of fascism. Let me provide some examples of "creeping fascism" from the Australian context in this thread...
Using the machinery of government to attack your political enemies. A typical fascist thing to do.
Silencing civil society that might disagree with your attempts to restrict personal liberty & freedom. A tried and tested fascist move
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