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He was so proud of the editing and film linking he did. The transition was seamless and the music was fire. Kirishima knew this was his best T*kT*k he ever made and he couldn't wait to post it. You see Kirishima loved making NSFW T*kT*k videos and posting them anonymously. He always made sure to keep his face out and would just show off his body. He had worked tirelessly for his physique, not only was he a walking tower he was also a tank.
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KiriBaku krbk

Kirishima is a truck driver crossing the lonely highway and sees hitchhiker Bakugou as he walks on the side of the road. He slows up a little but doesn't stop as the blonde doesn't signal or hold up his thumb for a ride, so he rambles onward in his rig. Later, he's stopped at a truck-stop diner, enjoying stretching out legs, getting some greasy food, and appreciating the quiet. Not only that, he can get refills of his soda, bottomless refills, but he should be careful as he can't make multiple pitstops for his bladder.
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Bakugou arrived late, the taxi dropping him off at his apartment, and he was feeling bone tired. He had been away for three weeks and glad to be back home. Working at that other agency, in another region temporarily was good exposure and experience, for sure. But he relished in being home.

Bakugou showered, ate lightly, and then dove under crisp cool sheets.
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#BakuDeku | #BKDK | NSFW | Smut | Witch AU | Witch!Baku | Familiar!Deku | ABO | Intersex Male Omegas | Omega!Baku | Alpha!Deku | #Bakuharem | More tags to be added Image The sunlight filtered through the tall tree canopy from above, piercing through the leaves and sprinkling the pathway of the forest floor as the twosome gathered the flora and fauna, preparing for the journey they would undertake tomorrow. Bakugou was ready to embark homewards, +
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#sheith #kromelle #polydins #nsfw
A fic where, Keith & Romelle are roommates who are sexual deviants that drag their close friends Shiro & Allura into their sexcapades & in turn makes them deviants as well. They become bolder with each act & then decide to cam their sexual experiences.
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Sex Blanket AU
Omega!Shiro | Alpha!Keith | Bottom!Shiro | NSFW | ABO | Sex Blankets | Camboy | Wet & Messy | When Keith found himself without a place to call his own he quickly scrambled to find a new apartment, he didn't think he'd find one and if felt like the paper found him instead. Pulling from the bulletin board at the local coffee shop. He took it, looking over the information.