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#sheith angst, keith!whump, h/c


There are too many things the war has taken from Shiro but worst of all is how much time he's lost with Keith. Some days it feels insurmountable. It's like he blinks and Keith is older, again and there's a scar on his face.
Keith tells him, just once, that the clone was responsible but Shiro can't even remember that. He doesn't even get to know how much he's hurt Keith despite all that he's done to get back.

It's hard. Indescribably hard.
But not so hard as watching all the things the war has taken from Keith as well.

It's secondhand knowledge unfortunately, little clues Shiro has to pick up because Keith never complains. He's gotten so used to the world not looking in his direction unless it needs something
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#sheith from that whiney alpha post ✨


What people don't know about Takashi Shirogane is that he's absolutely insufferable after a rut.

And yet Keith loves him all the same.

He'd maybe love him a little bit more if he'd let him go so he could pee, but, well...
"Keeeith..." Shiro groans into the skin of Keith's shoulder, tightening his already vice-like grip around Keith's waist. This, inevitably, puts more pressure on Keith's bladder, making the omega in question sigh heavily.
"Shiro, babe, if you don't let me go I'm going to piss all over this bed and we both know that neither of us are into that." Keith eeks out, doing his level best to keep control of his body.

Another whine and Shiro lets up a little but not all the way. "But it's coooold."
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#sheith non sexual intimacy, temporary outside POV, caretaking, minor blood and injury, let’s go


The mission was hell, and Keith comes back bruised and battered and bloody.

He needs a fucking shower.

Pidge has been biding her time. It’s 4 vargas since she recieved a packet of intel from Keith before he promptly went dark.

It’s a technique he employs when a mission went particularly bad and he fears active pursuit.

It’s times like these when Pidge doesn’t tell Shiro.
Because the thing is, Shiro worries.

Shiro does a lot of things, one of which is holding up the universe on his back.

No one ever said his ship wasn’t named aptly.
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Since we’re apparently all horny for postal workers at the same time, #sheith au with mailman Shiro

The postman who works Keith’s street is undoubtedly the most beautiful man on the planet. Keith knows this because even though the postal service uniform is nothing special, on him it is.
On him, that baby blue shirt hugs tight to biceps that are as big around as Keith’s leg, and those shorts ride a little higher than regulation length due to the thick thighs and tiny waist inhabiting them.
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#sheith reverse alignment, role swap au


Keith's never been liked. He's been respected, feared even, but never liked. Nobody likes a kid who is too quiet, or a teen that spends his time alone. They don't like when you look poor but do well in school, or when you're the only
one to get accepted to the prestigious flight academy that the rich families tend to buy their way into. Your peers don't like it when you do better than them in everything, including sparring, and your instructors don't like it when you don't cow to their intimidation.
They don't like it when you turn out to be top of the class with a sizable gap between you and the next person below you. They don't like /you/ because you work for yourself and only yourself and though you get in nobody's way, you're always despised.

Keith's never been liked.
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(And I’m Not) Getting Over You
- - - - - - -
#Sheith [Canonverse, post-series with no epilogue and Allura lived]
{ exes-to-lovers, idiots-to-lovers, Admiral Shiro, Blade Leader Keith, divorce }
- - - - - - -
“You’re still wearing your ring?”

Shiro jolted slightly, the question breaking through what had been a set of mindful breathing to ground himself for what was about to happen. He frowned, gray eyes opening to focus on Hunk, who already looked endlessly apologetic. “Huh?”
It wasn’t the most elegant response to a question, but it was all Shiro could manage as he tried to parse what Hunk had even inquired about. The other man helpfully motioned toward Shiro’s left hand as he elaborated, “Your wedding ring, man. Hasn’t it been two years now?”
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@sheithcheatweek #sheith
Prompt: public/private

NSFW, infidelity ofc, I think Keith will have some xeno biology?? purple cock, self lubrication. TBD. Mentions of blood. No proofreading. I’m going off the dome with this one so good luck
It’s the third meeting of the day and even shiro can’t quite bring himself to listen.

And yeah, they’re all bored, a little grumpy, but Keith is /restless/, fidgeting with his pen, pounding a hole in the floor with how hard he’s bouncing his leg.
Warily, Shiro places a steadying hand on Keith’s thigh. It’s what he would do when Keith was younger, more anxious.

The tapping stops, as does the fidgeting, but Keith is no less anxious.

From the corner of his eye, Shiro can see the tight flex of his jaw, the unnatural bend
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Shiro rushes into his room, closes the door and collapses against it, his cock already in the palm of his hand. He strokes twice and makes a mess of himself, held together up until that moment only by guilt that he is taking advantage of his best friend.
He spends the rest of that night in his room, jerking off another time, drawing it out because he doesn’t want to lose the residual feeling of Keith on his cock, his chest, and Keith’s thigh sweat from his palms, so he barely even touches his cock, coming more from the mental
image of Keith laying on top of him than the physical stimulation. He records and catalogues all of Keith’s little moans and the feel of the inside of his thigh where Shiro put his fingertips while he gripped him and held him and /fucked him/. He pushes the shame and guilt to
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Had an idea for modern setting sheith where Keith is a camboy and has a client that pays REALLY well and has requests. So one day the client demands to see Keith actually fucked on camera. Keith trusts nobody more than his best friend and flatmate, Shiro, so he asks him.
[Did I make a separate account just to post some #sheith brainrot? I did.]

trans!Keith, oh my god they were roommates, unrequited love (Shiro for Keith) to mutual pining, explicit
The client LOVES seeing Keith filled with as many dildos as possible, and demands Keith recount his sexual misadventures from the past week -- how many dicks he had, how they filled him up with cum, etc. Keith invents all of it of course because he has a day job and doesn't--
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Ok but catholic #sheith posts got me by the navel and for some reason I was thinking about rosaries otw to work this morning and now I have Priest!Shiro who went into seminary because he couldn't shake his desire for slender, small men with big eyes and he knows god is testing
him when he finds himself the Priest at Keith's small parish church.

Keith's family is /devout/ and Keith is a fierce young man with a penchant for fighting and finding himself in trouble. As far as Shiro can tell, he usually gets into fights in defense of others, though he
/does/ have a rather...caustic...tongue, Shiro has to admit, but he doesn't think the young man has ever done anything truly /bad/.

Still, Keith's family keeps dragging him to Shiro's metaphorical doorstep, keeps coming to him, begging Shiro for his help in saving their son.
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#Sheith post s7 angst with happy ending | Allura’s alive | It’s after the war | Curtis is in this | Injured Keith.

Panic was bubbling in the pit of Shiro’s stomach, making him feel nauseous as he made his way to the med-bay. He got word that Keith had been injured, only he can’t
imagine how. Thinking back, Shiro can’t remember seeing Keith much lately. He’s been so busy with his work on the Atlas and getting to know his new boyfriend Curtis that he’s become rather isolated from the Paladins.
Guilt started to gnaw at him just as he was entering the waiting room.

The Paladins were already there, looking worried and upset. Shiro looked to them all in turn, hoping someone would finally explain what had happened to Keith. But they all just kept avoiding Shiro’s gaze.
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Look. No one is going to like this. I don't like this. Nonconvaguely in the we drunk and Keith got us that way on purpose flavor. Angst. #sheith

#pining because #longing is something Shiro's do.

Keith wonders if it's always going to be him.

Going to be Shiro.

& really,
how could anyone compare?

Shiro is larger than life by reputation and all of it is real, it's /true/, it barely fucking scratches the surface of the many things that make the man incredible.

Keith has been more than half in love with him since day one, and in trying to claw out
of the pit of his own desire, Keith only seems capable of falling deeper & deeper into Shiro.

& Keith does try.

Really, he does.

He knows his crush is inappropriate.

That Shiro couldn't reciprocate even if he /wanted/ to.

& that shouldn't goad Keith on, except.

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Because I am a perfectly normal earth human, I sit in traffic and think about the Sheiths that are all living in my heard as result of various things.

This train of thought is /undoubtedly/ brought to you by the below art and my own love of Keith's back

#sheith #longing

Keith runs hot.

This shouldn't come as any surprise to Shiro, given the other man's temperament, but the first night he comes out of their shared bathroom to the bared line of Keith's back laying on top of the covers of his bunk, he almost chokes.
He definitely stares, heat pooling unexpected and low in his stomach and he feels his face flush.

Keith is wearing nothing but a pair of tiny boxer briefs, riding low on his hips and tightly hugging to his pert bottom and Shiro can't help but /notice/, can't help but enjoy the
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#sheith our flag means death au where stifled repressed gay nobleman Shiro leaves his life behind for the open seas where he meets a tattooed leather clad pirate with flowing black hair, fingerless gloves and a deadly grin, and he feels alive for the first time in years
when shiro is stabbed by spanish soldiers, keith is there at his sickbed, listening to him mumble about his old life in dreams while stroking his silver hair, leather and callused knuckles sweetly moving over his forehead
when shiro shows keith the secret passage into his closet, keith’s smile is bright, not deadly, for the first time in years. he thinks he might be in love
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what it is, to be human (a thread)
eventual #sheith | OMCs | jealous shiro


Keith wakes up and he’s not alone in his bed.
Wrapped around him, muscle bound and strapping, are a pair of arms he doesn’t recognize and pressed along his back is the - clearly - very male chest of a man he doesn’t know. He’s on his feet immediately, yanking away from the hold and rolling to his feet,
galran sword already out and at the ready. He bares his teeth, ready for the enemy combatant but what he sees draws him up short.

Lying in his bed, naked as far as he can tell, is the second most beautiful man he’s ever seen. He’s alien in the way Allura is alien, almost human
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#Sheith i offer you exhibit A: the sexy chin grab

Shiro does it when Keith's Galra instincts have him too upset and riled up about something. He makes Keith focus on him, only on him, breathe and hold....exhale slowly...

He does it when he wants Keith to look only at him in the
safety of their shared apartment on the ATLAS.

When Keith needs to be Told. He needs that anchor, sometimes.

When everything is Too Much, Shiro leads him into the bedroom, wrestles him into the room, sometimes.

He grabs Keith's chin, orders him to look him in the eye and then
he slowly, delicately, ruins the pretty Galra boy in his bed.

He's glad he told ATLAS to extra super MEGA soundproof their rooms haha

Keith makes so much noise. Yowls, and snarls, hisses, groans, moans.

Oh the moans are the best. They're long, drawn-out things, followed by the
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dunno if anyone's done this one yet.

Keith's doing interactive yoga in his living room.

Kosmo is stretched out on the sofa behind him, passed waaay the fuck out.

Keith is in Downward Dog when Shiro comes home from a good run. He's a little sweaty.

He gets a popsicle
from the freezer and walks over to watch Keith, making sure to catch his husband's eye as he lasciviously sucks the icepop.

He looks up at the tv screen and sees the yoga teacher telling them to go into the next pose (its equally as horny somehow).

Shiro makes a comment and
Keith grumbles at Shiro to hush, that its an interactive class, they can hear him/see him.

Shiro gets an eeeeevil thought and tells keith in /that/ tone to turn that part off.

Keith obeys because he is Good.

Shiro orders keith to keep up with his poses and Shiro finds new and
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ok last post before i go to bed)

#Sheith cute fluff cw alien biology?

The more time keith spends with the Blades, the more Galra he becomes.

When he sprouts the CUTEST little lynx tail, Shiro's eyes get HUGE.

He wants to touch it, but while Keith's body is changing, the new
bones and flesh are tender and sore.

Still, every time he sees it, the little thing swaying slowly as Keith gets used to it, Shiro can't help it.

So he begs Keith to let him try, that he will be so gentle and careful.

Keith bites his lip, unsure, but agrees. Shiro is always

There's a sore spot right at the base, rubbed raw from Keith's pants. Shiro growls that Keith shouldn't have to wear clothes at all.

The half galran man rolls his eyes. He concurs tho.

Shiro asks Keith to turn around and Present Ass!

Keith spins around on the bed and
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#sheith nsfw cw ball holding?

Sometimes when Shiro and Keith are in for the night, relaxing on their sofa sectional, Shiro will take the chaise so he can stretch out while reading up on the day's news on his PADD.

Keith likes to lay out on the wide sofa and rest his head on
Shiro's hip, with a pillow under his head. Sometimes, he reaches up and wiggles his hand up under the leg of Shiro's boxers so he can feel the warmth of his skin and the softness of his inner thigh.

If Shiro is wearing 'hard pants' still, keith will pout and grumble until Shiro
rolls his eyes, undoes his belt and fly, and makes it so Keith can happily wiggle his fingers under the hem of Shiro's boxers to feel on his hip or upper thigh.

Keith will make these sweet little noises, like purrs or soft chirps when he gets to touch his husband's skin.

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werewolf!shiro/were!coyote!keith #sheith

Shiro is head of the Voltron pack, a small but prominent pack that is very focused on community support for humans and weres alike.

Their territory is Flagstaff and the surrounding county.

Keith is a young loner who hides his were-side
viciously. He comes across as entirely human. He even smells utterly human. A result of tamping his inner coyote down like an abused dog.

When Lance, a rangey young wolf, invites Keith to an event at the Voltron Community center, Keith decides to go along with his old college
roomie and finds himself in a sea of werecanids.

Of course, Shiro is there, dressed in cargo shorts and a tight t-shirt, a cap on backwards with his white floof falling over his forehead.

He's playing ping pong against a cute lil kid and losing on purpose. It melts Keith's
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i'm really stressed out today, have a mini #sheith thred!

For some reason, Shiro went and bought the extra large top loading washing machine for their laundry room. At first, Keith had been delighted.

Until the first time he had to use it after washing Kosmo..

All those towels
that were muddy and gross? Yeah, not lettin those sit in the laundry room for 5 days.

So while Kosmo fluffed in his own room (of course), Keith hauled all of the huge towels in and then stared at the washer.

He hadn't realized Shiro had gotten a Shiro-sized washer.

Fuck. He
sighed, sagging a little, before bolstering himself and dragging out the little step stool so he could get to it.

After dropping in 3 tide pods, Keith made the back and forth trek of climbing down, getting a couple towels, climbing back up, putting them in, rinse repeat.

He was
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Back in high school, Keith was never even on Shiro's radar except in passing.

The school superstar jock was kind to him in the hallways, but that was it.

Keith was a scrappy little stray, hanging out with the art kid groups, the band nerds, practicing with the chorus
kids, sitting with the goths and punks in passing periods when he wasn't the one doing the skipping.

Time passed though. Shiro went on to play college football on a major scholarship while also studying astrophysics.

Keith graduated highschool and took a job with a newly
discovered uncle in his mechanics shop and finding a love for motorcycles.

He grew from scrappy street punk into....well.

Let's just say he buffed the fuck up.

With meeting Thace and then all the rest of his long lost extended family full of cousins and other aunts and uncles,
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#sheith #nsfw - masturbation (kinda dubcon/somno, because of the unaware party)

Everything is happening so fast. One second he's on earth, grieving Shiro and searching, /searching/ for something without knowing what. The next, he's by Shiro's side and some others he can't yet
admit he cares for, fighting an intergalactic war to save the universe.
Shiro, who has been captured by aliens, likely tortured if the nightmares he has are anything to go by and now has a deadly robot arm.
They don't talk about it. But Keith hopes Shiro knows that when he's ready to open up, Keith will be there.
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Part V begins here.
Post #vldS8 (for blacklist: slight shurtis bc canon compliant)
(Cw: mentions of temporary character death, memory loss, emotional cheating, straight up cheating, emotionally manipulative spouse)
Angst with happy ending, endgame #sheith
It took a lot of arguing, a lot of crying, a couple nights sleeping on separate rooms and one round of unsatisfactory angry sex, that lead to another fight and Shiro moving with Keith for a week.
When the anger tired down and they began missing each other, a truce was met.
The truce in question being renting a house in Keith's neighborhood.
Keith baked them a cake both as a welcoming gesture and as an apology to Curtis.
Curtis decided to help "accelerate" Keith's progress so they could finally live the married life they deserved, as he put it.
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