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Dancer!Keith/officeworker!Shiro, a thread!

Just imagine, a #Sheith AU where Keith dances on heels.
Like in Kazaki's videos.
He's so long and hot and his muscles are so well-defined and elegant.

Their video is on some ad screen on the street...…
...and Shiro stops to take a look at the clock in the corner of the screen. Just to see the time! But then he sees Keith, in a blank tank top and minuscule shorts, with a lethal look and on heels that are meant to pierce hearts of his enemies.
Shiro realizes that he's drooling-
- after Keith's group's video ends only.
This is only the beginning.

Who knew that uptight, strict manager Shiro would spend his time watching provocative music videos and gathering intel on one of the dancers?
Not Shiro himself, that's for certain. Keith takes up a bigger...
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#Sheith hitchhiker AU continued.
Shiro didn't usually take the scenic route home, but after yet another argument with his boyfriend Adam that morning he wasn't in a hurry to get back.
The late summer air, the pink evening sky, it all looked so inviting for a leisurely drive.
Sitting cooped up in a stuffy office all day, listening to his colleague Lance's tedious jokes, made Shiro wonder what he was doing with his life. At 30 he was still young enough to get out there and make a difference. He couldn't see him and Adam going the distance.
The frequency of their arguments told Shiro they probably just wanted different things from life, but that didn't mean he didn't still love Adam. He hated how there always seemed to be a problem between them. Stupid small things blew up into full scale exhausting drama.
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#sheith #sexblanketAU #nsfw #abo #camboy

Sex Blanket AU
Omega!Shiro | Alpha!Keith | Bottom!Shiro | NSFW | ABO | Sex Blankets | Camboy | Wet & Messy |
When Keith found himself without a place to call his own he quickly scrambled to find a new apartment, he didn't think he'd find one and if felt like the paper found him instead. Pulling from the bulletin board at the local coffee shop. He took it, looking over the information.
This sounded like a plausible temporary solution. He was tired of couch surfing from one friend to the other. His close friends' kindness would only last so long and he didn't want to over stay his welcome. Keith could only impose for so long.
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#Sheith (#nsfw #smut #afab language.)
Keith sat in his clapped out Chevy gazing at the garage.
/Is he there?/
'He' being the 6ft6 buff mechanic with the sexy scar over his nose.
Keith's car needed a new oil filter. The old one had 'mysteriously' disappeared on the drive over.
As if by magic the man in question appeared on the forecourt.
The mechanic wore his overalls low on his muscular hips, the hem of his oil-stained singlet hitched up slightly revealing taut abs.
Keith bit his lip as he pictured his fingers caressing that torso.
/Time to say hi/
He drove his old car onto the lot and flashed the mechanic a broad smile.
"Hi there..I wonder if you could help me. I think something's wrong with the oil."
The big guy nodded and lifted the bonnet.
Keith opened the door and curved his lean legs out of the driver's seat.
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#sheith, accidental frottage

Late one night Keith and Shiro are sneaking back in from hover bike racing in the desert and then suddenly there’s the sound of a security guard.

Laughing Shiro grabs Keith’s hand and tugs him back down a hallway, then another. Just as they’re
going to get caught Shiro pulls open a storage closet and shuffles them inside. Keith’s trying not to laugh as they mush into the small space.

Eventually Shiro puts a hand over Keith’s mouth as the guards footsteps get closer.

And that—
Shiros suddenly aware of their closeness, how he’s pressed all the way against Keith. How Keith’s breathing hard from the excitement, how he shifts against Shiro.

Their eyes meet and it’s electric. Dangerous and strange. Shiro shifts his stance and they rub together.
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Look my week has been hell so you'll have to let me indulge in a mini thread.

#omegaverse #sheith #collegeAU #age_gap

Prompt- Keith and Matt get fucking white boy wasted after Matt breaks up with gf, sing karaoke. Shiro and his fiancee Adam walk in after Shiro picks up a scent.
Shiro really had trouble focusing on what Adam was saying, something about sushi and wedding plans. There was a smell, like chocolate and honey that hooked his nose immediately. Normally Omegas scent waft in and out of his olfactory pretty easily.

Not this one.
This one stuck, it was rich and wet. Fertile Omega, breeding..perfect.

"Kashi? You there?" Adam asked puzzled, Omegas cant scent others when they're Paired.

"Oh uh..yeah hey Sushi?"

"Did you want something else?"

Yes he did but Shiro couldn't let it on..he needed the source.
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Intrustive #sheith thought - WHAT IF...when Shiro was moved back into the clone body, Kuron didn't die? What if instead the two of them shared the body? What if they never 'merged' into a single mind and remained separate? (1/21)

#kurosheith #sheith
Shiro and Keith lay beside each other in bed, the sun long since set and the night growing late. The dim glow of neon lights and ambient noise from the city beyond their little apartment drifts in through their open windows, a light breeze rustling gauzy curtains. (2/21)
They watch each other from heavy-lidded eyes while their intertwined fingers caress one another's hands.

After a time, Keith murmurs, "I can always tell which one of you is piloting, you know." (3/21)
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#sheith, college au, sex toys.

Shiro and Keith dorm together even though Keith’s a freshman and Shiro’s about to graduate.
Too busy with classes to date, Shiro takes to jerking off in a fleshlight. It’s great, but the clean up he hates, and sometimes forgets about.
On one trip to the bathroom after he finishes, Shiro sets the used fleshlight down and then goes to bed and forgets.

That’s when Keith goes to use their shared bathroom and... finds it.
Keith should be disgusted or offended or.. anything other than curious. But Shiro is nice and smart and funny and very very fucking hot.

Keith doesn’t know what he expects when he grabs it off the counter, but finding it sticky and used is not it.
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#Sheith #ABO
Omega Keith gets reprimanded by his boss at the Dry Cleaners after too many complaints about missing clothing.
Keith feigns innocence, knowing full well all the clothes are piled up in his nest at home.
The complaints are all from the same customer: Alpha Shiro.
#Sheith #ABO
Shiro's not stupid. He suspects the little Omega with the violet eyes who works there. Next time he drops off his clothes he adds an extra item bagged & tagged especially for Keith. A t-shirt he's slept in for 2 days.
The Omega opens the bag and purrs with delight.
#Sheith #ABO
As soon as Keith gets home he slips out of his work clothes and takes the t-shirt out of the bag. He crawls into his nest and rubs the garment all over his body. Shiro's strong scent makes him hum with pleasure, his eyes bright.
/Such a good Alpha/
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Keith spent most of the morning rearranging his spare room while Shiro tried to contact his ex.
"Any luck yet?" Keith was sweating from pushing furniture about.
"Nope. He's ignoring me. No doubt I'll get a call from his lawyer later. I hate this." Shiro slumped forward.
Even Hunk's cookies couldn't lift his spirits. He still ate about 6, they offered a warm comforting feeling in his belly. Likely that was Hunk's intention. His cooking usually had a relaxing effect. He knew how to pacify even the most troubled soul with sustenance.
"I do appreciate you helping me like this. I feel bad dumping my drama on you when we've only just met." Shiro felt like a nuisance.
"It's fine. Sometimes things happen for a reason." Keith realised that sounded more cryptic than he intended.
/Or maybe not/
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After Quite A While (whoops) Part 2! #sheith

It doesn't take long before at least parts of Shiro begin to make a regular appearance in Keith's shows - and if the rise in his viewer count and donations are anything to by it's much appreciated by his audience.
They decided to start small after their initial foray into business - Keith liked to think of it as an audition - one that was embarrassingly short for both of them as they did little more than make out and grind on each other before having to clean up with sheepish smiles.
Naturally he blamed it on the several years of pent up thirst for his best friend and living marble statue.

A statue that happens to draw numbers that keep Keith in an increasingly fancy collection of silky undergarments.
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#sheith #fluff
Jealous! Sheith AU | After S7 no S8 | maybe NSFW we’ll see |
Ok I’ve never written anything before so uh here goes nothing:
“So...” Hunk started.
“I don’t wanna talk about it.” Keith cut in, pushing around some of his food. He knew what Hunk wanted to discuss.
Hunk sighed, “Come on Keith, you’ve been avoiding all of us. You can’t just throw yourself into work because of this.”
“Watch me.” Keith barely stopped himself from stabbing into his potatoes with his fork.
“Keith we care about you.” Hunk sighed. Again.
“We? Huh, wonder if that includes everyone.” Keith knew he was being petty now. “Hey! Shiro cares about you too. He’s just.. busy right now.”
Keith finally looked up, “Busy? Is that what people are calling it these days?”
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#Sheith #LegsForSeven2020
/Athletic&kink/#nsfw 🔞 Thread.

Shiro has a very particular way he likes to unwind.
Exercise videos.
He browses through hours of internet footage to find exactly the ones he likes.
Then he slips into something more 'comfortable' and presses play.
Shiro has no interest in taking part with the onscreen activities.
No, Shiro just likes to watch.
He leans back on the sofa and sighs contently. His eyes follow the movements of the instructor as he bends himself in all manner of eye-wateringly flexible positions.
Shiro loves it. He also really likes this instructor. In fact it's safe to say Shiro is completely smitten. He loyally follows the guy's site & purposely checks every day if there's a new video or live feed. There's also a comment box and a link to an online 'wish list'.
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#sheith Supernatural hunter Shiro who looses an arm to a werewolf as a kid, but was saved before it could take his life. He goes into that career to help prevent things happening to others like it did for him. But he's still got a kind heart despite all that.
He hears news of farmers and cattle being slaughtered in a town and goes to take care of the situation, figuring it's a wendigo getting too close to civilization. What he doesn't expect is to find the wendigo dead from werewolf wounds.
He finds the werewolf next, a young adult going by the size and pelt. It's strange to find just one. They usually travel in packs. This one is covered in blood, both it's own and the wendigo's. And it's got a leg trapped in a in a steel jaw trap. It only hurts itself more in fear
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Shiro has been working for the city's library for years, in fact he's been the head librarian for two years and counting. He has his job down to a science, able to balance the books, managing schedules, keeping his employees happy, and stepping in to assist the mangers of the
coffee bar, gift shop, and restaurant. It was overwhelming at first as he managed a large four-story Library with all then nuances. Now he's knows the ins and outs like the back of his hand. Today was no different, he was behind the main counter organizing books onto the return
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REAWAKEN #sheith AU WHERE Keith finds out that Shiro is trapped inside black much earlier than canon. I have this fic outlined with major beats, but I’ll be filling it in as I go.

Thread starts here!

“Shiro did you say something?” The red Paladin spoke into the com.
“Negative, I didn’t say anything. You doing okay out there?” The familiar voice said over the comm.
“Yah.... just thought I heard something.” Keith rugged his eyes and tried to refocus.

Flying Black wasn’t the same as his bond with Red. But Keith felt like he wasn’t alone.
“Just gotta make one more spin around the area, then I’ll head back in.”
“That sounds great, Keith,” Allura said. “Let us know if you see any more anomalies.”
“Will do.” He sighed and he scanned a nearby nebula.

“Keith.... /Keith/“ his vision became blurry.
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When Keith got the request, he didn't see himself agreeing.

But Shiro looked at him with a bright smile & said, "It'll be fun!" and, well. Keith always had a hard time saying no to him.

Which is how Keith finds himself back at his old school, helping with recruitment.
Keith's dressed in his Blades' uniform, Shiro's old jacket draped over his shoulders, and he's watching Shiro explain the controls to a very familiar simulator, answering all questions with a patient smile.

All the kids seem eager to try it out.

All except for one.
There's a kid hanging out on the outskirts of the group, arms crossed while he stares at the ground. No one else pays him any mind. Not even the teacher, who's watching the bigger group instead.

Keith starts making his way over.
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established #sheith: a few decades after the war Shiro realizes he's gone soft in more ways than one.

It's been years since they needed to fight and though Shiro stills likes stay fit because it makes him feel good, he's lost some of his physique.

(CW: mild ageing/body issues)
He's still broad shouldered, still strong—but he no longer has rippling bicep muscles or a washboard stomach.

Though Shiro had always taken a lot of pride in his appearance he knows his younger body was born out of desperation to survive and fight.
He's grateful that's no longer necessary.

But it's still jarring to look in the mirror and and see softness around his middle or age lines at the corner of his eyes when he never thought he'd live long enough to see either.

Sometimes he's not sure how he feels about it.
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Okay, we're doing this! #sheith, #transsheithweek2020
tags: prekerb, post adam breakup, #transshiro, #transkeith, afab/amab terms
It's late in the afternoon and Shiro should be home by now. Instead he's backing Keith into an empty classroom and locking the door. Keith looks up at him, confused an hopeful, one hand settling gently against Shiro's chest.

"Get on your knees," Shiro says, tone comanding.
Keith's cheeks flush adorably as he lowers himself to the floor. His eyes are wide as he looks up at Shiro, so obedient, so loyal. Shiro can't wait to see Keith's pretty mouth covered in his come.
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#sheith omegaverse

The mall has a staff entrance because it's ridiculously fancy like that. Even though it's "staff" only, Keith still always feels out of place when he uses it. He's too rough around the edges--very aware of his status and where he came from.
He's grateful that he only had to use the entrance twice a day, to clock in and clock out. Otherwise he waits outside at the valet booth waiting to park incredibly expensive cars.
It sometimes makes him a little sick that the mall exists at all. That there are people who come here regularly, because spending money (and so MUCH) is just a fun thing to do on a weekend.
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#sheith au where Shiro is a very with PTSD and intimacy issues since the accident that cost him his arm.

One night after a few too many beers he’s posts an ad online offering $80 an hour for someone to brush his hair
Keith—while working his way through a .25 pack of top ramen covered in the Taco Bell hot sauce packets he’s been hoarding—sees the ad. His roommate lance tells him it’s a scam and to stay away but Keith is tired of living on $20 a week and caves and emails a simple “I will.”
The next morning Keith wakes up with heartburn and regret. He’s tempted to cancel but when he sits down at his computer there’s an email from one Takashi Shirogane thanking him for accepting and his PayPal is $80 higher.
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It was supposed to be a routine survey mission, or as routine as anything that takes the Captain of the Atlas and the Black Paladin off the ship can be.

a #sheith thread | probably #nsfw | a/b/o, scenting, sex pollen of sorts | post canon, no s8
It takes Shiro pulling rank to even get them to be able to take the mission on their own. He just wants to get some fresh air and spend some time alone with his best friend, is that really so much to ask?
They take Black down to the surface of the uninhabited planet. Shiro can feel the weight lifting off his shoulders as they pull away from the Atlas.

When Keith cuts off an overzealous officer's security briefing without ceremony, Shiro can't help but snort.
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pre-Kerb, future #sheith

When Shiro returns to his room, he finds a kid sleeping in his bed.

He makes a surprised noise when the sight registers, and that wakes the kid up. Grey eyes blink sleepily in his direction, a tiny fist rubbing them, before the kid goes, "Papa?"
"Uhhhhh..." Shiro looks around. There's no one else. He looks back at the kid and points at himself. "Me?"

The kid nods. "Uh-huh..."

"Are you sure?" Shiro asks, helpless. "I don't think - Am I really?"

"Papa have hair like Daddy," the kid says, nodding. "But Papa is Papa."
There's determination in his tiny face. He believes what he's saying. Shiro edges closer and takes in those tiny features.

There's something familiar about the sweep of those tiny bangs, in the shape of his eyes, and in the curve of his lips when he smiles at Shiro.
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I'm stuck at the mechanic for who knows how long so here we go. 😘
They make plans to meet up at a bar down the street from the club. Keith shows up early and he's waiting with a water when Shiro walks through the door. He's taken Keith's outfit advice and he looks good enough to fucking eat. Keith waves him over and pulls him into a kiss before
Shiro gets a word out.

"You look amazing," Keith whispers. He nips at Shiro's bottom lip before leaning back.

His cheeks are already flushed as he takes a seat at the bar.

"Thanks," he says. "I wasn't sure if I should wear a tie or not."
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