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Father, husband, and City Councillor for Ward 5 in my hometown of Calgary. Account run by George and staff.
5 Nov
I was recently appointed to the Calgary Police Commission. As a lifelong Calgarian, and a representative of Calgary's most diverse ward, I have a responsibility to share the perspectives of communities that have so often been neglected.


After holding dozens of townhalls, knocking on thousands of doors, and bringing the Public Safety Task Force forward, I’ve heard far too many heartbreaking stories of families devastated by violence.

Calgary should be a safe city for EVERYBODY, not just those in certain neighbourhoods. We can only accomplish this if we listen to those who, although not always the loudest, are bringing forward compassionate and equitable solutions.

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4 Nov
It's been almost five months for those in NE #yyc impacted by the June hailstorm.

Can you imagine experiencing a cold Calgary winter with broken windows? Watching your damaged siding deteriorate further?

For those in #Ward5 waiting on repairs, this is reality.

I brought forward a second motion to Council to provide additional relief to Northeast residents who are struggling, through no fault of their own, to repair and replace their damaged property.

#yyccc #StrongerTogether

It is unfortunate that #yyccc - the level of government with the least financial capacity - are the only ones willing to act in support of our Northeast communities.

As elected officials in #yyc, we will not abdicate our responsibility to those in need.

#abpoli #ableg

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