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A story that began over the travel expenses filed by one city councillor on a trip to a Quebec conference last year has now exploded into something larger, raising questions about #yyccc 's financial disclosure practices, accountability and oversight.

1/ Following a FOIP into #yyccc expenses from the FCM conference, we reported on Jan 27 that Coun. Magliocca expensed two to three times as much as his colleagues. We also revealed a significant portion of council travel expenses routinely go undisclosed:…
2/ Magliocca responds with promise to repay a portion of his expenses, says he will cover hospitality bills for alcohol and steaks that he says were consumed while networking/lobbying other elected officials. “I’ll pay for my booze,” he said on Jan. 27:…
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The UCP wants us to turn on each other.

They spin a narrative that cuts are necessary (they aren’t), that public employees get more than they need (they don’t), and that this could all be implemented without pain, if it weren’t for someone else’s waste.

It’s a lie. 1/7
They want us to believe that even though we know the pain that cuts will create in our own area of expertise, elsewhere else in the system lazy, nefarious actors are what is causing the problem.

They want us to blame our neighbours for a shortage they created. 2/7
The UCP cut primary care and try to rewrite the system to force family doctors to practice 10 minute medicine, leaving complex and vulnerable patients to navigate alone.

When doctors stand up for their patients they call them lazy, greedy, and all manner of names. 3/7
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Reading #yyccc makes me want to cry most of the time.

I grew up in inner city Calgary back when there were no shiny condos or bougie beer halls and eateries. It was where newcomer and low-income folks went because that's where the affordable housing stock was.
Home ownership was the goal of many - leading them to the suburbs.

But my mom? She bought a condo downtown in 1999.

For fun, we went to the old central library, Devonian Gardens, the mall, & the Beltline rec centre frequently. We didn't have the money to go anywhere else.
These public spaces helped me feel like I belonged in Calgary. They were free so that my newcomer deprofessionalized low-income mom and grandparents (who also raised me) didn't have to pay for us to just BE in these public spaces.
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With the arena deal at #yyccc again tomorrow, let's dig in. Here are some salient points from recent Sprawlcasts (with some extra goodies thrown in!). THREAD
In January, #yyccc had 4 possible capital projects on the table: arena, BMO Centre expansion, Arts Commons expansion, fieldhouse.

They were supposed to choose which to prioritize.

They didn’t.…
On March 4, the city CFO recommended that council approve just 1 of the 4 projects. She cited:

—upcoming elections
—limited capital $
—Green Line costs

Council disregarded her advice.
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#Strathmore Town Council meeting tonight: Amending land-use bylaw to allow a crematorium.
Being debated with rigour.
Air quality is a concern. Not an AB Health issue but AB Environment. Environment Minister’s office hasn’t responded to @Strathmore_Town’s questions yet.
Councillor Montgomery asks about carbon monoxide emissions.
Presenter says most in-depth study shows particulates don’t stay in the area.
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Back in 2008, when @cityofcalgary undertook creating a new Growth Plan for #yyc, (the MDP), a key understanding & driver was sprawl. We had 33 communities under development & couldn’t afford it. #yyccc knew we had to reduce that number to become financially sustainable.
@cityofcalgary Developers were upset because we were picking “winners and losers”. And yes, we were. All land is not equal when it comes to servicing and development. That is where the Growth Management Overlay came from. #yyccc
@cityofcalgary Since the MDP was approved, there has been constant pressure from the development industry and their lobbyists to relax & erode the rules and regulations in the MDP. Everything from density targets (which were modest at best) to servicing costs have been eroded. #yyccc
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Newly appointed community and protective services chair Coun. Carra says he wants to ensure a "respectful tone" is maintained throughout the public hearing on community water fluoridation today. #yyccc
...Aaaand there's actually a bit more presenting from the expert panel that's been assembled before we get to public hearing. The CEO of the Alex Community Health Centre Joy Bowen-Eyre is speaking now. #yyccc
The Alex runs a dental bus that serves vulnerable children at "in need schools." Half of the kids they see have "active, untreated" decay, according to Bowen-Eyre. #yyccc
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I'm looking back at some of the history of the 'coliseum' (as it was known) in July of 1981, here are some @calgaryherald articles from that time when construction started. As you can see the Vic Park CA was very much against the coliseum #yyccc /1
July 3 - @calgaryherald ran an editorial applauding the City's decision to approve the coliseum. The last paragraph sounds very much like the debate today #yyccc /2
July 4 - Here's another @calgaryherald column about the impacts of the coliseum #yyccc /3
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Some thoughts on the Calgary arena deal #yyc #yyccc #yycarena. First, from empirical evidence we know:

1. New venues don't have significant regional econ impact mostly b/c household sports spending is substitutable (if not spent on sports, it's spend on other entertainment).
2. While new sports venues don't typically help a city economically overall, they can have positive localized impact by slightly (+10-15%) increasing property values at the neighbourhood scale. So not economic boosters, but can help catalyze development in the immediate area.
3. That dev'mt may not be new but rather displaces dev'mt that might otherwise happen in adjacent areas (since absorption is tied to general economic conditions -- no reason to think the arena would generate more net office or housing demand in the city).
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For some perspective on the #yyc biz PTax challenge. Here's a short thread.

It's all about the drop in property values downtown.

The Bow was worth $1.4b in 2015. Today, it's down to $775m.

At today's rates, that loss means ~$12m/yr lower muni govt revenue. From one building.
There's more. Bow Valley Square was worth $900m in 2015. Today, it's down to $236m. That's another $12m in lost muni govt revenue for #yyc.
It goes on and on. Eight Avenue Place was worth nearly $800m in 2015. Today it's worth barely over $390m. That's over $7m in lost muni govt revenue.
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Change in the program at #yyccc : 2019 tax debate is up right now.
Option 1 for 2019. The takeaway wouldn't be much different than what was discussed last November during budget. A 3.45% hike. Average home would pay $105 more in 2019. Would result in close to 2% cut to commercial tax bills. #yyccc #yyc
Option 2 is a more dramatic shift to homeowners, and bigger break for business.

Average home would see $200 increase in 2019 (if no rebate is approved) #yyccc
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Council will CONSIDER a proposal to fund FOUR major capital projects tonight.

- new arena
- BMO Centre expansion
- Arts Commons (phase 1)
- Fieldhouse
The City's chief financial officer just said she is only comfortable moving forward with a single project, not all four. Asked why, she expressed concern about the City's liquidity and costs related to Green Line construction. #yyccc #yyc
Coun. Woolley sounding the alarm on this proposal. "We cannot in a fiscally responsible way undertake these and our chief financial officer has said that." #yyccc #yyc
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The Friends of Confederation Creek (FOCC) were very encouraged by our dealings with City Administration and their preliminary Confederation Park Stormwater Drainage Study report's findings. @ConfedCreek…
#yyc #yyccc
he North Hill Coulee was formed by the retreat of Ice Age glaciers and there has been water flowing in it since that time. This seminal AEP Report in 1961 clearly shows the Coulee (orange) & the legend the amount of groundwater present. (Map is from 1951.)…
This is the largest water catchment in Calgary. It is 2700 hectares, encompassing communities from Shaganappi Trail to Edmonton Trail on the south side of Nose Hill; from Triwood and Varsity communities to Highland Park and Thorncliffe Greenview communities. Map from 1931.
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So, I see a lot of people - including a lot of media - lining up to cry VINDICATION on the Jeromy Farkas story. Here's why this is terribly wrongheaded.
Let's start with the facts. On Dec. 17's regular Council session, part of the agenda included a motion from Councilor Sutherland (@Ward4Ward1), which called for a salary freeze for City Council. Here's the full text of that:
During the debate on this motion, confusion arose over Council salaries, which are tied to the average weekly earnings of Albertans. The city's Chief Financial Officer, Carla Male, seemed to indicate that voting in favour of the motion would actually result in a net GAIN.
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This Tuesday is #UrbanAffairsBookClub @shelflifeyyc, and we're reading 'Building the Cycling City: the Dutch Blueprint for Urban Vitality' by @modacitylife. I liked this book so much, I decided to go through it again, and I'll be live-tweeting my experience!
#yycplan #yycwalk and #yycbike tweeps, feel free to follow along.
The authors, Melissa and Chris Bruntlett, decided to take the plunge and do away with car ownership (saving $800 per month!). Carshare was the tipping point, but they mostly stuck to walking, cycling and transit, using rental cars for the occasional road trip.
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Today we're mailing more than half a million property and business #assessment notices. The Customer Review Period also begins today and runs through March 12. Visit or call 403-268-2888 for more info. #yyccc
The average assessed value of a single family home in #yyc is up 2% from 2017 to $480K while the average assessed value of a condo is $260K (down from $270K in 2017)
2018 Property #Assessments are based on market value on July 1, 2017 & physical condition of properties on Dec. 31, 2017. 2018 Business Assessments reflect typical net annual rental value on July 1, 2017.
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