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- 2,020 new COVID cases in Alberta on 17327 tests (11.7%+0
- 18 new deaths reported
- 911 in hospital (+15), incl 215 in ICU (+3)
- 19,201 active cases (+495)

#yeg #yyc #ableg #covi19ab Image
Calgary at 4154 active cases (+34)

Edmonton at 3505 active cases (-15)

Red Deer at 680 active cases (+86)

#yeg #yyc #ableg #Covid19ab Image
*ICU Correction

215 patients in ICU represents a drop of 7 patients from the previous day.
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The 3-day finale of #yyccc 2017-2021 was lit!!! It’s hard to believe the writers were able to get so many great things resolved. Also, so many cool things have been set up for the next show: 2021-2025 (which will start filming on Oct 18). Here’s my recap of the highlights: 1/24
The finale opened w emotion: 1) #yyc-based members of the #TokyoOlympics/#TokyoParalympics #teamcanada were honored. 2) tributes to the retiring members of #yyccc, @DruhFarrell @EWoolleyWard8 @ChahalGeorge @Ward4Ward1 @CouncillorKeats & @nenshi, induced tears & good vibes. 2/24
After almost exactly 4yrs of work initiated by my learning about #BenefitDrivenProcurement @FCSSAAoffice’s AGM right after the 2017 #yycvote, getting an NoM passed by #yyccc, & development shepherded by @momentumcalgary’s @HareCourtney, we’ve approved a great policy!!! 3/24
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Rick Bell time.

To what degree what happened since January 1 is a reflection of your leadership? There are many people angry with you.

"Albertans deserve more than 'I apologize'"

#yeg #yyc #ableg #Covid19ab
Kenney reiterates his apology.

But says he didn't think they were wrong to life restrictions in July.
Kenney says he DOES NOT apologize for lifting restrictions in July based on increasing vaccination rates and data from other areas around the world.

Says there would have been too much anger to keep lockdown-style policies.
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Health Minister Tyler Shandro says as of 10:01 on Spet 16, masking will continue in all indoor places and physical distancing will now be required again at 2 metres.

#yeg #yyc #ableg #covid19ab
Shandro says vaccinated people can gather indoor to just those in same household and one other to a maximum of ten (no restrictions for kids under 12)
Unvaccinated Albertans will NOT be allowed to attend ANY indoor gatherings.
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BREAKING: Alberta declares state of public health emergency.

#yeg #yyc #ableg #Covid19ab
Premier Kenney says Alberta may run out of bed and staff for intensive care beds in ten days.
Kenney says hospitals normally have 173 staffed ICU beds, with 85 capacity.

Today, we have 269 ICU patients.
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Premier Kenney will provide an update on Alberta's COVID strategy at 6 pm.

#yeg #yyc #ableg #covid19ab
This comes as the COVID cabinet committee has spent the past two days discussing their next step.

Sources telling CityNews that some form of vaccine passport is coming.

#yeg #yyc #ableg #Covid19ab
One form of passport that was discussed was that restaurants that don't require vaccination proof would be subjected to restrictions, such as only being permitted curbside service and (weather permitting) patios.
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-1,434 new COVID cases in Alberta on 11,880 tests (12.1%+)
- 9 new deaths reported
- 822 in hospital (+19), incl 212 in ICU (+14)
- 18,265 active cases (-130)

#yeg #Yyc #ableg #Covid19ab
Calgary at 3961 active cases (-21)

Edmonton at 3514 active cases. (+18)

Neither is in the top fifty regions per capita in Alberta.

#yeg #yyc #ableg #Covid19ab
71.35% of new Alberta COVID cases unvaccinated.

Of the 822 COVID patients in hospital, 608 are unvaccinated.

Of the 212 in ICU, 186 are unvaccinated.

#yeG #yyc #ableg #Covid19ab
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Albertans will be able to print off a proof of vaccine card as of Sept 16.

Government continues to work on a QR code as well.

#yeg #Yyc #ableg #Covid19ab
This proof of vaccine card/QR code created by the Alberta government comes as several businesses here and other provincial governments are requiring proof of vaccine for discretionary services.

The Alberta government has indicated it will not have a vax passport plan.
In just the last *three weeks*, 110k Albertans have signed up for a MyHealth Records account.

The total now sits at 910K.

#yeg #yyc #ableg #Covid19ab
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In a meeting with PCN officials Monday night, Dr. Deena Hinshaw says she deeply regrets her words that suggested that COVID was over at the end of July.

#yeg #Yyc #ableg #Covid19ab
Dr. Hinshaw says she doesn't know when the fourth wave will end in Alberta.

Says looking at other US jurisdictions, they peaked at an ICU level that would be equivalent of 350 COVID patients in ICU.

#yeg #yyc #ableg #Covid19ab
Dr. Hinshaw says she regrets having taken away contact tracing ahead of the fourth wave, but doesn't believe it greatly contributed to what Alberta is experiencing.

She says removing restrictions is mostly to blame.

#yeg #yyc #ableg #Covid19ab
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Speaking to docs, nurses & health experts, #Alberta's CMOH Deena Hinshaw admits she lulled the province into a false sense of security, saying she shouldn't have claimed COVID was over in July... Apologizing. #COVID19AB #yyc #yeg #abpoli #ableg Full vid:
"I feel very responsible for the narrative that has made it more complicated to put additional health measures in place," Hinshaw says. "Whether or not it was my intention, what was heard at the end of July was COVID is over, we can walk away and ignore it."
#COVID19AB #yyc #yeg
"That has had repercussions and I deeply regret how that has played out," she adds. "Obviously Alberta is in a significant crisis state right now, there's no dancing around that but I think it's very important to remember, Delta caught a bunch of us unaware." #COVID19AB #yyc #yeg
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2 days ago, @PfParks wrote a summary of why the current reporting about ICU beds doesn’t capture the whole story. He gave me permission to post his summary:
#abhealth #covid19AB #YEG #YYC
#GetVaccinatedNow #ICUbeds @YourAlberta @GoAHealth
AHS has had to cancel most surgeries in order to reduce possible use of ICU beds. OR nurses and other staff are working the surge ICU beds.

Places in AB are being told to encourage downgrading of R1 status, and to not intubation unless there’s a guaranteed ICU bed waiting.
People who need an ICU bed due to trauma or end-stage disease may not get them.

Including your parent with a heart attack.

Please do what you can to get more people vaccinated.
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This is hard to write but it is true for many. What I’m about to say is a harsh reality of what people go through.

What I am about to say is also the reason why a lot of people don’t ask for help.

People do not ask for help because of the fears and stigmas that exist.

Here Is Something to think about,

What if you were a #singleparent with a #child

You work full time for $15.00/hr

You take home roughly $960.00 per paycheck (bi-weekly after taxes)

#singleparent #parenting #Blessed #grateful #calgary #calgarylife #alberta #yyc

Your bills per month:

$1,000 or more for rent
$150 or more for cable/internet
$250 or more for utilities
$150 per month for car insurance

So let’s do the math

You bring home about
$1,920.00 a month

Your bills average about $1,500(give or take)

@GrannyGTArp @BallerGearCA
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Disturbing video via chest cam at an #Alberta advanced poll today, shared on the Calgary Freedom Central telegram channel.

Is this what we have to look forward to when we vote? @ElectionsCan_E @ElectionsAB
(I’ve blurred the video)
More disturbing video by the same poster “Bill Keith” entering the polling station while refusing to wear a mask.

Bill Keith’s videos are receiving support from other members of the telegram group. Bill compares mask mandates to “saying to a girl to get raped to get food.”
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How will new funding help immediate crisis in ICU/delayed surgery?

Shandro says it adds bed capacity that when its safe moving patients to their home or home care setting.

Dr. Yiu says they have about 400 patients who might be able to do so now.

#yeg #yyc #ableg #covid19ab
Okay, but how will this help *today*?

Shandro says this is one way to increase capacity immediately and the medium term.

Yiu says they're increasing capacity by canceling surgeries.

Says they can move 200 of the above patients into continuing care within next week.
When is it time to introduce proof of vaccine?

Shandor calls it a great question without an easy answer.

Says AHS showed leadership by mandating vaccines.

Shandro says they are creating their own QR code and a printable card.
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- 1,166 new COVID cases in Alberta on 10687 tests (1229 cases before reconciling)
- 18 new deaths
- 647 in hospital (+45) , including 147 in ICU (+10)
- 15,618 active cases (+132)

#yeg #yyc #ableg #covid19ab
Calgary at 3320 active cases (+121)

Edmonton at 3165 (+17)

#yeg #Yyc #ableg #Covid19ab
New COVID deaths in Alberta:

30-39: +1
40-49: +1
60-69: +4
70-79: +2
Over: +10

#Yeg #Yyc #ableg #Covid19ba
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🚨😔😔😞What a day😞😔😔🚨

Is it ever going to get better?

How can there be so many people in need? So many people that are falling through the cracks?

It is so hard to keep going knowing we can only do so much…but when does one draw the line?

Who helps the helpers?
Today was a high stress and difficult to process day filled with so many people who are hurting and lost that it is heartbreaking💔.

We might have to make the difficult decision to close our doors. Too many people in need.


Who helps the helpers?
We normally take a few days on the weekend for self care.

We woke up to 171 phone calls, 83 text messages and 47 emails from people asking for help. Asking for direction.

People in Alberta are😟worried. Scared. Frustratingly frustrated with what has been happening in Alberta.
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This is a thread about Donor Lists in the upcoming #yyc municipal elections. This thread contains original research based off of the donor lists enclosed by @JeffDavisonYYC, @JeromyYYC and @JyotiGondek
#yyccc #yycvote
First, I just want to say a couple of things:
1.Political Campaigns are expensive and the rules imposed by the UCP have made it difficult for candidates. If you find a good candidate, please consider supporting them financially or with your time.
2.Candidates have no control over who donates to them. Receiving a donation from someone does not mean that the candidate supports that person.
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We are at a local superstore and we are needing Calgary’s help.

We are filling the last items needed for the special medical food hamper for this senior family. Can anyone help with this?

#Help #YYCCC #YEG #YEGCC #foodie #Food #hampers #HelpNeeded
The reason this is a unique hamper is because the senior gentleman we are helping is terminal and has severe dietary restrictions that have been set by his doctor

We have worked with his doctor to provide what he needs to be comfortable as he possibly can be.
#SocialGood #BeGood
If anyone can help please donate. Our donation info is 👇🏼




(Click Donate)

@Hell_Berta @EveryAlbertan @GrannyGTArp @grantfuhr @MarkCherrington @ChristinaNDP #YYC #YEG #MEDTwitter #Calgary #Alberta
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As of today there is a province-wide mask mandate in AB. Everywhere, EXCEPT IN SCHOOLS.
1. Schools, where we have UNVACCINATED kids sitting in a classroom together.
#abhealth #abed
2. Schools, where there will be indoor gatherings of > 10 people indoors on a daily basis (remember, the government strongly recommends that unvaccinated Albertans limit indoor social gatherings to a maximum of 10 people)
#abhealth #abed
3. Schools, where there have been no changes to optimizing ventilation.
4. Schools, where wearing masks would at least help mitigate spread of the infectious Delta variant.
5. Schools, where last school year a provincial mask mandate was in effect.
#abhealth #abed
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#Ableg News 🧵 (1/14)

Well Alberta….what the heck happened?? It’s been a HORRIBLE week for the @UCPCaucus!

Albertans went from anger towards Kenney abandoning Alberta to even more anger and confusion when he returned….it’s bad

Grab a glass of Jamieson’s and let’s review 🥃
#Ableg News 🧵(2/14)


1. Our week started with UCP MLA Nathan Neudorf admitting Kenney’s plan is to let the Delta variant sweep through our unvaccinated populations, causing more serious illness and death…perhaps explaining why he’s not in Alberta right now. 😳
#Ableg News 🧵(3/14)

2. Kenney’s Executive Council l, which is responsible for guiding the province during Covid-19, released their schedule for this week.

As Covid-19 cases surges, schools are back in session, and we needed direction….they were nowhere to be found…
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Jason Kenney: “It’s important that a person in my position take a break to not burnout”

What about the doctors and nurses and other healthcare professionals?

#yeg #abpoli #ableg #COVID19AB
And now he's talking about the lottery...
Oh gosh.
This is so tone deaf.
"And we will be the first province in Canada to offer a new incentive"
A blue dodge ram pickup truck?

#COVID19AB #ableg #abpoli
#JasonKenney is banking very hard on vaccinations; says if this wave taxes our healthcare system they will look at targeted restrictions.

Says these are not lockdowns; defers to Australia and New Zealand if people want to see real lockdowns.

#ableg #abpoli #COVID19AB
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Premier Kenney begins by saying he hopes everyone has had a good Alberta summer and say a special hello to those going back to school.

#yeg #yyc #ableg #covid19ab

When will you ban vaccine mandates in Alberta- AHS needs to back off.

Kenney says his gov changed legislation to ensure vaccines aren't mandated for public.

That said, some employers will require them- like AHS. Says it's a long-standing policy for AHS.
Kenney says in northern Alberta, an unvaxxed worker with symptoms showed up at a hospice and spread it to six other workers and some of the patients- some who died.

Says unfair for patients/co-workers to be put in that position.
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-1315 new COVID cases in Alberta on 12141 tests (10.8%+)
- 8 new deaths
- 465 in hospital (+34), incl 107 in ICU (+1)
- 12290 active cases (+630)

#yeg #yyc #ableg #Covid19ab
The 1315 new COVID cases reported in Alberta today is the highest tally since May 13.

The 465 in hospital is the highest since May 28.

#yeg #yyc #ableg #Covid19ab
Edmonton now at 2647 active cases (+107)

Calgary at 2522 active cases (+105)

ID 24 Wood Buffalo and MD of Bonnyville are per capita leaders in Alberta.

#yeg #Yyc #ableg #Covid19ab
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- 920 new COVID cases in Alberta on 7487 tests (12.3%+)
- 431 in hospital (+30), incl 106 in ICU (+8)
- 4 new deaths
- 11660 active cases (+234)

#yeg #yyc #ableg #Covid19ab
Alberta's 12.3% positivity rate is one of the highest we've seen during the entire pandemic.

I believe the daily high was 12.7% back on May 10th.

#yeg #yyc #ableg #Covid19ab
Edmonton at 2542 active cases (+69)

Calgary at 2417 active cases (+12)

Medicine Hat at 528 cases (-16)

#yeg #yyc #ableg #Covid19ab
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