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It was inevitable that this #Alberta lawyer would limit who could see her revealing thread.
So, I took screen shots to keep things on record.
This is an invaluable glimpse into the mindset of those working within the penal system in #Canada 🇨🇦.
In this series of 10 tweets, we see…… Image
Tweet #1 : Instant anger over citizens simply expressing their concerns in a public space. Image
Tweet #2 - Admitting that few in #Canada really care much about incarcerated women.
Amy is right!
But why, then, would she proceed to excoriate a few folks on a Calgary #yyc overpass who actually *do* care?
Why would she become so angry when encountering such a rare thing?…… Image
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Some people have the impression that the UCP won an 11-seat majority. Numerically, it's true - the UCP got 49 seats, the NDP 38. So, 11 more seats.
#ableg #abpoli #cdnpoli #abvotes #yyc #Yeg
But that's not a legislative majority. The house has 87 seats, Support from 44 MLAs is necessary to win a vote. The UCP has 49 seats; a legislative majority of five votes. Previous low for any government was 13 for the NDP in 2015. #ableg #abpoli #cdnpoli #abvotes #yyc #Yeg
And the five-seat majority is weaker than it looks. A speaker must be elected. The speaker is nominally impartial but can vote to break a tie. One MLA, Jennifer Johnson, will sit as an independent. #ableg #abpoli #cdnpoli #abvotes #yyc #Yeg
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The dangers of reporting too quickly late at night after a long campaign. Result - errors in what I reported and tweeted last night about vote count. #ableg #abpoli #cdnpoli #abvotes #yyc #yeg
So I’ve revised the column online - again.…
First, the scanners at advance polls DO count votes. They are not connected to the internet. Each local returning officer communicates the riding-by-riding votes from each machine to Elections Alberta. #ableg #abpoli #cdnpoli #abvotes #yyc #yeg
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Mega 🧵Part 5: This thread serves as a reminder of some of the opportunistic ideologues that aligned themselves under the UCP banner & their disastrous, often embarrassing actions over the past 4 years. Many of these dud MLAs are seeking re-election. #Ableg #Abpoli 1/x Image
This is Devin “Shields Up” Dreeshen. This spoiled privileged brat treated the Legislature like a frat party ultimately resigning his cabinet post after allegations of harassment & drunken binges. Reinstated by Smith as she though he was ministerial material. #Ableg #Abpoli ImageImage
BTW did he get away with travelling during Covid restrictions? Did the Kenney and the UCP cover for him while others took the fall? Doesn't look like St. Barts to me at all. #Ableg #Abpoli Image
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This is very encouraging. Notley is going to Calgary South-East and Calgary-Lougheed, districts UCP won by 61/19 and 66/25 in 2019. Leaders don't spend the final days of races in districts they don't think they can win. If South Calgary is in play, UCP is toast. #ableg #abelxn23
This thread explains why the pollsters have completely underestimated the magnitude of the shift that has occurred in #yyc. #ableg #abpoli #abelxn23
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And... Stephen Harper throws his support directly behind Danielle Smith and UCP. #Yeg #yyc #ableg
So, that's Harper and Poilievre in Danielle Smith's camp, along with former PC cabinet minister Ted Morton.

For the NDP, endorsements come from many former Progressive Conservatives, ranging from Thomas Lukaszuk and Doug Griffiths to peeps from Peter Lougheed's inner circle
And in a shocking twist that rivals Harper's endorsement of Smith, former Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi is endorsing the NDP. Image
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We are down to the last few days of the election and I will end my series on Family Medicine with these graphics from @Albertadoctors

How bad is the state of Family Medicine in #Alberta compared to the early days of the UCP?

Well, read on:

The number of Family Doctors accepting new patients overall in AB has dropped from 887 to 209, with the South Zone taking a near obliteration.

(I actually think this is an overestimation for all zones because many of these are walk in or niche docs only)

2/x Image
Compared to the populations they serve, this is a dramatic loss and explains why you can't find a Family Doctor if you lose yours...


3/x Image
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Alberta NDP announce the Save Albertans Money Act would be their Bill 1, targeting utilities, insurance, tuition etc.

They would also repeal the Sovereignty Act with Bill 2, and protect the Canada Pension Plan with Bill 3.

#yeg #yyc #ableg Image
Here are the specifics of the NDP's proposed Bill 1 that addresses their plans to deal with affordability issues. #yeg #yyc #ableg Image
Here are the specifics about the NDP's proposed Bills 2 and 3 (along with more talking points on health care and education.) Image
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A bit of a party to greet Art Pawlowski at his moon presser where he’s promising more info on his interactions with Danielle Smith. #yeg #yyc #ableg Image
Okay, Art Pawlowski’s plan to hold his presser on the ledge steps is apparently changing, he’s holding it on the federal plaza, so now we’re all heading that way wheeeeee
And…. We’re back on the ledge steps
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Danielle Smith announces that UCP Bill 1 would be 'The Taxpayer Protection Amendment Act' - legislation meaning any increase on personal taxes or corporate taxes would need to pass a referendum- also pledges to strengthen same against PST proposals. #yeg #yyc #ableg
Smith asked if she would include a carbon tax in this legislation.

She says her government continues to fight it, and calls on Rachel Notley to end the retail carbon tax, says removing it is their first priority.
What about claims that canvassers are saying vote UCP, not Danielle Smith?

Smith says she loves robust debate in her caucus and delighted that her candidates can go door to door to talk about the issues they want to talk about.
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1/ I cannot even describe the level of ignorance and xenophobia here. In 2001, I moved to Canada at 17 with a full scholarship as a “foreign student.” Our universities have highly skilled and smart students in STEM, social sciences and all types of fields
2/ They graduate and decide to stay in Canada (or not), contribute, and CREATE jobs in Canada. Their contributions to our communities and business sectors are invaluable. My husband alone has created over 35 jobs as a PhD graduate with a tech start up
3/ With an aging population, Canada and Alberta need young people and a skilled workforce. It’s a huge bonus when this workforce is a product of our Canadian educational systems. This candidate clearly has no understanding of the issue at hand. Vote wisely, Alberta #ableg #yyc
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Mega 🧵Part 4: This thread serves as a reminder of just some of the reasons as to why racialized Albertans should consider not voting for the UCP this election. #Ableg #Abpoli 1/x Image
Remember when during the height of Covid Kenney went on radio to blame the South Asian Community in Calgary for spreading Covid? #YYC #Ableg #Abpoli…
Remember the lack of supports after the devastating hail storm in Calgary in 2020 and how systematic racism was blamed for these lack of supports? #YYC #Ableg #Abpoli…
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There's nothing that reinforces the stupidity of mankind like Facebook drama.

Two #USAF C-17 Globemasters (09-9212 #AE49C8 #RCH745 & 10-0214 #AE4D67 #RCH435) landed at in Calgary YYC and the USAF asked the Ground Handling Company to enforce a ban on pictures and video of the…… ImageImageImage
Our review starts on 2023-05-13 when #RCH435 took off from Charleston and flew to JBA. #AE4D67,a… Image
On 2023-05-14 #RCH705 departed Charleston heading NW, and #RCH435 departed JBA heading NW too.,a…
#AE49C8 #AE4D67 Image
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Mega Thread Part 2: The quality of candidates that the UCP attract has always been suspect. Here is a trip down memory lane of some of the more heinous UCP candidates including racists, Nazis, and bigots (of various forms). #Ableg #Abpoli
Meet Myles Mcdougall. Myles stated that Black People Don’t Want Education And Live in “Ghetto Culture”. Myles is the current candidate for Calgary-Fish Creek. #Ableg #Abpoli #YYC… Image
Meet Mark Mantei. Mark claimed that Muslims are the only group that engages in extremism and violence.… Image
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Who in Alberta expects the stereotypes about Black people, education and “ghetto culture” to be repudiated?

Education and employment facts

“Canada’s Black population faces varying job prospects despite equal education. Here’s why” @globalnews (Feb 2023)…
There’s a public figure peddling long debunked anti-Black stereotypes, including that Black Albertans don’t want education

The evidence requires analysis

A portrait of educational attainment and occupational outcomes among racialized populations in 2021… Image
Idea of “Ghetto culture” in Alberta is nonsense.

Stereotypes say more about those peddling them than the people being maligned. The Black folks in Canada, as in Alberta, are heterogeneous.

Diversity of the Black population in Canada: An overview (2020)… Image
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UCP MLA's Peter Guthrie on the RVS. Link below to detailed article concerning the compalints from the RVS. I think we all know who is lying here and it's not the RVS. Choose wisely Airdrie-Cochrane. Vote ABNDP. 1/2 #Abpoli #Ableg #Abed Image
RVS's detailed complaints regarding lack of school funding. All lies according to the UCP's Peter Guthrie. 2/2 #Abed #Abpoli #Ableg…
"Rocky View Schools Division feels ignored by the Smith Government". Liars according to UCP MLA Peter Guthrie. #Abed #YYC #Abpoli #Ableg…
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With the horrible air quality from #ABWildfire I’ve put some MERV13 rated furnace filters in my windows so we can get clean, cool air in the house. It filters pollution out of the air as it blows into the house. Filtrete1900’s are MERV13. #yeg #yyc Screen door with a furnace ...Slider window with a furnac...
To fill the large gap on top I cut a piece of cardboard and duct taped it to the filter. Used some peel & stick weather stripping along the edges of the filter & cardboard. So it’s easy to take in and out.
I’ve also got #corsirosenthalbox and HEPA filters running inside the house. I’ve made a variety of types over the years using different fans & filters. Lots of size and noise options.
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Many more Albertans are waking up to the smell of wildfire smoke and air quality statements this morning. Even #YYC’s AQHI is expected to go to 6 (moderate risk) today:…
A well-fitted N95 respirator can be effective to filter out the smoke (as well as 🦠).
Portable HEPA filters can also be effective in filtering out 💨&🦠 within a space.
They can be put together with furnace filters and a box fan for relatively low cost; search online for Corsi-Rosenthal box plans.
On a clear day, you can usually see downtown #YYC behind me. Not today. Image
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Danielle Smith asked if she would include vaccine status in Human Rights Act.

Says "we're not going to do that."

But adds they are waiting on Preston Manning's interim report and look at recommendations and make decisions about future pandemics then. #yeg #yyc #ableg
What influence does Take Back Alberta have on your government?

Smith says UCP is one person, one vote- calls it a very positive approach to have many voices.

Adds in this model, there's no way that TBA rises to that level of influence.
Smith asked about need to offer a broader correction on NDP net zero costing.

Says they don't have to do that, adds that they're numbers were correct because the $87B figure was based on two reports, not just the Navius one.
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UCP leader Danielle Smith lays out her party's job and economy plan.

That includes launching the 'Alberta is Calling' signing bonus - a $1,200 payment to newcomers who fill voids in applicable fields. #yeg #yyc #ableg Image
Smith also announces as AB graduation retention tax credit to keep more graduates in Alberta- which would be a non-refundable tax credit worth between $3k-$10k, depending on the program.
Smith also announces a streamlining of certification for skilled trades and HC workers.

They'll also expand auto-credentialing and internationally trained professions.
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UCP claim that NDP's previous pledge to make Alberta’s electricity grid net-zero by 2035 would cost a total of $87B. #yeg #yyc #ableg Image
For those asking, the UCP is eyeing a 2050 net zero plan, but has not provided details or costs for their plan. #yeg #yyc #ableg…
UCP candidate Brian Jean says his party's plan to go net zero by 2050 doesn't yet have a cost, but that it's affordable and in line with global goals.
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UCP Youtube live stream of their day one launch was initially over 30 minutes, including a Q&A with Danielle Smith.

The stream has now been chopped down to 10 minutes, removing the Q&A portion with Smith. #yeg #yyc #ableg Image
It's not the only UCP presser that removed the Q&A.

The UCP's newser calling out the NDP on police is now just 5 minutes. Image
And other pressers, including Danielle Smith's health care pledge appear to be just completely removed off their youtube and facebook pages. ImageImage
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Hey question for @yyCBEdu: why is Hillhurst School having a "wellness talk" tomorrow featuring a Fox News talking head and regular guest of Tucker Carlson who spouts misinfo and pseudoscience about kids' mental health? #yyc #ableg #abed… Image
@yyCBEdu There are many mental health professionals that could be tapped for this kind of talk that would be more appropriate and aren't approaching this from an ideological perspective. Is this reflective of @yyCBEdu's stance on children's mental health @LauraHack34, @patriciajbolger?
I'm sure @drangelagrace or some of her colleagues would have something to say on this
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Here's the video shared by the Alberta NDP from Jun 3, 2021 on the Alberta Enterprise Group Youtube where she makes reference to restoring the payment relationship in healthcare. #yeg #yyc #ableg
NDP Sarah Hoffman asked about the timing of the clip - after her time at CORUS but also a year before running for UCP leadership.

Hoffman says this is the authentic Danielle Smith.
Hoffman asked what the NDP would modernize.

Claims under the NDP watch you could get a family doctor in a day - and points to issues of Albertans being able to get one now.

Says biggest step is taking steps to ensure everyone has a family doc.
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