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Someone messaged us and asked us what the total would be to help everyone that is currently on our list.

To help everyone on our list we would need a total amount of $2435.00

That amount would let us fill all 23 hamper requests.
If anyone could help us reach that total, we could then put the minds of 23 families at ease because then they would not have to worry about having to feed their families. Having to feed their children. Having to go without eating just so they can make the food they do have last
You can help by donating to us or any other organization that feeds Calgarians in need.

If you would like to donate to us you can send an etransfer to:


You can also check us out on Facebook and our website at:

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Thread: 1/?

Late last night we had someone phone us at 11:45pm. It was from a mom of 4 who herself had not eaten nothing 3 days just so she could make the food she did have last for her children.
This mom had gone to the food bank and gone to the brown bagging for kids as well has utilized the free meals that are handed out throughout the city.

This is a mom who has tried EVERYTHING to find a job and get help from different organizations and the government.
She went to Alberta Works and was told she had to go after the dad for child support before they could help her. They gave her papers on how to contact maintenance enforcement and how to go to court for child support. That’s great but that doesn’t help her now....
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#ICYMI: Here's my story about the anti-racism rally being cancelled in Red Deer Sunday after hate groups assaulted the people in attendance. Alberta Justice Minister @KayceeMaduYEG will be speaking to media at noon. #reddeer #yyc #yeg
Alberta Justice Minister @KayceeMaduYEG says he is deeply disturbed. "I won't tolerate this as Justice minister. This is completely unacceptable. RCMP is responsible for policing in Red Deer. We need to get to the bottom of this.. "
Madu says a criminal investigation has been opened. **When I spoke @RCMPAlberta yesterday there were no ongoing investigations & no charges. #reddeer
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We need your help. We have loads of people asking us for help due to the following:

-Job Loss
-Cant Pay Rent
-Cant Pay Utilities
-Cant Afford Medication
-Cant Afford Medical Supplies
-Cant Afford School Supplies/Fees
Having to choose between Food and any of the above items should not happen and isnt right.

Simply giving someone, a family, a couple, a senior food security for even just a month...takes immense stress off of a person.
That’s why there are great organizations and groups like the @CalgaryFoodBank & @HarvestHillsYYC

Everyone works together and does what they need to do for the city that we all care about so much.
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I have some thoughts about school lunch. We have such a great opportunity right now to rethink how we ensure kids are fed at school-and to come up with a sustainable, dignified solution that benefits the community as well via the distribution of support funds. Some thoughts:
We’re undoubtedly at the cusp of a steep increase in need. Even pre-Covid, thousands in #yyc depended on school breakfast/lunch programs as their main food source of the day. Without national/provincial programs, is there a solution that eliminates the need for emergency lunches?
Dignity is key: I've never had to wonder where my next meal will come from, but I've heard many kids (and now-adults) say they'd rather be hungry than be identified as someone who needs a free lunch. Having lunch offered to *all* kids means none are singled out.
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If anyone out there in the world can help, please consider donating to us. We as a group....we as a team...we as a part of Calgary Alberta, will continue to help as many people as we can as long as there is a need to do so.
You can check us out at:



We accept e-transfers & PayPal:




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I sat down with @AdrianaLaGrange today for a 45-minute chat about back to school. We discussed a lot, here are some bullet points:
With outbreaks and hundreds of students in isolation, can we really say this school year has been a success? LaGrange says it's just the start of the school year and the cases in schools were not contracted in schools, they were from the community. #ABEd
Why not just hire more teachers to reduce class sizes, isn't that cost worth it? LaGrange says it isn't about the cost, it's about whether there are tens of thousands of teachers out there. She says school divisions have been enabled to do what they need to do. #ABEd
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If anyone can help, we would be very grateful. We are seeing even more of an increase in requests due to CERB ending and transitioning over to EI. (Which many do not qualify for, yet we hope help in any form arrives soon)
If you are in need, please head over to our website: HarvestHillsCaresCalgary.Ca and click on the contact us now button.
If you can please consider donating we accept Etransfers and PayPal at the moment but will have more options in the near future.

Etransfer: HarvestHillsCaresCalgary@Gmail.Com

PayPal.Me/HarvestHillsCa… Image
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THREAD: It’s no surprise the UCP has dropped 15% since last year’s election. Look at the record.

#ableg #abpoli #Alberta #cdnpoli #yyc #yeg #yql #ymm #canmore #banff…
2. Kenney promised 50,000 new jobs, but lost 50,000 before the pandemic (and another 250,000 since).

#ableg #abpoli #Alberta #cdnpoli #yyc #yeg #yql #ymm #canmore #banff…
3. He promised no cuts to front line services, but he’s cut funding across the board. He's done real damage to education and health care.

#ableg #abpoli #Alberta #cdnpoli #yyc #yeg #yql #ymm #canmore #banff…
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Last night, at around 2am, a young man's life was ended during an altercation involving guns.

We don't have all the details right now, and we may never. But it's almost certain that this wasn't a random incident - gun violence usually isn't.…
The #YYC Public Safety Task Force will be meeting for the third time on Friday (September 18th). We have reviewed many of the preventative programs available locally, and we are shifting the conversation towards the gaps and challenges facing those who work to make Calgary safer.
We can't do this alone.

Let's work together to build a safer city, while listening to subject-matter experts as well as ordinary citizens. If we delay these challenging conversations, we will continue waking up to headlines like this.

#yyccc #PublicSafety #StrongerTogether
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We have four hampers that we currently need help with. If you would like to help any of these following individuals/families/seniors directly please DM us! 1/?
Hamper 1: (Family of three. Two adults and one child. They also have two pets. One cat and one dog.)

This family is in need of a small to medium hamper. Their list of immediate needs total $265.00. Their list of wants total $170.00. 2/?
This family is also looking for help with a gently used washer and dryer. This is a blended family that is also looking to meet new people that live in the north east area, specifically the Whitehorn area. If you would like more info please DM. 3/?
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Thread: 1/?

To give everyone an idea of just what we do here at Harvest Hills Cares Calgary......We would like to invite anyone and everyone to join us on a food hamper delivery.

We are always looking for volunteers!

So if you would like to join us, please head on over to our website and click on the contact us button.

However as of late we've seen an increase of requests for food hampers and individuals asking us for assistance with other things such as Utilities, Rent, and Medication.

We have done a little bit of everything to help the people who are struggling, the disadvantaged as well as single families and seniors too.

To give everyone an idea of our hamper program, here is the run down.
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Just once I wish we had enough to help everyone on our lists....just once.

It’s not always about money but sometimes it’s about quality of life and making people smile and helping people...taking away their worries if only for a little while. A helping them with what they need.
If you can help, please DM we have a requests big and small. We have requests for something as simple as bedding for a child to as big as help with utility cut offs and evictions.
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Do you all want an update on my flooring situation? I know you do. Long time followers will remember I had a condo flood in June. It resulted in black water getting into my carpet. The carpet was torn out in June along with much drywall & a negligent plumber causing big problems.
So, figuring out who was responsible for what took a bit. Fair. I can be patient. But things didn’t get moving again until I got pushy in August. I got a flooring quote from a reasonably respected company in #yyc that my condo prefers we use.
I decided to upgrade from carpet to vinyl plank in the whole condo. I got a quote that specifically stated it included a 5mm cork underlay to make sure there wasn’t a weird baseboard gap and that tile and plank would be the same height. The quote clearly included cork underlay.
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We will be transporting the powered wheelchair from Calgary to Leduc hopefully in the next week!

We also have some goodies to include w#in our special care package for the woman who is in need of this wheelchair! This is life changing for her!!!
We @HarvestHillsYYC are so grateful for all the community support and we are still a tad bit short of our fundraising goal so if you could please Jennifer at: 403-608-7224 for more info.
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If there is anyone that could help us with a few food hampers we have a list of 26 individuals/families/seniors that are in need

If you can help, please consider donating via PayPal or etransfer.


If you can’t donate please retweet and share!
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Cronk Nation: It's Cronkmas Morning! Get in the festive spirit with your very own Cronk T-Shirt! #yyc #cronk…
Our most popular item: Available in either brown or black… #yyc #cronk
Our Special Edition Shirt commemorating Calgary's own F.J. Claxton, the Guy Weadick of #Cronk!…
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Im so 🤬😡🤬 pissed @RajanJSaw & her office. Im freaking 🤬🤬😡🤬😡 at the @Alberta_UCP & @YourAlberta for letting people......DISABLED ALBERTAN'S fall through the cracks & you then have them jump through hoops just to get much needed devices approved!! DEVICES THEY NEED TO LIVE!
Twitter Emergency Good & Bad News (Long Thread)

OK, I have Good News & Bad News

Bad News: The Alberta Government has Fucked up again and has further tried to ruin the life of a disabled individual

Good News: There is a way to fix the wrong that has been done to this person
I have to admit that late this evening I sat down and cried at all the atrocities that the Alberta Government has done to Albertans all over the province.

I also have to admit that every story that I hear, my heart breaks just a little bit more for the people that have no voice
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*⚠️Thread Warning: Long Thread⚠️*

Speaking bluntly here: We have seen an dramatic increase in requests for help/assistance due to:
1.) CERB ending and “Transitioning” individuals over to EI. Only problem is many Albertans will not qualify.

With CERB ending and many of the 4million plus people not being able to qualify for EI, we will see a lot of problems happening for Albertans.
2.) With the recent changes to AISH and Alberta Works, many are left feeling bewildered and scared.

Many have had their peace of mind taken from them by having things like aides to daily living & medications that were once covered, but aren’t covered anymore just to name a few
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We hate constantly asking if there is anyone out there that could help but if there is: This is what we need:

Family 1: Medium Food Hamper

Family 2: Large Food Hamper

Family 3: Small Food Hamper

Total Needed: $575.00

Note: We have already partnered with the @CalgaryFoodBank
We have also referred these families to the customer care team @ENMAX to work with these families and we are ever so grateful for everyones help.

Note: We accept etransfers at the email: HarvestHillsCaresCalgary@Gmail.Com

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If anyone can help these two families with an emergency food hamper please click on the tweet below.
Here are some photos of our final food hamper of the night tonight. ImageImageImage
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We have had 2 emergency requests since this was posted. One is for a food hamper for a single mom who is also pregnant and the other is for a family of 4.

We are looking for help with $775.00 which will allow us to help the two emergencies we have had come in during the night.
Note: We have already referred the pregnant mom to the necessary services she needs. This help we are assisting her with is strictly for A food hamper for herself and her growing family.
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Want to know what’s happening Twitter? Well let’s see:

We have one immigrant family that is facing eviction due to reasons beyond their control.
We have yet another family that is struggling so much both financially and with putting food on the table that they can’t even afford to buy sanitary pads for their children.
The last family on our list is a family of three that is requesting help with a food hamper because they are having trouble getting fresh and healthy food and diapers and wipes and formula for their young child.
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