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1. Hey @katy_merrifield @shandro @SteveBuick2 Post Media published unchallenged propaganda on @Alberta_UCP plans for #abhealth


Q1. Shandro calls review "thorough," but EY didn't "perform an audit or review." How is that a "thorough" report? ...2

#AbLeg #abpoli
Q2. If it is a "thorough" report how do you explain EY's disclaimer that it did not, "verify the completeness of any information provided to us" by Alberta Health? ...3

#AbLeg #abpoli #abhealth
Q3. If it is a "thorough" report why does EY say it does not, "express any form of assurance on accounting matters, financial statements, any financial or other information or internal controls"? ...4

#AbLeg #abpoli #abhealth
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Happening now: #Wetsuweten solidarity from Blackfoot territory in Calgary rally outside Trans Canada Tower #yyc #wetsuwentenstrong
“Indigenous Sovereignty is Climate Action”
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#conversiontherapyban discussion at @cityofcalgary : @EWoolleyWard8 says we need Criminal Code changes, and that we are not a welcoming city yet. 1/n
Relates having heard from a member of the public whose life was destroyed through #conversiontherapy.
@Ward4Ward1 says he does support this, but we need to do it "properly" and not overreach. 3/n
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I wrote the following after the first #GIDYVR talk with #MeghanMurphy in Vancouver, January 2019 to summarise the disinformation being spread about her and what was said there:

Feminism is about liberation of women from the patriarchy. It's not about equality.
Being able to have an open, honest conversation about the impacts of gender politics on women's rights is hugely important and is not actually hate speech. It's not illegal to criticise an ideology. The silencing and targeting of feminists is the fascism we are being accused of.
Radical feminists aren't nazis. We're not fascists. We're mostly anti-capitalism socialists. We want to free everyone from the restrictive system of gender roles.
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1. @shandro can't get his head around fact inflation and increased population costs need to be addressed. Instead, he wants us to wants us to compare @Alberta_UCP spending to @albertaNDP.

Okay, let's go. A comparison of budgets 2018 and 2019.

#abpoli #ableg ...2
2. Let's start with Ambulance Services.

@albertaNDP $576M by 2021

@Alberta_UCP $493M by 2021


#ableg #abpoli ...3
3. Let's do homecare next.

@albertaNDP $830M by 2021

@Alberta_UCP $682M by 2021


#ableg #abpoli ...4
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Wanted to share earlier...but couldn't quite. I recieved an amazing present this week. Mom always manages to find extremely thoughtful gifts-a skill I wish I had. This picture is of me and my Dad. Ironically, I had just shaved my head for #Cancer (THREAD) 1/
Last spring, Dad was diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma. He went through chemo with flying colors-even helping to design his own birthday present, a garden statue, in September. 2/
He is an adventurer, and a homebody, if that is even possible. Always willing to lend a helping hand, he was a #community leader and a silent snow angel for his elderly neighbours. 3/
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Interlude #2: Next episode by Dr Dre featuring Snoop Dogg. '2001' is a perfect album from start to finish.…
Pre-911 I'd not gotten into History or Geopolitics much. I didn't feel like Nations & how they ran themselves would hold many surprises. Expect folks creating a broken/backwards system to themselves be broken/backwards. #911 reminded humans how quickly this stuff can matter /23
End of the day on 911 I felt like I all I knew for sure was America was about to smoke somebody, maybe a whole bunch of somebodies & that it would be nice to know who actually did it & why. What else can you do? You wait for the President to speak. Yeah. *That* guy. /24
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From /r/Alberta on reddit -

Title: "AHS bloat debunked (aka I am tired of seeing UCP hand wavy bullshit)"

As regards AHS bloat and salary issues - prepare to be crushed by math.

#yyc #ableg #UCP #ABhealth

1/17… Download the csv, turn to table, ensure you only have AHS, sort for 2018, format the 'compensation' and 'other' columns to $; use autosum at the bottoms for totals.

Sort by job, wage, title, whatever. Once you have a real feel for numbers, then we can probably have an informed chat.

That's the AHS sunshine list. Total for 2018 is 2187 people making more than 132k. AHS total staff is 102,000. Or about 2% of staff make it onto the list.

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Okaaaay let's just go over this, shall we? Just your friendly neighbourhood politico over here, pointing out a few things Albertans SHOULD be awfully concerned about.

(TBH, there are MANY things you should be awfully concerned about regarding this UCP government.) #UCP #AbPoli
Don't get me started on Bill 22 and outrage fatigue. But TODAY, I'm just going to highlight TWO THINGS: 1) In case you didn't notice, last week the UCP voted (after limited debate, within four days, while the premier was off in texas so he didn't have to face critics) ... fire Lorne Gibson, the elections commissioner, who had -to date- issued more then $200,000 in fines to UCP folks for failing to abide by election laws. He was IN THE MIDDLE of an investigation. He has said his office had received more than 800 complaints about...
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Question Period in #ableg starts at 130 pm MST.

By 2 PM MST, I had heard that the premier of my province, @jkenney, suggested that my academic work as a political scientist, and any reflection it might have on politics today deserves to be dismissed 1/n
@jkenney Why? I decided to run as a candidate in an election under a party banner in June 2004, before starting my first graduate degree in September 2/n
@jkenney Today, when I first heard the premier's view, I had just come from an intense and productive meeting about a research project. I am currently wrapping up a year of research and scholarship leave at @ucalgary. 3/n
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In a recent tweet, Jason Kenney claims he is not cutting education funding. This thread is to quantify each school district's cuts, in real dollars, as they face increased enrollment.

#ableg #abed #abpoli
1. Black Gold school division, cut of $2.7 million.…

#ableg #abed #abpoli
2. Calgary Board of Education, $32M in cuts.…

#ableg #abed #abpoli
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Rundle College in #YYC. Where I know there are excellent educators doing amazing things. Tuition begins at ~$13K for KG and up to $18K for Gr. 12. The #UCP would like more public dollars to go to Rundle as part of their voucher system. Fair? #ableg
Edge school in #YYC. Clearly a leader in sports. School size is 300, avg of 16-20 per class. Gr 4-6 start at $17K, and 7-12 are $18K. More public dollars to fund schools like this one in the #UCP voucher system being proposed. Fair?
Lets head to Okotoks. Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School (awesome STEAM programs!), where tuition paid w/o tuition insurance is non-refundable. KG ~ $16K, Gr.12 at $23K. They also have 8 avenues for scholarship funding for tuition. Should more public money end up here??
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Everyone: we need more activism in this #overdose crisis.

*Jess asks for help

Everyone: *crickets

#Calgary wake up! This person is trying to help your community and is doing all of the leg work!

#yyc twitter champions, can we get some traction on this cause?
#ABLeg #ABpoli
#Calgary has been significantly impacted by the overdose crisis in Canada—in fact this city has, year over year, been the most impacted out of all #Alberta municipalities.
This awesome human (@_Jessica______M) is trying to augment #hamreduction services in this community and could use some help.

She needs help finding a space—she also needs some funding. In a time when your #UCP government is freezing funding for pending sites, anything will help.
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#Strathmore Town Council meeting tonight: Amending land-use bylaw to allow a crematorium.
Being debated with rigour.
Air quality is a concern. Not an AB Health issue but AB Environment. Environment Minister’s office hasn’t responded to @Strathmore_Town’s questions yet.
Councillor Montgomery asks about carbon monoxide emissions.
Presenter says most in-depth study shows particulates don’t stay in the area.
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Back in 2008, when @cityofcalgary undertook creating a new Growth Plan for #yyc, (the MDP), a key understanding & driver was sprawl. We had 33 communities under development & couldn’t afford it. #yyccc knew we had to reduce that number to become financially sustainable.
@cityofcalgary Developers were upset because we were picking “winners and losers”. And yes, we were. All land is not equal when it comes to servicing and development. That is where the Growth Management Overlay came from. #yyccc
@cityofcalgary Since the MDP was approved, there has been constant pressure from the development industry and their lobbyists to relax & erode the rules and regulations in the MDP. Everything from density targets (which were modest at best) to servicing costs have been eroded. #yyccc
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Pancholi says you need to listen to what the youth are telling you. Only after being grilled in estimates did we find out about this cruel, terrible cut. Did you hide it because you knew how awful it is?
Schulz says caseworkers will be reaching out to the youth transitioning out of the child-in-care system. They'll receive better supports in the adult system that best meet their unique needs.
Pancholi says she was joined by an outreach worker. One of the youth he works with is putting off addictions treatment to sort out how these cuts will affect him.
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Newly appointed community and protective services chair Coun. Carra says he wants to ensure a "respectful tone" is maintained throughout the public hearing on community water fluoridation today. #yyccc
...Aaaand there's actually a bit more presenting from the expert panel that's been assembled before we get to public hearing. The CEO of the Alex Community Health Centre Joy Bowen-Eyre is speaking now. #yyccc
The Alex runs a dental bus that serves vulnerable children at "in need schools." Half of the kids they see have "active, untreated" decay, according to Bowen-Eyre. #yyccc
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Today I stood with Calgarians to talk about how Jason Kenney's bait-and-switch budget will hurt them.

Here's the list we have thus far: <thread>

#ableg #abbeyroad #thecostofKenney
2/ Calgary Cancer Centre: The UCP budget pushes back funding to build the Calgary Cancer Centre. Proponents say the delay signals a high likelihood the hospital will open short-staffed and under-funded. #abhealth #yychealth #ableg #abbudget
3/ Education Property Tax: Early estimates from the @cityofcalgary show the UCP is withholding $15.5 million in Education Property Tax revenues collected by the province. Mayor @nenshi thinks this will mean property tax increases of more than 1% next year. #yyc #abed #abbudget
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Did you know Ontario recently reviewed liquor servers' minimum wage as part of a large labour law review?…

After study and consultation they recommended that "The liquor servers' minimum wage should be phased out" p. 166

#ableg #abpoli #yeg #yyc #alberta
There were two phases of consultation including public meetings held in 15 cities, input from a broad range of stakeholders and experts, academic input, and research projects.

They heard over 200 presentations and received over 300 written submissions.
Some key findings from the report:

"Women comprise almost three-quarters of liquor servers." p. 163

"20% of liquor servers earn less than the general minimum wage after tips." p. 163
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The UCP government has been in power for 100 days.

As the official opposition, we have some questions.

#100daysofKenney #AbLeg
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Some thoughts on the Calgary arena deal #yyc #yyccc #yycarena. First, from empirical evidence we know:

1. New venues don't have significant regional econ impact mostly b/c household sports spending is substitutable (if not spent on sports, it's spend on other entertainment).
2. While new sports venues don't typically help a city economically overall, they can have positive localized impact by slightly (+10-15%) increasing property values at the neighbourhood scale. So not economic boosters, but can help catalyze development in the immediate area.
3. That dev'mt may not be new but rather displaces dev'mt that might otherwise happen in adjacent areas (since absorption is tied to general economic conditions -- no reason to think the arena would generate more net office or housing demand in the city).
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I see the UCP is testing new messaging to attempt to deflect attention from the cost of their short-sighted decision to halt ongoing construction of the Edm Clinical Lab Hub.

To be clear - this was about a carefully considered plan to improve patient care in Alberta. #ableg
Lab infrastructure serving #yeg & northern AB has long been in need of expansion & investment & is now nearing the edge of its capacity.

And it's not a question of simply buying some new equipment, though that's important. #ableg
Current labs lack the space & appropriate infrastructure (HVAC, IT, etc.) to house it. Staff are running between different floors & buildings to deliver samples.

I toured the labs at Grey Nuns & UofA recently, spoke w/ staff & saw it first-hand. Has the Minister? #ableg
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For some perspective on the #yyc biz PTax challenge. Here's a short thread.

It's all about the drop in property values downtown.

The Bow was worth $1.4b in 2015. Today, it's down to $775m.

At today's rates, that loss means ~$12m/yr lower muni govt revenue. From one building.
There's more. Bow Valley Square was worth $900m in 2015. Today, it's down to $236m. That's another $12m in lost muni govt revenue for #yyc.
It goes on and on. Eight Avenue Place was worth nearly $800m in 2015. Today it's worth barely over $390m. That's over $7m in lost muni govt revenue.
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Fear & Loathing in Alberta: the Big Fat Lie of Election 2019 THREAD #GentThreads #abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli #yeg #yyc
First of all, thank you Edmonton, for being the intellectual & moral hub of this entire province. The rest of us, evidently, were all too ready to elect to power a team already revealed as white supremacists, homophobes, misogynists, frauds, criminals & climate deniers /2 #abpoli
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