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17 Jun
THIS JUST IN: I’m launching a new newsletter, “This Land,” w/ exclusive content: news analysis, behind-the-scenes media & reporting tales, recommendations on what to read/watch/listen to & plenty of audience interaction. Be the first to sign up today. 1/4
"This Land" will arrive in your email in-box several times a week & feature material from me that doesn’t appear on the MoJo website or in the magazine. This is not a Substack newsletter, and I'm not leaving Mother Jones. Just expanding. 2/4
"This Land" will contain stories behind the stories and plenty of ways for you to be part of an ongoing conversation. (Look for reader-participation features, online salons, and more.) There'll even some rock-and-roll remembrances. 3/4
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10 Jun
Remember the video I found of a Stop the Steal organizer who called for the "execution" of Trump's foes? He was just indicted on a conspiracy charge related to the 1/6 attack on the US Capitol. 1/4
Here's the indictment.
extremism.gwu.edu/sites/g/files/… 2/4
The indictment against Hostetter notes that he advocated violence against those who supported the 2020 election results and cites the speech I reported. 3/4
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20 Jan
Good morning from the US Capitol.

A beautiful cold day. With thousands of troops.
From beneath the podium where Joe Biden will become president.
Setting socially distanced seats for the VIPs.
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18 Jan
I was at the US Capitol this morning to get a COVID test—mandatory for journalists covering the inauguration. It’s a militarized zone. This is what Trump has done to America. 1/7
Troops guarding the citadel of democracy from militant extremists radicalized by Trump and his lies. 2/7
Handing out ammo on Capitol Hill 3/7
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4 Jan
With the GA Senate races coming to a close, here's a thread recapping my reporting on @kloeffler & her conflicts/questionable business dealings. First the stories, then a breakdown. Please share. #GAsen 1/4


.@KLoeffler was a top exec at Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) & owned a lot of ICE stock; her husband is its CEO. In the Senate, she served on a subcomm. overseeing the CFTC, which regulates ICE, as the CFTC made decisions affecting ICE. Big conflict! 2/4
While @kloeffler opposed new COVID relief in the Senate, her husband's company, Intercontinental Exchange, made an $11 billion deal that sought to profit off the pandemic. She owned millions of dollars in ICE stock & stood to gain personally from this. 3/4
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30 Dec 20
A Thread and an Ask: I know you're all getting hit at the end of the year by a ton of good causes requesting money right now. Let me add to that rush. If you value the work we do at @MotherJones, please help us with a donation. 1/X
The Trump era has been a stretch of death and demagoguery. Through it all, we at @MotherJones have been doing kick-ass journalism to uncover the corruption, greed, lies, and treachery—reporting on the pandemic, the GOP war on democracy, social inequality & other betrayals. 2/6
We can only do this work because of people like you. Really. @MotherJones is a nonprofit. No rich owner. No corporate backing. That affords us great independence. But it means we have to rattle the cup. No one likes doing that. But that's how we're able to keep on going. 3/6
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24 Dec 20
1. With Trump pardoning Stone & Manafort tonight, here's a thread. Remember the GOP-led Senate intel comm report said Manafort was in cahoots with a Russian intelligence officer during the 2016 campaign—while Putin was attacking the election to help Trump.
2. This finding and many others proved the Trump-Russia scandal was no hoax. US intelligence had real reasons to worry about the Trump campaign, its interactions with Russians, and its response to Moscow's attack on an American election.
3. The Senate intel comm report also stated plainly that Trump aided and abetted the Russian attack by denying it was happening—while Trump sought to exploit the attack. That is, Trump sided with a foreign adversary as it was assaulting the US and provided cover for it. Betrayal?
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13 Dec 20
#JohnLeCarre was a brilliant story teller & a master writer. If you haven't read his work, do so & marvel at his ability to marshal the English language. He was more than a spy novelist. He illuminated the fundamental tensions of human interaction. Thank you, David Cornwall. RIP.
And damn 2020 for taking from us, one of our best (and one of our my favorite) authors. It is sad to contemplate that there will be no more #JohnLeCarre novels. No one crafted a tale or played with verb tense better than he did.
It’s *Cornwell*. Apologies for the typo.
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9 Dec 20
In its suit trying to throw out the votes of GA, WI, PA & MI, the state of Texas claims the odds of Biden winning those states is "less than one in a quadrillion to the fourth power." That's crazy. BTW, Charles Cicchetti, who came up with that stat, and his wife are Trump donors.
A good take-down of this absurd stat:
Of course, @PressSec tweeted out this ridiculous statistic.
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19 Nov 20
Oh, @JennaEllisEsq, remember when you said Trump's values were "not American" & linked to a post calling him an "American fascist." Now you say there was a massive conspiracy to steal an election from him. What to believe? Who's running this conspiracy? Rudy can't name a perp.
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7 Nov 20
1. I was at the White House Correspondents Dinner in 2011 when @obama lacerated @realDonaldTrump, and the entire crowd laughed *at* Trump. It was akin to a bully being humiliated in the schoolyard in front of everyone.
2. The moment seemed a total repudiation of Trump. He seethed. And people who know him have said that his 2016 presidential bid was motivated in part by a desire for revenge.
3. He did get his vengeance when he beat HRC in 2016 (with the help of Vladimir Putin). And he must have loved that—and assaulting Obama’s legacy. After all, nothing fuels Trump more than spite.
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3 Nov 20
1. It's been overshadowed by other matters (the pandemic, impeachment), but @realDonaldTrump's betrayal of the United States related to Putin's attack on American democracy should not be overlooked or forgotten on this Election Day. Here is a thread with some basics.
2. In 2016, Putin mounted a covert op to sow discord, hurt Clinton & help Trump. When this plot became public—when WikiLeaks dumped DNC emails and documents stolen by Russian hackers—the Trump campaign (inc. Paul Manafort & @DonasldJTrumpJr) denied the Russian attack.
3. The Trump campaign aided & abetted the Russian attack by providing cover for Moscow and by echoing Putin's false denials. The campaign did this even though it had tried to collude with a Kremlin operative as part of what it was told was a secret Moscow plot to help Trump.
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14 Oct 20
I just spoke with John Paul Isaac, the Wilmington computer repair store owner who ended up with Hunter Biden's laptop and gave it to the FBI and Giuliani. He would not explain how a copy of the hard drive was passed to Rudy Giuliani. "No comment," he said.
Isaac said he first went to the FBI and there were "many, many steps" between the laptop going to the bureau and the copy of the hard drive being sent to Giuliani: "I don't feel like talking about it now."
Did he want to see this become a big story? "The outcome I wanted was the FBI doing the right thing. Confiscating the equipment—that was the right thing to do….I gave it to them and expected them to do something. They sounded like they wanted it for an investigation...."
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11 Aug 20
Guess what. Karfunkel, it turns out, is the *president* and *CFO* of this low-profile synagogue. So he got a mega-tax deduction by transferring his Kodak shares--when the value was pumped up--to a new charity that he runs. See the UPDATE based on WSJ reporting.
From the Congregation Chemdas Yisroel charity registration filing. This billionaire "donated" stock worth up to $180m to the low-profile synagogue he runs, which doesn't seem to do all that much. He and the two other officers refused to answer my questions about it. I wonder why. Image
By the way, as I reported, Karfunkel has at least two long-standing foundations that support synagogues. They file IRS 990 tax returns. Why didn't he donate this stock to one of those? Congregation Chemdas Yisroel, per all religious charities, does not have to file a 990.
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4 Jun 20
You want to get into this? Did the FBI say anything publicly about the Trump-Russia investigation during the 2016 campaign? What did it do re the HRC investigation? Even when Comey was asked by House Dems in late Sept., he refused to say whether or not there was a Russia probe.
When the NY Times asked the FBI about the investigation in October, the bureau downplayed the probe. When I asked the FBI, it did not comment. It took no steps to use this investigation against Trump during the campaign.
Meanwhile, the last four weeks of the campaign were dominated by anti-Clinton leaks orchestrated by Putin's operation (which was mounted in part to benefit Trump).
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16 Jan 20
In his May 10, 2019, letter to President-elect Zelensky, @RudyGiuliani asked for a meeting as "personal counsel" representing Trump "as a private citizen." So his efforts to get dirt on Biden had NOTHING to do with US policy.
This is all the evidence needed to see Rudy's pressure campaign on Zelensky and his aides was a PRIVATE endeavor waged for Trump's PERSONAL benefit.
But it was a private endeavor that leveraged public assets: a White House meeting and, then nearly $400 million in US assistance to Ukraine. That is arguably not legal.
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8 Nov 19
1. Minutes before Mick Mulvaney was to appear for a deposition, his outside counsel told the House committees he had been directed by the White House not to appear and assert “absolute immunity.” (Not sure "absolute immunity" is a thing.)
2. A source involved with the inquiry says, "Here’s what we know: Mr. Mulvaney admitted from the White House briefing room that the President withheld vital military aid in order to pressure Ukraine to conduct investigations that would benefit..."
3. "...the President’s personal and political interests, not the national interest. Other witness testimony during this inquiry also has indicated that Mr. Mulvaney could shed additional light on the President’s abuse of the power of his office for his personal gain...."
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27 Sep 19
Deepest condolences to Valerie Plame & her two children on the death of former Amb. Joe Wilson. Joe was heroic--one of the *very* few voices advocating caution & more deliberation in the run-up to the misguided & disastrous Bush/Cheney invasion of Iraq.
I spent many hours in green rooms in that period with Joe, as he crusaded, practically on his own, to prevent the war that would lead to the deaths of thousands of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians.
He had been a tough foe of Saddam when stationed in Baghdad, but he knew this war would cause trouble and misery for the United States and the Middle East. Joe spoke out when so many others just went along for the ride after 9/11. That took a load of courage. It was not easy.
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9 Apr 19
Since @mschlapp liked this tweet to support his allegation Obama surveilled Trump, I will point out that the GOP senator who released this text message couldn't say definitively what it referred to but suggested it concerned the FBI investigation of HRC's email controversy....
So @mschlapp, you one stab at relying on evidence falls flat. Sorry. Moreover, it could well be that the text refers to the FBI's investigation of the Russian attack on the election then underway, since....
Obama was on his way to a meeting in China where he would confront Putin about this intervention (which Donald Trump was falsely denying was happening). After all, wouldn't a POTUS want to know about a Russian attack? Well, at least a POTUS who gave a damn about nat. security.
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9 Apr 19
Answer me this. Why did Trump lie about his tower project in Moscow while a candidate? Why did Jr. agree to meet with a Russian emissary when told Moscow wanted to secretly help the Trump campaign? Why did The Trump campaign call the Russian attack on the DNC a hoax?....
Why did Papadoopulos, with the campaign’s approval, try to set up an “off the record” connection to Putin’s office after it was publicly reported Moscow was interfering in the election?....
And why did Trump during the campaign say there was no Russian intervention after being briefed by US intel community that there was? (BTW, Rs and Ds on congressional intel comms., the intel community, and Mueller all agree there was a serious Russian attack on US election.)
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