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1/6) #EUChina: sadly, @JosepBorrellF's speech at #EPlenary ( makes it clear Europe is still far from understanding - and most of all addressing - the worrying, underlying reasons why Beijing is de facto siding with #Russia on #Ukraine

A thread 👇🏽
2/6) Beijing has long been working to dismantle decades of progress in the int'l human rights system and replace it with one that allows for its systematic repression and atrocity crimes:…

In this, authoritarian govts like Russia's are its "natural" allies
3/6) Autocrats make a mockery of their human rights obligations, would happily get rid of this "hurdle" - and of the scrutiny that comes with it. Their only concern is perpetuating their rule, at any cost

The more the merrier for Beijing's revisionist agenda. Why upset allies?
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SCOOP: The Biden administration has formally determined that violence committed against the Rohingya minority by #Myanmar's military amounts to genocide and crimes against humanity, U.S. officials tell me & @Simondlewis
.@SecBlinken will announce the formal declaration -- which comes 14 months after he took office and pledged to conduct a new review of the violence -- tomorrow morning at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington
U.S. officials believe the formal determination will increase international pressure to hold the junta, which now runs Myanmar, accountable and it will "make it harder for them to commit further abuses."
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The "Integrated country strategy" with #SriLanka will likely be our template for #BharatVarsh as a union of #Indic civilization.
Interesting to note that instead of imposing ourselves we've let the #SriLanka govt outline the details of the integration process on their terms.
A detailed description of what they're looking at below . In essence seems to be much like a federation of union of states .Better for the people of both nations .
Russia went straight to Dand .
We try to stay between Saam & Daam use Bhedh if necessary as a measure of Dand .
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The war in #Ukraine has elevated everyone's attention to #propaganda/#disinformation with people recognising its role in war/conflicts. But this is not something that has suddenly emerged - and there are lessons to learn from past/ongoing conflicts: a🧵…
As long as there has been media available, leaders have used strategic communication and #propaganda to mobilise support for their causes - whatever they may be. The biggest difference today is social media that accelerates the spread and amplify the impact of the messages. 2/
Regimes, not least authoritarian ones, are very much aware of how algorithms on SoMe work and use them for their own benefit. Throw state-controlled media into the mix and you have an optimal setup to dominate narratives and influence public opinions. 3/…
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The @CDCgov is listening! Today, @EthnicMediaSvc hosts a roundtable with Bhutanese, Burmese, and Uyghur refugees and how these communities have managed the pandemic. #refugees #COVID19 #healthequity #publichealth #RIM
Speakers include: Faustina Palmatier, Karen Society of Buffalo; Aung M. Naing, President and Co-founder, Network of Myanmar American Associations @netmaa Sudarshan Pyakurel, Executive Director, Bhutanese Community of Central Ohio
Also: Parshuram Chamlagai: Bhutanese Community Association of Pittsburgh; Omer Kanat, Founder and President, Uyghur Human Rights Project @Omerkanat1 @uyghurproject
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Many of these flying death machines have been terrorising civilians in #Myanmar for more than a decade.

The export version of Mi-24 (Mi-35) regularly fires on villages and fleeing people, while Su-30 variants bomb entire communities almost every day.

Myanmar's public defence forces lack capability to take down or even constrain these aircraft

Germany and Netherlands alone have sent at least 700 MANPADS to Ukraine in past week

If Myanmar's elected government had just 10 MANPADs, it would be a game changer
Feb last year, Myanmar's UN rep called for "strongest possible action from the international community to immediately end the military coup, to stop oppressing the innocent people, to return the state power to the people and to restore the democracy.”…
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#ICJ Prelim Measures hearing #Ukraine v #Russia #Genocide Convention begins. Camera lingers on the Russia table, which is notably empty... #intlaw
#ICJ Pres makes clear RF was immediately notifed of the filings, & RF ambassador to NL has indicated RF will not participate in the proceedings.
#Ukraine has chosen ad hoc judge Prof Yves Daudet.
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A few other #peace & #security #intlaw situations going on in the world that have slipped off the radar because of #Ukraine....
#UNSC imposed an arms embargo on #Yemen's Iran-aligned #Houthis. #UAE was accused of 'making a deal w/the devil' to secure #Russia's vote.…
@RapporteurUn released report naming #Russia, #China, #Serbia as supplying arms to the #Myanmar #Tatmadaw, & called for states to comply with #UNGA res asking states not to supply arms to Tatamadaw.…
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The public hearing on the #Rohingya #genocide case at the Int’l Court of Justice (#TheGambia v. #Myanmar) resumes today. We’ll hear today from The Gambia on why the case should proceed. Begins momentarily: 1:30pm The Hague/ 7:30am ET / 7pm MYA. Watch via:…
Needless to say @NUGMyanmar should be represnting #Myanmar at the court & not the junta, but we stand w The #Gambia & more importantly #Rohingya people everywhere in seeking to justice. Defeating the junta at the ICJ will be a massive step toward justice. #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar
The Gambia’s state agent set the stage, clarifying its interest in responding to the #Rohingya #genocide & the considerable support for the case. Now hearing from Gambia counsel Paul Reichler on the coup & the importance & effectiveness of the provisional measures.
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THREAD: The significance of the UN Special Rapporteur report on arms transfers to the #Myanmar junta can't be overstated. It exposes who supplied weapons to the military since the Feb 1 coup & since the #Rohingya #genocide. Link to the full report via:…
The report includes types & in some cases specific amounts of weapons certain states have transferred to the #Myanmar military. Since the coup, when the junta began attacking & murdering civilians nationwide, #China, #Russia, #India, and #Serbia all supplied weapons to the junta.
The report provides legal analysis: States that authorized arms transfers "knew, or should have known, that their arms would be used to target civilians. As such, these arms transfers to the Myanmar military are not only reprehensible, they also likely violate international law."
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Hearings resume today in the #Rohingya #genocide case at the Int’l Court of Justice (#TheGambia v. #Myanmar). We’ll hear today from the Pres of the court as well as the #Myanmar junta’s objections to the case. Begins 1:30pm The Hague/7:30am ET / 7pm MYA:…
Here is the 160-page report by @FortifyRights, “They Gave Them Long Swords,” showing how the #Myanmar military planned for and carried out the crime of #genocide against #Rohingya.…
The junta imprisoned #Myanmar's former State Agent at the court, State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi. And its legal team has changed. Int'l lawyer Christopher Staker will represent the junta and I'm told will be joined by lawyers Robert Kolb & Stephan Talmon.
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#Hypocrisy is the best policy in a #unipolar #world, but it wont work in the “multipolar transition” to a “#Tripolar #World with a #multipolar rim”!
The “#Bipolar #World with a #Multipolar #Rim,” is already here. The Russian conflict with Ukraine, wont change this. #High #Tech #Decoupling & #partial #economic #decoupling from China is a necessary for survival of free market, open democracies.
2/hwo The #Hypocritical #World #Order(#HWO): “The very people who want pragmatism on #Afghanistan, don’t want pragmatism on #Myanmar
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The #Myanmar military will appear at the #ICJ in The Hague on 21 February 2022. Their interest does not lie in defending the country against #genocide allegations. #whatshappeninginMyanmar…
In this post I hold that after the attempted coup of 1 Feb 2021, the #Myanmar army "has at no point achieved full control of the country". I further reiterate that @NUGMyanmar "have established working relations with many states and international organizations, including the #UN"
The @NUGMyanmar declared that Ambassador U Kyaw Moe Tun is the only person authorised to represent #Myanmar in The Hague. They announced that the previous preliminary objections by Myanmar to the lawsuit should be withdrawn, thus encouraging the efforts to proceed with the case.
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Global Language Advocacy Day is coming up in just over a week, on February 22nd. Here comes a thread with a sample of some the events that will be taking place. Pls visit our website and follow @GlobLangRights for more information #GLAD22
@GlobLangRights Keep an eye out for a blog post by @NaomiFillmore
@GlobLangRights @NaomiFillmore Charity Translators will be giving us a quick guide to language support.
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#Somaliland and #Taiwan: The benefits


1/14. S/land and Taiwan have a lot in common such as both being a fully functioning democracies with volatile neighbours. Both are striving for international recognition and will not budge to threats or diplomatic pressure. Image
2/14. Somaliland brings a lot to the table. S/land’s strategic location in the Horn of Africa will give Taiwan a gateway into East Africa and beyond. Landlocked countries in Africa can benefit from this diplomatic move such as Ethiopia, South Sudan, and Uganda.
3/14. S/land will give Taiwan an important access to the Gulf of Berbera (Gulf Aden) where access to the Middle East, North Africa and the rest of the world can be established which will boost Taiwan’s export opportunities as well as a chance to make new friends in the region.
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ဖုန်းလုံခြုံရေးအတွက် အရေးကြီးတဲ့ အချက်များကို မျှဝေပေးချင်ပါတယ် 👇👇👇


#Myanmar #securityexplained
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1/7 For the 2nd piece in @guardian's Myanmar Reports, I worked w/ Flora Lian to write about the ways the Civil Disobedience Movement & armed conflict have affected the lives of teachers & students and access to education in the writer’s native Chin State…
2/7 Grace has been on strike from her teaching job since days after the coup. She gave birth 2 months later. Now she is farming & selling snacks. 2 of her relatives were held hostage as the military tried to threaten her back to work…
3/7 At least 140 people have been arrested for participating in the Civil Disobedience Movement and going on strike. At least 8 died in custody. 46 people have been taken hostage in attempts to force family members back to work, according to @aapp_burma…
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THREAD For the past 2 months I have been working with @guardian's Rights and Freedom project on this Reporting #Myanmar series. It seeks to highlight diverse and underrepresented voices from across the country. I will be posting the pieces to this thread… Image
Moe, a photojournalist from Mandalay, documented the military's deadly crackdowns in Feb & March, but hasn't been able to go out since April due to the risks. 10 months later, he told me & @NuNuLusan he is waiting for the time he can resume his work…
Flora Lian reported on teachers & students from her native Chin State who sacrificed their jobs & education to resist the junta and on top of that are fleeing escalating armed conflict, but are still striving to teach & learn through grassroots channels…
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For all those who see human rights activists & NGO types slogging away, day after day, on issues that seem intractable and wonder if it's worthwhile... if it actually works... if progress is even possible...

Let me tell you that, yes, it is. Image
Since overthrowing the democratically elected government on 1 February 2021, #Myanmar’s military has carried out nationwide crackdowns on anti-junta protesters, activists, journalists & political opposition, killing more than 1400 people. It amounts to crimes against humanity. Image
In addition, the #Myanmar junta's renewed attacks on ethnic minority areas have resulted in numerous war crimes.…
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#Kolkata's trams are famous. The electric #trams were first introduced in 1902 and at their peak covered 40 lines carried commuters over a 70 km network. Today only 28 km of the network remains. Once upon a time other cities in India also had electric/mechanical trams.
#Karachi Tramway first opened for traffic in 1885 as a steam tramway. By 1909 the East India Tramwag Co, had an all petrol/diesel fleet of trams. In 1949 the whole tramway system was sold to the Mohamedali Tramways Company (MTC). All 4 lines closed in 1975.
#Bombay Tramway Company Limited was established in 1873. Electrified service began in 1907 and double-deck tram service in 1920. At its peak in 1935, 433 trams ran on 47 km of track. The service closed in 1964.
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Welcome to the launch event for @HRW’s 32nd annual World Report, covering the human rights situation in some 100 countries around the world.

We’re live-tweeting the presentation of our executive director @KenRoth here… #Rights2022

First, I would like to highlight this year’s overarching theme, as reflected in the report’s introduction.

Conventional wisdom these days is that autocracy is ascendent, democracy on the decline.

But the reality is more complex…

- @KenRoth #Rights2022
In places like #Myanmar, #Sudan, #Russia, #Belarus, #Nicaragua, #Poland, and #Uganda, we have recently seen a public outpouring of support for democracy. People have taken to the streets to demand an end to autocratic rule, even at the risk of being arrested or shot.
- @KenRoth
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My latest for @crisisgroup looks at Myanmar’s decades-old ethnic conflicts, how the coup has transformed the conflict landscape in #Myanmar, and what should be done. Thread below. #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar #Jan13coup 1/16…
Prior to the coup, most of Myanmar’s 20-plus EAOs had ceasefires with the central govt but political negotiations had stalled. Coup has killed the peace process launched in 2011 (despite what the regime and some EAOs say). 2/16…
Enter the National Unity Government. The federal army or “united front” against the regime that some hoped for was not plausible in wake of coup, but the cooperation to date between NUG and several EAOs has been very significant. 3/16…
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As #Myanmar 🇲🇲 enters 2022 the #PDF and allied resistance groups are taking the initiative across the country, launching multiple hit-and-run attacks on the military.

Fighting is especially heavy in the #Demoso Township in #Kayah state…
#Myanmar 🇲🇲: one example was an attack by the Eagles Army (#PDF group in Tigayaing Township) on two military patrol boats going down the Ayeryawady river.

Around 20 soldiers were reportedly killed by mine attacks on the boats. #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar
#Myanmar 🇲🇲: another attack was launched by the Aung San Force (#PDF group in #Magway) who dropped explosives from a drone down on a military convoy of 150 soldiers below. #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar
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THREAD: Over Christmas I read two books, and started a third, as background for my new book on #China, published next year by @opibooks

First, in preparation for my chapter on #CCP #NorthKorea relations, I read @Draylien's excellent
book… via @AmazonUK
Then, in preparation for my chapter on #CCP's policies towards #Myanmar/#Burma, I read @gardlunden's superb book on the Wa -…
And now I'm reading David Shambaugh's new book on #CCP leaders…
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