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Agriculture Secretary Gary Black has entered the race against U.S. Sen. Raphael Warnock, becoming the most prominent Republican to join the wide-open field competing to retake a seat long in GOP hands. #gapol #gasen…
“I’ve got the leadership experience, the track record, and the background handling a wide range of duties to be a United States senator. The people of Georgia have been kind enough to hire me before, and I believe they’ll hire me again...” #gapol #gasen…
Among the potential Republican candidates to succeed Black as Ag commish: State Sen. Tyler Harper and Will Bentley, head of Georgia Agribusiness Council. #gapol…
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Good morning from Cartersville, and the 11th District @GaRepublicans convention! The crowd is filling in and the early thing I’m hearing is that former Cobb GOP Chair Jason Shepherd is in fact going to challenge current chair David Shafer instead of 11th District Chair #gapol
Just talked to @JasonShepherd - he’s definitely running against @DavidShafer for GAGOP chair next month at the state convention. He says he’s concerned with how Shafer has run the party over the last two years - including losing the presidential race and both Senate seats. #gapol
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New -- The prospect of Herschel Walker's #gasen bid is so real that it's frozen the GOP field.

But concerns abound if he's ready for a bruising campaign and if Trump thought through the implications of his endorsement

McConnell tells us it's "wide open"…
Walker didn't seem to be in any rush to announce.
"Right now, (I'm) just going through the process and thinking about it. Not really talking a lot about it."

"This got nothing to do with President Trump," Walker said. "With me, I'm about this country right now."
Doug Collins is thinking about running again - and he’s spoken with the NRSC, including about the nasty spat he had with the committee last cycle. Rep. Buddy Carter has taken steps to prepare for a Senate run but says he will only run if Walker doesn’t.
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“Why are you arresting her?” This Facebook Live video from @TWareStevens shows the moment authorities detained state Rep. Park Cannon as @GovKemp was behind those doors signing elections restrictions into law. #gapol
@TWareStevens @GovKemp Said Stevens, who is at the jail w/ Cannon now: "She wasn’t banging on the door. She was knocking on the door. She was being respectful. She knew he was signing a bill that would affect all Georgians – why would he hide behind closed doors? This isn’t a monarchy." #gapol
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The sale of the Atlanta Dream — the WNBA franchise co-owned by former @SenatorLoeffler — could be announced today #gapol…
Updates: Kelly Loeffler’s tenure as the co-owner of Atlanta’s WNBA franchise is over. The Dream was sold to an ownership group led by two real estate investors and former star player Renee Montgomery. #gapol #gasen…
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#NEWS: Today, Senator @ossoff is championing legislation to get direct economic relief to Georgia's local communities, including smaller and medium-sized cities that were neglected in the CARES Act. #GAPol #GASen

.@ossoff has spoken with dozens of mayors & local leaders about their communities’ most urgent needs, & mayors consistently urged him to fight for budgetary support for localities, whose public services, like public safety, fire, and public health, are at risk during the crisis.
Responding to those local concerns, @ossoff is urging inclusion in the upcoming COVID-19 relief bill of the “Direct Support for Communities Act” legislation he has co-sponsored, which would deliver direct federal assistance to smaller cities, towns, villages, and counties.
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I see a lot of convos today about Marjorie Taylor Greene's past controversial comments, thanks to @CNN & @mmfa

McCarthy told @axios he is disturbed/plans to speak with her

This narrative misses crucial context: NONE of this is new to political observers/GOP leaders. A thread >>
On June 17 ( a week after the June 9 #GA14 primary but well before an Aug 11 runoff) @MZanona & I reported on a trove of her racist/Islamophobic/QAnon comments

MTG is a product of MAGA internet. She built a following posting hours of videos of this stuff…
Among the worst MTG comments:

She called the '18 midterms “an Islamic invasion of our government”

She said Dems are “trying to keep the black people in a modern-day form of slavery”

“The most mistreated group of people in the United States today are white males"
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Next up, @ossoff and @ReverendWarnock will be sworn in, cementing Democratic control of the Senate. They’re set to take office around 4:30 this afternoon.

It’s been a long, strange ride. #gapol #gasen
Here goes
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@Ossoff will be sworn in using a book of Hebrew scripture once owned by Rabbi Jacob Rothschild, who led Atlanta’s historic synagogue The Temple...”
The rabbi was a key MLK ally who encouraged ATL’s Jewish community to fight for civil rights and oppose hate & intolerance. #gasen
Rothschild’s synagogue was bombed in ‘58 by white supremacists angered by his opposition to segregation; it was a turning point in ATL. Civic leaders rallied behind him, and Jewish Atlantans who were wary of getting involved in politics woke up.
You can draw a line between Rothschild’s leadership during the civil rights era and @ossoff’s election this month as the first Jewish US senator in Georgia history — not just symbolically. Ossoff earned his bar mitzvah from The Temple about 20 years ago. #gapol #gasen
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#NEWS: Senator-elect Jon @ossoff will be sworn-in to the U.S. Senate tomorrow at roughly 4:30 p.m.

He will be sworn in on Hebrew scripture that belonged to historic Atlanta Rabbi Jacob Rothschild, a civil rights activist and close ally of Dr. King. #GAPol #GASen
.@Ossoff’s election marks a historic generational shift in the Senate.

He will take office as the first Senator born in the 1980’s, the youngest Senator in GA history, the youngest Dem. Senator since @JoeBiden, & the first Jewish person to serve GA in the Senate. #GAPol #GASen
Congressman Lewis instilled in @Ossoff the conviction to fight for justice & human rights, as well as a deep commitment to the historic bond between Jewish people & the Black community — an alliance symbolized & invigorated by the joint victories of Sens.-elect Ossoff & Warnock.
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The Jolt: Georgia officials are expected to certify Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock’s runoff victories today, setting up a swearing-in as early as Wednesday. #gapol #gasen…
More jolt: Rep. @NikemaWilliams has filed a bill that would bar Trump from stepping foot inside the U.S. Capitol ever again. “President Trump has shown time and time again that he is a danger to our democracy and a threat to the country.” #gapol…
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Just in: Republican Kelly Loeffler concedes defeat to Raphael Warnock #gapol #gasen…
Says Loeffler: “Rest assured: the fight to advance the American Dream is far from over. The fight to protect conservative values is far from over. And the fight against socialism and the radical agenda of the left is very far from over." #gapol #gasen…
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A few small counties aren't posting precinct breakdowns yet for #GASen, but I found 34 Perdue November -> Ossoff January precincts and 5 Ossoff -> Perdue precincts.

About half of Ossoff's 34 flips were in the Black Belt, while all 5 of Perdue's flips were in north Fulton/Cobb.
The state has almost 2700 precincts, so we're still talking about very low turnover.
4 of those 5 Ossoff November -> Perdue January precincts (pink on this map) were in GA-6. Image
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Much has rightly been said about the destructive influence of money in politics. Less discussed is how the chase for dollars pollutes campaign messaging. 1
Analyses buzzing at the race forward, holistically progressive approaches in #GASEN - talking about human rights issues (grossly mislabeled “identity politics”) not just ok, it’s required. 2
A closer look at Ossoff’s narrative shift, in particular, reveals a telling evolution. In the final sprint, he pivoted toward an *affirmative* solution based message, rooted in having a government that cares for and respects all, no exceptions. 3
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Outstanding absentee ballots that we know of:

DeKalb: 17,902
Henry: 9,078
Cobb: 5896
Chatham: 5318
Fulton: 5294
Gwinnett: 5068
(all of the above, D leaning)
Thomas: 2078
Bryan: 1515
Meriwether: 1325
Dougherty: 1200
Fayette: 1139
Forsyth: 752

@GabrielSterling #gapol #gasen
Sterling predicts that GA Public Service Commissioner, Republican Bubba McDonald is likely to maintain his lead, though it may be within the recount margin. #gapol #gasen
They have seen no evidence of widespread fraud. #gapol #gasen
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Rev. Warnock's victory is the first time a Democrat has won a Senate race in Georgia in 20 years and gives the Democrats the chance to regain control of the Senate for at least the first two years of the Biden presidency

Latest here:…
The Leader of the Senate Democrats Chuck Schumer has declared himself the new Senate Majority Leader, despite the fact that the race between Jon Ossoff and David Perdue has yet to be declared.…
The President is tweeting...

...and has reacted to Jon Ossoff's declaration of victory over David Perdue with typical good grace and decorum 👀

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So so much love to all the hands that lifted this effort, and the leaders who led with clear eyes and full hearts. Now would be a good time to do the following:
Divest from conservative punditry masquerading as liberal ideas. The fear mongering around “going too far too fast” is literally just...bullshit.
Invest in Black, Latinx, and Asian organizing — across the board. Thank the new American majority for this victory, with Black voters leading.
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The Democrats’ “secret weapon” to help win the Senate:

UNITE HERE’s 1,000 union canvassers

A Thread 🧵⤵️
Hitting an astounding 1.5 million doors—laid-off hospitality workers joined the Georgia team that turned Georgia blue to help deliver come-from-behind wins in Georgia Senate races.
Today hospitality workers with UNITE HERE join Democrats in Georgia and nationwide to celebrate a definitive win for @ReverendWarnock and a promising lead for @Ossoff in the Georgia Senate run-off races.

#GASen #GARunnoff
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this commentary is something I'm seeing without complete context and including WHO was able to change what was seen as impossible. All the quote tweets also avoid this.

It's so hard for so many of you to give credit where it's due. #gasen
It's a form of erasure.
Let me complete this thought for those that don't quite understand.

This run-off system was designed to disenfranchise Black voters. One of many this country participates in. We are the target. Barriers and obstacles that have been a consistent American staple for us.
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Jon @Ossoff just declared victory in his Senate race: "It is with humility that I thank the people of Georgia for electing me to serve you in the United States Senate." #gapol #gasen
Jon @ossoff’s lead over David Perdue has now grown a bit to 17,025 votes
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A statement from @ossoff’s campaign manager Ellen Foster:

"When all the votes are counted we fully expect that Jon Ossoff will have won this election to represent Georgia in the United States Senate." #gasen
Ossoff now leads Perdue by nearly 10,000 votes ...
From the Perdue camp: “We will mobilize every available resource and exhaust every legal recourse to ensure all legally cast ballots are properly counted. We believe in the end, Senator Perdue will be victorious."
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An “improbable journey” led him “to this place,” says @ReverendWarnock. “I am going to the Senate to work for all Georgians.” #GASen
“We were told that we couldn't win this election, but tonight we proved that with hope, hard work and the people by our side anything is possible,” says @ReverendWarnock. #GASen
“We have a path to victory and we're staying on it,” declares @SenatorLoeffler.
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.@ReverendWarnock: “We were told that we couldn’t win this election. But tonight we proved that with hope, hard work and the people by our side, anything is possible. May my story be an inspiration to some young person who is trying to grasp and grab hold to the American Dream.”
@ReverendWarnock More Warnock: "I am going to the Senate to work for all of Georgia, no matter who you cast your vote for in this election … Will we play political games while real people suffer, or will we win righteous fights together?" #gapol #gasen
@ReverendWarnock Declaring victory, Warnock says to Georgians who voted for him, or didn't: "I hear you. I see you. And every day I’m in the United States Senate, I will fight for you. I will fight for your family." #gapol #gasen
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Dave's seen enough, and I think I have too.

Two months after Joe Biden carried the state, Democrats have pulled it off and appear to have won a trifecta by sweeping the double-barrel runoffs in Georgia. #GASen
Every single organizer, volunteer, campaign worker, and Democrat should be proud of what Georgia has just achieved. It's a roadmap for the rest of the South, and it's exactly how you capitalize on shifting political trends.
Jon Ossoff is 33.

Given his age and the shifting landscape of Georgia's politics, he could keep that seat blue for a long, long time.

From political punchline to savior. What a journey.
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